Abe designed hoax to order for Maloney, Gerrish

Yesterday we shared two comments by Abraham Christie that demonstrated the fundamental fallacy that Ella Draper was “forced” to release the videos and written allegations due to a “police cover-up”.

(Hint: you can’t call it a cover-up until the police have stopped investigating and have attempted to sweep it under the carpet. Up to that point, it’s just called “exploiting your children for fame and gain on the internet”.)

The second comment from Abe in yesterday’s post contains more though: it also shows us exactly where Abe got the idea of the infamous tattoos, why he thought they would clinch the deal with Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney, and why he was so utterly incensed when that didn’t happen.

To understand this reference, we need to dig into a bit of ancient (in internet terms) history. Back in January 2014, a huge kerfuffle erupted when Bill Maloney breathlessly revealed to Lou Collins of the UK Column that an alleged victim of Leon Brittan, a man going by the name of “Andrew”, had identified Leon Brittain by a tattoo on his groin, and that “Andrew” had drawn the alleged tattoo for the police. According to Maloney, this astonishing information was conveyed to the Daily Express in some sort of world exclusive. We were unable to find any such article, but it’s possible that it was published and then removed due to its libellous and scurrilous nature.

According to an article on “Before It’s News” (which we prefer to call by its acronym, BIN),

Having filmed the ‘Sun Sea and Satan’ documentary on child-abuse and murder on the Queen’s Island of Jersey, Bill Maloney understands more than anyone, the nuclear bomb he holds in his hands, “The victim and witness is a very vulnerable person and also a very brave man for coming forward. He has a disabled partner who is a carer for as well. He suffered immensely himself. A child was killed in a bed next to him by Xxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxxxx then went onto continue to use this victim (Andrew) who didn’t die to perpetrate and turn him into one of them. Xxxxxxxxxx made him film a snuff movie, and when it was done said, “Now you are one of us!”

Well really, what more proof could he have wanted? [Ooh, the sarcasm is strong with this one. —Ed.]

How would Abe had known all this?

We have absolutely no evidence that Abraham was at all interested in conspiracy theories prior to the summer of 2014 when he and Ella tried to create a DIY version. However, it’s very unlikely that their mentor, Belinda McKenzie would not have known about this, as it was Big News in the land of conspiraloons.

When we first read Abe’s long diatribes about how “Brittan’s victim saw that he had tattoos, so Gerrish and Maloney must have known that the children’s allegations were true”, we admit we were puzzled. What did Brittan have to do with the price of eggs in Egypt? How would his having or not having tattoos relate in any way to Hoaxtead? It seemed like just another of Abe’s meaningless rants.

But reading it in the context of what we know now—that the hoax was never intended to be investigated by police, that it was meant to have been released directly to the internet—it makes much more sense.

It seems very likely that as Abe and Ella fashioned the Hampstead SRA hoax, Abe and Ella would have had their intended audience in mind, much as a writer might consider what his or her publisher would require in a new book:

“Oh, if that chap who accused Brittan saw tattoos, we should make sure the cult members all have tattoos, eh? Maloney thought the tattoos were important, and Lou Collins was practically wetting herself.”

“Good thinking. That’ll make it seem more authentic. Here, I’ll draw a body, and we’ll get the kids to fill in the devils and monsters and upside-down stars and whatnot”.

“Brilliant. They’ll love it.”

Abe and Ella have waved the “tattoo evidence” about like a flag, claiming that it represents “absolute proof” of the veracity of the children’s original claims.

What it really demonstrates, though, is their childlike grasp of how evidence works. Saying that “Person X saw tattoos on Person Y who he claims sexually abused him, and therefore anyone with tattoos must be a sexual abuser…oh, look, the children claim that these people have tattoos, so they must be sexual abusers!” makes approximately no sense whatsoever.

Abe and Ella’s naïve belief that the tattoos claim would persuade both Maloney and Gerrish that the case was for real is laughable when it’s laid bare. The tattoo element had been specifically designed to resonate with Maloney and Gerrish, and yet it had had no effect at all.

This helps explain Abe’s seemingly inexplicable impotent rage when both Gerrish and Maloney turned the case down—in fact, turned it over to the police. After all, he and Ella had gone to so much trouble to make the cult seem real—training the children, getting them to remember details like the number of baby skulls and how to cut a baby’s head off, drawing the tattoos, putting together a full list of cult members, letting that wheezy Finnbarr bloke vet them—and now Gerrish and Maloney had the gall to turn their backs on them? Inconceivable!

We know now that Abe and Ella forgot a few important details, such as how Ella could have managed to miss seeing the tell-tale tattoos on not just one but two long-term sexual partners. And in the course of attempting to extricate herself from this conundrum, Ella managed to admit that the children had been forced to lie about their elder brother being involved in the cult…but all that would come later.

During the earliest days of the hoax, when Abe and Ella were attempting to “sell” it to Maloney and Gerrish, the tattoos were an important part of the package on offer.

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  1. Absolutely E.C.! That hoaxster Klein was banging on about how HE was going to get subpoenas to look at the perps groins!! What a Twat! How’s that working for you Klein ya Bum!? LOL

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      • Is there even such a thing in any of the UK countries? I know you can get a summons to be a witness which means you have to attend. But if somebody here told me they had a subpoena I’d laugh in their face on the assumption they’d been watching too much Hawaii 5-0!

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        • I actually don’t know if we have such an animal here, but if we do I’m fairly certain they’re not something one can just buy off the shelf. 🙂


        • The Hoaxmob is riddled with junior cadet barrack-room lawyers who have watched too much Perry Mason,Judge Judy or even sodding secret squirrel who then proceed to egg on the vulnerable,mentally ill and plain stupid into believing that the blind scales of justice will weigh in their favour regardless of common sense.

          Often even when engaging services of a legal representative they even manage to mess that up if they dont like the advice or employ an unhinged lunatic that would be more suited to running a dodgy hotel in Torquay.

          In many regards many have so far appeared to have escaped justice but any of them could receive a knock on the door or court summons at anytime and held to account for their appalling abuse of innocent citizens.Not a shadow I would recommend hang grimly over anyone who enjoys a good nights kip.

          Brian himself freely offers the soundest advice to these deluded clowns.

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    • Stunning. Exactly how baked does one have to be for any of that to even make sense? Not to mention failing to notice the gigantic flaming hypocrisy of it.


          • Silly moo starts off with an incomprehensible opening line and offers her reader hope of some clarity by introducing an “i.e”.Unfortunately hope is rapidly dashed on the rocks as our already baffled reader is treated to a continuous jumble of verbiage that would have even Neelu scratching her head in bemusement.

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  2. So does this explain why so much about the hoax just doesn’t work? They weren’t thinking about how a real cult might operate, they were just throwing in bits and bobs that they thought Gerrish and Maloney would like. Explains why the cult has no belief system, no liturgy, no deity……why Abe was so livid with Gerrish & Maloney for failing him when Belinda had promised they’d be all over the story……it’s all falling into place now!

    It’s all falling into place now.

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    • I’ve been rereading bits of that really really REALLY long Icke forum discussion, and found this.

      “a person who used to be on this forum told me he had a telephone conversation with brian gerrish. who told him that he had told abe not to be so aggressive with the children in the videos. indicating some kind of direction whilst filming was still going on. ”

      No way to verify the info now of course, but thought it was interesting nonetheless.

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      • Belinda McKenzie could well have been aware of Abraham Christie from her good friend David Shayler who Abe was in prison with. Belinda, knower of mind control methods, and wired up rooms in her own house to listen to conversations and perhaps steer the ship, may well have thought of these two candidates to marry up to play out some kind of drama she would benefit from, in some way.

        Regarding the utterly ridiculous tattoo claims it would be interesting to reanalyse the audio of an interview code 2222 did with Abe and Ella, where Abe laughs ‘we can say ANYTHING’, as if they knew their fantastical claim could never be entirely disproven, as is the case with many things that have never happened.

        Another thing to consider is Belinda’s possible interference for profit plan. By leaving the school’s name stained, accused of such a heinous acts, it could evoke a hysterical response by parents using it, such that it would ultimately have to close down. Think about Belindas connections with people in planning offices (poss Terry star Mckenzie friend or someone similar noted on a council bloggers blog). Perhaps she hoped to help her sons, who are in property I believe. A witness who knew Belinda reported that she remarked that another local school would make good development land during a walk.

        As for the gerrish/finbar connection, which was reported, and is quoted above by Old Rat Watcher, a young journalist covering the case in its early days followed certain people in alternative media, and had some kind of relationship going on with them. This is how he came to ask Gerrish about the case. So this would give us a good indication of Gerrish’s take on what he saw on the tapes that had been sent to him. After then sending Finbar to go and check it all out for him, and he got told of Abe’s child abuse, we see why Gerrish was so reluctant to pick the case up. But when he did report on the case, Gerrish insisted that the case had been closed down ‘from above’…..and we all know who that source could have been: Ray Savage. So we are back to Belinda.

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        • I would love to speak with Gerrish openly about his reactions to Abe and Ella’s early overtures. I think he could contribute a good deal of insight, if he chose to do so.

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    • Also to mention and remember is, and how the so called mother and bf failed on epic upon an epic scale, they pulled into their hoax, the police, schools, church, social services, wealthy community, ex partners, the government, judges, media – BBC, newspapers, basically every possible way, every possible sector in to this hoax.

      But why?

      Why would they slander every angle they could come up with?

      Because it was the best chance, the only chance of someone, somewhere, out of thousands upon thousands, yes and thousands hahaha to make this stick.

      And they failed of course.

      That’s how terrible of an idea this hoax was.

      I mean, imagine all those that could have been found guilty on something, anything, for them then to say “I told you so”.

      This pair are the dumbest, most stupidest, thick beyond thick of a human being and their child abusing friends that you can ever meet.

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      • I agree, Abe and Ella are thick as two short planks. Their “reasoning” was no doubt liberally seasoned with cannabis, and all they needed was a bit of prodding from Belinda to think they were brilliant geniuses who’d discovered an ever-blooming money tree.

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  3. Does no one think its an amasing coincidence that abes ” witches brew” he invented just so happens to be the magical medicine for repressed memories etc its almost like he thought the hoax up to sell his product ?

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    • Providing the problem & solution….. just like Ickey Dave accuses TPTB of doing. There were also quite a few ‘therapists’, champing at the bit, to be on hand…. Had they all managed to appear like the saviours of children or CSA victims/survivors, as it seems they were attempting, I think many invested their time, expecting a future income stream.

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      • Not unlike HoaxGirl who promotes the Chemtrail lunacy and then helpfully sells little bottles of some gunk on her website to “protect” you from said Chemtrails which some fruitloops ( Abe?) claim are a conspiracy to spray us all and turn us into raving benders or cross dressers or something.
        Mind you if I see a plane spraying glitter…

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    • Abraham Christie is too stupid to think all this up for himself, he had help with putting together the narrative. Since Christie is a control freak, those that helped him, must have been restricted in their input, because looking at this hoax at any depth reveals how weak and disconnected it is, for instance a simple thing like a cult name. Christie figured that if he could make his hoax stick then he would have a market of lots of school children to flog cannabis to in the playgrounds to “free” their “minds”. Christie in essence is a sadist, paedophile and playground drug pusher. Also a fraud, a bully, a retard.

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      • That sounds like a pretty fair assessment of him SV. Personally I’m not convinced the hoax was “made to order” as such as this implies something that was made to be a perfect fit…… And it’s obviously not! I’m very much with those who say McKenzie took the kernel of an idea from MKO’s failed attempt to frame his daughter’s grandfather, looked around for suitable ‘players’ and hooked Christie up with it. She didn’t reckon with Christie and Draper being quite the complete and utter fuckwits they are, or Christie’s ego overtaking things and making him think he was “leader of the gang” (In a Glitteresque stylee of course!). – Corrupt as he is, Gerrish rejected it simply because he has more sense than to get involved with something THAT stupid which would bring his little empire down in a heartbeat. I think Maloney’s had a figurative drubbing off the police and is on a warning, further more I think the industry he’s tried to blag himself into has roundly rejected him. He’s a total laughing stock and that’s why he’s completely underground now.

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        • When I say “made to order” I’m certainly not implying that it was in any way a perfect fit, Alfred. But I do think that many elements of the hoax were specifically chosen, whether by Abe or by Belinda, on the basis of “who will this appeal to?”.

          I agree that the filming of the children was most likely based on Belinda’s knowledge of the MKO fiasco, and it’s quite likely that (in addition to any possibly child sex abuse images) the police in this case will have found evidence of Abe and Ella “rehearsing” the children on Abe’s seized phone. I think this could by why Araya Soma’s early posts about Hoaxtead emphasised that “the police have planted child porn” on Abe’s phone—this was intended to soften the audience up so that when that information was revealed in court (or wherever), troofers could nod knowingly and dismiss it.

          You correctly note, “She didn’t reckon with Christie and Draper being quite the complete and utter fuckwits they are, or Christie’s ego overtaking things and making him think he was “leader of the gang” (In a Glitteresque stylee of course!).”

          We very much agree, and have been saying so for some time. Abe became convinced of his own infallibility, and started freelancing instead of following Belinda’s directions. I’m quite certain that the visit to Jean-Clement was not in the original plan Belinda drew up for them, and in fact it proved the hoax’s undoing.

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          • The one thing none of these abject scum built sufficiently into their idiotic,self serving equations was the reaction of ordinary decent folk as represented in the formation and maintainance of this blog and the efforts of many individuals who definately dont take kindly to being mugged by anyone yet alone flagrant child torturing abusers.

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          • Yeah, I think that pretty much nails it EC. No doubt there’s detail in there yet to be worked out. I wonder how much of a surprise it was to have the phones seized? Thinking on Araya’s comments now they do seem somewhat “panicked”.

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    • I’m not sure whether the sale of the witches brew was something pre-planned or, when the situation escalated, Abe saw an opportunity to sell a product and grabbed it. In the end it doesn’t really matter – it’s still flagrantly taking advantage of the children.

      Incidentally we regularly have hemp soup in our house and I’m still not a ‘troofer’. Hemp soup is good for you because of it’s nutritional value. Full stop. It doesn’t have magical powers. Getting stoned every day isn’t good for you and if you do it you risk ending up thinking/acting like a moron. Not that I’m pointing any fingers. 😉

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    • Oh, absolutely, Julie. That was a factor, there’s no doubt about it. When the little boy does his hemp testimonial for the camera, it’s very clear that he’s been told to tell the camera all about the wonders of hemp:

      Q: I ate babies and I feel really weak about it. Really weak. Not strong. When I eat hemp I feel really strong.

      Abe: Tell the camera.

      Q: When I eat hemp I feel really strong and really strong

      Ella: When you eat hemp?

      Q: Yes, and I feel really powerful, but when I eat meat I feel really, really weak. And when I eat …

      He’d probably have kept repeating that forever, on command, to stop Abe from beating him, but his sister butted in and changed the subject.


  4. Never underestimate the influence the thug Bill Baloney Phony had on this hoax with the aid of the convicted con-man Christopher Fay. We all know (well maybe not everyone) who “Andrew” is and he, to use local parlance, has a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

    These creeps really thought they could surf into some sort of fame and financial benefit. Fay in particular is just a small time scrounger who has parlayed a brief job in the local council into a very dodgy “charity” (that lasted about 18 months) and thence into a fairly reasonable career of small payments from tabloids eager to lap up any sort of sexual sensation.
    ( If only people knew Fay’s real activities- I’m sure the ghastly looking sleazeball is shaking in his boots at present in case the wallopers look a little closer to his history)

    Anyone who has had any experience with Britain’s gutter tabloids knows the Golden Rule : they will eagerly use you if a sensational story comes from your lips and when the whole shebang falls apart, they will turn like vipers and destroy you. In that way, they never lose.

    Baloney was knew to all this and the arrogant little sod thought he was on a real winner aided by Tom Watson who also saw advantage in attacking ageing or dead Tories for political gain. Thus “Nick” was born- a far more personable & somewhat convincing story teller than ” Andrew” who unfortunately within 5 minutes convinced any listener that he desperately needed psychiatric help.

    It’s apparent that Brian Gerrish is fairly intelligent and cunning. Cunning enough to use a thug like Phony Baloney as a gofer and smart enough to cut him loose at the right time.

    If and when “Nick” does appear in a court on fraud charges have no doubt that Fay & Maloney will be forced to front the court which is why the pair are absolutely shitting themselves and have gone silent.

    Gerrish sails on unscathed having sensibly avoided involvement in a hoax and plot- possibly criminal – realising that Hoaxtead was just a step too far.
    When a certain American appears in court in connection with Hoaxtead there will be far more sensational publicity in the dailies than the Ham & High. It’s then focus will turn back upon Abe & Ella and why these two have been able to avoid the authorities.
    It’s a real indication that Abraham Christie is possibly madder than we think as he seems to believe he will eventually be successful when I believe he will end up in a UK jail. Ella? Maybe a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome.

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    • I’ve come to the conclusion over time that Abe is one of those people who’s able to convince himself of his own lies, despite the fact that many of them contradict one another, and others are just so obviously out in Lalaland that no sane person could possibly believe them.

      A combination of base cunning, narcissism, and stunted intellectual ability…not a great mix for someone who has made his living as a con man. Then again, the smart ones don’t get arrested, do they?

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    • “If and when “Nick” does appear in a court on fraud charges have no doubt that Fay & Maloney will be forced to front the court which is why the pair are absolutely shitting themselves and have gone silent.”

      There’s a lot more than just Fay & Maloney involved in encouraging/sponsoring “Nick’s” tall tales.

      Don’t forget, “Nick’s” claims were all over numerous MSM sources as of Nov 2014 and for several months afterwards (BBC, Sky News, etc).


    • I am pretty sure if it could be arsed to give its response number 64 would be perfectly content simply nestling neatly between numbers 63 and 65 without all that bollocks.Jesus wept.

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    • He’s wrong. There were actually 65 generations from Adam to Jesus as the long lost Gospel of Bert explains.
      I have a friend who lives at No 64 in a nearby street. But he isn’t a Mason and never got a VC ( I think he got VD once). I wonder if he’s related to the Duke of Kent?
      This is a fun game isn’t it.

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      • Lol GoS.Yes I am pretty sure at least one generation between Adam and Jesus got conveniently airbrushed out owing to PR “complications”.I have at it good authority that Onanist-in-chief Oblongdick was`nt mentioned in dispatches for starters.

        As for numbers with actual significance 899,144 is pretty damn impressive.


  5. @coyote – I think the last two articles contain some of the most important information about this case. Particularly this observation of yours from the previous article’s comments:

    “But I think Abe and Ella’s own words make it very clear: this was not a case of “the police covered something up and we had to put the videos and allegations out there to prevent a grave miscarriage of justice”. It was a case of “we have a great product that we will sell to the highest bidder, let’s talk terms and conditions”.

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  6. I was in a silly mood yesterday. I had decided that it was amuse me, to give Ed Opperman a live demonstration that I’m really a 60 year old Canadian and not a 30 year old American named Doug Mesner, by calling him up! And therefore demonstrate that Dipstick Shyster knows nothing about anything – since he’s been “exposing” me as Doug Mesner for at least five years, sometimes on a daily basis. There’s no mistaking my voice for that of a younger man…my rasp is at least as bad as Alex Jones, although my voice isn’t so deep because I’m not shaped like a barrel. 45 years of accumulated nicotine on my vocal cords. One reason why I will never make videos – I hate the sound of it.

    But – Opperman’s website doesn’t seem to be operational. The 800 # provided only took me to a voicemail from which there was no reply. The email form on that site doesn’t seem to go to any active receiver either. And today, I’ve lost the mood for that adventure, so I won’t be pursuing it. Too bad. Moments pass.

    In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations today, however, I will debunk Dipstick Shyster’s idiotic fantasies about this country. No, Col. Aquino does not have “bases” in Canada, and no, the Canadian military has not been “taking out” anyone within our own borders. Trust me.

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    • “The Gospel of Kevin,” about a troubled man (Jason Ritter) who’s instructed by a celestial being to save the world.

      Blimey,Shurters going to blow a fuse when he sees that.

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    • I’m already hearing, (in my own head), a lot of terrible rumors about the new Roseanne show;
      that one episode will have a lesbian sex scene between Roseanne and Cathy O’Brien, and in another episode the Roseanne character craps on an American flag.
      Yes, I can be a vindictive little prick.

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      • And contrary to popular mythology, “spells” don’t involve supernatural power, nor blood, nor human sacrifice. They are entirely psychological. But that doesn’t mean they are bereft of a certain ‘power’…

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      • If the scriptwriters tweak things here and there so as to minimize Roseanne`s lines to approxiamately nil and she is kept off set altogether then the rest of the cast might get a stab at doing a second episode. 🙂

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        • It’s preposterous to imagine, that Roseanne et al. could ever recapture the “charm” of the original series – the believable portrayal of a working class family – since Roseanne has been one of America’s wealthiest women since the series ended! She farts cash with every step, as bad as Oprah Winfrey! The best she could hope to manage today, would be a cheap parody of this…

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  7. I’ve just left the following on Ella’s so-called “birthday video” for her youngest son. I don’t expect much in the way of a response, but thought it would be fun to ask:

    Abe, I have some questions for you. Remember how upset you were with Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney for not getting in line and supporting your story of the “satanic death cult” or whatever you’re calling it now?

    Remember how Gerrish sent Finnbarr round to scope out the situation and report back to him, and how it looked like he was about to help you out? And remember how you emailed Gerrish some more details of the hoax on 11 September 2014, while the police investigation was still going on, to try and get his support, but instead of helping you (as Belinda had promised he would) he passed the email on to Maloney, who passed it to Nathan Numnuts Wedger, and so on and so forth, until it landed on DC Steve Martin’s desk?

    My questions are:
    1. Why did you immediately start seeking help from the “alt news” community before the cops had even finished their investigation?
    2. Given that you’ve claimed all along that the videos were released because the case had been covered up by the police et al., don’t you think it’s a bit strange that you actually sent them out before the police had even taken the kids into protective custody?
    3. What was the deal you made with Belinda McKenzie? What percentage of the take were you going to get? And how angry was she when you started freelancing the case and trying to manage it yourself?

    I’m all ears…looking forward to hearing your answers. Toodles!

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  8. What puzzles me about the Finnbarr recording is how did it end up, unedited, published in a compilation of other videos of the children?


    • Excellent question, and one which we’ve tried to ferret out, with no success to date.

      I do think the “unedited” part could be explained by a lack of technical skills on Finnbarr’s part—not everyone knows how to edit a video before putting it online. But we haven’t yet tracked down the earliest YouTube post of the video, which might tell us who first posted it.


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