Hoaxtead hypocrisy writ large

Yesterday we talked about Jake Clarke’s sentencing at Willesden Magistrates Court, and made passing reference to his “friends” Anthony Pike and Angela Power-Disney, who stated that they hoped he would choose prison over freedom—for the sake of propping up the Hampstead SRA hoax, don’tcha know.

Of course, it’s easy for Pike to pontificate from his cave in India, where we presume that he is beyond the long arm of the UK law; and it seems that Angela is planning to jaunt off to Lanzarote some time in the next few weeks as well: Angela Power Disney 2018-10-21 Lanzarote

Easy enough for them to encourage a vulnerable individual to commit a crime, when neither of them will ever have to face the consequences.

And speaking of consequences…

We have to admit that we were just a bit amused during Angela’s interview last week (or was it the week before?) with Sean Maguire. At that time, she had this to say about Jake Clarke:

And then Jake Clarke was sectioned, he went to the doctor and said he was experiencing some depression and anxiety from the level of trolling that the Hampstead case comes with. It’s got a level of trolling that some of the hardiest internet people are shocked at. They make malicious videos and they stalk you and make threats, and it’s very intense. …

…So Jake Clarke went to the doctor…and instead of investigating these cyber-terrorists, they sectioned him. They said he was delusional. 

However, when Belinda McKenzie gave her version of Jake’s sentencing hearing, she said:

The DJ (District Judge) seemed to have been wheeled in for the purpose of laying on with a very thick trowel indeed the seriousness of Jake’s offences, and the degree of Alarm and Distress they had caused in the victimised community concerned. For the benefit of the public gallery, as he put it, he permitted the inclusion of information about the sequence of events in the underlying case, culminating in Justice Pauffley’s judgment of March 2015, as well as giving court air-time for statements produced for the occasion by the 2 highly-aggrieved plaintiffs, one absent and one present, delivered respectively by the CPS counsel, and resoundingly in person, from the front of the courtroom. 

So let’s see if we’ve got this right.

This blog’s posts about Jake, which are a matter of public record, and primarily consist of reports on his activities around posting hateful, defamatory, harassing material about people whom he has never met, have damaged him terribly and caused him so much mental anguish that they led to his involuntary hospitalisation.

Meanwhile, however, the fear and distress Jake’s posts caused the Hampstead families? Well, that was “laid on with a very thick trowel”, and Belinda implies that the “statements produced for the occasion” were somehow false or illegitimate.

How is it fine for Jake to relentlessly harass certain individuals in a community, potentially putting them and their children in danger, but a terrible thing for a blog to report on his (and his friends’) activities?

We hope that Jake will use the time gained by his legal prohibition against harassing the families of Hampstead to ponder this. Unlikely, we know, but hope springeth eternal. hypocrisy

26 thoughts on “Hoaxtead hypocrisy writ large

  1. Counting the days until the November sunshine, hinting to her friend Lynda Beddard that she may be coming back to Lanzarote, advertising her house for swapsies on the Irish equivalent of RightMove. Hmmm. The words ‘flight’ and ‘risk’ spring to mind.

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  2. For anyone who missed it at the tail end of the last post, Neelu’s been back to her old house, even though the new owners have moved in! She even peered in through the windows and over the rear fence and filmed their living room, kitchen and back garden!

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      • She just filmed herself trespassing, and put it up on facebook…
        No neelu it is no longer your house, and you don’t have the right to go there filming in the windows anymore…
        (Uses spooky gypsy voice) I foresee a tall dark man in your immediate future, he will give you presents, rings of silver….
        Trespass and very likely stalking charges await her I suspect…

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        • Trespassing is a civil offence, so no matter how much we think “something must be done”, nothing much will be done.

          However, where her video will be her undoing is the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001(CJPA) offence of causing harassment, alarm or distress to a person in his or her home section 42A.

          You can’t “accidentally” harass, i.e. a one off, but she has now videoed herself peering thorough windows of a house that isn’t hers and posted it in public. If she does it one more time, that will be two occurrences with her supplying half of the evidence.

          That will be a far easier case to prove than simple harassment or squatting. It is criminal. You can be arrested. The penalties are similar. You can go directly to jail and not collect £200.

          No news so far of her auction windfall. A message to the DWP benefits fraud line is awaiting a click on the “send” button!

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    • They’re a fickle lot the Swissinoodoo Nibiru Mob and quickly move on to the next drama.

      Where once an “illegal” eviction would have a dozen perching on the roof of Tom Crawford’s (former) home and dozens in the streets screeching at the coppers and exclaiming “victory” while Tom’s possessions are piled into the street, poor Neelu is reduced to just the support of poor old Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis arguing the toss as likewise her furniture (sans her re-potted Aloe Vera plant) is dispatched to parts unknown.

      Not even “loyal” followers like Andy Devine (bravely posting support from his living room) the hapless John Patterson or Bellender bothered to come to Neelu’s aid.
      Clearly The Cult’s clever plan to spray the masses with a Herbal Valium Chemtrail from a helicopter worked (they never noticed).

      ## Reading the timeline of John Patterson of “I’m driving across the Steepes of Siberia in a generously donated Range Rover to meet with and present Vladimir Putin with BBC Rejected Evidence From Gordon Bowden about the 788 – 790 Finchley Road, Pandoras Box etc etc and so on”) fame led me to Harry’s Garage on Youtube.
      Harry recently drove 46 year old Rolls Royce (purchased on Ebay for £4300) from the UK to the Arctic Circle which I reckon inspired Mr. Patterson. I’m thoroughly enjoying the Harry’s Garage videos.
      Thank You Sir John !.

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    • I was reminded of Neelu’s antics when I read about this pair of deluded arrogant people in this article

      ‘Breathtakingly arrogant’ Christian woman flouted planning rules because her only duty was to ‘almighty God’
      ‘Frankly I can’t believe a word you say,’ judge tells religious couple


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  3. So Lady Muck from Clabber Hill is fleeing…errr….going for a holiday. She is so worried about Jake…not!

    She should go visit the fish in the cave that has ideas above his station like herself.

    Lord & Lady Muck suits them. 💒

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  4. How old is Angie? Is her birthday in Nov? At what age do Irish pensions get handed out, and are there any residence conditions to fulfill when getting one? UK pension payments don’t require UK residency.


    • I think she turned 61 in June, but somebody correct me if I’m wrong…I’m not sure about the Irish rules, but I’m sure others here will know. 🙂


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