Sabine: More on that pesky fine

Sabine has decided to enlighten us all further on the fallout from the gigantic balls-up she and Belinda made of Melissa Baird’s case a couple of years ago. On her blog, she has this to say:

Melissa is a spiritual warrior par excellence. Remember: the passport that we secured for her so that she could turn round and fly to Ireland when she was deported to Washington two years ago, was taken away from her.

She managed to survive in the airport for two months, as she was met ‘without reception’. She is now making a living by driving a truck and has found herself a cabin to live in by the woods. It is very similar to the abode that she had created for her and her son in Spain, where she was located by Barnet Council, after she had taken her son to a hospital there.

As we recollect, Melissa and her son were living in filthy conditions, without running water or electricity, in a caravan attached to a car, in the Spanish countryside. One of the social workers sent to retrieve her young son at that time actually gagged while recounting the scene they encountered.

Melissa is still waiting for the oral hearing that had been scheduled for December 2013. We tried to prevent her deportation with the aid of a Judicial Review to the Administrative Court.

And that worked like a bloody charm, didn’t it?

As commenter Nemo Momenti noted in our first post on this topic,

Their two greatest mistakes here would appear to be firstly that they strayed outside the Family Court, where costs are almost never ordered, into the Administrative Court, which is renowned for its heavy burden of costs on the losing party. Secondly they didn’t go to the hearing; the very best way to be absolutely certain that not only will you lose, but that it will go as far against you as it possibly can.

In her usual perpetually aggrieved tone, Sabine says:

This December we were supposed to appear in Court because we are to pay for the costs of the private barrister that the Treasury Solicitor’s Office (TSO) hired to defend their views.

First a judge questioned the ‘truth’ of us McKenzie Friends actually representing Melissa. Now another judge wants to penalise us for that.

Here’s an important memo to Sabine: McKenzie friends are not permitted to ‘represent’ their clients in court.

They are to act as assistants only. Perhaps if Sabine and Belinda understood this vital distinction, they might fare slightly better, and not get dinged for costs that they run up because they don’t know what they’re doing.

In the vastness of their ignorance and bungling, Sabine and Belinda’s ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ undoubtedly causes far more harm than good.

As commenter Sarah Phillimore (who knows a thing or three about family court, being an actual family lawyer and all) says, “Not only are they leading desperate parents down the path of never seeing their children again but they are also wasting public money in pursuit of their fantasy crusades”.

To which we can only say, “Amen”.




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  1. What does Sabine pay fines with these days (not to mention her rent and living expenses), now that her charity scams have gone off the rails, Belinda has more or less abandoned her and her pension has been stopped?

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  2. Excellent question. I suspect the answer might lie in their new venture, ‘McKenzie Angels’. If I’m reading them correctly, this looks like yet another opportunity to fleece the gullible, in support of Sabine and Belinda’s dodgy endeavours.

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  3. That’s precisely how they are going to pay the fine. Belinda would never ever put her self at risk, she would rather blame everyone else.

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  4. I am pretty sure her pension (actually, it will most likely be pension credit, ie ‘what the law says you need to live on’) and will be reinstated following a period showing she is ‘habitually resident’ again, (if it was ever refused on her reclaim on return to the UK). Since she lived in the UK for many years she may have residency. I remember she complained about not being able to get benefits in Germany. She will get housing benefit that pays her rent, iirc she lives in a very nice flat in a very nice area on a very low rent due the type of tenancy which housing benefit will pay in full. Her nephews probably got sick of her, she didn’t want to lose her tenancy, and wanted/needed cash, so she came back.

    Pension Credit

    Pension Credit is a benefit for older people. It is based on the amount of money that you have coming in….You can claim Pension Credit whether or not you are still working. You do not need to have paid any national insurance contributions.

    So in every sense Sabine is secure while she is out of prison.

    IF she did get a prison sentence she might be entitled to housing benefit for 13 weeks and after that the landlord might be able to apply for possession of the property (she would then lose her tenancy) if rent was not paid for a further period (used to be 2 mths but may be less now). Of course she might have rent arrears already so it may be shorter still.

    Just saying.

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  5. It is PC at the full amount, so no other income, not during her assessed period anyway. She posted her entitlement letter, when she was a fugitive from the law.

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  6. If this debt is to be enforced, it is a possibility that High Court Enforcement Officers will be used (used to be called Sheriffs,) they don’t mess about.

    They not only caused costs to be incurred against themselves but also their ‘client’, I do hope they advised on the possibility of this happening.

    Sabine seems to try and put some blame on the barrister for pulling out during the judicial review, where before she has claimed that the barrister had declined to continue leaving them to make the application.

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