Hampstead, the Green Party, and belief in SRA

Thanks to the ever-alert Crimson Dynamo for pointing us in the direction of this comment, found on this The Accidental Anarchist blog post from 26 July. Harriet writes,

Here’s a funny thing.

In the 2010 General Election The Green Party candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn was Beatrix Campbell OBE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampstead_and_Kilburn_%28UK_Parliament_constituency%29#Election_results).

What is Ms. Campbell OBE most known for? Well her promotion of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRA) of course! She did so through articles in The guardian and New Statesman, and through her involvement in the first all-out fiasco in Broxtowe and the Shieldfield scandal, which involved her and her partner, Judith Jones. Although allegedly a Marxist, Campbell’s ability to identify principally with religious fundamentalists is legendary.

Indeed even after all these decades, Campbell, who still writes occasionally for The Guardian, is still a firm believer in SRA (see http://barristerblogger.com/2015/07/05/satanic-abuse-a-reply-to-believers/).

In the 2010 Election for Hampstead & Kilburn, Campbell managed to secure 759 votes. That’s 759 votes from residents in the area. That was 1.4% of the vote, a drop of 3.2% from the previous election.

Strangely enough that isn’t the only connection between The Green Party and SRA. David Icke was one of the original spokespersons for The Green Party, but resigned after his ‘Son of God’ interview with Terry Wogan. And it is David Icke, Campbell and Valerie Sinason who are the key promoters of SRA in the UK and have been for decades.

Weird though that four years after Campbell stood as a candidate, Hampstead should become the location of a brand-new SRA false allegation fiasco.

To be honest, we’re not sure what to make of this. Is Harriet implying that there’s something in the water in Hampstead that incites some of its residents to believe in SRA?

Is the Green Party some sort of natural habitat for those on the lunatic fringe?

We agree that it’s peculiar that belief in SRA seems to have returned with a vengeance, as to most appearances it died a quiet and unlamented death in the late 1990s, but we’re not sure whether there’s some ‘larger meaning’ at play here, or whether Hampstead, and the Greens, presumably, are simply bellwethers for a resurgence of irrationality that’s begun to infest society at large.

Was the Queen drunk the day she handed an OBE to Beatrix Campbell?

So many questions! What do you think?


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  1. Side note: John Patterson was mentioned in a post. I just watched this hilarious video he shot of his mate, Patrick Cullinane, who calls the police demanding they come to the High Court and arrest the judge because the door is closed! There exist, somewhere, a collection of even funnier audio clips of Cullinane on the phone to various agencies, adamant action is taken on his very special command. I would love to listen to them again.

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  2. In Australia The Greens hold the balance of power, and have for many years, in the elected upper house The Senate where all legislation must pass or fail. They tend to be very down to earth, sane & sensible and nip more outrageous legislation from both the right & left in the bud. They have become expert at negotiated with the major parties to ensure fairness.
    No candidate like Campbell would get past first base in Oz with the baggage she carries. I think it reflects the fairly difficult situation the UK Greens where both Labour & Conservatives are so entrenched that they just accept anyone to run is an unwinnable seat, much like UKIP.

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  3. Thanks, EC.
    What piqued my interest in that comment was the Green Party connection. I wonder whether Beatrix Campbell has some kind of beef with Sophie Dix. Sophie has come in for serious levels of abuse, harassment, intimidation and persecution from the SRA hoaxers and it’s interesting that she was also a Green Party candidate at the last election. Maybe Campbell’s been stirring shit behind the scenes, having spied an opportunity to get back at Sophie for something. Just a thought (and possibly a stretch) but I’m just throwing the question out there.
    Thanks again 🙂

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  4. The Green Party attracts quite a lot of nutters, some of which are obsessed with Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    Meanwhile, the ruling party is actually full of paedophiles and war criminals. Yet which do you write about?

    I like this blog but sometimes your priorities are seriously fucked up.


    • While the Greens represent my personal beliefs in many ways, it’s painful to realise that the party seems to have become a haven for quacks and nutters.

      And we have not yet criticised the ruling party, because they have not yet (to our knowledge) been involved in propagating this case. If and when they do, we will be the first to jump on it.


  5. The problem is with the green party is it attracts loony left and the extreem end of the animal righs groups (peta supporters and hunt sabs ) and other extreemist groups…..these are people that start with the automatic assumption they know something that know one else does and only they can save us all, you cant reason with these people if they were muslims they would be in syria but because they are white middle class they direct there efforts to watching youtube video’s and signing petitions on facebook to save the poor sick puppys in korea from being eaten or stop the cruel mp’s eating and abuseing anything that walks on legs…….


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