Hoaxtead trolls and death threats

Most of us who’ve spoken out about the Hampstead hoax online have met these people: the trolls and troofers who skulk about the internet screaming obscenities and issuing death threats to anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s why most of us use pseudonyms rather than our real names: we’ve seen what the troofers have done to the innocent citizens of Hampstead, and we have no interest in being harassed and threatened.

Our friend TICK F*CKING TOCK has put together a video that illustrates the point beautifully—thanks, mate!



15 thoughts on “Hoaxtead trolls and death threats

  1. Just the type of people that you wish to have on your side, real defenders of the children aren’t they? They accuse us of being all sorts of nasty things but at least we don’t issue death threats and accuse people of being paedo’s or peado apologists just because we don’t agree with them. Hardly the type of people i would want on my side in a court case.

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  3. Ok…

    I’m struck with Project: Whistleblower…
    I can’t comment on non-wordpress sites using my fake email…

    I am trying to get 6 more sites as proof… so far I got only one wordpress site and the site: youthinkitsajoke: will not let me comment cause spam.

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  4. Hoaxteaders don’t do threats. But if they did, they’d probably be the lamest threats in the World :)

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