Nazism In The Hoaxtead Movement

Jacqui Farmer, Ella Draper and Abe Christie are all on record as making anti-Semitic remarks, as are a number of posters on the Hampstead “Research” blog. Jacqui has also made over 30 xenophobic posts about foreign countries.

Moreover, the so-called “Truth Movement”, whence many a Hoaxteader hails, is notorious for a predilection for Jew-bashing and has an appalling track record on anti-Semitism.

And then there’s proud badger-baiting loser ‘CGI Plains’. You may remember him from previously posted death threats, abuse and race hate speech (and calling our associate Pookster a “halfe-caste cunt”).

The intrepid Agent B has been doing some tunnelling and has come across this rather cute photo’ of the perp’ in question, complete with swastika tattoos. Now try to control yourselves, ladies – he’s quite a dish:

cgi pains nazi

Oh and if you’re still not convinced of the psychotic credentials of this creepy Hoaxtead troll, check out his Google Plus page:

There’s an array of racist memes on there, as well clear death threats to RD.

13 thoughts on “Nazism In The Hoaxtead Movement

  1. Oh my giddy Aunt!!! the tattoos !! carved the swastika on his face, is it not considered as UN PC to display the swastika?

    Oh dear does this person really walk the streets !!?

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  2. Saw a vid the other day him with is mum poor woman she looked shit scared of him bit like neelu’s mum, they are so scared of their kids they just take whatever they do as ok.

    Has he any friends? if so why are they letting him do this.?

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  3. I often wonder what the person on the other keyboard is actually like. On a few occasions I’ve found out and been surprised, because they weren’t like what I imagined them to be.

    However, in the case of CGI Plains, his comments match up exactly with his picture and videos. Absolutely Bonkers!

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  4. Although he’s managed to get one of them rather ‘wrong’ (there is a correct form in terms of figure and orientation) – The gammadion cross, cross cramponnée, or Manji is by a very sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism…

    A Nazi swastika, is right-facing with 45 degree rotation. The Buddhist Manji symbol is (normally) left-facing and square-on. – To be fair this appears to be what he was trying to ‘get at’… Although right-facing svastika do appear in various Eastern traditions… They’re normally more ‘curved’ than the Nazi version ( like running ‘legs’ that would put you in mind of the Manx flag) and often have dots in the squares…

    When the EU proposed making the symbol illegal an opposition campaign by Hindu groups across Europe pointed out that the swastika has been around for 5,000 years as a symbol of peace… Hitler’s transient (in historical terms) and most-notably PERVERTED use of the symbol is actually akin to the inversion of the crucifix by certain satanist groups… Although that too is a ‘misuse’ of the symbol… (the upside down cross is an ancient symbol of St. Peter’s crucifixion)

    With all that said considering everything objectively, and being as cogent as possible in the circumstances – the bloke IS an effing nutter though!

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  5. He’s a walking stereotype, isn’t he. I wonder whether he’s real. He’s more like a cartoon troll and possibly just an attention seeker using a fake photo. I found some comments from him from way back where he was actually really polite. I think this new version may be an act.

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  6. NO! Actually! Hold that thought! – I’ve just read his Google+ page… The guy obviously IS a homophobic, Jew-hating everybody-else-hating nutter who can’t even get his totalitarian symbolism right!

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  7. I only checked his more recent comments which seem to be typical troll comments. Maybe he was more sane in previous years.

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  8. I could think of a lovely tattoo for him, wonder if he has any on his genitals?
    Better be careful though, he might drop his pants and show us!!
    Not so much a Badger but a Beaver, as he is a big girls blouse….

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  9. Ah yes, I’ve collided with that cretin. Seems to be an act to me as well. Interacting with Mr. Plains is about as pleasant as having to pass a gargantuan kidney stone while on holiday in Pyongyang…

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