Dunn & Wong: More on Wong’s connections

Yesterday we made a passing reference to Wilfred Wong, with whom Tom Dunn and Russ Dizdar met during their trip to Dundee last week. Dunn in particular waxed enthusiastic about the “amazing information” and “networking” achieved during their brief visit.

As we mentioned on Sunday, Wong is very well-placed within the UK SRA-promoting community.  A non-practising barrister,  he was a researcher and parliamentary officer for the Jubilee Campaign, a Christian human rights organisation, and worked for MP Russell Brown. It was in this capacity that Wong organised a Parliamentary meeting featuring Valerie Sinason as a keynote speaker.

As a writer with the English Churchman, he regularly churns out this sort of drivel interesting material, from June 2016:

Christians Demand Action Against Satanist Ritual Abuse
By Wilfred Wong for English Churchman

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) exists in Britain and is a growing problem, harming and destroying the lives of an increasing number of children and vulnerable adults because the UK authorities are simply not taking this crime seriously, a conference in London of about 60 Christians heard on Saturday 21 May. The conference was organised by the Christian organisation, the Coalition Against Satanist Ritual Abuse (CASRA), which was founded in February 2014 to provide a permanent UK organisation that campaigns against SRA, conducts research on this issue and publicly exposes it.

The conference was entitled: “Satanist Ritual Abuse – The Battle for Justice”.

Interestingly, googling the “Coalition Against Satanic Ritual Abuse” turns up a single result: a link to the late Anna Raccoon’s blog, which is quoting a post from Barth’s Notes, which is quoting…The English Cburchman article by Wilfred Wong. Wilfred Wong CASRA 2018-11-12 google resultSo we take it this was neither a long-lived nor an influential organisation, at least under that name.

Vicky Ash

However, Wong gives us some idea of the conference invitees and their areas of specialisation:

Two English SRA Survivors who are Christians, also spoke at the conference. Victoria Ash described her long battle for justice against her Satanist Ritual Abuser, which has lasted for more than 25 years. She talked about how the local police have repeatedly refused to properly investigate her SRA allegations. She also mentioned how her ongoing campaign managed to prevent her alleged abuser from starting a nursery for 40 young children.

We’ve mentioned Vicky Ash here before: she was one of Becki Percy’s role models, “helping” her to decide that her emotional problems stemmed from (what else?) SRA.

Robert Green

The conference also heard from Robert Green regarding Scotland’s largest known, current SRA case, the Hollie Greig case. Hollie Greig, a young woman with Down’s Syndrome, has identified 23 alleged abusers who subjected her to SRA, including a senior police officer, 2 Head Teachers, 2 Social Workers and a Judge. Greig has described not only experiencing SRA but also witnessing the Satanists ritually sacrificing an adult male.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, Green and Wong were involved in turning the Hollie Greig hoax from false allegations of “girl with Down Syndrome raped by sex ring” to false allegations of “girl with Down Syndrome victim of Satanic ritual abuse”. (For an in-depth debunking of the Hollie Greig hoax, we’d suggest Anna Raccoon’s 2010 post, which goes into some detail.)

Green, of course, has multiple connections to people in the conspiracy community, including but not limited to Belinda McKenzie, Bill Maloney, Jon Wedger, and so on.

David Scott

David Scott, a Scottish campaigner and researcher on SRA, shared his findings at the conference. He spoke about SRA in Scotland and mentioned that SRA there occurs in a variety of places, including churches (to desecrate them), Masonic halls, ruined or derelict buildings and sites believed to be historically linked to the occult. He pointed out that there were many known SRA locations in Perthshire, Tayside and Angus, in Scotland.

Of course we know Scott as Brian Gerrish’s grimmer and less-charismatic sidekick, as well as in his role as director of the Fresh Start Foundation, an organisation about which we have expressed many concerns.

In fact, it seems that if one pokes any UK-based SRA-related activity with a long enough stick, one will eventually discover that Wong has been involved. For example, long-time readers might remember our coverage of last year’s “Satanic, Ritual, and Extreme Abuse” conference, held in London. That one featured Sandra Fecht, a Canadian SRA counsellor who has been forbidden to practise by her professional regulator, and Rainer Kurz, a chartered occupational psychologist who somehow believes that this qualifies him to diagnose and treat “survivors of SRA”.

While Wong himself might be a rather unprepossessing individual, he has contacts galore. In choosing to ally with him, Thomas Dunn has made his intentions quite clear: he has no intention of going away, and he aims to infect the UK with his own noxious brand of conspiracy-heavy fundamentalist Christianity.


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  1. Nice digging, EC.

    Never trust anyone who can count Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Robert Green among their friends 😮

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      • It seems missus ved will go all loopy over anything. She talks utter shite but the James Corbett piece she is linking to is actually quite interesting. He is very well researched and his info is usually impeccably sourced.
        Whether or not the ‘narrative’ he describes or presents is useful or valuable depends on ones opinions of course but it definitely is worth a watch.



    • What is this noun-noun combination with her and Edward Ellis? It’s a personal dialect, I think she caught it off him.


  2. The English Churchman is right up Wilfred Wong’s street.


    From The English Churchman itself:

    ‘If you search for “English Churchman” on the web you may well find criticism of us by those of liberal persuasion. People mock us and think we are horrible. They sometimes distort what we say for their own ends. We are neither surprised nor dismayed by this. We endeavour to love these our enemies. The same kind of people also despised the Lord Jesus Christ because He said that their deeds were evil. He aptly said from the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). So it is that while we confess our shortcomings, many of our critics do not know what they are doing as they are not Christians. As Jesus said of the Pharisees, these men are not the children of Abraham, but children of the devil.’

    Having had a quick look at The English Churchman I can only say that I’m not impressed. But then I’m of a ‘liberal persuasion’ so I wouldn’t be.

    Dunn talks about a ‘spiritual war’. The English Churchman makes it look like another English civil war with the puritans poking pikes at the Anglicans again. I’m beginning to understand why Christ Church was a target…..

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      • They post stuff from the vile batshit crazy rabidly racist and Islamaphobc hate site Voice of Europe, so I’m going with plain old horrible.

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    • He aptly said from the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). So it is that while we confess our shortcomings, many of our critics do not know what they are doing as they are not Christians. As Jesus said of the Pharisees, these men are not the children of Abraham, but children of the devil.’

      Does anybody else sense a kind of contradiction in this? “Forgive them for they know not what they do…and if they criticise us, they are obviously children of the devil:”.

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      • Wrong isn’t just a non-practising barrister, he’s a non-practising Christian. Or as Jesus would say, a blind leader of the blind.

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    • “At the time of the death of Pope John Paul II the English Churchman was one of the first evangelical publications to state that it did not believe the Pope was a Christian, but rather, as historically Protestants have almost universally believed, that the papacy is Antichrist.”

      How charming and sensitive they are.

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      • I can assure you that according to us Papists they have that all wrong. 😁

        To be precise, protestants are all heretics. Evangelicals doubly so! As our first Pope said in anticipation of these tee-shirt merchandising hucksters:

        And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. 2 Peter 2:3 😉

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  3. The weirdest thing is that These People really are the ones who believe in the Occult yes?. I mean they really truly believe that all these Masons, “elites”, Soros /Rothschilds (standing in for The Jews), Royal Family, Hoaxtead GCHQ employees, Illuminati etc get together in windy, freezing old ruins and dance about naked screeching like banshees so Hiz Honor Beelzebub will appear and say “what in the Hell is it now you want..Jesus H.Christ can’t I get any peace?. Go ahead and tell me and it will be granted”.
    And once they lay out their plans for a One World Order and the mass eviction of mortgage defaulters Lucifer (for it is he) responds “for crying out loud you useless vassals you’ve been asking for this for 1000s of years and STILL haven’t managed it..OK, kidnap a nearby nursery, eat 3 bubs before breakfast & say three Hail Lucys before bedtime and it will be granted”.

    (pic by William Blake- out of copyright!)

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  4. I see Angela’s found another innocent man to slander. Dead men can’t sue, I guess.

    That video’s by Dnajlion, by the way, and it looks like there’s another incriminating interview on the cards:

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    • Dnajlion for the uninitiated:

      Still, at least he’s getting his Hampstead info’ from reliable sources, like…er…Kane Slater 🙄

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      • One thing the election of Donald Trump has shown is how many millions of batshit crazy loons there are in the US.
        He’s drawn them all out of the woodwork but what really worries me is : to a man and woman they seem oblivious or impervious to his blatant lies which he says daily and the qualities they claim he has are in fact the opposite. It truly is Goebbels-like: “accuse others of what you do yourself” yet in this day and age when the truth is easily found they ignore it.
        Put me right off the place.

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      • Looks like his friends haven’t talked to him about the fact that he’s obviously possessed by the demon Gluttony. Dizdar needs to get round there and do an exorcism before it gets any worse!

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      • What I find fascinating about this video are the stark narrative similarities between the bullshit spouted by this moron and the Blood Libel.

        Instead of communion wafers being contaminated with babies’ blood by Jews it is MacDonalds, the universally understood symbol of corporate American entrepreneurial success and no nonsense, robust, all American burger munching goodness, that has been thus contaminated. This time it is not Jews but satanists that are allegedly responsible for this outrage.

        I am not a fan of Theresa May but what kind of moron actually believes that she is a “satanic paedophile”?

        Also this idiot’s description of the false allegations not only violates the children’s rights to privacy but he seems to enjoy going into details about the sexual aspects of the false allegations.

        Another very important point is that he claims that similar narratives are proof or evidence of SRA. This is something that Sinason, Rachel Thomas et al all go on about. In their insane world of delusions, resonating narratives are proof of SRA rather than the very obvious truth that the themes speak a truth about the primitive, unconscious aspects of human nature. I am not talking about primitive unconscious drives that inspire people to sacrifice babies, as I do not believe they exist. I am talking about the well known unconscious drives that inspire people to grab torches and pitchforks and attack, and sometimes murder, completely innocent people on the basis of false allegations of human sacrifice, cannibalism and devil worship.

        Tyrants and puppet masters the world over have manipulated the masses into committing wars and genocidal acts for millennia. The standard narrative for starting mass acts of violence and murder is false accusations of the murder of innocents, especially babies.

        We have been here before with the Blood Libel and with the Nayirah testimony.

        This absolutely has to stop. It is getting out of hand and making the world a dangerous place for every ordinary human being.

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        • Yes, you’re absolutely right, SH.

          I think the resemblance to the blood libel is interesting, especially given that this person seems to belong to a sect which has gleefully appropriated many of the religious symbols of Judaism, while preaching a particularly ugly version of Christianity. This goes beyond offensive, in my opinion.

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        • The notion that the Elders of Zion are deliberately contaminating processed food with processed babies (because reasons) has going around the Truthersphere. Naturally it is more popular among the fetus-fondling forced-birthers.

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          • Very interesting Smut Clyde

            The anti-abortion narrative is a central theme in many SRA hoaxes, with “survivors” claiming to have multiple forced abortions with the foetuses eaten or sacrificed to satan.

            Some of the Christian cults promoting SRA hoaxes also offer regression therapy, not to past lives, but to life in utero. Obviously, as in with memories from before the age of years or so, cognitive functioning and the ability to store memories is not fully formed, so memories from earlier than 4 years are even more unreliable than memories of older children and adults. The idea that memories back to when a person was a foetus in the womb are subject to recall is as controversial as past life regression therapy.

            These cults would have us believe that the trauma of birth and early trauma in utero are able to be recalled – usually via various quack “body psychotherapies” and or “energy therapies” in which they claim memories trapped at a cellular level can be released and recalled. Massage, “tapping” / EFT, hypnosis and NLP are also used.

            There is no actual evidence that memories can be retrieved from early childhood or pre-birth but it must be true because the body has its own wisdom and the body cannot lie. Or something.

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  5. Good job there are more who don’t believe Trump than do.

    Re Angela slandering Billy Graham again, Joe Van Tonder was not happy with her when she did it before.

    I am surprised she hasn’t been slandering Sgt. Maurice McCabe this morning, part 1 of his dreadful experiences was shown television last night, I would hazard a guess that it was the most watched TV programme in Ireland. Now that man is a whistleblower, a real one & by God himself & his family have suffered for it.
    Angela obviously didn’t see it.

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    • I went to see Billy Graham by myself when I was a young teen. Can’t remember why but you do get sort of revved up by the razzmatazz of it all.. But then I also went to see the Maharishi and ended up in his hotel room- no nothing sordid- there were not enough rooms to get the “magic word” so he popped in to give it to me (no guesses: ommmm”) but not before I rifled through his personal telephone book and wrote down phone numbers for George Harrison & Shirley MacLaine (never rang them as we didn’t have long distance then).

      New York has always been my favourite place mainly as I have a good friend there. I emailed him recently and asked if he liked Trump but he said “you know Donald Trump has been loathed in New York for decades because he never pays his bills?.

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  6. Dunny’s back in the US, I see. And having spent all that money on his little jolly abroad, he still had the cheek to ask for donations at the end of his video!

    Excuse me for not linking the video here, btw. It’s just that the nasty child abusing little shit has included the children’s names in the title and he repeatedly names them in the video.

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