Neelu in court today in attempt to have charges dropped

It’ll be another exciting day in court for a Hoaxtead pusher, as Neelu Berry heads to Blackfriars today on an application for dismissal of charges of witness intimidation.

Those charges, if you recall, stem from the fact that Neelu and Sabine colluded in posting witness statements, along with the rest of her bail details, on Sabine’s blogs:

Neelu-bail documents and witness statements

As a result of having had their confidential statements and personal information released, none of the witnesses would agree to attend court to testify against Neelu last fall, which resulted in her case being thrown out.

You’d think that Neelu might be anxious about tomorrow’s court date, but a quick glance at her Facebook page indicates that in fact, she seems completely preoccupied with other issues:

Neelu-1 2016-02-25

Because let’s face it, the fact that the USA is being run by clones who rape and cannibalise young children is some pretty serious shit. Question, though: if the clones are actually just cleverly disguised reptiles, then is it really cannibalism when they eat human babies?

Also, what’s up with those foster parents, who “don’t mind being planted with drugs histories so as to sell (fostered) children”? We have no idea how this works, but it sounds very dire indeed.

Neelu-2 2016-02-25

Neelu gets her information from a completely credible source, one Tory Smith, who bills himself as a psychic DNA reader, and has lots to say about reptilians and clones and cannibals and so forth. Apparently he’s unable to utter a full sentence unless it contains the words ‘rape’, ‘murder’, and ‘cannibalise’. We suppose that’s the price that comes along with his psychic DNA-reading gifts, though.

Neelu-3 2016-02-25


Saudi Arabian agents do what? Stop the global child cannibalism cult, or just, you know, do it? And if so, is it really any of our business what goes on between consenting adults?

Nevertheless, we understand Neelu’s consternation at the thought of DARPA/CIA agents being involved. After all, Americans are entitled to value for their tax money too, aren’t they?

As we read through Neelu’s page, we couldn’t help but wonder whether her current child rape/murder/cannibalism fetish might not just be a clever ploy in preparation for today’s court date: all her lawyers would have to do is show the judge her Facebook page, and she’d be instantly declared not guilty by reason of insanity.

Neelu is perfectly sane.png


19 thoughts on “Neelu in court today in attempt to have charges dropped

  1. Superlative post, EC.

    These so-called prosecutors really should come to you for the evidence they need to stop the Teflon-coated likes of Neelu, Sabine and Bellender from continually escaping justice.

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  2. Neelu must be so angry with Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light – not to mention Roger the 8-foot butterfly – for not stepping in and saving us from these Reptilian clones. What’s the point in having all-seeing extraterrestrials and vertically augmented lepidops looking out for us if they just hover in the clouds watching us being devoured by lizard people?

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    • I suppose one could say that about almost any all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful entity who nevertheless just lolls back and watches while terrible things happen. But then, perhaps I’m biased.


  3. One thought is that Sabine may be left to face the Harassment and witness charges alone – if it was thought that Sabines posts and actions that were deemed to be the sole reason for harassment and witness intimidation.

    We will all get a better idea later – anyone going to watch?

    Blackfriars Court 3 – His Honour Judge Daniel Worsley – sitting at 10:00 AM

    For Mention (Defendant to Attend)

    T20150661 BERRY Neelu

    Dismissal of Charges

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    • Oh, how I wish I could have been in court this morning. Sadly, geography works against me. Well, that plus the fact that I’d have to explain to my boss why I need the day off to go and watch a woman issue counter-charges against the police in an effort to have her own charges dismissed. I find this all terribly difficult to explain at times to non-Hoaxtead watchers.


    • They all do, really. I find this completely inexplicable: no one seems to show a trace of emotion (except Sabine, who does emotion all too well) when they discuss these horrible alleged events. It’s almost as if they didn’t quite believe it themselves.


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  5. this is not a laughing matter! torys been raped 268 times by obama alone! instead of running the country hes round torys getting some tail! no wonder why he gets F all done. torys ass is the main transit hub for the milky way galaxy, its like that wormhole in star trek ds9. We need kevin annett on the case.


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