An infection of lies: Reaching new victims

Yesterday we talked about the dangers of giving oxygen to non-entities who are connected with the Hampstead SRA hoax. Coincidentally, just as we were putting the finishing touches on that post, we were alerted that Angela Power-Disney had started her much-vaunted (by her mostly) interview with Sean Maguire, the terminally gormless host of ‘Out of the Bag Radio’.

Angela may very well be a case in point about the whole “oxygen to unimportant people” maxim: when we first ran across her shortly after the hoax had gone public, she seemed to us a bit dim and ordinary but mostly harmless.

Gradually, though, she has managed to scramble over the bodies of her fallen former comrades—leading lights such as Belinda, Charlotte Ward, even Abe and Ella—to take on the role of de facto commander-in-chief of what remains of the Hampstead hoax.

Dunn’s puppet-master?

We were interested when Angela confirmed a suspicion we’ve held for some time, which we touched on in yesterdays post: we believe that Thomas Dunn, the American über-Christian who plans to make his fortune selling Hampstead-themed t-shirts and other paraphernalia, is being informed and guided, if not overtly controlled, by Angela.

We know that she was in contact with him at least three years ago, when she was searching for a way to bring the Hampstead hoax to the much larger and more lucrative American market.

In the following video, made in late 2015/early 2016, and released in May 2016, she and Dunn map out details of her plan for him to come to the UK to “investigate” the case:


At about 17:50, Angela says, “There’s two people I want to connect you with, if you give me your dates when you’re coming over. Ray Savage, he’s the copper that went on record saying that he’d interviewed Ella for three hours and found her absolutely credible. I’ll send you a couple of links. Now he’s no longer a policeman, and he’s gone off on a bit of a new-age tangent…. And I just want to arrange some accommodation for you guys over there. I wish I had the funding to meet you”.

This does not sound like the first contact between Angela and Dunn; it has the ring of an ongoing conversation, and it’s clear that at that time, she was very keen to bring an American—any American who might be willing—to the UK.

Dunn hedges, saying that he has very limited time, that he’s busy wrapping up his film, and that he might not be able to come.

Noting that he’s thought about what they had previously said about him spending such a short time in London, he says, “It’s hard for me to justify spending $1,300–$1,500 on a ticket to come over for three or four days”.

Angela tries to tempt him with the promise of the upcoming CSA survivors’ march, and says, “I know Hampstead is worth it”.

It’s fascinating to watch her groom him: she plays on his Christian beliefs, talks about how they need his “professionalism” to help bring the situation in the UK to a broader audience, and emphasises that he could play an important role in giving a voice to previously unheard survivors.

He continues to hedge, and Angela makes one last attempt, telling him that if he could just flash the faces of RD’s children in the video he’s making, the UK hoaxer community would be terribly grateful. It’s clear that she desperately wants Dunn to open a channel to the U.S. audience of SRA believers.

Lies, half-truths, and manipulation

In her first video with Dunn, Angela tells him that Dr Hodes’ evidence, which would have clinched the case, was hidden from the judge. “And then when it was trashed, and it was quickly replaced by one of their medical people, who said oh, no no no, the methodology’s not reliable, you know”.

While a more sceptical person might question this (or even research it!), Dunn just nods, as though he expects this sort of thing.

Listening to Angela’s lies and half-truths about the Hampstead SRA hoax on Maguire’s show last night, we were struck by the ease with which lies and manipulative half-truths seemed to slip off her tongue:

Here are just a few:

Rupert Quaintance flew over from America to cover the story and investigate it, and he had his passport taken and he was gagged and all his computers taken and left in London and not allowed to work, and just left there on bail for a year and then imprisoned for five months for alleged harassment against the accused.

So Rupert was just arrested for nothing? It’s not as if he went to the primary school at the centre of the hoax and took a picture of himself in front of it, claimed to be armed with a knife (not a big deal in America, but a very big deal here), and then posted it to Facebook on the first morning of the new school term, right?

And we’re sure the police were just making up all that stuff about having found a spreadsheet on his computer containing the names, addresses, contact details, and children’s names of all the people Ella accused.

And then Jake Clarke was sectioned, he went to the doctor and said he was experiencing some depression and anxiety from the level of trolling that the Hampstead case comes with. It’s got a level of trolling that some of the hardiest internet people are shocked at. They make malicious videos and they stalk you and make threats, and it’s very intense.

They will—with myself, they dispatched about 50 poison pen letters all around Ireland, especially my community, my children’s schools, the Gardaí stations, the newspapers, my neighbours, you know, different people I’d worked with. They character-smeared and assassinated me, they were malicious with my children…

So Jake Clarke went to the doctor, experiencing similar in the UK, and instead of investigating these cyber-terrorists, they sectioned him. They said he was delusional. And one of the test questions for establishing if he was delusional was, “Do you believe 9-11 was an inside job?” ….And then if he said yes, which—I don’t know what he answered, but it’s like, you know, that’s a tick…so he was maliciously sectioned and force-medicated, for months, and then gagged, not allowed to address it.

Nothing about how Angela herself had been grooming Jake and encouraging him to post harassment on Facebook, nothing about how she and her hoaxer friends had made use of a mentally vulnerable young man for their own purposes…and certainly nothing about the fact that Jake’s family were trying desperately to keep him away from the hoaxers, for his own safety.

As for the alleged poison pen letters, we’ve addressed that issue many times. And each time Angela talks about it, she accuses us of having sent the letters to a different set of people.

Here’s a thought: We know Angela claims to have “dissociative identity disorder”, so perhaps one of her “alters” disapproves of her behaviour and sent the poison pen letters round as a kind of cry for help?

And what happened was, I actually stepped down from the case around March of this year, because I’d worked for three years on it, and it was taking such a big toll on my family, and my health, so I just said, ‘Look, I’ve done three years, I can’t do any more, I don’t know where the children are, we don’t seem to have got any justice, and then I think a week or two later, somebody sent me information of the father being found with the children online in a video, supposedly for an eBay award for entrepreneur of the year runner-up in 2017. Whether that was advertising or whether it was genuine, but he consciously chose to accept the free holiday to America and appear on their promotional video. With the children. And none of the other apparent winners, nobody else had their children there, just—I still can’t figure out if it was…

Had Angela bothered to look at the video, she might have noticed RD describing the moment when he announced to his children that they had won the eBay contest: “And I said, ‘Guys, you’ve won!'” Clearly, the business was built by the children, and RD was in the video as their chaperone. Duh.

Back to Dunn…

Given the current situation, we were most interested to hear Angela talk, albeit somewhat obliquely, about Dunn’s re-entry into the case:

There’s an American organisation that’s taken up the case. They’re a Christian group that have looked into Satanic ritual abuse for years and years and years. And they’ve taken up the Hampstead case. And they are, as there…more and more people are joining, they are just astounded as they look at the judge’s decree, after a 12-day fact-finding mission, they’re just astounded that it was allowed to happen. It was so illegal, it would befuddle the mind. 

As we guessed, Angela has re-built the link with Dunn (if indeed they ever lost touch), and is now using him to do her dirty work. We can only guess how many more, er, inaccuracies she has been feeding him and his followers.

As commenter Surreal Hustle pointed out yesterday, when one looks at the situation from an epidemiological perspective, “infection control” becomes a paramount concern:

Part of Dunn’s putative empire of merchandising consists of stickers and drop cards. These are effectively items that spread an infection, an infection of belief in that the Hampstead hoax is not a hoax but a real satanic cult. People buying such material may in fact decide that they too would like to move into Hampstead hoax entrepreneur territory and start to manufacture their own cards. Alternatively Dunn may offer a multi-level-marketing (MLM) business model to purchasers whereby they receive commission for items they sell or sellers they recruit. I have seen this happen before in relation to cults and the progression of these small business is similar to an infection spreading.

We need to keep an epidemiological perspective in mind and to practice infection control. The complete control of infectious disease has been a struggle that has long preoccupied the human race. It is easier to control infection by isolating and treating infected individuals than it is to allow them to have access to a wider community and spread infection everywhere they go. Scamgela is a veritable Typhoid Mary in this respect and while Dunn is not a patient zero / index case he has been correctly identified as someone who is at risk of spreading infection to a massive population that is especially vulnerable to infection, namely the Christian conspiracy theorist element of US society.

“Typhoid Mary” is a very apt way to characterise Angela. Like the original Typhoid Mary, who refused to implement the basic hygiene measures which could have saved many lives, but instead travelled from household to household, killing her employers with the deadly disease she carried, Angela seems indifferent to the suffering she causes, but continues to spread the infection of lies wherever she goes.

We’re left to wonder how many of Dunn’s followers will be infected with Angela’s lies, whether directly via her comments on his videos, or indirectly via Dunn’s unquestioning belief in all that she says. Now that she’s scrambled to the top of the Hampstead hoax, she appears to be intent on spreading the infection to an entire new cohort of victims.Typhoid Mary

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  1. Two things strike me about the drop card campaign. One is the history of jack t chick and his tracts being used in that manner, the other is a guy in the chickenhawk documentary who would put his weird drawings and letters in library books. Dunn is a visually illiterate ‘filmmaker’ (I doubt he’s ever shot on film 🎥 stock, only video) who makes poor quality videos. Having little respond he’s now trying to wrap himself up in the role of child defender general in order to sell his beloved t shirts. Prior to that I’m sure we’ll find the dunnster has been involved in various musical endeavours. He’s scared of anyone publicly challenging his skewed interpretation of the Hampstead narrative as it’d end his campaign. He knows full well he’s lying and it’s taking it’s toll keeping on top of it. He won’t be able to expand his audience without opposing voices being heard. I think his campaign has peaked already and he’s yet to discover what a fairweather thing a friend list on Facebook is as far as selling t shirts goes. Knowing these clowns he’s going to end up giving them away to make it look like he’s selling them and will knock the price down in a few weeks saying it’s gone so brilliantly he wants to reward new buyers with a bargain. He’s going to be hilarious to watch as it all falls apart, and it will. Selling a hoax for free is one thing, charging for merc is another. For all his hot air the cracks are showing.

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  2. “Ray Savage, he’s the copper that went on record saying that he’d interviewed Ella for three hours and found her absolutely credible.”

    Always amused by this claim. Whether or not Savage has exaggerated his police career (if he had one) the notion he found Ella credible, which he may have, is entirely irrelevant to the hoax as even if parts of it were real. By her own admission she was competently ignorant to a vast alleged cult happening right under her nose where 100s of baby carriages were being wheeled into a church every Wednesday and babies eaten by the dozen with small children joining in the Samba while wearing 6 skulls each.

    Even worse, as the hoaxers claim, when she was disgracefully administering Marijuana enemas to her own children she failed to notice alleged rapes that would have severely physically damaged them.

    This is like saying “I found the person repeating hearsay completely credible”. In other words they thought the repeater of gossip really believed what they were saying which doesn’t prove or disprove a single thing.

    Every police officer knows that even eyewitnesses can give bizarrely differing versions of events but believing hearsay?.
    More importantly, every trained (emphasis on “trained”) journalist knows to never accept hearsay as they can never be sure who has a barrow to push.
    It proves that Angela Power-Disney, despite her mendacity and capacity to cause havoc in people’s lives (Quaintance) must be thick.

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    • Slightly disagree with this:
      “So Rupert was just arrested for nothing? It’s not as if he went to the primary school at the centre of the hoax and took a picture of himself in front of it, claimed to be armed with w knife (not a big deal in America, but a very big deal here).”

      As we see a policeman has just been charged in Chicago after pumping 16 bullets into a man walking away allegedly armed with a knife. In 100s of other cases people have been shot dead for much less with no action against their killers.
      # Also more ignorance from Angie and Rupert who seemed obvious to the fact knife crime in the UK is a huge and controversial problem.

      As far as I can see, Thomas Dunn (and Power-Disney) are setting themselves up for potential ruinous lawsuits and as I have predicted for some years (but so have 1000s of others) the Internet, while being a tool to spread knowledge has also become an outlet for outrageous slurs and falsehoods.

      # As many have pointed out, to their relief, reports of the rubbish Alex Jones spouts have disappeared after he was banned from various Social Media.

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  3. How The Mob (c) lies and seizes upon statistics to promote the deep-rooted fantasies with in their own heads:

    They love the notion 1000s of babies are being trafficked or sold every day, into “pedo sex rings” who allegedly run the country (reference: Princess Neelu of Planet Bongo).

    This Washington Post story demolishes a fanatical NGO advert making this ridiculous claim. The sad thing is, as I have said repeatedly, the Hoaxers like Power Disney, Dunn etc do not give a stuff about children in Third World countries who are dying daily (from preventable diseases) or engaged in indentured labour.

    Someone well known once wrote to Nike after their advertising campaign whereby you could design your own shoes : “Could I have mine with a picture on them of the 12 year old Vietnamese girl who will stitching my trainers?”.

    Many of us feel dis-empowered over the real problem of poverty in the Third World. All you can really do is help at a local level even if it’s just one little charity. I send of a fifth of my income (it’s in the Koran !) to an charity in Thailand run by a French doctor who looks after orphaned children with AIDs. I’ve checked his credentials and ensured that it’s all Kosher.

    If members of The Mob (c) just did something simple like that maybe we could respect them. Instead they put all their efforts into a scam and hoax. It’s outrageous.
    Are 68,000 people a day ‘trafficked right in front of our eyes’? Nope.

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    • I think a lot of these people have limited literacy. The court findings are dry legalese and hard enough for laypeople of average or well above average intelligence. The hoaxers rely on this and can easily give out a few statistics knowing the morocco videos are what is digested and few people will wade through or understand the legal documentation. I ain’t gawt time t read yet limey ass lawyer speak, ima saving childrun by posting on my twitter ! God damn limey pedos watch out, Trump is gonna drain your swamp too.

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    • That Washington Post piece is a very good read.

      Thanks for sharing GoS

      I care passionately about human trafficking and forced labour. I am dismayed by how many “awareness raising” projects provide false information and also eat up scarce resources to use in slacktivist / virtue signalling campaigns rather than doing anything helpful.

      The Sally Army does great work with trafficking survivors here in the UK but there is insufficient support and funding for survivors and I am dismayed at how many “awareness raising” projects do little but hold out a begging bowl and churn out ill informed, ultimately unhelpful material.

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    • What I like about the Post article is that it thoroughly debunks the false statistic. However, take a guess how many true believers will make it to the end of that analysis? They can’t even read the court judgment in the Hampstead case through (yes, Dunny, I’m talking to you).

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  4. Absolutely great post EC and the Typhoid Mary illustration is bizarrely relevant to the Hampstead hoax, great find!

    With a little photoshopping it could show Scamgela serving up baby skulls to assorted salivating, knuckle dragging conspiracy theorists while throwing petrol onto the flames of the hoax. All it needs is a cigarette and some added wrinkles, possibly some long gloves and voila! Typhoid Scamgela!

    Props also due to the OfficeTapir for doing the hard work of sifting through the interviews and saving the rest of us from the horrors of exposure to Scamgela’s endless drivel. Listening to the edited highlights (or is it low lights?) was a horrifying experience and yes, EC is correct, Scamgela is grooming Dunn just as she groomed Jake. She has caused so much pain and distress to innocent people in Hampstead, especially to the two innocent children at the centre of the hoax. What a truly manipulative, psychopathic, disgusting person she is. I would be so happy to see her jailed for a very long time for all the hurt she has caused innocent people.

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  5. Readers in the UK may wish to check out last night’s BBC Newsnight as the first feature is about Tommy Robinson and how far-right political movements are appropriating the survivor movement.

    It may be a coincidence that they are covering issues raised here or it may be that someone at the BBC is reading this blog and was inspired to cover material I had posted about previously. Whatever the situation it is great that this scary situation is receiving MSM coverage.

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    • Those types have been on about muslim grooming gangs for a while. Tommy reporting on cases that make it to court is contradicting his assertion that the system doesn’t prosecute them. His followers are too dumb to see this simple glaring error. Edl and the like will use any cause to promote their racist agenda. Similarly savile being rewritten as a satanic wizard by the fundies, when he was just a prolific kiddy fiddler with no mystical elements to his crimes.

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      • The way his fans promote the notion he is “exposing Muslim rape gangs” without a scintilla of knowledge is bizarre. I mean how thick must they be?.
        The only reason he turned up to court in the second case for which he will face court for is because he read about it in the media. So his fan base claim the media, BBC etc were reporting the case but he has been picked on.

        Reality is, yes they initially reported but then stopped when the Judge ordered a temporary blackout for very good reasons as requested by the prosecution who certainly did not want the trial derailed.

        This examples how they cherry-pick bits of the internet which reaffirm the fantasies they already hold. Alex Jones has made a living from this as APD & Dunn & Co hope to.
        And I reckon “Robinson” is also making a living from sensationalism by the looks of the money rolling in for his ‘defense fund’.

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        • Tommy Robinson seems to be able to convince even quite intelligent people living in other countries of his cause. Britain is not as well loved as we would like to believe and plenty of people are willing to accept as truth news that reinforces their prejudices. The reporting restrictions that are rightly in force to protect victims of sexual assault and vulnerable people with mental illnesses are being exploited by very unscrupulous types. They make wild claims that can’t be refuted without releasing confidential information.

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        • What I liked and found powerful about the Newsnight coverage was that a very courageous trafficking / child abuse survivor appeared and made some really important points including that her survivorship had been appropriated without her consent by Tommy Robinson’s supporters.

          She also made the extremely important point that it was not Robinson’s supporters who had brought the issue of the grooming gangs to the attention of the public, it was the repeated, courageous efforts of the many survivors.

          I would prefer that people watched the programme and witnessed the testimony of this brave young woman themselves rather than read my account of it, but I think she deserves much respect for her courage and nuanced, intelligent perspectives on this issue.

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        • Exposing people already arrested and facing trials reported in the media. Hmmm. ? Maybe his fans don’t / can’t read newspapers ?

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      • A couple of weeks ago I contacted Hope Not Hate and some other anti-hate / anti-racism / anti-fascism organisations and gave them a brief run down of my concerns about the far-right appropriating the CSA “survivor” movement in the UK. I am still working on the report I promised them but I directed some activists here and highlighted the links between alt-right / far-right and SRA hoaxes as being important.

        I think that activists are generally aware of the links between Trump supporters / the alt-right movement and Pizzagate but were not aware of the links between Tommy Robinson supporters, the DFLA and other far-right groups and SRA hoaxes in the UK.

        Of course if people check out this blog and do their own research and discover things for themselves it is a good thing.

        One thing that I am extremely concerned about is the appropriation of anti-SRA hoax narratives by far-right groups. We have to be extremely careful about infiltration. This is made more complex and difficult because many far-right groups (e.g. the DFLA) claim that they are not racist and not far-right.

        The current strategy seems to be for these groups to claim not to be Nazis / fascists / far-right and to portray resistance and struggle against racism / far-right / alt-right as loony left / far-left. The goalposts are shifting and what seems to be happening is that far-right groups are concerned not to appear to be Nazis and to claim the moderate / non-extremist territory for themselves.

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  6. Update on the System is Down guys, I checked the comments on the show I appeared in and it looks like they haven’t blocked or deleted any. That’s a good sign and seems to indicate they’re allowing free speech and debate. Also it got more views than Tom on his own the day before.

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  7. I don’t think Dunn’s main motivation is selling t shirts. He’s a fundie (fundamentalist) Christian who’s on a Mission From God but without the help of James Brown and Aretha Franklin. Having had lots of experience of American fundies I can only say you’ll never get through to them, they’ll believe literally anything that supports the narrative and are credulous to such a degree that beside them Forrest Gump looks canny. These are the same people who got taken in by Jim Bakker and a lot of other TV evangelists when the rest of us were round the set screaming ‘You MUST be joking’. Thankfully, in the UK, you don’t come across that many fundies that often and we tend to regard ‘bible-bashers’ as either a bit too enthusiastic to be British or just mad.
    I think once you get involved in a ‘campaign’ and start selling merchandise though you put yourself in a difficult position. No matter what the evidence is, you can’t change your stance can you – because you’d be left with boxes of t shirts etc in the basement and unless you can find a Del Trotter to take them off your hands you’re fooked.

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    • He gets so excited by the profit margins, then suddenly says ” so we can recycle it back into the campaign ”
      He also mentions in snippets his life before finding God and plans to stream live music from his house. The tattoos aren’t typical for a life long xtian so he’s probably born again. Also con artists are known to infiltrate xtian groups / communities to exploit Christians.

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        • I want to see his genitals for evidence of more of the devils drawings. If he refuses then by the powers invested in me by wild speculation and morbid obsession declare him guilty.

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      • Grobnob said
        “The tattoos aren’t typical for a life long xtian so he’s probably born again. ”
        Perceptive comment. I would be very surprised if a redemption narrative was not involved in his history.
        That seems to be one of the things that attracts people to SRA hoaxes. The devilry and abuses are all being done by those other people over there. Nothing to see here, move along now…

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    • “Thankfully, in the UK, you don’t come across that many fundies”

      I have tried to explain to my America friends that is just not a thing. To gauge the levels, young Earth creationism belief in the UK is around 4% whereas in the USA it is 42%, and whilst not an absolute correlation, I would argue that it is indicative. Put simply APD has a far bigger pool of credulous idiots in the US to peddle her nonsense to.

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    • I cannot find it now but I spent over an hour today listening to Dunn being interviewed by a sceptical (pagan?) interviewer about the Hampstead hoax, I think in a youtube video. It was brilliant and I can’t find it now.

      Anyway, in the interview the interviewer asks Dunn what his motivation was for getting involved in the Hampstead case and Dunn immediately started to talk about the potential to earn money.

      I’m happy to listen to it again and ID the exact time he said it if anyone can find the video.

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  8. I’d like to know the timelines of
    Ella meeting mr daper
    1st child born
    Ella splits from mr draper
    Ella meets rd
    Children are born
    What date childen attend Christ church school
    What date ella and rd split
    How rd was linked to the enormous 400 strong cult prior the the children attending the school ?
    Was he involved in this cult from it’s inception ? Did he create it ? How was he able to suddenly convert an entire congregation, school staff and local fast food, coffee and shoe repair business to his cult ? Or did the cult exist already and he was suddenly promoted to being it’s leader ? How would the cult idea fit in with what we know of the events leading up to it’s being revealed ? Is it even possible to plausibly explain it ?

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    • Well, Abe has told us that the cult is thousands of years old.

      If you replace babies with meat from animals their claims, whilst still not making any sense to us, you might see where some of the claims formed in the brains of two cannabis befuddled militant vegans.

      I have seen claims that vegan restaurant owning cult they were involved in does a line in quite horrific videos depicting animal slaughter, with the animals sometimes referred to as poor babies. I’ve seen others use the phrase too, Aria for example. Might not seem much by it self, but if you you are trying to brainwash children?

      As for time lines and adding people in, well much of that became necessary to fill the gapping holes in their story as well as cause distress to people who had pissed them off.

      The official hoaxer explanation is anyone who is not gullible enough to believe this hoax is a baby munching satanic troll.

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    • According to the story the cult is generational. RD’s ancestors were apparently Yorkshire miners so if you’re joining imaginary dots I suppose you’d think of a bunch of miners down’t pit worshipping Satan only they’d call him Sehtan (that’s my Yorkshire accent). I don’t know about you but Monty Python has to come into this somewhere….

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      • Nice. So rd made sure they went to his church despite having left Ella. Was it coincidence ? Did he convert the church ? Was it bullshit ?


  9. It seems Yolande has reported Angela to the police for the threats she made to her children. And Angela is not happy…

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      • Angie’s threat, word-for-word:

        “And I just want to warn her that I don’t like to do tit-for-tat but if she persists in that, I will start naming her children to the point where they will be furious with her. [Sean Maguire laughs.] I’m not messing. I can sound very nice and very whimsical but that woman is messing with my family and she NEEDS TO BACK OFF, in Jesus’ name.”

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        • I’m gonna start tacking that onto the end of random sentences. “Give me lots of money IN JESUS’ NAME”. “Mine’s another pint of Old Scrotewarmer IN JESUS’ NAME”. “Oh buggrit, the cat’s thrown up again IN JESUS’ NAME”.

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  10. Well worth a watch. This guy runs rings round Dunny the Dunce:

    I particularly enjoyed what he says at 1:11:51.

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  11. Got a new phone today. Aside from being faster and sexier the android system has a much better spell check so I’ll not be making such a hash of stuff. 😎

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  12. It’s very strange that Angela seems to be the only person who has knowledge of the anonymous letters or that has seen them. If they were sent to newspapers, the only way she would know about it, is if they were published. If they had been published Angela would have the cuttings of them surely. I wouldn’t like to call her a liar mind……


  13. He was roasted on that interview, completely shown up for not having researched it factually. He bases his views on his emotional response. As for his claim he was experienced and competent at diagnosing ritual abuse ? And social workers, police and judges aren’t ? What an absolute clown. Wonder how long those cardboard boxes are going to linger in the background ? on another note the hijacking of #hampstead justice seems to be working.


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