Is Abraham a psychopath? Part II

Many thanks to commenter Mark, who had this to say about our earlier post on Abe’s long-time history of abuse: (Original post from Ninorc on David Icke forum, 25 March, 2015)

Still this thread chunders on, with those who seem to want the original allegations to be true – no doubt because they supposedly prove The Biggest Secret – and others seeking to condemn the mother as, ‘evil’. There is evil in this case and it emanates from Abraham Christie, whom I have known personally for twenty years but not spoken to in seven, because he became so abusive and confrontational. Is Abe, ‘evil’? Well, I didn’t think so when we used to hang out and nor, obviously, did the woman he married and with whom he had four children.

That woman, the estranged wife, has changed her opinion: ‘I do not know what has happened to that man he has become an evil moonster’ (sic – maybe a ‘moonster’ is some kind of demonic loony?) Well, you might say, she’s a woman scorned and that’s true, but she’s also the mother of Abraham’s children, who herself was controlled and manipulated by him for years: ‘I read an article with the kids being interviewed and it brought back memories. I know exactly what he’s done and so do my kids. It’s terrible, but the mother is turning a blind eye to it. Her friend witnessed it and said, ‘cos Ella is so in love with him, she chose to ignore it. Her friend said that.’

‘Can you hear him talking to them? He also beat the girl with a spoon. Can’t you see her head is still green (bruised) in some parts? They looked like he’s given them something to eat as well. The sick man has gone too far this time. He battered them… that’s what he did to me, spoon hitting, but told everyone he just tapped me, like he’s saying with this child. He’s so wrong, he is not well. I don’t know what is wrong with him. What does he want, to die? He’s not fit enough to be around kids. In another quote, it said how he grabbed the boy’s ear and twisted it. That’s him all over, but the mother didn’t say anything because she’s so in love with him. (Maybe) she’s slightly touched, or scared of him, but I don’t believe she is scared. I think they’re both enjoying the limelight.’

‘They said that this all came to light suddenly, after all these years, in Morocco, where he’s safe from getting knicked for the kids ‘cos of Moroccan law. He took them there for a month for a holiday, but it weren’t, ‘cos that’s where it’s all took place and he’s messed it right up. (Now the kids have been taken into care) poor things and I bet they are questioned every day. He has really upset or ruined these kids lives, the way he’s done this and the mother… they have both disappeared again. They’re making themselves look guilty… and some suggest that them two are the abusers and trying to blackmail the father… It’s really not looking good for him at all and his past history with the social services doesn’t help.’

Those who continue to defend Abraham and accuse some 200 people of being ‘evil’ should consider, if evil is being done, is it statistically more likely to be the work of one sick individual, or an organised conspiracy that involves teachers, social workers, police, judiciary? If you think it’s the latter, then I think you are being irrational. To say the least. Abraham comes from a big family and has many friends and associates. Why, do you imagine, do none of us support him? The ex says: ‘JP called me last week as well and he doesn’t believe a word. He said he went to their house in Hampstead and Abe and the mum locked the girl in a room and put a broomstick in front so she couldn’t get out. That was after he told JP that they had been abused and he’s said he didn’t like what he saw. Why would you put them through more trauma? So he left.’

The people who are fighting Abe’s battle for him while he lies low in Spain probably have their own agendas and certainly do not know him very well. I was surprised to find that I have Facebook friends in common with Araya Soma and I am afraid that one of those friendships, in particular, has been destroyed because that person, who is conveniently located to personally intervene and to tell that silly bitch to shut up and sit down, refuses to get involved. He seems to agree with Araya’s insistence that the people Abe has randomly accused should submit to examinations to show they have no identifying birthmarks or tattoos. I think that makes him a sponge-brained, morally vacuous hippy twit! As it goes, Araya continues to slander innocent people, whom she has never met, and her petition has exposed those children’s’ identities to millions. In fact, she is complicit in their abuse. If I was Dan the locksmith, I’d have her kicked off Facebook by now, at the very least.

The way this case has been covered by the alt. media has also obliged me to revise my opinion of several self-styled ‘journalists’ and commentators, whom I formerly respected. Richie Allen’s fawning interview with Sabine McNeill was contemptible. This woman has given herself some quasi para-legal status as a ‘McKenzie’s friend’ without apparently understanding how the Law works. There has been no ‘gagging order’ but simply due process and her leaking of the childrens’ police ABE interviews – which are sub judicae – is in contempt of court. That is why she is wanted by the police, not because she has done anything to compromise any evil-doer. Again, like Araya Soma, Sabine has herself abused those kids by exposing their identities. As for Belinda McKenzie, she does not even appear to understand the legal jargon and yet she presents herself as an expert!

Brian Gerrish’s UK Column video, after last week’s judicial ruling, was appalling. In fact, the only commentator who has been really perceptive is Thomas Sheridan. I am not his biggest fan (his overt jealousy of Russell Brand is pathetic) but Sheridan got it right in his analysis of the original video on The Velocity of Now edition from February 18th. I don’t necessarily agree with his conjecture that the amping-up of the Hampstead case is intended to distract attention from the very real abuses that took place at Dolphin Square, but it may be that shills operating on behalf of the PTB have been involved. I certainly agree that the hysteria surrounding this case and the unethical behaviour of the accusers has undermined the credibility of those who are genuinely concerned with getting to the truth of child rapists and murderers within the British establishment.’

Fascinating stuff, Ninorc and Mark.

And it won’t be long now before Abe and Ella are forced to face up to what they’ve done. IS ABRAHAM A PSYCHOPATH_


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    • My personal sympathy for Ella is tempered by the knowledge that she stood by whilst her kids were abused, if this claim is true.

      However, if she is a victim of Abraham’s violence she may be reaching out to people to escape him. I would be wary of putting a wedge between Ella and her confidant. Her seeing the light could mean that she actually tries to undo some of her mess. I live in hope.


      • If it’s true, then Ella will need support. Sadly, her inexcusable treatment of her children mean that a great many people who might otherwise be kindly disposed to her will turn their backs.


        • I have absolutely no sympathy for Ella. You only have to watch that awful “witness statement” video of her naming all those innocent people.. and listen to her ramblings in subsequent video interviews on YT, to realise that she has been complicit in the hoax shenanigans.

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          • I cannot say, however, I wish I could.

            Put the question to him and see what he says.

            He is so off the wall mental, Ella is also accused of been in the cult by him!!!!!!!!

            This is what you are dealing with!

            But she has done so much bad in the past, she only had this coming to her.


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