What was the real plan? The plot unravels.

We continue to follow Abe and Ella’s new blog with some interest.

Not the actual blog bit, that’s about as exciting as a mashed-potato sandwich. It’s basically just a place where Abe can practice his primitive verbal skills, making up words like ‘masodomite’ and ranting about how he’s really not the problem, dammit!

He’s wrong of course. Abe is the whole problem, as this astute commenter points out (after Abe mumbles some more about ‘masodomites’, just skip that bit):

Abraham is the whole problem 1-2015-10-26The comments, though: they’re outstanding.

This one, for example, notes that “JC (Jean Clement) contacted the local authority and THEY began the investigation. You (Abe) claim you didn’t want the CPS involved or public scrutiny. when the police came round due to JC contacting them you didn’t initially let them enter. So you moan about the investigation, but it’s an investigation you didn’t even want. What was your plan?”

Excellent question.

In what deranged universe would Abe and Ella truly believe that her children were being subjected to such ghastly horrors, being forced to murder babies, being raped multiple times per day, suffering terribly…and yet neither adult would want to contact the police? And would, in fact, refuse to speak to the police at first?

This takes us back to Finbarr’s revealing video of the conversation at Abe and Ella’s Hampstead house in early September: Abe was clearly freaked out at having come face to face with DC Steve Martin, whom he’d originally met when he was arrested for beating his older son. That conversation shows quite clearly that Abe would rather not have to deal with the police; his original plan was quite different:

Abe is the whole problem - 2015-10-26This is the nub of the thing: it started with Ella not wanting the children to spend a weekend in Sheffield with their grandparents. What better way to put a stop to that than to than to claim that an innocent family visit would result in harm to the children?

Sadly, it’s not at all uncommon for one parent to make allegations of sexual abuse about another parent, to curtail access. Normally this kind of thing stays in the family court system, and doesn’t spill over into criminal court; but Abe just couldn’t resist adding his own special touches. A little ‘cult ritual’ here, a bit of ‘baby-murdering’ there, and the story began to grow legs of its own. Soon it was running circles around them all, and the lies grew ever wilder and more frantic, just to keep up.

Next thing they knew, instead of presenting their complaints to the Family courts, Abe and Ella found themselves under the scrutiny of the police, and that’s when it all started to go pear-shaped.

Like most liars, Abe is terrified to tell the truth now. It’s all grown too big; there’s far too much at stake. Instead, he sits in front of his computer in Spain, compulsively deleting anything that threatens to topple his insane house of cards.


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  1. Excellent work as always, EC. And well done for catching those screenshots in-between Abe’s two-minute delete cycle.

    By the way, I noticed that there was a comment on there stating that Ella was invited by the court to do the custody hearing by video link. That’s the second time I’ve heard that. If it’s true, it makes a mockery of the Hoaxteaders’ claims about Ella not being able to attend for fear of arrest.

    One thing, though – don’t knock mashed potato sandwiches ’til you’ve tried them. Dash of black pepper and a knob of melted butter. Luuurvely!

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  2. There’s a great spat brewing between Angie and Charlotte. They had a little tiff about Abe’s hemp and veganism promotions a few days ago and now they’re bickering over Christine Sands (Angie’s a fan, Charlotte isn’t). The funniest part is that Charlotte can’t cope with the flak and has resorted to washing her hands of the post, passing the buck and blaming Video Man for it!

    Angie: “Trusting my gut until proven otherwise…felt bad when she was rounded on by us Brits after Christchurch…we have better things to do with our time?”

    Charlotte: “I see your point, Angie but Video Man made this video. I’m rather busy emailing 20 000 education professionals!”

    Angie: “Gosh duly silenced ouch”


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    • what a hoot. They’re arguing about semantics and coming to the conclusion that Sand’s screeching was out of order but the rest of the mob still claiming babies were on the Wednesday buffet menu is AOK.

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  3. I’ve met several people like the “it’s not over” mob who really do not understand that court orders are final (particularly in this case as there was an appeal). They really believe there is a higher order they can appeal to or if they could just meet with the judge and sit down and have a cup of tea with her they can set her right.

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    • I think it goes along with a general ignorance about how the police and court systems work. If people actually understood this, that entire ridiculous ‘show us the tattoos’ argument would never have begun.


      • Retarded in the most extreme. For ANYONE to look at this and think there is any truth whatsoever are all but delusional or mental…or both. Period!

        Sick, twisted evil people. Scared, pained, and abused themselves, looking for justice. The blind leading the blind. ALL thrown in to the pot together, creating more pain for themselves and others. Driven by pain, guilt. On something that has never even exsisted. Fantasies….leading their lives, creating their very next moment on something not even real.

        They are, be it them wanting to do good or bad….


        ALL OF THEM.

        This is “the only” fact going on here.

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  4. Ha, ha, ha!!!!

    You are ALL OVER this!

    Dig a little more, and your findings will be more of the same, but in spades!

    50 fold 🙂 😉 🙂

    The dam is slowly, slowly opening, and then BOOM!

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  5. Abraham is claiming RD forced the children to steal his phone. This picture is from a conversation that was started overnight on the coverup blog as to Abe’s convictions and his possible sexual deviancy in terms of past offending history.

    It has been suggested by Abe that the alleged child abuse videos/images (as claimed by Araya Soma) were put there ‘by someone who nicked me phone guv’ but the little guy proves otherwise: http://share.pho.to/9okrj

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    • the usual snotty sneery, supercillious put downs, and pity and patronising too about my history, but it’s all good to show the big networks, like Bishopsaccountability supporters, just releasing a film, the story of collaboration between survivors and journo’s, to out the corruption, very similar to what this lot are doing the sleazy tactics to coverup and their eyes are on this, and watching, helping, i’m sure.

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