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I hope that the following links might offer you some further avenues to explore in relation to Belinda McKenzie and associates:

Public information sources such as Company House give the address of Belinda McKenzie as
83 Priory Gardens, London, United Kingdom, N6 5QU.
Searches on this address give associated names, probably on the electoral roll over various years:
A more generalized search of the names associated with “odds” side of the postcode in Priory Gardens gives the following names:

Company Check reveals a director history, and fellow directors, including family members of various incorporated companies in the UK McKenzie has been involved in.

The company called Cognoscence, Ltd of which Mckenzie had a directorship contributed financially and was involved in a filming project connected to the so-called Starchild Project, an attempt to convince the world that some discovered skeletal remains were those of a space alien.  The Starchild Project site is:

One of many sources that continue to flag up McKenzie as having a deeper agenda that merely being a truther nutjob is as follows:

Click to access Larry%20O’Hara.pdf

McKenzie has her fingers in a lot of pies, but it is interesting what her overall purpose or design is behind all these activities.

Some preliminary observations:


Click to access Larry%20O’Hara.pdf

It’s interesting that the above piece cites Belinda‘s “persistent” failure to cooperate with the Charity Commission over a two-year period, rather than just the one-off mythical fire she’s hitherto attributed to her failure to provide the relevant documents for inspection.

Moreover, it also quotes the Charity Commission as stating that Belinda had failed to provide one piece of verifiable evidence that any of the £5 million her Iran charity had raised had been used for charitable purposes. It basically disappeared into a “black hole”.


Interestingly, Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward isn’t on there, even though we know that she lived with Belinda at that address for at least a year. There are almost no pictures of her anywhere either. All that Hoaxtenders stuff about her being a ghost appears to be eerily accurate. I reckon El Coyote was on to something!

Seriously, though, Charlotte appears to have gone to great lengths to cover her tracks, which does make one wonder what it is she has to hide. OK, her activities during Hoaxtead have been illegal from the outset (and she is wanted for questioning by the Police) but it seems she’s been effectively in hiding for many years. Is there a big juicy bombshell from her past waiting to explode? Just a thought.

That companies list is intriguing, purely due to the sheer number of companies in which Belinda has been involved as director and/or secretary. Here’s a summary:

Energen (MV) Ltd., 1997 (company now dissolved)

42 Shepherd’s Hill Ltd., 1998 – 2000

Cognoscence Ltd., 2003 – present

M4 Enterprises Ltd, 2007 – present

The Knight Foundation, 2014 – present (resignation pending)

By the way, does anyone know why her Iran Aid charity isn’t showing on that list, or the Association of McKenzie Friends, when the Knight Foundation “charity” is?

Re. the Starchild thing, someone (possibly SV?) posted a link on the blog about a week ago to a page where Belinda had been selling “genuine” Starchild bones!

The real question here, though, is why exactly are there still some people who trust these people (Belinda, Sabine, Charlotte et al)? Seriously, why? Even those spaced out mentally unhinged drug-addled weirdoes Abe and Ella, who believe that Jews are aliens and that human foetuses are a delicacy in China, can see through them! So what exactly is going through the minds of the handful of hangers-on who can’t?

See also:


28 thoughts on “Comment share: SV’s investigations into Belinda McKenzie

  1. It was not me who gave any link to the trade in ““genuine” Starchild bones!” The Starchild Project has got to be the most weirdest project McKenzie is involved in.


  2. SV quote………By the way, does anyone know why her Iran Aid charity isn’t showing on that list,

    I would add having contacted the Charity Commission I asked the very same question….to which the answer was…. ‘I don’t know’ I said to the CC but, the registered number is still there, and if you look at other defunct charities their information, although perhaps not in full, is still there, why has Iran Aid been erased completely from the CC records? answer was ‘I don’t know, So I asked to be put through to someone that would know. I was given a name and email address and an email was sent. This was followed up by a telephone conversation with a Mr Alun Johnson
    Case Reference Number FS50468539. He was very evasive and said that he was unable to give any information as to the Police force appointed to investigate the illegal destruction of government documents. The case was closed February 2013. It was decided that perhaps certain Police Forces throughout the Country might be able to help, as the Metropolitan police force would not either agree or deny that they had been the force involved in the investigation of Iran Aid.

    Unfortunately nothing was made available. We had to deduce in the end that whatever happened concerning Iran Aid was being kept a secret.

    The Starchild Skull…you will note from this link which is concerning the Lecture Tour March 2003 Belinda was thanked by Lloyd Pye for donating £10,000 to keep the research alive and kicking in its important stages.

    Cheques are to be made payable to Belinda and forward to her address.

    To book, phone 0870 750 9523, or send a cheque made out to Starchild UK, 83 Priory Gardens, London N6 5QU

    Don’t forget to include your address for return of tickets! Tickets for bookings received after 11th March may be collected at the event.

    For more information email

    I also conducted a few searches, but could not locate them in this instance, whereby Belinda has been found in various Countries asking for money for charities. I can only presume these have now been removed.

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  3. Another link, mention of an ex-husband of Belinda McKenzie, his profession and location of his employment.

    “On 14 March we were evicted from our previous flat because according to our then live-in landlady’s ex-husband, Dr Nigel McKenzie, a consultant psychiatrist in Highgate Mental Health Centre, our flat was needed for somebody with a mental illness.”

    The above blog in question has a lot of background information relating to Belinda McKenzie.

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  4. This ladies history reminds me very much of a person involved in numerous scams although of course I could not possibly say she actually is as I have no proof.
    However there are few reasons to have numerous registered companies that seemingly do not operate except for shifting sums of money. Others may call this “money laundering” but I couldn’t possibly.
    A contact emailed me many claims about BM but as they provided no proof I cannot know if they were genuine but one involved a huge organsied scam in the early 1980s that involved post office franking machines where £100Ks were ripped off. A few people were jailed but it was always said the majority of the gang were never caught. It was centered around a small gay afternoon drinking club in the West End.

    Of all the Hampstead loonies Belinda McKenzie has struck me as the sanest and cleverest of them as she gives the appearance of jumping on the bandwagon of child protection as a new vehicle for various reasons and given her involvement in the past with 2 very dodgy characters who were deemed ‘vexacious litigants’ and one was quite an evil convicted child abuser, I get the feeling she imitates all the attributes of a sociopath who has no qualms in shifting loyalties and activities onto another escapade when the current one hits a brick wall.

    I really hope the upcoming CSA Inquiry looks into the real problem of so-called victim & survivor ‘advocates’ (there are many genuine & honest ones) who are exploiting this issue for financial gain.
    Meanwhile, I hope Neelu Berry gets all the help she so obviously needs !

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    • Regardless of what the real agenda of Belinda McKenzie is, she can consider Hampstead her swan song. Mckenzie has provided enough rope via the Hampstead hoax in association with other projects she has had her grubby little fingers in, to hang her, and sink any future campaign she decides to get involved in.

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  5. I think Sabine is also involved with the “Starchild”:

    The skull is almost certainly of a human child with a birth defect, it has been debunked by numerous people, but the website is trying to raise money for DNA testing (they must want to send it to the very slow Canadian lab).

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    • Now that does sound like a scam. Any DNA laboratory would take on that testing for free but I guess they need to string it out for years to keep the whole thing going and donations flooding in.

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  6. I notice Belinda’s three sons are directors of some of her many companies. One of them is an architect of moderate fame who also teaches at Birmingham School of Architecture. C, D & F are all grown ups now, but I don’t think it would be fair to name them here; although I do wonder what they think of their mother’s activities.

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    • Very interesting. Wonder how their assets shot up from around £10k to nearly half a million in 2013? I’m also perplexed about the financial aspect of the Knight foundation and the whole CSA thing as a charitable concern. Not just from a moral perspective but also that it doesn’t seem to bring in much money (£800 according to Belinda and I actually believe her for once) so what was she getting out of it and from whom?

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      • I suspect there is a lot of money transferred backwards and forwards between the directors various interests to keep things nice and obscure.

        I have no idea how C, D & F feel about their mother, but they certainly haven’t disowned her if they are joint directors of a company with her.

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  7. D McKenzie has done up one house in Hampstead for a private client in Hampstead – the application was withdrawn and resubmitted. No details of the objections to the first scheme are recorded on the Camden Council website; this means I can’t follow up my hunch that Mummy was taking revenge on those who would hold back her little darling.

    D also made four separate applications to alter front railings at a house on Randolph Street around the millennium (difficult planners or incompetence?). The house was later sold at an enormous profit.

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  8. Further to my last post – Randolph Street was his home address. House bought 1997 for £155,000, sold in 2002 for £575,000.

    Looks fairly grotty, but that’s London prices for you!

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  9. D looks just like his Mum, and has some images on his Twitter feed that Charlotte Ward would have had a field day with!

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  10. Another charity or money making scheme which we have not touched on is ‘Make Wars History’. There is a picture somewhere of her in a meeting with Chris Coverdale I will search for it later. That needs to be looked into as well.

    Meanwhile, here’s more stuff related to Belinda’s Iran Aid connections:

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    • The more I read about Belinda, the more I wonder who the hell she really is. Is she working for someone. I don’t know if anyone else saw the edition of QI where it was explained that scam emails often contain bad spelling in order to put intelligent people off; the scammers just want to attract the gullible and easily manipulated. Belinda surrounds herself with obvious loonies; possibly in order to attract a certain sort of person. She destroys the credibility of everyone she touches; is that her purpose? Has she deliberately landed Sabine in jail because she had (relative to her other followers) too much intelligence?

      One can’t help but wonder if Belinda is some sort of deep cover agent provocateur; but if that is the case she seems to have drawn excessive publicity to herself and done the sort of damage to the public that I would hope a government agency would be trying to prevent.

      The simplest explanation is just that she is just a flamboyant and immoral fraudster – or the mouthpiece for one who is keeping a very low profile.


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