Angela admits to drink problem that affected her children

Thanks to Steve P, who found this whilst doing some digging:


The video to which Angela is referring:

By the way, we at HR are very sympathetic to people with mental/physical health issues and we do sincerely hope that Angela and her children continue to recover and to get all the support they need.

In all honesty, however, this does make the hypocrisy of Angela’s damning comments about Hampstead parents even harder to swallow.


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  1. Yet another new low. I’m surprised you didn’t put a picture of her son up to take the piss out of him.


    • Hahaha, now there’s an idea, Steve, you crazy Scouser!

      Let’s just say we’ve afforded Angela a courtesy that she has not once afforded to the innocent parents of Hampstead whose children’s photos she has repeatedly posted all over the internet.

      Feel free to criticise that too if you like.


    • If an individual dislikes others commenting on their afflictions, then they should not publish such information on the internet.

      I support the policy of treating people as they treat others, an extension of the idea of lex talionis. There is also the observation that the individual reaps what they sow, thus to say if they spread poison, all they will get in return is poison.

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  2. I’m not sure speculating about FAS is fair. Children and adults with the condition have enough to contend with already. Mothers whose actions lead to the condition even more so in some ways. Imagine the pro breastfeeding militants but a million times worse descending on a mother. Imagine your failings carved in your child’s features forever.

    In the UK at least drinking while pregnant to such an extent that your child has FAS is not a criminal offence. There was a recent case where a council was trying to get criminal injuries compensation on behalf of a child on their books. They failed. Mothers in that situation deserve compassion IMO. There isn’t even a known level of alcohol intake beyond which FAS will result. It’s a lottery and the condition varies in severity. I hope the UK doesn’t follow the U.S. stance in prosecuting women who consume alcohol and drugs during pregnancy.

    Having an alcoholic parent isn’t fun by any means, I’ve been there, but I’ve yet to meet the perfect parent!

    And self medicating, if you can call it that, by people with mental health problems is common too.

    My own alcoholic parent I’ve no sympathy for, more due to the level of denial of the harm caused in my case.

    My thoughts.


  3. And having all that understanding, described above, Angie is still able to hurl accusations based on sod all evidence. When you do this and innocent people and their children are hurt YOU are an abuser.

    I’ve said before that I believe there has been a Westminster cover-up and I hope justice is done, but I don’t believe a medieval witch-hunt is the answer. Angie and her friends can take their virtual pitch-forks and shove ’em.

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  4. Angela is offering up her son’s plight publicly !!! there is a huge different in doing that and having your details strewn about the internet and the world WHEN YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG and do NOT WANT them all over the place. If Angela is not happy then take the fucking stuff down and stop exposing HER OWN SON publicly… END OF!!

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    • Also, Scarlet has been kind enough never to have posted a picture of Angela’s son. Even when she puts up screenshots of Angela’s comments, she obscures his face in Angie’s profile pic. That’s a lot more courtesy than Angela deserves and I reckon if I were running this blog, I might not be so generous.

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    • Interesting photo of her son. He does look typical of someone who has foetal alcohol syndrome, though I agree with Tracey that it would be wrong to speculate.

      By the way, is that fundraising thing genuine? I don’t mean to be cynical, it’s just that I find it hard to trust anyone connected with the Knight Foundation when they start telling sob stories and rattling collection tins.


  5. I used to believe in this hoax but I am so disillusioned now. The whole thing’s a load of shite, isn’t it. And don’t even get me started on Lisa Vunk.


  6. This is Cathi Morgan who interviewed Angie.

    Quite amazing video where Cathi talks about how she suspects she, herself, was mind-controlled and in order to get to the bottom of this she’s going to offer herself up to have ‘some sort of sessions’ where she can retrieve memories.

    Go to 13:15

    She is going to get it done properly though and is wary of MK Ultra booby traps that might have been implanted in her mind. Film was made in 2013. I wonder what happened.

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  7. I remember a while ago contacting the DATA protection enquiries line…..mainly to ask…if we copied and published articles and letters that someone else had given out herself to the public and put on blogs etc….would we be contravening the DP act if we published them. The guy said absolutely NOT he said that if you give up information about yourself, especially if you make it public you automatically lose all rights under the DP act. It is only when you are given something privately or nick it…..and then publish it you would contravene it….so Angie fag ash lill has put that up publicly, so she loses all rights to have it protected.

    This is the number….this relates to businesses and organisations but it is them I contacted…..they will give more information……

    “Call our helpline on 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 if you prefer to use a national rate number.”


  8. I have encountered people with BPD in the past. They are very good at throwing out accusations left right and centre with little thought for other people, even those who have gone out of their way to help them. The person I knew seems to go through regular cycles of entering communities, disrupting them, then burning her bridges and heading off to another set of victims.


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