Fiona Barnett and Hampstead SRA hoax: Intersections and parallels

Sometimes it’s possible to focus so intently on the Hampstead SRA hoax that one can forget that this is only one case of false allegations on a mass scale. Certainly it’s unique in some of its details—the physical and mental torture of two small children as a means to induce them to make revolting allegations against everyone their mother and her psychopathic boyfriend didn’t like, for example.

But one only needs to look south to discover an SRA/MK Ultra hoaxer almost as ambitious as Abraham Christie and Ella Draper. We’ve discussed the disgusting lies of Australian mega-hoaxer Fiona Barnett here in the past; she is something of a superstar in the troofer community, in part because several Australian news outlets accepted her bizarre allegations without question…at least, at first.

Given that a prime motivator behind many false accusers is to attract attention and lots of it, Ms Barnett’s initial media successes gave her a certain prestige amongst her lying, defaming peers.

The Sydney Morning Herald, for example: And the Australian Daily Telegraph: Ah, 2015. It was a simpler time, a time when the much-maligned mainstream media would buy nearly any bilge which floated its way.

Like this, for example:

Ms Barnett recounted a story about being shown as a child what happened to “traitors” who spoke out.

She alleged she witnessed a man being tied to two tractors which drove in opposite directions, tearing him limb from limb.

— Northern Star, 23rd October, 2015

Erm, yeah. As one does.

The ABC Media Watch site provided a healthy note of scepticism:

We reckon [the allegations] should have been treated with a lot more caution.

And a quick search on the internet confirms our doubts.

Here is Barnett writing last year about the CIA, paedophiles and Nazis:

The key to understanding organised paedophilia in Australia is the thousands of Nazi war criminals to whom our government knowingly offered asylum in this country.

— Independent Australia, 9th May, 2014

The site also shared this story from “September 2014 apparently quoted from Barnett’s private testimony to the Child Abuse Royal Commission, in which she claimed that on her sixth birthday she had been taken to the rainforest in Kiama in NSW and drugged”.

“… When I woke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up, spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied. Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me”.

“They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs. I was told a group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility, I was to run and hide them. Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs … ”

— Neon Nettle, 15th September, 2014

On that occasion, according to Fiona Barnett, several young children were shot. But their deaths went undetected.

These motifs, of horrific scenes of naked children hunted by ravening psychopaths (hello, Angie?), and of mass murders of children which are never reported nor detected, seem to run through many fictional narratives like Ms Barnett’s.

What makes her stand out, however, is her wholesale accusations of famous and accomplished individuals, all of whom she alleges were paedophiles, and all of whom she claims sexually molested her. Dr Josef Mengele (who must have made the trip from Brazil to Oz in his old age); Richard Nixon, who allegedly flew in on Air Force One, raped a very young Ms Barnett, and then flew back home again; and most notably, Walt Disney, who somehow managed to sexually molest Ms Barnett (who was born in 1969) several years after he died in 1966.

Now, that’s dedication!

It came as no surprise to us, while we were looking at Ms Barnett’s Facebook page, to discover that we were familiar with a great many of her friends:And this was just the tip of the iceberg. It seems that there is a world-wide network of false allegation specialists, who seem to know one another and egg one another on.

These fruitcakes not only make vicious and unsubstantiated allegations about “the élites”—because everyone knows you’re no one until someone famous has sexually molested you—but they attack innocent members of their own families and communities as well.

Yesterday we heard from Ms Barnett’s unfortunate uncle, John Holowczak, who wrote in part:

Stolpman, you could contact Exposing Survivors Voice Australia to see the more believable version on Barnett’s childhood , in particular what the readers of her story believe , she could not lie straight in bed she fumbles from one story to another in an attempt to keep me quiet and now appears to enlist her psychopathic father, the one and only Mitek Frank Holowczak, to help her with her current woes.
I like this site because the readers posting comments here can see thru the bulldust of the looney tunes stars.

Mr Holowczak, we’re very sorry about your regrettable relatives.

As with the Hoaxtead case, there’s a blog currently fighting against Ms Barnett’s various lies; and as with Hoaxtead, it seems that those who don’t like that blog assume that it is written by one or the other of Ms Barnett’s victims:

It has also come to our attention that Barnett thinks that the creators of ESVA is either Kathy Devine or John Holowsczak.

Nice try Barnett!

We would again tell the blind followers of Barnett to read this page and look at all the evidence we have compiled. Barnett has asked her followers to keep up the attack, as she cannot do this on her own.

Funny how the parallels line up, isn’t it? One might almost be tempted to think that those who attack the innocent feel some sort of unconscious guilt about their actions, which they try to assuage by claiming that their victims are in fact their attackers.

To the writers of the Exposing Survivors Voice Australia blog, we say, “Good on yer, mates”. And to Ms Barnett’s victims, we say, “Hold tight, you’re not alone”.

Edited to add:
To be strictly fair, the statement which Ms Barnett made about Walt Disney reads:

I was trafficked to the USA, to Bohemian Grove where I was drugged & raped by the Rev BILLY GRAHAM – Richard Nixon’s pal, in a pink bubble room. I was also made to dress up like a teddy bear and play hide, seek & rape. I also witnessed the ritual murder of a person by politicians dressed up in robes. I was taken via Sydney airport, in a crate like an animal. On the way home I was drugged, raped and beaten at an exclusive, after hours, pedo gathering at Disneyworld. Yes, Walt Disney was a pedo.

Our understanding is that Ms Barnett is claiming to speak from her own personal experience regarding Walt Disney. However, she may also be making this allegation based on nothing at all.

144 thoughts on “Fiona Barnett and Hampstead SRA hoax: Intersections and parallels

        • Her allegations about Richard Nixon are hardly more credible. It seems very unlikely that the President of the United States would fly to Australia in Air Force One just to abuse a little girl.
          Isn’t the bit about the man being torn apart by tractors the same as one of the allegations
          “Nick” made against Harvey Procter?

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          • When I started looking around more at sites, that I had ignored, eg CathyFox & Researching Reform, that were supporting the bullshitters like Fiona Barnett in the UK, as well as Sabine & Belinda, Screaming to be Heard, Andy Peacher etc….I was horrified when that interview happened with one of our Survivor Panel Members, but then, Opdeatheater Wesley is still managing to post Deborah Mahmoudiehs videos into VoicingCSA……. I have alerted people,behind scenes, more than in public, but I’m baffled at the lack of boundaries here, but I also know how difficult it is……..Somehow we have to both shed light on them, but know that it will rock boats, cause division, but that is of their making, not ours that are speaking simple truthes.
            Damaged, frustrated people are clearly feeling justified in breaking rules, but are, imo being manipulated, misled by opportunists, provocoteurs and yes alot of us go off track with our lives, need help to address that and have been instead further abused, whether by these awful SRA promoting False memory producing therapists, Psychiatrists, and the process if we take action in the Courts, I have compassion for people being groomed by the likes of Belinda, Brian, Bill, and it seems so many bandwagon jumpers,

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          • “@Fairly Sane – no, it is the same allegation that “Darren” made against Peter Righton”

            Do these false accusers have some sort of central repository of standard allegations which they draw from a hat and assign to their victims? Is there a club that we don’t know about?

            One might almost begin to think that it’s not really the Freemasons that are the problem…that’s just a false flag, set up to disguise the activities of these vile individuals.

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          • Yes, EC, I believe there is.
            Being “released and chased through the woods” is another. I think it’s been used by many.

            Teal Swan and Angela Power Disney spring to mind.

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  1. The spoil heap from the construction of that tunnel she said exists would be roughly the volume of Everest.

    (I did a guesstimate that the tunnel had a radius of two metres and was a thousand kilometres long)

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    • I presume that’s the tunnel that goes from Sydney to the top secret US spy facility Pine Gap in central Australia. How this massive engineering feat was managed without no-one noticing is a mystery let alone the endless hours or days it would take to actually drive that distance when Pine Gap has it’s own fully functioning airport where US military 727 jets arrive and depart daily. In fact it’s so busy with the 100s of US staff there who come and go on a regular basis that Alive Spring residents looks forward to the annual sale of personal goods left behind by these Yanks.

      Likewise she claims there is a a tunnel to the Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor just outside Sydney, another bizarre unnecessary waste of money when the reactor is well guarded with no entry to the public. All these billion$$ facilities seems to have been built, for no logical reason, to transport Barnett from one place to another when surely these ‘kidnapped’ children could be just placed in the back of truck.

      There really isn’t a famous person who hasn’t abused Fiona Barnett who ignorantly ignores the fact they all have extended families who have to suffer in silence when this woman accuses.

      I’m glad you pointed to the rotten website Independent Australia which I originally used to read until they first published Barnett’s lunacies. When I began a dialogue with the editor and owner of that website David Donavon questioning why he would publish such nonsense giving it some credence, he lashed out at me in emails as being someone who needed to examine my own conscience (?). He made the preposterous claim that if her claims were not true then she would be charged with some offense knowing full well how the internet worked and how these lies spread like a cancer.

      Any reader who attempted to make derogatory comments after her articles were shot down by an army of “satanist baby eater” loonies who responded. I even asked why some well known contributors continued to patronise this website after they promoted Barnett’s filthy lies. The late respected writer & film-maker Bob Ellis began removing comment criticizing him from his own website and he became such an embarrassment – he was suffering cancer at the time and admittedly on power painkillers like morphine, his son finally removed the website after Ellis’ death as it was an embarrassment to Ellis’ memory. Yet another small victim of this woman.

      Likewise I emailed 2 writers , one a former Rupert Murdoch executive and a well known Labor Party activist who both promoted Barnett’s vicious claims on Independent Australia with both claiming they hadn’t read her garbage but still tweeted links to it. Bizarrely they simply blocked access to them, These activities were noticed by 100s of readers who puzzled over Donavon’s bizarre promotion of Barnett and they simply gave up on reading his website with several emailing advertisers expressing their utter disgust trhey would appear along side such defamatory material.

      Two police forces have investigated Barnett’s claims , one twice, and dismissed them as rubbish but they too end being accused by her. Everyone who dares question her is labelled a member of the VIP cabal.

      Her so-called “evidence” given to the Royal Commission (she blatantly lies and claims she “appeared before the commissioners) were written submissions which any member of the public can make. I can imagine the commissioners scratching their heads over her dangerous nonsense and were smart enough not to give her a platform or encourage her in any manner. Of course she cannot accuse the commissioners as it’s her last attempt to gain credence even though they are judges who probably know or are friends with some of those she falsely accuses.

      # while it is true numerous Nazis traveled to Australia in the confusion of the end of WW2, they tended to be low ranking guards at Concentration camps and so on. I image Barnett’s family must really be suffering having their own father- who has never been accused of being a Nazi despite the well heeled War Criminal Tribunals that operate in Australia – falsely accused.

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      • Eventually I will find it : Barnett & her supporters keep referring to a letter to a victim from the Catholic Church claiming it admits Satanism orgies occurred within the church.
        # I notice that either she or her supporters who are papering the internet with websites that seem to run out of steam, have been removing copies of the letter.

        The letter says absolutely no such thing. It is from Cardinal George Pell to that claimed victim whereby he accepts his claim he was abused and offers any help he can. There is absolutely no reference to Satanism, orgies, VIPs etc yet these fantasists continue to claim it does.

        Despite what I believe has been an extraordinary vicious media campaign against George Pell no matter what the truth of any claims about him – and it’s possible Pell will never face a court on such claims as the chances of him getting a fair trial under these conditions are minimal – he was the first senior Catholic to set up the so-called “Melbourne Response” whereby those who claimed to be victims would have their stories unquestioningly accepted with compensation being paid.

        Even then he has been viciously attacked because of this ‘response’ with some media critics claiming it was an attempt to stop victims reporting to police. It did no such thing- what it did was accept their claims with an offer to support them if they wished to report their abuse to police but it was not necessary as far as the Church was concerned. Their claim was accepted as made. Sadly for Pell this attempt – the first in the Catholic Church worldwide- has been used against him.

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        • Found it: the fruit loop brigade including Barnett claim this letter is positive proof the Catholic Church accepted satanic ritual abuse orgies with babies happened within the Church. It says nothing of the sort. It takes a strange mind to be able to read into a letter things that simply are not there but this one has spread like wildfire.

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          • I think the outrage regarding the coverups of abuse are justified, had they acted sooner, there wouldn’t have had to be strong campaigns to bring it all to light, driven not by the churches or other institutions, but by the victims and their supporters…
            It is outrageous that people are spreading that letter and making such claims about SRA.
            But it reads : ‘It is my hope that my offer, based on the Panels recommendation will be accepted by you, as a preferable alternative to legal proceedings..’ Doesn’t sound like support for legal action, it reminds me of the UK CICA which similarly meant that in the guise of protecting victims from legal cases, it meant that many abusers were never charged…….. I knew someone, here UK offered £20,000, by the catholic church.
            90s..but she had to sign an agreement not to take legal action…. That is the impression, I have of Pells early offer of compensation & help. There were still priests being shifted to other areas.
            It’s a while since I listened to these, but for anyone interested, you can here him being very thoroughly questioned here, speak for himself.

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          • I’m reminded of the ‘psychic paper’ that’s regularly deployed by Doctor Who, Sam. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a blank piece of paper that he keeps in a wallet. Whoever he waves it at sees whatever he wants them to see, with their minds filling in the blanks. In DW’s case, that usually means some kind of ID card that gets him into some high security building etc., but the above letter is a prime example of a real life equivalent, it seems – a mundane, unassuming letter that the cynical likes of Fiona Barnett and her cohorts will tell their gullible minions contains x, y and z, with their impressionable minds then filling in blanks that aren’t there and turning it into something it isn’t.

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          • That should have been Barnett’s grandfather of course- her father is a convicted drug peddler.

            I understand your reservations Sheva about Pell but I think so much has been lost in the history of Church abuse it’s difficult to even compile a timeline of the Church’s own history in this and the media has not helped.
            I perceive Pell as a very conservative man to the point of naivety and ill-judgement. I always thought it odd he would be a very close friend of Pope Francis who has been a ‘left-wing’ advocate for decades but who regards the “right-wing” Pell as honest enough to put in charge of reforming Vatican finances (which also has a lot of very powerful noses our of joint in Italy)

            I’ve read some media reports by writers who should know better accusing “Bishop” Pell of helping relocate offending priests when he was just a lowly priest himself at the time. It seems the higher up the ladder he has gone the more he is blamed for things completely out of his control. He admits being naive about fellow priests offences but then so were parents to some degree along with police and Catholics who were in powerful positions. The sad truth is that most of this happened when people did say about someone who may be an offender “oh be careful apparently he likes little boys”. It was a time when people spoke & even thought like that.

            During the Royal Commission sittings in Ballarat alleged victims were allowed to make their claims unquestioned as Church lawyers decided they did not want attack them. But some of the so-called evidence was bizarre with one claiming a Nun would almost on a daily basis, over years, use pliers to extract teeth from small children if they complained. Commonsense would tell you this is ludicrous not just from the medical fact that children could easily die from such treatment but also orphanages, even church ones did have government inspections. Dozens of toothless children with possible deadly oral infections would be noticed but try pointing out logical matters to many journalists and you get labelled a “Pell pedo supporter”.

            And the glaring inconsistency in which Pell has been ruthlessly grilled over the matter of Gerald Ridsdale, an admitted repeat abuser currently in jail who Pell unfortunately accompanied him to court when he was a rising Church figure and doing his duty, however foolishly, of providing “pastoral support” for a then accused but not convicted. This is no different than attacking an accused’s lawyer for defending them.

            But Pell was grilled mercilessly over why he did not notice Ridsdale’s offending when as a trainee priest he shared a house (along with numerous other trainees) with Ridsdale. Yet not other priest was similarly grilled including the highly respected political journalist Paul Bongiorno who shared a ROOM with Ridsdale and says he never saw a hint of his offending. Bongiorno now blocks anyone even asking him simple questions and the media have given him a free pass. Thus, is George Pell’s life (of which I know little more than what I read)

            ## I believe however much of Barnett’s atrocious claims along with others who have perpetuated the Pell claims are being removed from the net over legal action by the Catholic Church in anticipation, if it goes ahead (and he’s still alive) Pell’s trial in 2019.
            While the Catholic Church is not paying Pell’s legal fees and supporters are (and he gets unbelievable flack for that alone) which would have to run into millions$$ with the brilliant barrister Robert Richter QC conducting his defence, I hear the Church is attempting to clear the field, so to speak, of the more outrageous allegations and ponying up a fortune to do so.
            And this could be why the ghastly creep Fiona Barnett posted some months ago a claim on Facebook that Richter was part of the “VIP pedo ring” (this hideous woman just reads a name in a newspaper and then accuses) and it was removed within 48 hours.

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          • As regards compensation: I think few people understand that absolutely any organization, business, club or association must have Liability Insurance or they simply. legally, cannot operate and allow the public access. Churches are no different.

            At present I am suing an insurance company over physical injuries from a car accident which was no fault of mine. These are not life threatening injuries just aggravating and annoying ones that requite ongoing treatment. The hoops I am jumping through are endless- it;s now into it’s 3rd year with absolutely no questioning of the facts, My solicitors will probably make more than me out of the case.

            That is simply how insurance works and the Church will be no different. Once insurance companies and lawyers get involved it becomes a nightmare.

            Of course the Church can decide to just by-pass their lawyer’s advice and their own insurance companies and create their own compensation system.
            Whether that is adequate could be argued over for years.

            It also raises other factors as I have found being on the committee of a small club and a visitor fell off a ladder and we decided to compensate him rather than approach our own insurance company. Other committee members objected and approached the insurance company who made 2 points: if we compensated the injured person they would still put up our premium and if we had done so and not informed them we would have invalidated our future insurance. I was wrong and the others were right.

            Pell has been attacked because of the Church’s compensation whether adequate or not but he does not control the Australian Church’s finances. It’s out of his hands but he gets the flack.

            None of this means a lot but normal day to day complicated legal matters that can be out of the control of one person, even if they are the boss seem to vanish when the emotional subject of child abuse happens.

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        • Very doubtful she ever got passed George Pell’s coterie of young priests who work for him and are called “Pell’s Angels”.

          The charges against him are quite odd. The seem to involve fiddling with 2 lads in a swimming pool while tossing them into the air and a man who has come forward claiming Pell ‘exposed” himself naked to a group of young boys in a swimming pool change room and when he said “I know what you are up to” Pell turned away looking embarrassed.
          This is the days when change rooms were full of naked people. All very strange. None of the lads who apparently he exposed himself to have come forward but there is still time.

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    • For all you skeptics, cynics and disinfo agents out there, this damning document (which I purchased from a secret source for a thousand Australian dollars) proves conclusively that there really is a network of tunnels underneath Sydney:

      We’re through the looking glass, people.

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      • Hello to the tinfoil twatwagon , what the heck are you on , the above map is in every train carriage, time table and is readily available for FREE, it outlines the current rail service for the city of Sydney, they are currently building a few new tunnels to link the rail service so there are no dead ends , why tunnels because the land surface is built apon so tunnels are the current go. The proposed tunnels are shown in grey hatching on the map , note the colour coding thats to make it easy for travellers to see what stations and suburbs that the rail service links all above ground and above board , mate !!! you have been had , only one idiot I know wears a tin foil hat but I cant say his name OOOHHHHH look the trail line to Pine gap does not exist , I wanted to go for a ride this see whats there its in the middle of the australian desert , Dr Who travelled by the Tardis Maxwell Smart used a phone box OOHHHH!!!!! wait Back To The Future and the Delorian stainless steel car that might work LOL $1000 bucks for a free map., one born every minute

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          • LOL, thanks EC. I thought it was obvious that I was joking but clearly not, lol. I even have the word ‘twat’ in my user name, which I’d always assumed was a clue to my true thoughts on conspiracy theorists 😀

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        • LOL! John, you will see a lot of humour on this blog. It in no way means we’re not deadly serious in what we stand for here though.

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      • Hello Tinfoil Twatwagon, mate, in hind site I should have queried where you stood with your views but I didn’t, perhaps to many late nights , but please accept my apology , you have the support of other forum members and thats a handy credential to have. So far in my short time visiting this forum , I believe that some of the contributors are based in Australia, the rail map is a clear indicator, perhaps my skills were dulled a little on the night I read your comments LOL, again my apologies.


  2. This woman will smear anyone who crosses her. Any survivor who questions her becomes the cult as Sheva has experienced. Hoaxtead have just become part of the Australian satanic cult etc etc. lol

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  3. Jaw-dropping stuff, EC. And there are a few stories there that I hadn’t heard before. Just…wow.

    That said, what I always find far more shocking than the idiotic ramblings of raving lying fruitloops such as Fiona are the plethora of people ready to believe them (and I think we all know which particular American gentleman I’m referring to in Fiona’s case).

    But the fact that reputable news outlets bought her crap hook, line and sinker is staggering. I’d be interested to hear whether Sam or Steved have any thoughts on this but there appears to be a certain naïvety/gullibility in the Australian media as regards SRA etc. You may recall the ’60 Minutes’ fiasco, which was so blatantly fake from start to finish:

    Even the girl whose testimony formed the basis for some of the claims has, as an adult, admitted that it was all crap (shades of McMartin and the Orkneys there) and explained that she’d been coerced by a rather shady documentary team at the time.

    Mind you, I say naïvety but I suspect a large element of slaciousness on the part of the ’60 Minutes’ team in order to boost ratings. Ditto the newspapers and TV channels who jumped on the Fiona Barnett bandwagon?

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    • When I was working in and around Fleet Street Australian journalists who arrived in town were immediately snapped by any British tabloid as no-nonsense foot-in-the-door merchants who could convince any grieving recently widowed woman to hand over all her private letters and photos to show her recently dead bus-driver husband was a total rotter which was duly reported in a down-market tabloid much to the poor ladies distress.

      And then Rupert Murdoch arrived and upended the entire structure. 60 Minutes is a pretty trashy show without much of a reputation but even I watch trash. They hot a low mark whent hey did an extensive glowing interview with pedo hunter Stinson whatever-his-name-is .

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      • Thanks, Sam. Very interesting. I haven’t come across this character before and I can’t say he’s made a great first impression on me. This is from ITV’s ‘This Morning:

        This is rather worrying too:

        “He has confessed to serving 10 years in prison for arson against a school. He caused £250,000 of damage”

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        • I’m not sure I agree with these paedophile hunters.

          I need to be convinced that they are a good idea.

          I’ve seen a few videos of people going on these meet ups.

          It strikes me that the hunters are doing it for their egos and are plastic policeman.

          I’ve only seen one where one of the guys explains that he does it because he was molested as a boy.

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          • Agreed, Babs.

            Some interesting points were made about paedo-hunters – and specifically Stinson and others – recently, on this thread:


            Some sample comments:

            Ghost of Sam: “There was an infamous video floating around on Youtube ( must try and locate it) but he keeps getting it removed: the vigilante ‘pedo hunter’ Stinson Hunter who sets up those on-line stings. The one who was also jailed for 10 years for arson at a school.

            In it he mercilessly harasses a 14 year old boy as sets out and deliberately destroys the boys ‘village’ or whatever (no idea about this game). The lad is clearly quite distressed and Stinson laughs at him, finally telling him to calm down when he realises the boy really is badly upset.

            Why on earth would a grown man search out young teen boys to ‘play’ video games with on the net is a mystery to me.”

            Steved: “Not only do they [paedophile hunters] often screw up ongoing police investigations, but because they are so gungho about they way they ‘investigate’ that they often use entrapment techniques, which often makes any `evidence’ they have collected inadmissible in court and often the offender cant be charged at all

            And then of course if they are found innocent (even if they arent) because the courts ruled inadmissible evidence couldnt be used, then legally, they can go after the hunter- especially if they continue to have their utube movies up which of course is the main reason these `hunters’ exist, to satisfy their own self glory on utube”

            Ghost of Sam: “So there is a village involved. The poor lad was really distraught as Stinson seemed to take great joy in destroying his village. There was also a video made by Stinson or a pal, of 3 of them in a flat laughing at this poor kid.

            What joy would someone get out of that unless it’s an odd desire to have an emotional contact with a young boy?”

            Ghost of Sam: “I found a link to the story but I’ve seen the video so it does exist, or did. This story is on is on the infamous Tom O’Carrols website so you may wish to avoid. I’m not going to accuse Stinson of anything even if I ‘lawfully suspect’ it as I have no evidence or proof of anything apart from he did harass a young lad.

            But I think the psychology of fanatical ‘pedo’ hunters is a serious subject that needs a lot more investigation.


            Satanicviews: “Stinson Hunter is a twisted sadistic individual who gains similar personal satisfaction from destroying the creative work of a 14-year-old on Minecraft, to watching the life literally ripped apart of those he traps in his child grooming snares. Never think for one moment that Stinson Hunter does these things out of altruism, he enjoys hurting and destroying people.”

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          • If the motivation is to catch paedophiles they could do this, film it and give the evidence to the police. They don’t have to upload the film to You Tube and really shouldn’t until that person is found Guilty. They upload these videos prior to this though, because their egos demand it. Given this and the fact that they can muck up evidence anyway it’s really not a good idea.

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          • That guy called “Anxiety War” did this in our Town and caught a few creeps! He was Sued and won but agreed to take down his vids.


      • 60 Minutes USED to be an award winning investigative show back in the 80’s, but these days- well I’m waiting for them to show a “I’m having Bigfoots baby” episode…
        And I suspect it wont be long in arriving…
        George Negus must wince every time one of their adds shows on TV

        Also The Northern Star (where many of her claims first made it to the public- and was my local rag for a while many years ago) was being majorly misled by Fiona, as it was her (sister/sister in law??) who was actually a journalist there and who basically got the early stories (which werent so outrageous as to be totally impossible at the time) into print, and of course at the time once they got into print, other papers would often pick them up

        This was, of course, well before the widespread use of the internet, in fact it was close to a decade later that the Northern Star actually ran a ‘data race’ between a carrier pigeon carrying a data stick and the same file being transfered via the internet, the pigeon actually won! (I remember my own speeds at the time on a 56k modem not being in Kb, but in hundreds of bits per second due to the often extremely poor country wiring, and a yahoo main page would often take 2-3 minutes to load!)

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  4. Two questions spring to mind:

    Firstly, what are Fiona’s motives? Is she just some deranged fantasist who genuinely believes all that bullshite? Or is she getting something out of this, financially or otherwise?

    Secondly, have any of the falsely accused ever taken any legal action against her for defamation etc? Any members of Nicole Kidman’s family, for instance? She’s attacked those pretty hard and her actions caused Nicole’s father Anthony such severe stress that some have speculated that it may have been a contributory factor in his fatal heart attack in 2014. This was a man who founded the non-profit organisation the Foundation for Life Sciences, which focuses on mental illness in young people, and who conducted valuable research into cancer, penning several books and articles along the way. He deserved better.

    He is now regularly attacked in video rants and blog articles by Some Arsehole™ (a staunch Fiona supporter who boasts about having cast a spell on Johnny Depp), who has even claimed that Mr. Kidman’s family have tried to have Fiona killed. (Mind you, I say ‘staunch supporter’ but there’s currently trouble in paradise, with SA steadfastly refusing to take down some incriminating articles from his blog, despite Fiona’s desperate pleas for him to do so.)

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    • I think the people she accuses have such busy lives they can’t be bothered. She’s accused former PMs Paul Keating & Bob Hawke of all manner of crimes but they are far too busy making $$millions in Asia. Oddly she hasn’t accused former PM Kevin Rudd of anything but give it time.

      Much of these loonies are also vehemently ant-gay and I’m sure since it’s no longer acceptable to attack the LGBT community they have turned to Satanist baby eaters. She seems to have ignored the 2 gay, or bisexual former Oz PMs Sir Billy McMahon, father of Hollywood actor Julian McMahon or Gough Whitlam who died last year. Very odd but maybe now they are mentioned on here they will be accused of attending Parliament House orgies even though they hated each other.

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      • Her claims evolve over time as well.
        The Kidman claims now include her attending something or other with Nicole herself when they were both young.
        Talk about Reflected Glory and a Brush With Fame. No binmen was ever allowed into the Cult that attacked her, only budding movie stars decades before they became famous or sitting US presidents.

        Occasional coppers get accused because they, of course, guarded the orgies for the VIPs. Or refused to listen to her rubbish.

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    • ‘Is she just some deranged fantasist who genuinely believes all that bullshite? Or is she getting something out of this, financially or otherwise?’

      That’s the six million dollar question isn’t it, about all of them.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that most people behind these hoaxes are a sandwich short of a picnic. Even those who are on the make financially probably have a personality disorder of some description. It’s been estimated that one to four percent of people have Psychopathy (now called Anti Social Personality Disorder) or NPD. That’s a lot of people who are very dysfunctional and who create chaos for the rest of us. There are so many, we shouldn’t really be shocked when we come across one. I’ve been banging on for years about how we all need to come to grips with this, because not only do we have to deal with them on a day-to-day basis but these people are also in important positions in corporations and Governments around the world. They are predators, and from what I’ve seen, the internet can be their hunting ground.

      Of course, some people are just jerks but I can’t see anyone normal doing what Fiona is doing and to the extent she’s doing it without having a screw loose.

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  5. You do know that fiona went and presented at a dissociative identity conference aka multiple personality disorder run by crackpots in seattle in october last year. Even they found her story hard to believe from fiona indignant reaction that they treated her badly and didnt give her the star status she said they promised her. I have been watching fiona exploits for years from accusations againt bon uni lecturers. To witch hunts when employed by brave hearts. Oh hetty johnson you must be embarrassed now. To the prime minsters allegatiosn and stupid bill heffernan repeating them in parliament. This woman loves any scrap of fame.

    Best moments with fiona was on her return from ‘evidence’ at the child abuse enquiry took a photo of some hapless guy in workgear looking at her perplexed and her claims that he was suspicious and CIA. Laugh

    Another great moment was the 25 january stopsuddenly on facebook after making more claims that nicloe kidmen invoved in pedophilia but sudden silence only ramped up the follower in concern for her. Laugh. Someone with no where else to go trying to fake her own death.

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    • I’m glad you mentioned the ghastly Hetty Johnson who falsely accuses anyone at the drop of a hat of being a pedo as evidenced by an ABC TV reporter who unfortunately traveled in a car with her only to have her accuse an ill-considerate driver who cut her off as “probably another pedophile”.

      One should read (no they shouldn’t) Barnett’s ludicrous account of a “private meeting” that supposedly lasted hours she falsely claims she had with the Royal Commissioners in a hotel board-room.
      The commissioners do not hold private meetings with claimants for the obvious reason it would be very unfair to other witnesses. And they certainly do not hire hotel board rooms for such meetings, rather all evidence must be given within the formal structure of the Commission itself with stenographers, recording, lawyers for institutions like the Church, Salvation Army and so on.

      There are very good reasons under law for this. They often send an investigator first to gently question a person who is to appear at the Commission in order to weed out true fantasists. Fiona Barnett hasn’t even had this as they do want to give the liar succor to use the Commission for her own evil purposes.

      What is it about Queensland and especially the “Gold Coast” where ratbags , con-artists and criminals seem to congregate? Paul Hanson the political light-weight moron, the new Mafia- million $$ Hell’s Angel bikie gangs that have now Headquartered there, Barnett, Hetty Johnson, David Donavon and his website publishing blatant falsehoods?.
      The ghost of the old thoroughly corrupted premier Sit Joh Belke Peterson ( born into a weirdo religious cult in New Zealand) who never turned a brown paper bag of money from a property developer? It’s so bad that the beautiful beach is now lined with 20 story apartment blocks that are just meters from the sand with the result, by 4pm shadows completely blot out the sun.

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      • The crazies at the DID conference is non other than dr colin ross. Only after do some catch up on hoaxtead did i see that ratbag had already been exposed. So much fun to watch! Sad that they are taken seriously.



      This particular post is extremely disturbing to read, not so much as to her ‘harrowing experience’ but the fact that if it actually occurred, a person with extreme mental problems was actually left in Fionas (in)capable hands and under her supervision!
      (I noted at the end she listed her ‘credentials’ under her name, leading people who havent knowledge of her to think she was a practicing psychologist)


      Fiona Barnett

      BVA, BSc, PG Dip (Psychology)

      31 October 2016

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      • a check with the Bond University in Queensland on the credential check of proposed job applicants is warranted, all you need is the name and birthdate and a fee payment to obtain that information , perhaps
        Barnett has those qualification and perhaps not, the BVA stands for temporary visa , one down , two to go
        I will keep the world informed on the final outcome , and as a bonus, the result of my freedom of information application submitted to my previous employer to obtain a copy of an email Barnett sent to damage my reputation , perhaps that will be better than the stupid sensory snake clip I have been trailing, the designer indicates that you clip it on your lip to help, you might be scratching your head wondering what I am on about with this clip thingo , but Barnett will know what I mean, LOL, just a supple message to Barnett.


      • Spot on Brigid.

        Of course Brigid outlining such inconvenient truths will place her on the mobsters witchfinder list and position her firmly with the rest of us apparently demonically possessed band of grotesque maniacal barbarians.

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    • I’m amazed by the stupidity of people like Nathan who think it must be true because their stories match. If two people attend the same school, watch the same movie, attend the same lecture etc of course they are going to have stories that match. In this case both tortured to repeat the same story by Abraham, to the point the are speaking the same exact freaking lines in tendem over the top of each other to get it all out before they forget and he gets mad and makes them do another take.

      And for idiots like Rupert of Nathan who think they couldn’t possibly be acting, no child can act that well, I would actually say they are terrible actors, as they show zero emotion when recalling tales of horrendous abuse. None of this is any of their faults, with psychopathic junkies like Abraham and Ella caoching them, who have shown no emotion only laughter about the whole case, it’s hardly surprising it never sprung to mind to teach them to try and act concerned or upset over the events they were describing.

      Now for actual child actors displaying emotion. And no they didnt show zero emotion because they were used to the abuse so much that it was normal, thats a sex offenders view of normalising child abuse.

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      • Yes, Nathan – as that nice Mr. Horse has so eloquently pointed out, child actors are nothing new. Check out these two talented young scallywags, who put on this wonderful performance to welcome you to London. I hope you thanked them:

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        • How can that child remember that song and all those lines? This must be a documentary, far too convincing, no child could act like that and recall those events so clearly if they hadn’t witnesses those events first hand. I am convinced the hoaxers have never actually read the court documents, or any of the well written independant and mainstream media coverage of the case, as soon as they see Hoax in the title they won’t read it. The Judge had access to ALL the information, the hoaxers only had access to what Sabine chose to release.
          The police are not going to upload all the evidence they have on Abe and Ella, or things left out.

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      • After watching Nathan’s dismal performance as an actor in that odd giant dildo movie I’m not sure he should be commenting on the craft.

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  6. Brace yourselves. It seems Angie has latched on to Eduard de Boer – composer, rabid hoax-supporter, uncle of Video Man (Charlotte Ward’s beloved other half), and the object of Sabine’s affections (seriously, she goes weak at the knees at the mere mention of his name).

    What’s the betting that an interview could be on the cards?

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    • Good job he didn’t make her pay, he would then be part of the cover up and on the payroll of the government and social services. These people’s take on reality is incredible. I suppose it was God who sent the bus driver, and Satan who sent the “bent” cops who caught her son driving without insurance. They way she turned commiting a crime in that case into herself being a victim and targeted shows her opinion doesn’t matter on anything. I wouldn’t trust her to tell a blind man when it’s safe to cross the road.

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  7. Hello Readers , thanks for you comments on my posts, however there is a fly in the soup, I think my name has been blocked from viewing the comments on other peoples site , not that I care about that, if you can read it , please cut and paste it and forward it on to me, the news I get these days is good news , every time Barnett pops her head up , it gets kicked , there is a lot going on here all her so called allies are being exposed of what they really are , Barnett refers to them as her research team , she must be kidding, anyhow I just listen to a recent radio interview between her and a Michael9874958.poste 2017-04-23 , she told some whoppers in the interview , the radio host has been had , I enjoy your site , so do many others , many thanks to you all.

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    • Glad you are here. The O’Brien family has been thru hell as well as the people of Hampstead because O’Brien was ALLOWED to get away with it! I doubt Mark Phillips is dead. He is probably hiding from police and they got close. So he fakes his death!! Scammers!Can Anyone confirm his Death?


  8. Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner,every souless hoaxmob twat and every torch bearer exposing them lived there — on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

    Thankyou Scarlet,EC,Mabel the tea lady,office cat and team for so ably creating and maintaining this worthy vessel and of course chin chin to all whom have sailed therein.

    Land Ahoy me hearties (hic)

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  9. Just tuned into Stolpman’s live show (yeah, he’s on again) and spotted his slogan for the first time. “Usually right. Always honest.” Pffft! Tosser.

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    • Now, you’re going to think I’m making this up but I swear to God that Nathan just said (at 10:37) that nuclear weapons don’t exist and that no bombs were dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!! 😮

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    • “Turn off the honking”

      That should be his slogan. It’s what everyone thinks whenever he opens his mouth!

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  10. It’s nice to see Nathan taking it all in good spirits, he’s even changed his channel slogan in tribute to Raymond.

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  11. On the day we celebrate 1 million hits, it’s nice to see the “New to Hoaxtead?” post in today’s most viewed posts.

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    • Yes. Certain legal teams have been “brushing up” for the Hoaxer “brush off”. The can of worms is easily unwound here at Hoaxtead! FAQS! Funny how so many hoaxers are missing and “presumed dead” lately!? I wonder why? Do you KSC? You might want to ask Sara K Searer how her attempted armed Kidnapping Spree ended? And WHO ended it? LOL


  12. Stumbled upon this old video. Very interesting as I’d never seen it before.
    Lots of Belinda and John Hemming’s in it too.

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    • Thanks, Jake. I’ve never seen this one before and I always find old videos like this interesting, if only for the irony of things they said back then in light of new developments.

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    • That nutter who goes on before Bellender, moaning about children being “fingerprinted in the library every day before school”. Absolute Nathanbollocks! They have their thumb – one thumb, no fingers – scanned ONCE, which they then use to buy their lunch or take out library books by scanning it at point of transaction. It’s called the cashless system or biometrics. It’s perfectly harmless and it stops children having to look after money in school.

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  13. Are you bored with reading post after post , well, here is a little quiz you can complete, just for something different , the quiz is on Narcissism which must be present by early adulthood and present itself in various context.

    Fiona B is your subject for the purpose of this exercise and your
    answers should be based on how you percieve her behaviour and allegations
    relating to her whistleblowing adventure.
    OK , here are 9 questions ;
    Do you think Fiona displays,
    1 a grandiose sense of self-importance – – – – yes / no
    2 a need for excessive admiration – – – – yes / no
    3 a sense of entitlement – – – – yes / no
    4 a lack of empathy – – – – yes / no
    5 a belief that she is special and unique and can only be understood by,or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions. – – – – yes / no
    6 displays Interpersonally exploitive behavior – – – – yes / no
    7 a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love – – – – yes / no
    8 has envy of others or a belief that others are envious of her
    – – – – yes / no
    9 displays a demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes
    – – – – yes / no

    How did you score ???? how many yes answers ??????

    If you scored “yes” to five or more of the above nine questions , then the person you just analysed qualifies for a diagnosis of having a narcissistic personality disorder.

    Also , did you know that narcissists suffer from narcissistic personality disorder and it is defined.
    Narcissists are characterized by a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (either in fantasy or in behavior), a constant need for admiration and a lack of empathy,
    if the hat fits, wear it, I scored her a “ 9 “

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  15. Okay, so let me get this straight: you actually think little children like A & G [names redacted by EC] could make up that shit ??!! Really…….kids THAT young know about sodomy? and cunnilingus and fellatio?? really???? God, I wonder what world that would be where children 5 & 7 years old know all about these things, and not only do they know about them…they’ve PARTICIPATED in them with adults???????????????????????/

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    • You don’t know about Abe Christie, then? I suggest you go check your facts then resume your hissy fit with a few adjustments and a few less question marks (one is customary). Cheers

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    • Linda, you need to pay better attention. First, we have never said that the two children (whose names we do not publish on this blog as it is against the law to identify children from family court cases) “made up that shit”.

      We have said that they were forced by their mother and her boyfriend to “confess” to sexual acts which the mother and boyfriend have stated that they “brainstormed” and then questioned the children about.

      Yes, the children were sexually abused, in the sense that this information was forced upon them when they were far too young. They were most definitely physically and psychologically tortured by the boyfriend, with the mother standing by. When asked about this, the little girl said that the mother seemed to approve of her boyfriend’s disgusting mistreatment of the children. Both children stated that they hated the boyfriend, with the little boy calling him “the worst person I ever met”. The little girl said that the boyfriend called her a “little bitch” and that she would rather live in foster care for the rest of her life than go back to her mother.

      By the way, the children were not 5 and 7 years old. They were 8 and 9 at that time. Again, as I say, you need to learn to read properly and pay attention more closely. Also, when asking a question, one question mark will suffice.

      You’re welcome.

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