Sabine & Belinda’s new victim…er, client

If you watched the video from Belinda and Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoption’ event at Theatro Technis last month, you might remember the woman who spoke directly before Kellie Cottam’s tour de force.

Belinda introduced her:

There is a lady in this room who is about to lose her six children to Enfield Council, six children, and I want this to go out everywhere online.

This lady in this room has been sitting here patiently with her heart aching and hurting because she doesn’t know how to stop this, and how to stop two or three of them being adopted. She hasn’t said anything but I would like to say, coming all this way to see us tonight, we are going to stop Enfield Council doing that dreadful thing to her family. I’m not quite sure how we are going to do it but I throw that out now.

The woman, named Androulla (last name not given), spoke to the group:

My six children are being trafficked in care and I am not a drug addict, I’m not an alcoholic, I’m not a nutter but I’ve been told I was those things. When I proved myself to be innocent of those things, they would not return my children, and they are being trafficked into care. They want to adopt two of the children out, and have applied for that, but nevertheless it’s happened, and in a few weeks I’ll be losing my children forever and I will not see six beautiful children growing up and if anyone here can help me. The social worker has committed perjury, you cannot get the transcription from the court, I have a lot of evidence and information, they know it’s going on but there is nothing you can do. I have got a lot of information, I’ve got a petition up, “Stop trafficking my children in care”….

On more than one occasion I have been nearly arrested. They get their legal teams to jump on you for anything. A number of times I have been jumped on said you’re going to get arrested. I have got a petition on Facebook, “Stop trafficking my children in care”.

I am 100% innocent of doing any harm. I’ve never hit, abused, or neglected my children. Therefore those children services are wasting millions of pounds of tax payers’ money on my children alone because I haven’t kept my children, so doesn’t anyone want to know about that? So I don’t want to talk about that.

Now Androulla has been interviewed on Andy Peacher’s Freedom Talk Radio show:

Frankly, we found her story perplexing, and the video wasn’t much help in clarifying what might have happened to cause this lady so much trouble.

She stated that her son called 999 ‘as a joke’, and somehow unleashed a cascade of drastic interventions from police and social workers, who have conspired to ‘traffic her children’, and steal them from her.

She claims that her abusive ex-husband trained her child to make the ‘prank call’, and that he’d manipulated the others to do terrible things to her: to attempt to poison her, to tell lies about her, and to try to have her arrested. She alleges that this was all part of the ex-husband’s plan to take the children from her, so he could return to Cyprus, his home country.

According to Neelu (who put the video up), Androulla’s fact-finding hearing begins today, and Neelu et al. are hoping to organise a vigil outside the courthouse, though no one seems quite certain which courthouse is really involved….

Whatever the full situation, Belinda has vowed to ‘help’ Androulla, which should immediately send up warning flags. As we’ve been saying, with friends like Belinda and Sabine, one really doesn’t need enemies.

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51 thoughts on “Sabine & Belinda’s new victim…er, client

  1. Someone should send their “client” warnings. Perhaps via email and redirect her to better helpers. The problem is that I don’t know people that deal in that area.

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    • That’s a good thought, and I hope someone does let this woman know that if she allows Belinda and/or Sabine near her case, she’s just making it worse for herself.


  2. There is the other side of this story. which probably indicates that Social Services had good cause to take the children into safety. Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeil have a reputation for supporting child abusers and fraudsters, so their support of this woman undermines her credibility as a good mother. In addition, in the age of austerity, I think councils will be reluctant to waste money taking children into the care system unless there was genuine concerns for their welfare.

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  3. Why doesn’t she have a solicitor or barrister to represent her in court? Everyone is entitled to and if she has all this evidence a barrister would present it honestly and in a manner a judge can understand.

    How ironic that B & S are representing someone who says their partner made outrageous allegations about the mother and the children were tutored to also make claims.

    Dont these two operate under the claim children always tell the truth?.

    Belinda McKenzie & Sabine McNeil – the Patron Saints of Lost Causes (aided by J.Hemming)

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    • LOL Belinda McKenzie & Sabine McNeil – the Patron Saints of Lost Causes

      I think we need to make some calling cards for Sabine and Belinda with this tagline.


    • She won’t have a lawyer, is my guess, because she will have sacked them for giving her advice she doesn’t like.

      For eg – please stop going on about witchcraft or the allegations about your mental health and delusional thinking are going to be found proved.

      It is very sad. Her internal narrative will be very strong and clear; she is the victim here. Anyone who disagrees with that is automatically the enemy.

      She will be easy prey indeed for those who wish to promote and encourage her delusional thinking.

      I would imagine that the case against her is quite strong on grounds of emotional abuse of the children – but of course I am only speculating. It would be highly irresponsible to claim I could make any reliable comments about a case without seeing the papers and hearing the evidence because you simply cannot just take one side and think you have the answer.

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  4. I don’t want to malign this poor woman in any way. I can only imagine how terrible it must be to have your children taken off you. The fact is though that a case conference (or two or three) will have taken place before this got to Court. All of the professionals (social workers, doctor, teachers etc) involved with the children will have attended and the decision to take this case to Court will have been reached collectively.
    That’s how the system works.

    This lady has my sympathy not only because she’s lost her children but also because she’s now involved with people who have shown they don’t know what they’re doing. IMO she needs good legal representation and to disassociate herself from the campaigners.

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    • Exactly. We can’t–and shouldn’t–know the details of her case. Of course, I expect we will at some point if Sabine is involved, due to her severe leakage problem, but really, I’d rather not know.

      I don’t know why she’s so certain her children are about to be removed, since the fact-finding hearing is just beginning. However, if she’s about to rely on B&S for anything whatsoever, I feel terribly sorry for her.


  5. Is this the same case/woman that Sabine wrote about recently, the one where she had to get up at 6am to go to court with a lady with a wheelchair that had no air in the tyres?

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  6. listening to the mother’s interview, she sounds very unemotional and often laughs (not nervously) plus makes the ridiculous claim the social workers “make money out of trafficking the children”when in fact they are going to live with their father in Cyprus.

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    • I haven’t listened to it all, but oh the old social workers make money when they remove children bollocks. Sorry for the language but it is bollocks no matter what the Hoaxteaders (is that a word?) tell us.


    • This did strike me. Aside from the fact that social workers most definitely do not ‘make money out of trafficking the children’, how could both things be true simultaneously?


  7. I don’t need to watch the video, I already know the score now.

    In my view a mother has to be terrible/mental to get to a stage where social services are taking her children into care, they don’t just turn up and take them.

    There is always some piece of history that campaigners keep from you, of course social services are not able to debunk it because (quite rightly) they can not discuss the case. The only “truth” on the Internet is what the campaigners put out there and we all know how objective they are!

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    • Much the way I see it too, although SSD do make mistakes sometimes. Even when it’s justified it’s still a tragedy when children are removed and there’s begger all support for the parents who are left behind.

      What bothers me about this whole thing though is that we’ve got people making the situation worse by ‘helping’ when they know nothing about the law and are down a ‘rabbit hole’ in terms of conspiracy beliefs. David Icke et al have a lot to answer for.

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      • Yes, you’ve nailed it, Earl. Ideally, there’d be unlimited support to help troubled parents to cope, and help keep families together. It’s a terrible tragedy to lose a child, even when the parent’s own actions are fully to blame.

        But B&S go into these things with a particular agenda: they spelled it out very clearly during their ‘Forced Adoptions’ event last month, and it should be clear to anyone who watched those videos exactly what they’re trying to prove. According to them, social services steal children from innocent parents so they can sell them on some sort of black market, the implication being that the children will become part of the grand ‘satanic ritual abuse’ cult that S&B are convinced is in operation, headquartered in Hampstead.

        As Kellie Cottam pointed out, their fear-mongering sends already panicked parents into a tailspin of terror, and prevents them from doing what needs to be done to keep their children at home.

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      • Maybe an official counselling cum listening ear type support service for the parents left behind would be very useful from many points of view. We should not underestimate the feelings of loss by the parent who has lost custody of a child, even if they were abusive or neglectful. Without such support these people can and do become consumed by this unresolved loss, and it takes over their (and others) lives. At the very least consider the expense the government could save in legal aid fees. Supportive talking therapies could help effect a much better outcome for all.

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        • Yes, true. I do think it would make sense to invest in the ‘front end’–to give support (practical or emotionally supportive) to people before removing their children. But some sort of after-care is also important.

          Unfortunately, social services is one of those areas that’s been under the knife in recent years, so that whatever it could have offered in the past has been radically cut back by government, leaving the door open for charlatans like B&S.


    • I hesitate to make any judgement about the fitness of the mother at this stage–after all, the fact-finding hearing has barely begun, and it’s entirely possible that mistakes have been made. Social workers and police are certainly not infallible…but.

      You do have to wonder, because yes, if you look through the cases that B&S have buggered up over the past few years, they all have several distinguishing features. The chief one is that they only tell the parts of the story that show their ‘clients’ off to best advantage.

      Once you’ve begun looking into their history, you begin to realise that what B&S don’t say is usually a hundred times more important than what they do.


  8. Whatever the truth and outcome of this woman’s fact finding hearing, you can be sure that Belinda and Sabine’s involvement will not have helped her, and may make her situation even worse.

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  9. This is a dispute between a husband and wife with it seeming the father will get custody of the children. I can’t know what the details are and who is wrong or right but what the hell is Sabine McNeil & Belinda McKenzie doing claiming they will ‘stop’ this happening & organising vigils when they are supposedly McKenzie Friends whose role is to support – much like the Salvation Army has officers who will attend court & sit with the relative of a murder victim or even a killer if they have no moral support.

    It’s outrageous these 2 are allowed to ply their rotten perverted trade.

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  10. I misread and thought Sam had made a comparison between Sabine and Belinda and a prison guard leaping up to defend a prisoner in court, but it is not dissimilar, really.

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  11. Most interesting to peruse this lady’s facebook page, and in particular her friends list … an individual therein is one who came to my attention some time ago as a possible identity for the illusive ‘Irishman’. Until now I was unsure if I making a leap too far. Not now though.


  12. I would advise anyone wanting to look into Belinda’s new victim to do it soon as once she is alerted to this post she will probably make everything private.
    She’s on YT, Google+ , Facebook, Twitter, etc. and she’s also written a book “My Babylon is Burning” which she describes as being ’50 Shades of Grey’ meets ‘Jungle Fever’.

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  13. EC, on another note, did you see that “Drifloud/Abe” has printed a photo of Kate Forsdyke at the gates of a Nursery, there to pick up her children – on his Twitter account?
    Abe is a disgrace.

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  14. Does anyone here know who is behind the group ‘Freedom, Advocacy and the Law’ which mounted a crazy ‘class action’ in 2010 to the International Criminal Court in 2010. About 100 parents got sucked into that and I just hope they didn’t end up paying anything.

    ‘Sam Hallimond’ is mentioned as spokesgibbon for the group, but that is not a name I know.

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    • Have you tried Quatloos? You can do a search of the threads without signing up.

      I am sure they would be helpful if you introduced yourself, even if you were anon.

      Something about the case makes me think a Kevin Annett wannabe or associate too.


    • I had a quick look around. On companies house the Freedom Law business has been struck off without ever filing accounts. There is a mention of him on JH’s blog insofar as JH links to a news programme.

      There is also another person involved with the company apart from the couple who is definitely into all the FMOTL pseudo legal woo, I found him on what-do-they-know. He claims to be a ‘lay advocate’.

      I think I found Sam Hallimond on what do they know too.

      One or other of them was adding to requests by a person deep into the woowoo who I’ve looked at before.

      It doesn’t look like he’s active at the moment. I really hope that is the case.

      Companies house has a beta site at the moment and you can download every document for free.

      Useful if there’s a bit of research you were wanting to do but put off due to needing a licence or paying per click!


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