Video share: The Defenders of the Cult – Part 2

“If they attack you, you must be doing something right.”

~ Charlotte Ward

Isn’t it fun to watch Charlotte (and Jacco) continue their headless chicken act, still desperately trying to work out our identities. And it’s much appreciated too, as they’re doing us a real favour here by both adding to our notoriety and spreading further confusion.

By the way, if you want to see how desperate these two twunts actually are (and, let’s face it, how pissed off they are over us exposing Video Man’s identity), scroll to 1:07 for their “proof” that Ricky Dearman is into child porn, that proof being a rather obvious spoof channel (created by Code 2222) called Dicky Rearman:


They can only be citing this as a genuine Ricky channel out of desperation and anger rather than gullibility, as not even the intellectually challenged Charlotte is that stupid!

By the way, to ram home her point about the evils of viewing scantily clad little girls, Charlotte’s video then shows a series of images of several…er…scantily clad little girls. And not for the first time!

The rest is fun too. It’s basically a list of everyone on YT whom Charlotte doesn’t like, all presumed to all be one and the same person. And this is all presented as established fact, of course, and all backed up with her usual “proof”. Oh wait – scrap that last bit. I must be hallucinating, haha! Or is it Charlotte who’s hallucinating? Well, she’s previously admitted to copious intakes of skunk, coke and magic mushrooms, so yeah – probably. In fairness, Charlotte’s paranoia is amusing, though I do wonder what her former co-researcher and “secret” lover David Voas would make of her sloppy research ethos 😉

This bit at 2:29 also gave us a chuckle:


 Oh and pssst: the answer to your question, Charlotte, is 1 in 13, as it’s one of the 13 standard YT channel banners and is used by literally millions of channels:


D’oh! XD

And let’s not even dignify Charlotte’s cod-psychotherapy bullshit with a response. And if I ever do have a nervous breakdown, for the love of God do not refer me to “Doctor” Ward!

Charlotte does get one thing right, though – the flame-wielding lynch mob at 4:24 :


In fact, that’s a perfect image of Charlotte and her cronies. You reckon she might be in there somewhere? 😉

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27 thoughts on “Video share: The Defenders of the Cult – Part 2

  1. Hahahahha…..tell you what guys…..there has to be a collective word for people watching IDIOTS make FOOLS of themselves by thinking EVERYONE is EVERYONE else….absolutely brilliant…..

    It just is a hoot… is impossible for these twats to realise there might just be more than 20 people or 40 people with their own accounts making comments…..i love winding the shits up

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    • This is what I find so funny about those morons–if they see a bunch of us commenting on their stupidity, they can’t seem to wrap their tiny minds around the idea that we could possibly be more than one person. Is this narcissism, lack of intelligence, or a combination of the two?

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      • I think it’s the novelty of finding a cluster of people who can express themselves clearly and intelligently in English. These folk are used to a lower class of trolls…they just don’t know what to make of us. 🙂

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  2. And me me me I got a mentioin too…..wait till I tell Oberan lord of the Fairies he will be so proud of me….he said to me only the other day…… Hennie, my little pixie, you are failing…that bitch at Hampstead Research hasn’t mentioned you yet. I was thinking of plucking off my wings with humiliation. Today, wooohoo, I get a mention, that must worth at least 10 pixie points…

    Did my hair look ok?

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    • Isn’t it the best natural high imaginable? So happy for you ! Though ignored in this one, I was on Cloud Nine for days after being nailed as an evil Defender of the Cult in their first trenchant ‘exposé’. And yes, your hair looked flawless !

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  3. This is an experiment in identity masking. I’m so naive about these things 🙂 Since that’s sort of the topic of this post, I thought – eh, what the hey, let’s see if this works…

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  4. I’m feeling rather left out of this club. Why haven’t I been accused of being a Dicky Rearman sock puppet as well?

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  5. I think you are Dicky Rearman Sam B…….you have to be, everyone else is, and it is spiteful of her to leave you out….but we ALL here at hoaxtead comment board believe you hundred per cent, without a doubt to be everyone too.

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    • Propaganda for the hard of thinking. Scarlet should be proud. I can see an internet myth starting that will reverberate down the years.

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  6. Charlotte thinks Scarlet is all one person because we can all spell. It’s unprecedented in an online group/forum. Most of us (not naming names) are fairly good at grammar too and she could learn a thing or two if she got off her high-horse.

    The moral of the story. DON’T DO DRUGS KIDS. You’ll end up living in the back end of beyond with the police after you!

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  7. Charlotte is grasping at straws. ..she has lost her mind and is just making things up to make her look as though she is still part of the Hampstead Hoax.

    No one actually gives a Damn any more …The truth has been out there for a while and long enough for the public to know it has all been a hoax

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  8. Great post as usual, Scarlet. And bonus points for tacking on the ‘Where’s Ward-o’ game at the end. You have a real gift for effortlessly combining the serious with the playful…can’t wait to find that bitch in the crowd !🎯

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