Why did the police never interview any alleged abusers?

Among those who still cling to their belief in Hoaxtead, one of the arguments we hear again and again is, “Why didn’t the police question the teachers, and examine them (and others) for tattoos?”

In fact, the police did follow the evidence as it was presented to them…but this question overlooks a much larger one: “Why did Ella and Abe not immediately take their concerns to the police when they began to suspect the children had been abused?”

One of our team recently ran across this YouTube comment from Pookster78, which we think spells it all out pretty clearly:

If you know how to read between the lines, and in some cases the actual lines, then it is obvious why the police did not question the teachers, etc.

The first thing is the broader context. There have been a number of ‘satanic panics’ over the years in which the police faced huge criticism and a backlash.

The story given by the children is extremely implausible.

So under normal circumstances I would expect the police to take a cautious approach. However, this was no ‘normal circumstances’. In this case, Ella and Abraham didn’t even approach the police directly. Sure, they went to Abe’s brother in law, a policeman, but when the police turned up as a result of him reporting it, Ella took persuasion to allow them to enter. So if she didn’t want the police involved, what did she want? I have asked Abraham but he ignores the question.

Let’s pause on this.

Try to imagine your own children had been subjected to horrific abuse including multiple rapes, being forced to murder other children, and cannibalism. What would you do? We think most rational, normal people would instantly take their children to the police…but that’s not what happened here.


Also in this case the children were under the care of a convicted child abuser (Abraham Christie), who was already known to the police interviewer in 2014,  because he assaulted his own son. Seeing as Ella only met Abe around May 2014, the caution Abe got for assaulting his own son must have happened around the same time.

The police therefore knew straight away that this could be a false accusation. They even mention that early in the CRIS report, due to the way the children told the story, and Ella’s behaviour. Remember, the police deal with child abuse cases every day.

Compounding the problem was the fact they didn’t have an accurate address for Dearman. However, they did carry out an investigation on what they did know, based on the ABE interviews. They did a drive around; searched the church; visited the swimming pool and sent the children for a medical exam.

The children began to mention violence inflicted on them by Abraham Christie. So by the time the police did get hold of Dearman they already had suspicions the case was false; found no evidence of a cult and the children were saying Abraham hurt them.

Just two days after RD’s interview the children were to go for their final ABE interview. The children then retracted and told the police what they already expected….that Abraham coerced them into telling a false story.

That essentially ended the investigation in terms of a cult. The police kept open the possibility of sexual abuse but further accusations would have to be made and Abraham would be the prime suspect anyway.

So in fact, Abe’s cries of ‘what about the TATTOOS?’ turn out to be yet another manufactured distraction, as he tries desperately to turn attention away from his own abusive behaviour.

Not that we’re at all surprised.


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  1. The funny thing is, all the police decision making was thrashed out in the fact finding hearing, and you would have thought, if they felt that this was the central point of their case, they would have made the effort to go, or at least send a solicitor. See drifloud’s tweets.

    Instead there’s the apparently imaginary medical bag to blame. Or whatever.

    I know this won’t be true for every individual, but high court judges tend to be among the brightest people of their generation. She’s had Munby and Pauffley among others, neither of them lacking in the brains department.

    They’re sore that a Judge made a judgement of the validity of Dr Hodes’ medical reports, but that’s what Judges, and juries while we are at it, actually do. Dr Hodes appeared as a “professional witness”. A witness. Dr Hodes gave her opinion about something she saw. With two contradictory scenarios, one of them will be false, or both.

    And still despite the publicity, no other witness has come forward claiming, yes, in the middle of the school day, the teachers disappear in to a secret room to do something, loads of people arrive for some unknown inexplicable reason, and children are missing from class and are brought back injured and having been drugged. Odd that. Sort of thing people notice.

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    • The Hoaxteaders seem to have very little understanding of how courts (and judges) operate. Strange, considering Abe’s long history with the law. But perhaps he wasn’t paying attention.

      And yes, where are all the corroborating witnesses?

      Not a single person–not a cleaning lady, not a mailman, no one–saw a single thing, or noticed the bleeding, drugged children afterwards? How very peculiar.


    • Regarding Dr Hodes the following was taken from a previous case:

      ‘Dr Hodes is a consultant paediatrician. She saw X on 4th April 2008. During the course of her examination, she asked X: “Did anyone hurt your bottom?” and the complainant repeated the allegation, “Yes, S did it.” On examination Dr Hodes found no injury to X’s genitalia and her vagina intact. She examined the anus using a colpascope. There was no evidence of scarring, anal fissures and tags, but there was one finding upon which the doctor remarked. Normally, in a child of this age, the external sphincter muscle remains closed. However after ten seconds of gentle movement the complainant’s sphincter opened and the doctor could see up into the rectum. This is an unusual finding, but of itself not diagnostic or conclusive of anal penetration. Even when there is no allegation of sexual abuse the condition may occur in as many of 11 % of children who are examined in this way. However, the doctor said that, absent a medical condition such as constipation (and no such condition was canvassed in evidence), the finding could be supportive of an allegation of penile anal penetration.
      Dr Hodes was cross examined about the fact that reflex anal dilatation has caused major controversy and the Royal College of Paediatrics has expressed considerable reservations about its use as any kind of diagnostic tool. It may be explained by various medical conditions, or it may simply be a natural anatomical variation. The doctor accepted the Royal College has commented on the lack of good quality comparative studies to assist.’

      No comment!

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  2. You are right. Abe & Ella and their merry band of pranksters are using smoke & mirrors to distract from the reality and that timeline of events that disprove their concocted fantasy.
    They are also barking mad if they don’t think the cops take abuse case seriously.

    I think Abe smokes too much wacky baccy to think straight and maybe Ella has had one too many hemp smoothies.

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  3. Be fair. Abe & Ella did what any caring parents/carers/guardians would do upon discovering that their children were being subjected to horrific abuse on a regular basis…They pissed off on holiday!

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  4. Thought I’d salvage a few comments (from various people) from Abe’s blog before they get deleted:

    “Abraham would have us believe that G wrote a single diary entry, and that diary entry detailed “tickle time”. Suggesting it made a lasting impression on his mind.
    Yet, when G was interviewed by Ella and Abe he never mentioned ‘tickle time’. Whe G was interviewed by the police for hours, he never mentioned ‘tickle time’.
    Conversely, G never mentions any of the other incidents in the diary. No swimming pool, no church, no school..etc.
    Ella and Abe never mentioned any diaries either.
    Any sensible person can see something very suspect about that.”

    “According to Ella’s email written in September 2014- ‘On one occasion, according to Gabriel about a year ago, Mr Dearman hit him so hard on his left year that it bled.’
    That would make the hit in about Sept 2013.
    According to the medical examination in Sept 2014- ‘There are two HEALING abrasions which were 2x3mm in size post auricular (left ear). One was on the posterior aspect of the pinna and the other was overlying the mastoid. G says these were sustained after he was hit around the ear by Abraham in Morocco and were bleeding following this injury. He also states he is deaf in the left ear following this. On examination of the left tympanic membrane, 0.5×0.5mm perforation was noted of the ear drum and two associated 0.5×0,5mm specks of dried blood.’
    The children had not been in Gibraltar and Morocco with Ella and Abe from Early August until early Sept. The medical notes that the children had not seen their father in 2 months (was mid July).
    Yet, Ella and Abraham would have us believe that RD caused the HEALING wound with dried blood and perforated ear drum, back in Sept 2013.
    This wound was clearly picked up in Morocco like the children claim. If ella and Abe can lie about that, what else could they be lying about???”

    “What i find strange is that about 2 months ago Abraham was claiming that the drawing of the 3 people, showed all of them to be wearing head dress. Yet, it turns out that just one of them had head dress on.
    Did Abe forget what he was meant to draw and only put head dress on one person?
    Some people have pointed out that the detail in the head dress far outweighs that used in the rest of the drawing (esp hands and fingers). Suggesting that the head dress was added by someone with better dexterity, such as an adult.”

    “And how did that ‘hunt’ work out for you, Abe? Ricky’s free (as are all the teachers, parents and coppers you tried to destroy), whilst your ‘team’ has suffered six arrests, two restraining orders, three gagging orders, two injunctions, countless blog closures and a deportation. Meanwhile, five are on the run abroad (including you) and two are under investigation for charity fraud. Soooo…going well, is it?”

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      • He is just no match for Ricky. He cannot even write a blog post!

        Yet here is Ricky using softwares to create, write a post and re-post, on here, youtube, facebook, twitter and the rest….300 words per post!

        Takes him over 4 hours to count the words, then he keeps losing count.

        Try this technique, as it will help you to easily count and get to 300, but stop at 300…count the amount of times you have abused the women and children in your sad life.

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      • well i guess they can’t ignore me any longer, so yesterday a few gaslighting put downs from angie, a curse, and other stoopid, so now they are i think creating some fake goods sites using my name and i had 3 visits to my blog from Suriname , i guess i gone up a level then eh 🙂

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        • Oh, you’re on the Suriname radar now–that’s always a sign that they’ve started paying attention, lol. Keep your eyes peeled for visitors from Spain, as well. 😉


        • They’ll be mean to you, you know! They’ll call you every name under the sun.

          Don’t let it get you down.

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  5. I see Abe’s latest blog post has that video with the scantily clad kids.
    He’s also calling RD as many perverse names as he can.

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  6. I for one am happy to show you all my tattoos. I have one of Abe on my left cheek and one of Bronny on my right cheek. I’m now the first person in history to have a pair of tits on my bottom.

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