Email breaches bail, libels Hoaxtead police officer

Yesterday we received an email that clearly breached certain bail conditions of a pending criminal case. Fortunately, several of the original recipients realised the precarious legal situation this email placed them in, and forwarded copies to us. Copies have also been sent to others, including the police and CPS.

As for the topic of the email, it refers an appeal hearing in respect of the case we identified last November, which was publicised at Belinda McKenzie’s ‘Forced Adoptions’ event at the Theatro Technis.

Neelu email 2 2016-05-12

It seems that the Hoaxtead gang are now directly targetting DC Steve Martin, whose ABE interviews of RD’s children were illegally obtained and distributed across the internet by ‘person or persons unknown’, including but not limited to Ella.

In an ‘affidavit’ that reeks of Freeman of the Land woo, the mother states that her 6 children were “kidnapped and held hostage by the State for slave trading to Cyprus as political slaves”.

Whatever a ‘political slave’ is.

Affidavit 2016-05-12

Affidavit 2 2016-05-12She tries to claim that DC Martin was “implicated in an Independent Police Complaint Commission report…in respect of another case, in which allegations made by two children in Hampstead in September 2014 were not taken seriously by him and his team, were not investigated and the evidence of crimes by Police, priests, teachers and head-teachers of satanic ritual abuse were covered up”.

Let’s say this once more, just in case anyone is listening: the IPCC report did not say that the original investigation was incorrectly handled. Neelu is correct in stating that there is no evidence to the effect that the IPCC recommended criminal action against DC Martin; anyone reading the report can see that nothing of the kind was suggested.

However, this didn’t stop the mother from making this claim, and others, equally egregious, in her ‘affidavit’. She alleges that “the IPCC recommended DC Steve Martin and others…be investigated by their professional body and for criminal charges to be brought against him and others, for covering up crimes by public servants, destroying evidence, failing to make arrests when arrest criteria was met…yet he and others were allowed to give evidence on 14 December 2015 in the above case in which he and others had behaved unprofessionally in the same way in my children’s case by asking leading questions and relying on evidence fabricated by his colleagues”.

To us, this sounds a great deal less like a legal affidavit, and a great deal more like a typical Hoaxteader rant, full of big words and faux legal phrases that go nowhere and mean nothing.

Frankly, if we were DC Martin, we might be considering legal action of our own at this point.

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  1. I would hope that if a breach of conditions of Court bail has occurred in any case, then the police act swiftly and the persons breaching their bail is brought back before the Court.

    At the end of the day, conditions on bail are placed to protect the Justice process, any witnesses and the public in general.

    As a general observation in such a hypothetical case, the Police failing to act, or ignoring evidence laid, would seem to be a matter worthy of investigation by the IPCC. If not, then why should a Court decide and the orders given by a Court are left to simply be ignored?

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    • Very good questions, JW. I’ve asked myself this frequently, as I’ve seen injunctions and bail conditions ignored, willy-nilly. This cannot bode well for the rule of law.


    • I think the best way to determine this would be to get in touch with Ofsted and ask. It seems more likely to me, though, that he’d be charged with harassment for consistently attacking people as he does.

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  2. Jake should think very carefully about his actions and his parents should also give him a stern talking to. Members of the public that may see police coming and going from next to the building where Jakes mum runs kindergarten could very easily be the start of rumours in that street. They would be the sort of rumours that could close a kindergarten so Jake needs telling to shut up by his parents

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        • I think it is time that he got a reality check. A number of actions have now been taken against him. Unfortunately we will have to safeguard the children of his mother’s kindergarten from him, even if it means that business gets damaged. The issue we have is Jake Clarke is using the religion of Satanism to launch harmful posts against various innocent parties, including the children P and Q. He is either posting or sharing links that are identifying the faces, names and other details of P and Q, who are abused children entitled to anonymity and protected by court orders. We are concerned about him sharing the personal information of the children in the kindergarten with child abusers and paedophiles.


          • This is the message I sent to the mother of Jake Clarke – who I believe is known as Natalie Clarke via Facebook. I am unsure if messages I send to people on Facebook I am not friended with is readable by them, but I tried:

            “I write regarding Jake Clarke (your son). He is pursuing an illegal campaign of harrassment and hate against innocent people including the people of Hampstead, police officers, a father and his children. I understand the police might have already contacted him about this. Jake Clarke is posting information and links identifying the names, faces and other details of abused children despite their right to anonymity and contrary to court injunctions. Jake is posting hate material against religions such as Islam and Satanism. I ask that you intervene and ask him to stop and close all his accounts dedicated to pursuing his hate campaigns.”

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          • Facebook messages from strangers sometimes go into a folder where you don’t see them for ages.
            You could try emailing her via the Nursery School.

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          • I’d suggest caution on this score, though. It’s one thing to advise a person that something is happening, but I’d want to be very careful that anything I wrote couldn’t be construed as threatening or harassing.


          • His mother runs a kindergarten? And this guy lives with her and plasters the names of innocent children all over the net?. I’m sorry but that is not acceptable.

            If she cannot control her errant adult son who lives with her she & he should have no dealings with children in any form or manner. I can imagine the parents of the children she cares for being horrified.

            It only takes one of these dangerous fruit cakes to decide Jake Clarke’s mother’s kindergarten is in danger of being infested by a ‘Satanic Baby Eating Cult’, by virtue of their beliefs that Jake is a “hero” and therefore the Cult will go after him and attack that kindergarten. This is the mentality we are dealing with- their fevered minds must invent new scenarios – it’s like a fever that must propagate and increase.

            Jake is a child abuser by virtue of criminally publishing child abuse victim’s names & identities. That is fact and the evidence is there for all to see. The authority that oversees the licensing of child minding centres need to be informed.

            Or his mother should boot him out of the house and let him see how difficult it is to survive in the real world. He’d soon forget about Satanic nonsense once he has to deal with looking for somewhere to live. These monsters are mostly unemployed and unemployable nitwits with too much time on their hands.

            The words : The Devil makes Work for Idle Hands has never been more appropriate.

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          • GS has made a good point, this kindergarten could become a tool of a new Satan Hunter hoax. It is the common pattern of the Satan Hunter to use their family members and innocent children as a tool to further their SRA aims.

            I have said to Jake Clarke in a number of messages to him that there would be serious consequences if he persists with the Hampstead SRA hoax. As a Satanist I am honor bound to carry out my promises with harsh actions or make Satanists look weak. I consider that the children attending Jake Clarkes’ mother’s kindergarten to be in serious danger from what Jake Clarke and his fellow Satan Hunters could do to them, thus it is likely I will put out public warnings and referrals which will likely destroy that business.

            El Coyote also makes the good point that the Satan Hunter could try and scream about being harrassed. I feel the only alternative is to refer this matter to the police, not only about the kindergarton, but the religious hate against Satanists, Islam and Paganism, the continued attacks on the people of Hampstead, and now named police officers.

            Jake has a few days to decide what he is going to do. I am no longer going to be nice about this.

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  3. I am absolutely sick to death of their misinterpretation of the IPCC letter and their persecution of innocent people. I really Hope DC Martin does something about this.

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    • You and me both, JB. They have latched onto this one small ‘fact’…which of course turns out to be a complete misunderstanding of the actual report.


    • The warning to police and civilian personnel that if they are investigated it could result in criminal charges depending on the findings of the investigation is completely normal.

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      • That’s true, good point.

        On another topic, I want to apologise to you for WordPress’s rudeness. I’ve done everything I can to make it accept your comments without vetting, but it persists in holding them for approval. Sorry about that. 😦


        • Then I think I need to add an email of some sort. You have my contact details anyway. This one won’t work. See how we get on.

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    • And not only that : these morons cherry-pick which authority they decide is kosher : the judges & courts (police & social services ) are all infested with the Satanic Cult but somehow the IPCC is not just because they get a letter they believe says things it does not.

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      • They’re all about cherry-picking, whether it’s which judicial institution they accept, which facts from a medical examiner’s report they believe, or which statements from abused children they believe.


  4. Just imagine a scenario that has not happened- but might.

    There is an incident at a kindergarten run by the mother of child abuser who regularly & criminally publishes the images and names of child abuse victims. Or one of the children who attends that school is caught up in some abuse drama. It may concern two parents who begin a battle over custody.

    An expert policeman is called in to conduct interviews. But that policeman has been libeled and smeared all over the internet as being part of a Satanic Cult that murders babies.

    As I always say : to allow these lunatics to fester & flourish on the belief it will all “blow over” is not rational thinking. To allow them to do so when they are clearly breaking civil & criminal law is foolish and a travesty.

    Hampstead will not be an isolated case. It is just the first one.

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    • I’m afraid you’re right, GS. That’s one reason we want to ensure that this whole hoax is dismantled: we hope that future lawmakers, police, and victims will be able to draw on the experiences this case has brought up, to ensure that each successive hoax of this sort can be dealt with a bit more effectively.

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