Dunn’s demented demands for debate designed to duck dissent

Well, yesterday was a whirlwind of activity around the Hampstead hoax. Actually, it started late Monday night, when Thomas “Join us or die!” Dunn made an appearance on the YouTube Channel, “The System is Down”.

Funnily enough, when he was not on his home turf, Dunn managed to be downright civil. He didn’t claim that RD is a “baby-eating baby-sacrificing head-chopping-off maniac molester”; nor did he threaten that anybody who disagreed with his loopy campaign must “join him or die”. Granted, he was still spewing nonsense and disinformation about the Hampstead SRA hoax, but we expected no less.

The hosts of the show, one of whom was inexplicably dressed in a clown costume, accepted Tom’s foolery holus bolus, and seemed genuinely flustered by the negative back-chat they were receiving from commenters like Flo Destroyer, Redbill Phil, Grobnob the Troll, and others.

However, once Dunn was safely off the air, they did accept a phone call from Grobnob, who was very well-spoken and put across the case for sensible things such as “doing research” and “informing themselves”, which apparently had not previously occurred to the hosts of the show.

Dunn on the run: Flo Destroyer’s challenge

As we noted yesterday, Flo Destroyer had issued a challenge to Dunn: Flo promised to donate £100 to a children’s charity if Dunn would debate him face-to-face on Flo’s channel. Now, anybody who knows Flo should be aware that he is a very reasonable and reasoned host, who doesn’t indulge in abuse or deranged histrionics, so this ought to have been an easy win for Dunn: appear on the show, talk civilly to a person who holds a different view, and ensure a children’s charity receives a donation.

Instead, though, Dunn put up this piece of piddling prevarication:

These are my terms. If you want a debate, if you want something from me, this is the way it’s gotta be. Other than this, I will ignore you, okay? And I…you’re gonna be blocked. Because we have no more time. We have no more time, we’ve wasted too much time on this, you’re done. You’re done, okay?

Here’s what you have to do. You see this? This is me. This is a video. You respond to me. You respond to me in a video, okay? With your face, and you identify yourself. You identify who you are, you say your name that’s on your birth certificate. Okay? And I don’t even know if they got birth certificates in the UK, I’m gonna assume they do. Okay?

So. You say your name, you identify yourself. You don’t have to say where you live, okay? I’m going to assume from the accent that I heard last night that you live in the UK. Whatever. I don’t care, okay? Um…

You don’t have to give us your address. But you have to give us some way that we can verify that you are a real person, that you are not using a fake name. This is me, you see here? [holds up his driving licence with all but his face and name blocked out] This is my face. This is an Ohio driver’s licence, my name is Robert Thomas Dunn. Okay? I’m a real person, I have nothing to hide. …

You verify who you are, in a video to me, I’ll take you seriously. One, okay? And then I’ve got people standing by in the UK that can verify your identity. 

This was a bit puzzling, to say the least. If Dunn thought there was a chance Flo wasn’t a real person, then what did he think he was?

A cat (or possibly two) in fancy dress?Cats in formal wear 2018-10-09

Two mice and a giant robot suit?The Brain in robot suit 2018-10-09

A criminal penguin cleverly disguised as a rooster?Feathers McGraw 2018-10-09Perhaps they do things differently in the United States, but Dunn’s demands struck us as faintly ridiculous.

As commenter Smut Clyde noted, “Doxxing is an obsession with Truthers and stoners. It’s a kind of ‘Rumpelstiltskin delusion’… they are convinced that when you learn the Real Name of something, you gain Magic Power over it”.

But Dunn’s demands didn’t stop there:

So, uh, once we verify that you’re a real person, and, uh, then we can move on with step two. Step two is show up, face-to-face, just like this, this is how I deal with 99% of my interviews. This is just the way that it goes. I been doin’ this for, uh, a year and a half, okay? There’s been like two people that wanted to uh, hide themselves. And I think maybe only one, and that person came out later. …

So, anyway. Face-to-face interview. On a third-party site. I think maybe we both agree that ‘The System is Down’ forum, video show, would be something that would work. I’m open. I wanna have a conversation with you, okay?

So. Just so we’re clear. Identify yourself, face-to-face, third-party, be civil. 

Dunn seems to have a different idea of “face-to-face” than the average person, who might be forgiven for thinking that it means “in the same room (or on the same YouTube channel) at the same time”.

His version, it seems, means, “You make a video about me, and then I make a video about you, and I never have to be held directly to account for my delusional and/or harassing statements; nor must I answer any uncomfortable questions you might ask. Okay?”

In any case, Flo is a very reasonable chap, and decided to go along with Dunn’s bizarre conditions. Yesterday evening, he was interviewed by one of the hosts of “The System is Down”, and we think you’ll agree that he acquitted himself extremely well.

Thanks to Flo for putting himself out there, and for standing up against harassment and hysteria.

As for Dunn, so far there’s been nothing but silence. For which, we think you’ll agree, we can all be profoundly thankful.


Could Dunn be just a bit chicken? Photo by Brenda Timmermans on Pexels.com

109 thoughts on “Dunn’s demented demands for debate designed to duck dissent

  1. I’m looking forward to mk ultra 666 doing a tom Dunn video. That’s a marriage of subject and style made in heaven.

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  2. These hicks in obscure US towns use the safety of distance so they can falsely accuse, berate, harass and spew invective without anyone really being interested in traveling within spitting distance of their basement hideaway.

    When they travel to where the adults are and try out their bullying tactics it suddenly gets a bit real and although I wouldn’t name such a person the experience of one Rupert Quaintance comes to mind recalling that after making videos saying he was going to punch up a few Hampstead residents and even pondered that he may like to abuse a child to see what all the fuss was about, it ended up with an invitation from Her Majesty to inspect a prison cell for 9 months.

    Dunny is just another bloviating Alex Jones wannabee and now the world has wised up to that creep and lawsuits from victims are landing on his doorstep his influence is waning. A reminder also as well: the Thomas Dunns of the world also breach US Federal and State laws re internet harassment and every day lay down the evidence of their illegality. It’s just a matter of time before one of them gets their collar felt and is made an example of by a fed-up judiciary. (again not mentioning names in respect of police investigation but the initials APD comes to mind).

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    • The smack talk seems to fade away when they find themselves in real situations too. What happened, for instance, to Rupert’s promise to “box those cops’ ears if they try to arrest me”?

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  3. “Funnily enough, when he was not on his home turf, Dunn managed to be downright civil. He didn’t claim that RD is a ‘baby-eating baby-sacrificing head-chopping-off maniac molester’; nor did he threaten that anybody who disagreed with his loopy campaign must ‘join him or die’.”

    He also didn’t say “I’m coming for you” in reference to the innocent parents and teachers of Hampstead, as he had done in a previous video. I think he was too busy measuring the melting point of butter with his mouth to bother.

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    • He was too busy insisting on rules to ensure he didn’t have to engage in conversation. I suspect he knows full well it’d damage his brand and t shirt sales to have Brits like Flo and me with a fair to middling understanding of the case debunking the central core of his legendary campaign.

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  4. Just finished listening to Flo on the system is down stream in full. So far that’s 2 of us doing our best to present the case as it actually occurred, and not the insane exaggeration of the subject matter the children were coerced into presenting. While I wouldn’t encourage or recommend people jumping into the arena of appearing on streams it’s certainly making for a more two sided view and is making it difficult for certain parties to carry on insisting the satanic narrative is factual. Nice one Flo, look forward to hearing more of these laid back and casual approaches to the case in opposition to the sulphurous hellfire diatribes certain people are known for. Put me down for an appearance on after dark when I go online again (been off broadband since June, using only mobile phones) if you like, when I get the line reactivated. Till then only option if anyone wants me on a stream / podcast / chat is via a phone call. I’m perfectly happy not to bother doing anything off my own back but will take one for the team now and again. I did the call the other night to try and balance a very skewed presentation and was struck at how similar me and Flo approached it, from a humanist pragmatic and common sense angle. I predict tom Dunn won’t appear on Flo’s channel anytime soon and will continue squirming for excuses to deny any attempt to challenge his behaviour. Hopefully viewers of that channel are going to appreciate the considered and softly spoken opinions of Flo and myself when making their minds up. Remember a podcast takes thirty or sixty minutes to make but stays online for years. What we did this week is plant a couple of seeds, how they’ll fare we’ll see in a few months.

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    • You would be most welcome on After Dark any time as are any of the commentators and contributors to the blog and anyone else who has a valid opinion that can handle a modicum of respect. I feel you calling in lay a lot of the ground work for me to follow yesterday as you said we have planted a seed hopefully it takes root.

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      • Well done to both of you.

        I think that unfortunately you are on a hiding to nothing though! If you look what people say in comments their belief in satanic baby killers is very much tied up with their religious beliefs. It is a matter of faith. That is a very hard thing to argue with. Mostly I have a live and let live attitude and I personally know very nice people who follow various religions. The US evangelical style is odd to my cynical UK eyes. Roughly 25% of the U.K. is atheist/agnostic/irreligious.

        The only comparison I have is with Christian West African friends from say, Nigeria, but topped up with a lot more American exceptionalism and with a lot less tolerance and humour.


        I am willing to bet a half eaten bag of midget gems that many people who describe themselves as Christian hardly ever step foot in a church too! Or read a bible!

        The Slacktivist blog, a Christian focussed one, has an interesting Satanic Baby Killers tag, for a Christian skeptic viewpoint,


        Well done though. Some of these people think they are in a holy war. So, there’s that.

        We need an office whip-round at our GCHQ home to get a few quid to a children’s charity. As long as it isn’t Samaritan’s Purse, I am easy.

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  5. Great write-up as always. EC.

    Regarding your point about the co-host (the main host’s brother, btw) being “inexplicably dressed in a clown costume” on Monday night’s show, I’m not sure whether you saw my comment yesterday but the main host (Dan?) did clarify this at the time, saying that they were both dressed in troll fancy dress (‘Dan’ was dressed as a stereotypical nerd), to reflect the topic of that particular broadcast:


    Whether they’ll win any comedy awards for that is open to debate. I for one can confirm that my sides remain intact.

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  6. I’m not seeking to defend ‘Dan’, btw. Although I think he handled last night’s Flo phone-in very competently and eloquently (kudos to him for that), I still dispute his claims to be impartial over the Hampstead case. This is from one of his YT videos:

    Plus as Surreal Hustle pointed out yesterday, he’s been allowing Dunn to spout his slanderous Hampstead bullcrap despite the fact that by his own admission he doesn’t know much about the case. Where’s the due diligence here? Surely some simple fact-checking should be a basic precaution for a broadcaster when people’s reputations and safety are on the line. And after three extensive interviews with him on the subject, one would have thought that at some point he would have bothered to at least check whether Dunn’s claims were reliable.

    It also concerns me greatly that Dan gave out a Hoaxtead associate’s phone number on the aforementioned Sunday night show. He said it was accidental and promised to beep it out but I’ve just checked and he hasn’t.

    He was also pretty blasé about the incident when I raised it in the video comments (and he’s since deleted both my question and his response, rather tellingly). His exact words were: “Hey, we’re just humans doing the best we can. I think we made that painfully clear tonight, but I really appreciate everyone chiming in. Haha.”

    Were I a conspiraloon, I might start to suspect that this little ‘mishap’ was deliberate 🙄

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      • I’m sure you’re right but why did he promise to beep it out but then not do so?

        It’s good that you’ve been so understanding about it but I think it will still put further people off of calling in.

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        • I did tell him not to bother. I was feigning outrage and am not concerned. Give it a week and the dimmards will find it and make a huge fuss they can trace me using it or whatever. Maybe some dick will attempt to post it to solicit idiots to phone me. It’s disposable. Hence why I changed setting from withheld to show number when I phoned in. I find it all a bit comical tbh. My big fear is romantic voicemails from flangela or cat snot besotted with me 😱

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          • That’s very magnanimous of you, though I’m trying to tactfully say that this isn’t just about you. If he did that to you, he could do it to anybody.

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          • I think people can watch the show and make their own minds up about just about everything. I’d never recommend going on streams and it’s very useful to have a good example of poorly skilled operators letting personal info become public. If one person learns from it then it’s served a purpose.

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    • Absolutely agree.

      I would not trust these people as far as I could throw them.

      How dare they repeat unfounded accusations of child sexual abuse and satanic ritual abuse as if they were fact and then say “oh well we don’t really know what is going on, we haven’t researched it, we are just giving everyone an equal voice”. What a load of toilet. I have encountered this kind of blasé attitude towards serious issues countless times from people involved in very nasty criminal networks and cults. They feign stupidity and naivety in order to carry on doing very bad things in the hope that people won’t notice or will give them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t buy it.

      How would they like it is the tables were turned and I set up a youtube channel and uploaded lots of videos claiming that they were part of a baby munching, blood drinking paedophile cult? How would they like it if when challenged I claimed that I hadn’t actually done any research but someone told me that it was true and I was just giving them a voice because of equal opportunities, fairness, reasons etc?

      Their FB page has a discussion forum but it is closed and so anyone wishing to take part has to log in to FB and apply to join thus providing potentially compromising data.

      Their website contains pages like this

      “I’m not an antisemite but…..”

      Purleeze. Who do they think they are fooling with this shit?

      Flo Destroyer you definitely deserve some kind of award, you put forward eloquent and powerful points but please be extremely cautious around these people. I believe it was a mistake for you to give them any kind of identifying personal data. I am extremely concerned about data harvesting and I would not touch this show / channel with a 10 foot long bargepole.

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      • Eloquently put, SH, and I agree 100%.

        I gather someone else from here is offering to show Tom his ID too now in order to be accepted for a face-to-face discussion and all I can say is rather him than me.

        As for ‘Dan’ the presenter, he incurred further distrust from me in last night’s show, when he said on air that the people in the chatbox were screaming at each other, implying that we were being rude and aggressive, when in fact it was probably one of the most calm and level-headed discussions I’ve seen, despite the fact that there were two Bible-thumping hoax-pushers in there with polar opposite views to ours. Even Relayer and I were being polite 😁

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      • Like most youtubers out of their depth they’re unable to produce content so just invite anyone on to fill an hour. They don’t wanna research or write scripts, that’s like work dude, and works sucks. Work sucks and isn’t cool. Talking shit is cool, and talking shit about babyeating Brits is cool, and tom Dunn is like an expert on Satanism and stuff. Fighting satan is cool. Satan sucks yeah, and like, y know . . . (puffs vapourizer) we’re gonna kick satan’s ass out of, like, Hampden town and, like, back to France and stuff and, y know, like the illuminati had Kanye west murder princess Leia because the jedis are like anti satan and, y know like . . . . . (Looks at watch) and we’re gonna have to wind it up there .

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      • Not particularly worried he has my surname and a 12 second video i obscured my personal data for my own protection particularly given the wild accusations these people have already started to make publicly. He has nothing more than that and i know that if it goes anywhere where it will have come from regardless. Appreciate the concern as you can never be to careful.

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    • “Nobody seems to be talking about..”
      Jesus H.Christ who are we then, chopped liver?. Remarkable given this age of the Internet and information overload that a few Yanks (I mean that in a nice way) are still oblivious to this drama. Probably haven’t even caught up with @pizzascam.

      A little birdie tells me you & GrobNob may be in the running for a joint much coverted Koala Ward of Excellence. I shall keep my ears peeled as I know the Committee meet at a table near me in the Saloon Bar of the Hula Bula Pub (stop laughing-it’s a real name) and once the Committee President Clementine Fortheringham–Babcock gets a few Sherry’s under the belt she gets a bit loud.

      Either way you can say you are a Koala Award Nominee which carries as much prestige as a Nobel prize Nominee, if not more as the defrocked priest Kevin Annett has found.

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    • Tom lies through his arse in that video (as usual). There was never an investigation? People have been run out of London for speaking out? Hampstead videos can’t be viewed in the UK? It’s been verified that all the trolls’ accounts are by RD? Riiiight 🙄

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    • He’s fine revealing his identity, he’s got nothing to lose. No real career or actual life beyond his plan to fleece people by pretending to be a keyboard krusader fighting Satanist cults 3,000 miles away.

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    • The same tom Dunn who insists most of us hoaxteaders are RD ? The same tom Dunn who publicly requested researchers to assist on getting us out into the open ? The same tom Dunn who says he’s coming after us ? Main reason ratweazle is so rattled is his t shirts won’t sell if the Sra narrative is debunked, that’s why he’s so adamantly opposed to hoaxtead. He’s just a failed rocker trying to pose as a preacher.

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    • He may as well write post it notes to stick on his flat wall. Nobody ever visits his wank blog. If it wasn’t for half a dozen of us lot giggling over his utter uselessness he’d have zero attention.

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      • Funny Tom cant remember who i am and he is debating me and MKO knows who i am whilst I’m ignoring him go figure.

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    • So let’s recap. If I admit that I am head over heels in love with Satan and all his little wizards, then you will remove my testicles with a blunt instrument resembling some kind of gardening tool and roast them over a large fire.

      Whereas if I don’t admit that I’m in love with Satan and all his little wizards, you will hold me upside down in a vat of warm marmalade and remove my testicles with a blunt… oh I see. Well, well, in that case, I love Satan.

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    • He previously said we were baby eating Satanists, now he says we don’t know anything ? He knows full well he’s a liar. He’s just building a goofy plot that revolves around him getting to sell hundreds of t shirts. Has he realized that we know own his hashtags and can start screwing his Legendary Campaign up by posting spoof stuff ? Does he not realize he’s bound to end up exposed for the shady con artist he is ? Problem with liars is they keep having to lie to cover all the old lies as the fall apart. This guy is gonna blow after a few weeks.

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      • How do I sell t shirts with crap logos ? I advertise ! Damn, advertising costs money. How about I make people buy cards with my adverts on them ? Yeah, and then I’ll sell t shirts. People like babies, and my t shirts save babies. Oh yeah, I’m positive this will work. His logic is that of an habitual failure.

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        • He is a tedious grifter out to oversell his crappy goods with the assertion that buying t shirts in ameriky stops satanic cults 3000 miles away. How we don’t know, but he’s got Jesus helping him.

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  8. He would have fun with Becki Percy or hasn’t he heard of her yet!

    I’m only catching up on the videos, well done on the sensible, open & friendly approaches Grobnob & Flo. However whilst [insert name], (no disrespect meant, I’m terrible with names) listened, I got the feeling that you were only being humoured because you had called/joined in from the U.K. & Americans have excellent manners so were basically being polite & listening but not sure if they took a lot in.

    Hopefully they will though, take a non biased view & realise the logic of ‘hundreds of babies’ going into a Church & not coming out ever is one of pure stupidity, that they do not just research the children’s testimonies but look at the whole made up & ridiculous stories in it’s entirety.

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    • The thing is we said our bit, enough viewers heard it. We downloaded it so have unabridged copies. They basically want any old content as they can’t produce original material. Loonies like Dunn are a gift to small channels with nothing much happening, they just let the loon rant, pretend its news/topical and their stoner pals all laugh at the Jesus freak all hyped up he’s gonna battle satan. Its a comedy channel and Dunn doesn’t see he’s being played as a joke.

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    • “Hopefully they will though, take a non biased view & realise the logic of ‘hundreds of babies’ going into a Church & not coming out ever is one of pure stupidity”

      We remain hopeful, Lucca, though after 3 and a half years I’m still waiting for them to explain how a school can close down every Wednesday afternoon for a mass orgy and baby-eating ritual involving all the staff and kids without once being reported.

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      • A school in a built up area with 100’s of residents living around it and nobody notices.

        And meanwhile at home, Ella, who bathes her children and apparently administers enemas (for health reasons) never notices a scar, a bruise or any soreness on her children’s bodies. Is she short sighted?

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      • Exactly TR. Or do they think that the ‘Satanists’ magically cleared a busy suburb in London so that nobody saw these ridiculous goings on. The ‘believers’ & ‘ranters’ really need to give their heads a wobble & think, otherwise I have to believe that none of them are safe crossing a road!

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    • Sadly these people don’t get logic, Lucca. Ray Vark tried that when he called in to Nathan Stolpman’s show. At one point he asked why Nathan’s so quick to cry “false flag” every time there’s a tragedy in which loads of people are killed, despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary, when at the same time he’s so quick to buy into a logistically impossible satanic panic hoax where there’s no corroborative evidence whatsoever. I don’t think Nathan quite got the contradiction, tbh.

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    • I saw that post earlier but must admit I still can’t see the Hoaxtead mention (?).

      There’s a bizarre white supremacy rant by Pikey on there, btw. “Aryans are the most intelligent people on the planet by a long shot.” Sigh…

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  9. The dude heard someone was abusing his style, he don’t like that. When uncool people steal the dude’s style it makes him sad.

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  10. Dunny live again at 3:30:

    Oh and it looks like his moderator ‘Planeflyer21’ is there already, raring to back him up on his next rant about how anyone who doesn’t use their real name on YouTube must be paedo-cannibal 🙄

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    • Interesting. 13th April was when she was invited for a Caution +3 interview with the police about her restraining order and she refused. Is the net finally closing in on the Hoaxteaders?

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      • Since your first post, I’ve been looking at police forums. It seems it is actually illegal to arrest someone if you have invited them in for a voluntary caution+3 interview. It is not if you tell them they must attend the police station!

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        • Ah bless. She doesn’t apparently think that she has any active restraining orders against her and there was me thinking she had two outstanding.

          At the end of her video she says it’s a Caution+3, so I wouldn’t expect an arrest tomorrow. Main difference with +3 is you are entitled to a solicitor. She seems to indicate that it is probably going to be a real one!

          Not that it’s my place to advise her, but if she is being asked to explain her ongoing harassment, it is probably not a good idea for her to have her solicitor hand over her dossier detailing her harassment!

          I wonder if this is the result of analysing APD’s personal emails? 😂 Although any perusal of her recent Facebook posts would probably be sufficient.

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    • He wouldn’t come to London and say that to my face. He couldn’t even afford the coach fare the pawny pitiful ponce

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      • The sad twat’s threatening to post your address now, something he’s repeatedly denied doing (even though he tried posting mine but was several hundred miles out):

        Funnily enough, I’ve known his address for some time but have always had the common decency not to post it.

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        • He posted what he thought was mine on several occasion (but got the wrong city entirely) and said he was coming down with a gang to sort me out (the screenshots are in the blog’s drive). I once pointed out to him that when he posts people’s addresses, he’s not just endangering the innocent people he’s harassing (and let’s face it – he knows they’re innocent people), but he’s also endangering their families, including their children. Naturally, being a child abuser himself who doesn’t give a shit about children’s safety, he continued posting innocent people’s addresses and calling for people to pay them a visit. He’s even posted photos of people’s houses too, though my guess is he’s got those wrong too.

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          • Does he ever talk about taking a camera phone and shooting a sexually explicit video of his own daughter ? Does he mention that ? and how it lead to him facing Police action and being denied access to his own daughter ?

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  11. It’s all vary dandy for Thomas Dunn living in a flat with only his own chicken arse to keep selling his hoodies and tops and merchandise. Flo has to protect the identity of his family. when Thomas Dunn has friends the like of Angela power Disney who would love to get hold of Flo identity could you really trust Thomas not to give his ID to his accomplice in the hoax. So she can harass stalk and bully like she has many other victims of abuse it’s got to be a no no. Flo provided his drivers licence what more does the chicken Thomas Dunn want.

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