Kim Noble: Another ‘star’ Sinason victim

We’ve written here often about the “Satanic panic”—often thought to have been abandoned in the mid-1990s, but currently undergoing a resurgence. And where belief in “Satanic ritual abuse” leads, the contentious psychiatric diagnosis “dissociative identity disorder” is never far behind.

And so it’s a bit disheartening, but not at all surprising to note that the online news-magazine VICE has produced an entirely uncritical video featuring Kim Noble, an artist who currently lays claim to more than 100 “alters”:

Ms Noble has been making the rounds on the TV circuit for several years, beginning with an appearance on Oprah.

However easy it might be to blame Ms Noble for being a publicity hound—and she most certainly seems to have made full use of her diagnosis to enter the public sphere—it’s important to realise that she herself is a victim, not of SRA, but of stunningly incompetent psychotherapeutic practices.

Many readers of this blog will be very familiar with the name of her therapist: Dr Valerie Sinason.

The making of a ‘multiple’

In a 2012 article in Atlantic magazine titled “I Share My Body with 20 Personalities”, Ms Noble describes her early interactions with Dr Sinason.

She had gone to the Portman Clinic for help curbing her drinking problem, but instead of receiving competent, caring treatment, she found herself being “nudged down a particular path” she didn’t expect:

The meetings came and went very quickly, like so much of my life. I was sure Valerie said she worked in fifty-minute blocks, but I barely seemed to arrive before I was home again. The conversations while I was there seemed the weird end of bizarre, as well. I didn’t really know what the therapists’ agenda was, but I quickly got the feeling they were trying to nudge me down a particular path. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so one day Valerie came out and said it.

According to her I shared my body with dozens of other people.

I waited for the punchline but it never came.

Even so, I think I still must have laughed in her face. Anyone would, if a so-called professional came out with nonsense like telling me there are other people who take control of my body sometimes. …

Ms Noble also saw Dr Sinason’s close colleague and fellow DID/SRA promoter Dr Rob Hale at the Portman Clinic, who spent hours trying to convince her she suffered from DID:

“You are not here all the time. Other people take control of your body. They have their own separate lives, just as you do.”

Ridiculous as it all sounded, I couldn’t help asking questions.

“So where do I go then?”

He shrugged. “It’s as if you go to sleep.”

“Why don’t I fall over then?”

“Because someone else is awake and keeping the body going.”

We went round in circles like that for ages every time I saw him. Sometimes I played the game. On other occasions I wished he’d call it a day.

While Ms Noble continued to insist that her real problem was her drinking, Dr Sinason had different ideas:

It was no different with Valerie. It didn’t matter how long passed between sessions — and sometimes it did seem like ages between our meetings — we would always come back to the same sorts of circular conversations:

“How did you get here?”

“Through the door. How did you get here?”
Whatever the provocation, Valerie never rose to the bait.

“Do you remember coming through the door?”

That’s a good one.

“No I don’t. But who remembers boring details like that?”

“Okay, can you tell me what you did last night?”

“It’s a bit fuzzy.”

Valerie gave that smile that told me absolutely nothing.

“It’s because you weren’t around last night, were you?” she suggested.

Not this again.

“No, I was probably too drunk. Do you remember everything when you’ve been drinking?”

“You blame drinking for everything.”

“I drink a lot.”

“Do you? Because I don’t think you do.”

That was interesting. I’d been thinking for ages that I didn’t really drink as much as I thought. But how else, then, could I explain the gaps in my memory?

So instead of receiving help for her drinking—which can definitely cause memory gaps—Ms Noble is pushed down the DID rabbit-hole, and emerges a fully fledged “multiple”. She eventually becomes something of a freak-show exhibit, parading around her “multiple” personalities for fame and gain. (As a side note, no one seems to be able to say whether Ms Noble suffers from 20 or 100 ‘alters’…not that it makes much difference.)

The Atlantic article was excerpted from Ms Noble’s 2012 book, All of Me: How I Learned to Live with the Many Personalities Sharing My Body, which currently occupies the #1 position in the “Dissociative Disorders” section of

Writing about Ms Noble last June, HR commenter Justin Sanity stated,

Noble and Sinason have a relationship that extends far beyond the the bounds of “a patient and her therapist”, and this is typical of SRA-DID therapists’ relationships with their favorite patients. The ones the therapist considers to embody their “greatest achievements” as a helping professional are also the patients whose personal lives they are most intimately (and inappropriately), intertwined with.

Other examples include: Ellen Lacter & Diana Napolis; Valerie Wolf’s relationship with Chris deNicola and Claudia Mullen; Sara Scott’s exploitation of her adopted daughter as her “star” and primary research subject, etc.

Such SRA-DID therapists are not only baldly unconcerned about flaunting the extreme violation of professional boundaries ethics evidenced in these relationships, in some cases they openly advocate abandoning the whole concept of “boundaries” in their professions.

This issue of inappropriate boundary violation between therapists and patients is not inconsequential. In fact, it can help us understand the emotional power exerted over patients by DID-pushing quacks psychotherapists.

It’s one thing to reject a diagnosis when it’s given by a therapist who maintains an appropriate distance from his or her patients, but when your therapist becomes intimately engaged in your life (and not necessarily in a sexual way), the emotional stakes are raised. It becomes harder to resist their opinions and diagnoses, and easier to give in to the urge to please, to placate, to win the therapist’s approval.

Since accepting her “diagnosis” from Dr Sinason, Ms Noble has acquired a publicist and PR agent, Katy Weitz, who has helped boost Ms Noble’s artistic career through promoting her alleged multiple personalities. Exploiting a person’s spurious mental health problems to sell books and paintings might appear unsavoury, but what the hell—the public eats it up. And ultimately, it helps people like Dr Sinason spread the gospel of SRA/DID…and prop up the psychological freak show biz.

Valerie Sinason lecturing

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  1. A bizarre case with allegations of incest and child abuse unfolds in Australia after 6 years of investigation but what caught my eye was one of the charges:
    “Betty, who has had 13 children, struggled to accept the removal of her children and in 2013 hatched a plot to snatch two of her sons back from foster carers.

    The plot was intercepted by police and in November 2014 she was found guilty of two charges of procuring the removal of a child from care and one charge of recruiting her older child to carry out or assist in criminal activity, being the kidnapping of the younger child.”
    We have had extraordinary admissions by many Hoaxers that they plan to somehow retrieve the kids in the HampHoax case. We have some claiming they are going to get a current accused out of jail without explaining how. We can’t be too sure if they are serious or fantasists but in law a conspiracy only involves the plotting or planning of a crime. Just discussing how it can be done can be a criminal conspiracy. I really think every person who makes these boasts needs to be questioned by police.

    I think the Hoaxtead case is sadly destined to be an historic case. I also hope the time is coming when social media outlets can be financially punished for allowing lies , threats and defamation to flourish.

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  2. I take comfort that these 1980s “therapists” that have destroyed so many lives are of an age where they will die off or at least become completely demented sat in their own excrement all day.

    Hopefully I will be around to read their obituaries and give a little smile.


  3. Hmmm. Watching the videos of Kim Noble I’m rather skeptical. Perhaps it’s unsettling that there are a little too many similarities with APD.
    Screw Oprah. She’s done so much damage in the past promoting phonies.

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  4. I have to say I don’t feel like that. I’d like to see a strong challenge by good researchers who know what’s going on. And I’d like it to be televised and in the newspapers etc. I just want proper research findings to dominate rather than WOO.

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  5. The above is a very sad case indeed and i hope all responsible will be held accountable for their disgusting actions towards all those innocent children.


  6. Yes, I think rational debunking is important to ensure the public is aware that the whole “recovered memories” thing is a fraud. Unfortunately, rational debunking won’t stop people like Sinason and her cronies, who’ve built their reputations on such shoddy techniques and simply ignore any evidence that they’re doing harm.

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  7. Actually, I read a bit about that. It seems that some of the Pizzagate enthusiasts saw a slight resemblance between a particular Comet Ping Pong flyer and some of Ms Noble’s work. However, I could find no real evidence that anyone linked with the Pizzagate fraud had ever owned anything by Kim Noble.


  8. Fnord these people are con-artists who will not stop. Since the authorities do nothing these scumbags will continue until they are incapable or dead.

    Good research has been around since the 1990s, yet these people carry on destroying lives. Debate is not going to stop it but shortness of breath might.

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  9. “Even if they put me in a prison, I’ll be on the rooftops with the rest of the cons, will be easy to be the catalyst for a nationwide prison break following the smoking ban. Muhahhahahahahahahahahahahaha”

    F*cking crackhead!

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  10. Sabine’s back to 73 again, then? Weasel seems to alternate between 73 and 74, whilst Angela varies between 70 and 74. LOL

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  11. What the hall has the dollar-rouble exchange rate got to do with Hampstead?

    Just a hunch but I don’t think Weaselly’s thought this through.

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  12. This may be veering slightly off-topic but…

    What’s the difference between a beer nut and a deer nut?

    Beer nuts are a dollar 79, while deer nuts are under a buck.

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  13. Two things here:
    a.Is Sharon Chesterman one of those pedophiles that lovingly retain the videos of children talking about sex as described by the High Court judge?
    b. Wesley Hall’s self image of himself as A Very Important Person probably will see him back in prison at some stage and if prisoners end up on a rooftop protest I think the only reason they would invite Weasley up is to throw the tiresome dickhead off.

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  14. Yay! 😀

    I wonder if that’s what she was banging on about earlier when she said about not being able to trust people. Maybe the person who reported her was from within her own ranks?

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  15. Thank you to whoever reported her. In so doing, you have truly helped to expose evil and create a safer World for children 🙂

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  16. Ah, the predictability of stupidity. We were just saying a few days back how Ogilfail has changed his mind about everyone being Matt Q and has decided that now everyone in the World is Spiny Norman (apart from Farmer Giles, who is Maggs of course – LOL!). It was Fireman Sam who was getting the “Thou art Spiny” treatment on that occasion but now both Ghost of Sam and Cheap Europeans’ Blog are Spiny too, even though they’re both MQ as well, according to him 😂

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  17. Kudos to Ghost of Sam, who has an awesome ability to be English, Scottish and Australian all at the same time, according to Professor Noncilvy 😂

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  18. “…even though they’re both MQ as well, according to him” Well, isn’t everyone?

    It’s a fascinating obsession Ogilfaily has, particularly as MQ is yet to make his first post of 2018. Must be terrifying living in Malkie’s head when all you can hear is tick, tock, tick, tock, tick….. tock!


  19. Becki’s perhaps got a daily fear of a less than triumphant return to Hull where people will expect her to get a job and act like a responsible person. She’d also have some apologising to do.

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  20. I have my own theory. The suggestion is we are all the same person, but once we were someone else. What if this whole blog is just A.I and none of us actually exist?

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  21. Hard to know where to start with this follow-up post:

    1. He’s claimng that Farmer Giles admitted to being Maggs Shaw. Er…nope. S/he has repeatedly, categorically denied it. D’oh!

    2. He’s saying he never said Ghost of Sam was Spiny. Er…

    Good old archiving eh, Ogilfail? D’oh! 😂

    3. He claims to be this great protector of a girl who has Down’s syndrome…but he thinks it’s ok to insult people by calling them “mongs”. Wow 😮

    4. It’s probably not a good idea to misspell ‘can’t’ in a blog title about how someone…er…can’t read. Just a thought.

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  22. He’s on record as saying that naughty children are possessed by demons and should have the evil beaten out of them (and there has been some speculation that he did this to his daughter); so maybe he feels the same about kids who have Down’s syndrome or other profound SEN. There are some backward religious fundamentalist groups who do believe that and try to ‘cure’ such children’s disabilities through abusive exorcism rituals.

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  23. Well, to be fair, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Spiny attempt a pirouette. I have a vision of spines flying out in all directions. Quite dangerous, I should think.

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  24. Alison Miller’s (psychotherapist of that Illuminati queen lady) book about “mind control”, where she detailed how she came across her paintings on conspiracy sites and supposedly only then confronted her therapist about the idea of being “programmed”™, who confirmed it to her.

    Her paintings of a specific “alter” contain Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic symbols and references to the order of the Golden Dawn, and like she does on that Vice video, she denies any knowledge of the subjects – obviously proving her ritual abuse to the aspiring armchair True Detective. This shit is some prime conspiracy theory lore right there, it would be funny if the media outlets who give her publicity ever scratched beneath the surface of harmless craziness.


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