Hoaxtead FAQ: The forensic evidence

One of the biggest factors that plays against the Hampstead SRA hoax is that not a single shred of forensic evidence has ever been retrieved that could validate the original allegations. Given the lurid descriptions of murder, rape, and cannibalism in some very public spaces, one might expect that at least some bone shards, blood, or other forensic evidence would be discovered.

Those who believe the hoax is real will contend that this lack of evidence is only because no proper searches were done. In fact, Abe and Ella complain of this in two sections of their appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission:

  • Point 9: No forensic search was conducted on Mr Dearman’s flat.
  • Point 15: No search warrant was requested at the church. No forensic team was deployed.

The IPCC investigated both these questions and found that the police had nothing to answer for in either case.

1. Why was no forensic search conducted on RD’s flat?

RD’s flat was never searched for forensic evidence because based on the children’s descriptions and the drive-round on which they accompanied police, RD’s flat was never identified.

Although both children stated that they had been to their father’s house many times and could identify it, when the police took them on separate drive-rounds through Islington, neither of them were able to point out the correct house.

The little boy did point out one house, but when police checked it out, it was clear that it had been vacant for some time, and that none of the features named by the children—secret rooms and passages, etc.—were present.

The police stated there was

…a clear view into the property through large unobstructed windows. The basement could be seen into and it was clearly not the house that had been described in the interviews. This is because the child described a ground floor flat with a secret passage into the basement. Not only was the first floor premises completely empty, there was no furniture, carpets or cupboards. There was nothing to search and no possible forensics. The officers could see into the basement which was clearly not a secret room.

In addition, neighbours confirmed that the house had been empty for several weeks. Officers would not have been able to get a warrant to search the premises, as there was no evidence that this house had been occupied by RD.

Further, following the children’s retractions of their original allegations, the little girl stated that the reason she’d been unable to point out her father’s house on the drive-round was that he did not live in London.

2. Why didn’t police get a warrant to search the church premises? If they’d done that, they might have found the drawers full of skulls that the children described, the secret tunnels, and the rooms where the secret rituals took place.

Those who believe in the hoax insist that the search of Christ Church was a cursory one, that too few officers had been involved, that no search warrant was sought, and that no forensic team had investigated the premises. For this reason, they say, it’s no wonder that no forensic evidence was found at the church.

The IPCC report stated that the number of officers attending the church was immaterial, since they could take as long as they needed to determine whether the children’s original allegations were correct. Those allegations were very specific and detailed, and had they been proven true, the police would then have declared the church a crime scene and deployed a forensics team to follow up their initial investigation.

However, none of the described places within the church were actually found, even though the officers even ascended the bell tower to search. No baby skulls were found, no baby meat was stored in the nursery refrigerator.

As the IPCC report states:

As the investigation progressed, quite rightly officers became concerned as to the veracity of your children’s accounts. The role of a police officer is to establish facts and that is regardless of whether they support or undermine an allegation.

This point is a useful one to bear in mind: the police investigation was not meant to validate the story Abe and Ella had forced the children to tell. It was meant to find out the truth of the matter.

3. What about the East Finchley swimming pool? The children never retracted their allegations about what had happened there, so why wasn’t the pool searched?

It’s true that the pool was never searched by police during the investigation. Here’s why, according to the IPCC report:

The swimming pool was not searched. It is a public place with extensive use and public access. The areas would have been cleaned many times over and hold no evidential value. Should the investigation have continued officers would have been tasked to visit the location and make an assessment. However both the children retracted the allegations and stated that they had not been sexually abused by their biological father. The retractions negated the need to search and would not be an effective use of resources.

Interestingly, while the IPCC investigator agreed with this rationale, he decided to send an officer to the East Finchley pool to take some measurements and photographs, solely for Ella’s peace of mind.

Keep in mind that the ‘sex parties’ in the disabled changing room/toilets at the pool were supposed to have consisted of upwards of 30 people, including the two children and their father.

Here’s what the officer found:

The above three images (0104, 0105 and 0103) show the larges disabled changing room that is off of the swimming pool. As you can see in image 0103 the wall does not meet the ceiling. You can hear the pool from this room and you would also be able to hear from pool side what was happening in that room. The lifeguard also sits in a high chair next to the wall of this room and would therefore be able to hear what was happening in this room. In my opinion this is the only room that you could fit 20 people in, however if you were to do this you would not be able to move once in the room and you would be standing shoulder to shoulder. The room is about 3.5m long by about 2.5m wide.

The other two disabled changing room/toilets are even smaller, and could barely fit 10 people apiece, according to this report.

In addition, all three disabled changing room/toilets require a radar magnetic key to gain access. This can only be obtained from the reception desk upon request.

If the children’s original allegations were true, holding a sex ritual in one of these rooms would require the leader to sign out the key, and then 30 people would have to enter this toilet which barely holds 20 and can be heard by those in the pool area…and this would have to be accomplished without raising anyone’s suspicion.

4. While we’re on the subject of evidence, can you explain to me how an entire school could shut down once a week so teachers and parents could rape children, kill babies, drink blood, and conduct mysterious rituals involving dancing with skulls, without ever getting caught or reported, and without leaving any trace of their activities?

No. No, we can’t. Sorry.


29 thoughts on “Hoaxtead FAQ: The forensic evidence

  1. Forensic evidence is the last thing the hoaxers want – it instantly quashes the bull shit they spout.

    Even casual examination destroys the rubbish they try to push as “fact”

    Evidence, truth, and accuracy are all words that do not exist in the hoaxers vocabulary.

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    • Yes, and I have no illusions that the Hoaxtead mob will somehow read our FAQ and see that they were mistaken—it’s really intended more for those on the fence, and to help those of us battling for the truth. I find I inevitably forget details, and I thought it would be helpful to have them written down somewhere to jog my memory.


  2. Excellent work with this series of FAQ`s EC.Fortunately the vast majority of people doing research benefit from facts of the matter being neatly laid out and will draw conclusions accordingly.

    There will always be ranting delusionalists that are entirely incapable of impartiality.Not even a full retraction by Abe and Ella and/or free access to a time machine would dent their locked in malificent view of the world.Such hopelessness comes attached with reward of solitude in a most dark,dank and egregious wilderness.

    “Painful Nerd: A Dystopian Mythology,” by Sherry di Filippo

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    • Thanks, Mik. If you slapped wigs on those fellers above, you could plausibly claim they were the Three Witches of Hoaxtead: Angie, Sabine, and Belinda!


  3. Many of us find it ironic that while these individuals bang on about their freedoms and privacy being ‘invaded’, they are screaming for that of others to be trashed without any basis.

    The notion that someone should have their intimate personal privacy compromised by being stripped and examined for instance…… To me this sounds like a sexual deviant hoping to inflict personal distress on another person just to satisfy their own cruelty. – A form of sexual assault by proxy. The fact that they themselves may be exhibitionists with no qualms about exposing themselves just adds to the perverted nature of their clamour. And the notion that people should be keen to ‘prove their innocence’ flies against any and all common legal principle – they so often being fond of ‘common law’. Clearly such a forced examination would require very firm grounds and rigid procedures adhered to to provide irrefutable evidence. The demand serves no legitimate purpose. And the ‘powers that be’ would have no authority to inflict such an assault upon the person (yes, there are strict rules about searching people! Fail to follow them and it’s assault!) without a very strong chain of preamblent evidence justifying the examination.

    So really all that can be logically deduced from this is that these people want some deviant sexual fantasy of their own making inflicted upon an innocent person – from which knowledge they will get a vicarious thrill. Equally well, the distress of having one’s home invaded and searched; even for the Clerics and Parishioner of the church that was searched; it’s a sacred place to them after all, the house of God… If this were not supported and justified by legitimate evidence and good cause then it is in itself a breach of the peace.

    Logically, rationally, there simply isn’t any chain of evidence that would grant investigators warrant to invade the lives of people as the hoaxers demand. The stories are the imbecilic inventions of a criminal called Abe Christie and his moll Ella Draper, which they beat, rather unconvincingly into two innocent children. Only a complete and utter bloody moron could be taken in by these ridiculous tales. But then again, that’s the target audience…. Complete bloody morons.

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  4. Couldn’t agree more, Joe.

    Your phrase “sexual assault by proxy” is particularly apt: those who scream to examine others’ genitalia on the basis that they might have tattoos, etc., are not only completely ignorant of the law and proper police procedure, but are simply bent on inflicting damage on people they believe to be guilty.

    Further, I think those who demand to know the whereabouts of the children now ought to take a step back and realise that no one other than the children’s guardian(s) has any business knowing about the location of any child, at any time.


  5. Anyone else going to attend Blackfriars Court on Monday to see what is happening with Sabine?

    Late addition to Monday’s list

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  6. I’ll laugh so much if her electricity is cut off and she can’t do her show or her Skype calls. The poor cow would have to spend her days sunning herself on the beach instead. Hard life, isn’t it.

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    • “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18 KJB

      She is in for a big fall one of these days.

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    • WTF does “turn the strength of the supply down” mean? Electricity is fed at a fixed voltage and frequency, current is drawn on demand up to the limit supported by the main fuse that precedes the meter….. That’s what the electricity meter indicates. If you burn 1000Watts for 1 hour that’s a ‘Kilowatt Hour’ better known as a unit of electricity – which is what you’re billed in. the more YOU choose to burn the more it costs you!

      To ‘vary’ the ‘strength’ of the supply would involve rewiring! – There isn’t a knob somebody turns at the electricity board FFS!

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      • LOL! That was going to be my question! This is just another case of a troofer who has no idea how the real world works, so just makes it up as she goes along.


        • Only time before Angela Disturbed Power-Failure fathoms that these “strange goings on” are in fact a full blown plot against her royal sanctimoniousness.Obviously these so called electricity suppliers are FBI/MI5/MI6/CIA/NWO/SRA/HR/RD/reptilian operatives/crisis actors “gaining access” to her old bat cave to mine its highly sensitive secret intel on her charity fraud scams,string of insurance fiddles,benefit wheezes and stuff.Never mind eh?


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      • I wondered that myself, Joe. She either has an electricity supply or she doesn’t. No power company I know offers different strength electricity, LOL. Pardon my cynicism but I think this may be just another ruse to cultivate a hard luck story in order to beg for more money.

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        • …. It’s just not physically possible. If you’re building a factory or similar you can have a 3-phase /415v supply, and you do have to specify how ‘strong’ – i.e. the maximum load you’re likely to apply is. Something similar is true when you build a house or rewire a flat, which normally has a single-phase supply at a nominal 230v. That’s the only time you can ‘vary’ the ‘strength’ of your supply. There is an effing big comedy-sized fuse in the line before your meter, in a small flat this is normally about 80A, this LIMITS the maximum power you can draw at any instance to 80×230 = 18.4KW. – In other words, once the sparks and the board set up the supply that’s it!

          ….This incidentally (as any fule who has ever ACTUALLY worked in films or theatre or events organisation knowe) is one reason why film and theatre companies, when they’re lighting large scale productions on location, often have huge, massive, vast big generator trucks to power their lighting systems. – It’s not impossible to (legally) tap into a public power supply. But the sort of loads they’d impose on the public supply would be too much for it without major rewiring! – If only it were a simple matter of a little man twiddling a knob!

          Yes, I’d say Angie is/was about to start spouting some bullshit about how she needs so-many hundred euros to stay ‘on the air’ because of those wicked Spanish electricians and their variable strength power supplies!

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          • just for info,
            not sure if this has anything to with the her electric travails in Lanzarote and I don’t know about Spain but in France the supply is determined by contract at a set level of output at any given time – 9kW, 12kW etc and if you go over the limit with too many things going at the same time it trips the system.
            That is probably more what she means but doesn’t know how to express it well.

            Still, any excuse to whinge and beg though.


    • So would all of you who are going to work and getting ready for the Winter please send this unemployed woman living in the Sun some of your money please, so she can make TV shows where people talk about how they lived on Mars. Important that…..spreading the word about the off-world colonies and how you were once a hero fighter pilot shooting the lizards who eat humans. I know I’m grateful….and I don’t even speak German.

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      • No more travelling to Mars for Angie unless she pays her electric bill. And from what I hear, those spaceships cost a lot more than 48 euros a month to run, so I think she’s in for a big shock.

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      • ….We need to be a little more inclusive there Roger. All those frail pensioners out there living off the basic state pension, pension credits etc. The disabled and unemployed….. All should really be forgetting about how they’re going to keep warm and eat this winter, what with the prices in the shops shooting up and all… And donate their last crust to ANGIE! ANGIE! ANGIE! Out there in the sun.

        And if she ever makes an ACTUAL ‘TV show’, as opposed to just talking random shite into a cheap webcam, somebody please do let me know.

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  7. it’s bizarre to see Angela liking a video by the Young Turks, as they are polar opposites when it it comes to her extreme right wing conspiracy crap. She’s exactly the kind of person they love to take the piss out of!

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