Abe and Bronny: The honeymoon is over!

Was it only a month or two ago that Bronny Llewellyn, the Kiwi Psycho, was running a blog on behalf of Abe and Ella?

All right, it was a terrible blog, virtually unreadable, but still. A kind gesture to a pair of fellow fruitcakes….er, travellers.

Now, though, it seems that the bloom is off the rose: Bronny has been seen skulking about Abe and Ella’s site, clearly trying to get Abe to shape up and stop sounding like the deluded psychopath he really is.

She starts out with some practical advice on the care and maintenance of a blog (and you know things are bad when Bronny sounds like the practical one)…but quickly starts letting Abe know that she’s not impressed with his editorial leanings:

Bronwyn schools Abe 3Haha, she just can’t resist taking a poke at Charlotte Ward Alton, can she?

But wait, it gets even better:

Bronwyn schools Abe 2LOL…yes, Bronny, you’re right: Abe does provide us with far too much ammo. Honestly, it’s almost as though he wants us to nail him.

But Bronhilda doesn’t stop there:

Bronwyn schools Abe 4Do we detect just the tiniest hint of frustration here?

Bronny, we’re afraid you’re fighting a losing battle, darlin’. Abe is a legend in his own mind, and he doesn’t heed warnings, no matter how well-founded, that he’s making himself look like a deranged nutcase. In fact, it’s kind of his thing.

Good try, though.

As for you, Abe…


10 thoughts on “Abe and Bronny: The honeymoon is over!

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  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm……..

    It is always the boyfriend and someone else Brattonny, or bf and fcuk up Ward?

    Where is the mother in all of this? SILENCE!?

    EVERYONE is posting, fighting for HER kids, yes be it they are ALL nutcases…hahaha, lets leave that point out 😉

    But where is “Ella ‘Mary Hindley’ Draper-Gareava”????

    Astonishing! What Mother would leave something like this to “Abe ‘Ian Brady’ Christie”!?!

    It must be a frame of mind of people who are GUILTY of both child sex abuse and child abuse etc!


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