Black Hebrew supremacist is an Abe loyalist

We’ve talked here before about the strong racist and anti-Semitic strain that runs through the Hoaxtead mob as a whole—Araya Soma, Sabine McNeill, Angela Fag-Ash Disney, Charlotte Ward, and many others have all shown blatant signs of racism and/or anti-Semitism in the time we’ve been following them. In fact, we’ve come to expect it from this lot.

Of course it almost goes without saying that many of the chief Hoaxtead pushers are religious fanatics of one sort or another—many parrot the fundamentalist language of evangelical Christianity, though they don’t seem to feel any obligation to live by Jesus’ teachings.

So we were very interested the other day when regular commenter Justin Sanity drew our attention to a particularly fanatical and dangerous religious sect that combines all the Hoaxteaders’ favourite things: racism, anti-Semitism, religious fanaticism, child abuse, homophobia, and murder.

Justin Sanity-Black Hebrew Israelites 1 2016-08-06

Justin Sanity-Black Hebrew Israelites 2 2016-08-06Justin is referring, of course, to Abe and Drifloud’s friend Desmond During, aka King Ishijah or Yohannes Ishijah.

While he lives in the Stoke-Newington area of London now, Desmond During (then known as Yohannes Ishijah) emigrated in 2005 to Ethiopia, according to an article in The Guardian:

Nine months ago Yohannes Ishijah was a familiar sight to commuters rushing through Leicester Square underground station in London.

“I was a busker. I used to play Bob Marley songs in the underground. I got arrested all the time,” he said. Last year Mr Ishijah inherited some money from his father and left his home in Crystal Palace, south London, to emigrate to Ethiopia at the age of 41.

“This is great. I think it’s incredible that so many years after Bob Marley’s death he can still inspire such amazing shows in the name of the Most High. Bob Marley has penetrated through time. We are with the King of Kings.”

Over time, it looks as though his religious beliefs shifted from Ethiopian-based Rastafarianism to the hard-core side of the Black Hebrew supremacist movement, which is (somewhat ironically, given the ‘Hebrew’ part of its name) openly anti-Semitic.

(We should note here that in researching this story we’ve run across conflicting reports about the Black Hebrew movement as a whole, with some claiming it’s deeply anti-Semitic, and others saying adherents take a ‘live-and-let-live’ approach.)

Desmond During on Twitter

On Twitter, where he calls himself @dezrez7, During is very friendly with both Abe (@hampsteadTBMC) and Drifloud, and retweets them frequently:

Desmond During RTs Abe 2016-08-06

Desmond During on Facebook

During’s Facebook page, under the name ‘King Ishijah’, features numerous posts about Hoaxtead, including illegal images of RD and his children.

Looks like he even bought one of Abe and Ella’s ‘Free the Hampstead 2’ t-shirts, which he’s wearing proudly in the top right-hand shot:


Meanwhile, the two bottom Facebook posts reflect During’s views about Jewish people.

Desmond During on YouTube

Most of you, though, will know During from his YouTube page, where he has posted illegal videos of the children, reposting them whenever YouTube gets round to removing them. Some of his other videos, though, reflect his anti-Semitism and his devotion to the Black Hebrew supremacist sect:

Desmond During-Hitler knew Judah Negroes 2016-08-06Here, During quotes Adolf Hitler, noted Jewish historian…

Desmond During ISUPK 2016-08-06…while in this video, he refers to ‘ISUPKProphets’. According to the Real Life Villains Wiki:

In addition to their volatile racism ISUPK are homophobic, anti-semitic and extremely anti-authoritarian: they believe that God will destroy every nation save the “chosen” and that Whites will be enslaved and massacred in great numbers by both God and Blacks while Native Americans and Hispanics may be allowed into the “chosen” (likely to boost their numbers and feed into racism by these oppressed groups).

ISUPK believe in beating women to keep them “in place” and blame them for the spread of HIV and the rise in abortions – although some ISUPK leaders claim they do not necessarily hate “Whites for being White” and treat them with contempt rather than calling for genocide they universally say all homosexuals should be put to death.

This sounds very much like the group Justin cited above: a virulently sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic Black supremacist sect that uses religion as a weapon and deems itself morally superior to others.

Why are we not surprised?

Desmond During-'King Ishijah' FB 2016-08-06

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  1. Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck are part of the Illuminati plot according to Desmond During. Sigh.

    Just what all these mysterious symbols they claim represent and how they are supposed to affect the “shepple” is never quite explained is it?

    I mean they can rattle off all the “clues” such as black & white floor tiling or how the shape of curtains in the White House reflect Freemasonry & Illuminati Satanic symbols and really expect us to believe this claptrap somehow will seduce the great pubic.

    Mind you my kitchen has a B/W floor which was there before I moved in so maybe it was used to chop up babies to put in mince pies. Anything’s possible in the World of Stark Raving Bonker Loony Land where this mob exist.

    Did someone mention in the last thread?..what a hideous dark place their minds mist be at.

    They exhibit not a skerrick of joy and every single thing on the telly, every newspaper article and every symbol ever made by man, all pop music and probably classical and Opera as well is supposedly a plot against their minds. Barking. Barking & Dangerous.

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  2. Love how these lowlifes call Youtube, JooTube and rant and rave about “The Cult” removing their videos but they still love to upload their crap vids to it. Hypocrites.

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    • Yes, I’m surprised they even use the internet. Perhaps they should go back to carrier pigeon, to be more consistent with their beliefs.


  3. If at first the world does not end on the prophesied date, get a new prophesy.

    The Israelite Church of Universal Practical Knowledge is a hate group according to the SPLC. That doesn’t mean all Black Judaism groups are.

    So, Ella gets killed or enslaved then? Sure Abraham Christie is fine with someone with those beliefs as long as it furthers his objectives.

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      • According to The Church of !BLAIR!, the human race will probably be terminated at 3:28 AM (Soho, England time) 2047, SEP. 14!. The church teaches that if the human race does not discard their plastic conformity, then the Gods will withdraw their protection. The Gods don’t want us to worship them; they don’t want sacrifices or even offerings. They just want us to rid itself of our excessive “Normalcy”. At that point, Astro-Lemurs (extra-terrestrials similar in shape to lemurs, but with rainbow colored bodies) will attack the entire human race and beat them to death with gigantic burritos.

        Sssh dont tell Mel.

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        • OK…. That’s fine with me. I’m on Glaswegian central time and any space Lemurs will either have to settle down and buy their round – passing the burritos around of course – or we’ll just set about them.

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        • I’m thinking the rainbow space lemurs could be sorted out by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
          And in the worst case, I’m sure J.R. “Bob” Dobbs could have a word with them:
          Church of the Subgenius

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        • You may recall that a vast swathe of troofers – including some of our favourite hoaxer twunts – were last August stating vehemently that the World was going to end on 23rd September (to coincide with the Pope’s visit to the US).

          And they were extremely abusive to any of us who questioned them on this.

          I’m guessing that a lot of these were the same troofers who 5 years ago were stating categorically that a nuclear bomb was going to go off at the London Olympics.

          Again, they were abusive to anyone who questioned this “fact”.

          Sooo, if anyone spots any retractions or apologies, do please let me know. Or if you spot Elvis landing a flying saucer in a Brigadoon car park and dropping off the Loch Ness monster (a far more likely occurrence, methinks).

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          • Does anyone know if a truther has actually ever been bang on the money about anything ever?Been racking my brains but so far to no avail.

            Its just that under the law of probability by now one of them must have got something right.Maybe someone did but they were a bit shy and didnt want to make a huge song and dance about it..Rumour has it Jesus had a fair crack at the whip but that didnt turn out to well by all accounts (allegedly).

            Between 1964-2010 the James Randi foundation had a million dollars up for grabs for anyone who can proove they have paranormal abilities Many came forward but they always ended up making utter tits out of themselves blaming the “conditions or vibrations” were not quite right and other shit.The chl

            Maybe its time we had a whip round via a gofundme page and offer a few squid to Mel, Angie and the cabal of ranting headcases if they can definitively prove they are not talking out of their arses by coming up with some hard,verifiable material facts to support their wild and damaging claims.The unclaimed money can pay for Rupert to spend a weekend in Glasgow or somewhere.

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    • Yes, it’s a little tricky to tease out all the threads in this thing, and I don’t want to accuse anyone unjustly. However, as you say, the ICUPK (which During seems to follow) is definitely on the hate group end of things.

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      • Calling that particular bunch a hate group is fine by me. I think the person with 88 in their Twitter handle might be veering towards the hate group style too.

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        • I found out recently that the 88 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet and two 8s mean HH as in Heil Hitler. Someone with 88 in their YouTube name was harassing me lately (in July).

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          • Thanks for that Deb
            In my spare time I am a volunteer and wear a sparkly suit to call out the bingo numbers at the local JHSWWS(Jewish holocaust survivors weight watchers society) in Golders Green and am forvever being verbally abused by the rotund octegenarian twin sisters who occupy the front row when I call out “88, two fat ladies”
            Phew,at last I have an alternative.

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          • Yeah….. Q… Just pointed out that the number 8 in Chinese culture is considered ‘lucky’. – something to do with Cantonese bats and the number looking like stacks of money or something. I think his wife is Chinese? ’88’ – Double happiness is a traditional thing at Chinese Weddings? Then Sam, our Indian friend pointed out that they’re a bit pissed off at their Swastikas being nicked…

            In other words, Nazis just make random shit up from bits they’ve stolen.

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          • And ‘Rocket 88’ is widely regarded as the first rock ‘n’ roll record. Maybe the group are all just massive Ike Turner fans.

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      • Fascinating! Of course I’d heard of the Falasha people, the “Ethiopian Jews”—I met a very nice Falasha lady once who had just emigrated and was learning all sorts of new-to-her Jewish customs and holidays, such as Hanukkah. Fascinating stuff.


    • Isn’t that profile pic of the little girl wearing a Swastika (a young Araya Soma?) a cartoon from that notorious Japanese child porn cult?

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  4. isupk and other hardcore black hebrew israelite groups claim they are the real israelites coz of a passage in the old testament that says someone had whooly hair, thats it! and they claim the white man is from a cowardly brother coz when he was born he had red skin, they are nutters who preach extreme racism in washington but they only seem to ever hurt each other. They are regarded by most blacks and whites as a harmless joke but they are basically the KKK mirrored

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    • As far as I’m concerned and one race only; that’s human! From experience I can tell you that anyone who has any element of multiple ‘races’ in their family will have discovered that racism isn’t a one-way street, it’s a multi-laned highway used mainly by out-of-control drunks! – Racists are utter throwbacks. And these guys are just another tedious example of that…… As you say, just the KKK mirrored.

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    • Shake a family tree and a Jew drops out. My mum had all those mad sayings. But shake any family tree and so many races may drop out.
      Australia’s resident racist ratbag Pauline Hanson had her DNA lineage examined and it was found her ancestors originated from Turkey which did not go down well with the Muslim hating dyed redhead.
      The internet seems to have brought all the racists out of the closet and you can see just how demented they are. But dangerous also.

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        • Racism has always run rampant in the “truth movement.” I noticed before 2009 that the so-called “truth movement” was very anti-Jew. And I saw it getting worse and worse over the years. In recent years, it has become much worse all over the internet, not just with troofer types.

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          • Yes, that’s what I mean by it being more open: in the past, I saw it only on extremist sites, but more recently it seems to be ‘okay’ for closet racists to ‘come out’.

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  5. Variations on a theme:

    Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
    “The group’s founder and leader, Dwight York, took extreme advantage of its adherents, sexually abusing their children and conning the adults out of their possessions. In April 2004, he was sentenced to 135 years in prison for molesting children, among other crimes”.

    Children of God

    Tony Alamo
    “Tony Alamo, a one-time street preacher who built a multimillion-dollar ministry and became an outfitter of the stars, was convicted Friday of taking girls as young as 9 across state lines for sex”.

    These links constitute the answer to a question. For Neelu’s trillion-pound “leans” fortune, what is the question? Anyone? Anyone?

    The question is…”what do real child-abusing cults look like?”.
    Thank you, Alex…

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    • What does a real cult look like even?

      A charismatic leader. Control of acolytes down to them giving their possessions to the group, cutting off contact with outsiders, having sex with the leader, apocalyptic prophesies predicting end of the world or similar, paranoia about outsiders, ideology or religious beliefs that are unique to the group.

      Off the top of my head.

      For some reason I cannot see anything in the Hoaxtead claims that are objectively apparent and that scream cult or controlled cowed group of people. The opposite in fact. They look like exactly what they are, a disparate group of people smeared by the vile Abraham Christie. And no Hoaxer nutters, being FB mates and some people actually having spent a little time together isn’t evidence of being part of a cult.

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  7. For your information. Latest Freedom Radio broadcast via Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. He intends to base himself in London area. I hope he is stopped at the border, otherwise there is going to a lot of trouble.

    htt p://

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      • Based on his recent discussions with Angie, it sounds as if he’s planning to be here for the last 10 days of August and the first 10 of September.


        • I thought Angie said previously that she was going to be in England for 10 days, then Ireland for 10 days, then England for 10 days which would tie in with the 17th September Rally, where I’m expecting her to attend with Rupert n them to interview these 10 people for 10 mins each that he has promised.

          Time will tell.

          He’s a ponce, buying new trainers with donation money imo is not on.

          It’s for bread n water n cheap travel NOT romantic pasta meals for him and his latest squeeze.

          I wonder if Rupie has a girl in every Port?


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    • Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV at around 0:50 minutes says he intends to confront “paedophiles” aka he is going to harrass innocent people. His radio show is about to become televised, so anything he videos or interviews will end up on the internet.

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      • Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV at around 1:16 minutes again repeats he is going to confront people, and he wants to encourage a culture of vigilantism against paedophiles. The problem is that he and his allies are making accusations against innocent people of paedophilia such as RD, and then encourages people to attack them. I have seen a comment yesterday by Jason Streatham on this site making threats to kill Satanists, which is to be taken seriously. People such as Rupert encourages people like Streatham to attack the innocent.

        Even if RD and everyone in Hampstead case have no connection to Satanism, the hoaxer message of linking those people and paedophilia to Satanism is putting real Satanists plus their families in danger. I think this has reached the point that those in Satanism are justified to act to protect themselves and their families by taking direct action.


          • Oh for crying out loud.

            It sounds like Rupert is getting worse since he has mingled with the likes of Angie.

            Perhaps he is moving in with Kev Weaver whist Kev hitchhikes to Scotland.

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          • I’m just having a look at that Freedom Radio page.

            I see Ed Opperman has a show on there.

            I thought he had come out as saying Hampstead is a hoax.

            If I’m correct, it’s interesting that the Freedom Radio have hosts of opposing views.

            Rupert being a supporter and believing all the tripe.

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        • Many people who attend Spiritualist churches (me) which is very established in the UK have noticed a spike in fanatical attacks upon their beliefs from the fundamentalist Christian movement and so many are now reserved about expressing their beliefs in public. Most Spiritualist churches are Christian based in every way but have the added element at services where they attempt to commune with passed ones.

          There is far more behind these fanatical attacks than people realise.
          The US Evangelical “Christian” movement has been cemented into US life for over 100 years. As Noam Chomsky has amply demonstrated they are part of a fierce US right-wing sub culture that has attacked unions for decades and promoted policies akin to the Nazi movement in Germany pre-WW2.

          I believe the Satanic hoaxes in the UK are a result of their fanatical meddling. Note that all these super-creeps like APD & N.Berry profess “Christian values” all the time while being among the most un-Christian of people.

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      • Given his stated intentions to “kick doors down” etc I would have thought he is arrestable under a number of laws include those covering terrorism.I would certainly fear for my famiies welfare if I resided in Hampstead because this drug fueled pyschopath is completely off the rails.
        Hope his mummy brings him his peas and carrots at visiting hours. Twat.

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          • If he does follow up and allowed through border control it will effectively be granting a grren light to any terrorist planning harm on UK citizens.He has and is stating his intentions loud and clear and heads would roll bigtime were he and/or others to proceed to inflict harm on anyone.

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            • Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV and the other Satan Hunters behind the Hampstead SRA have the same obsession and mindstate as the Islamic State.

              I no longer have confidence in the legal authorities to protect the innocent.

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          • Indeed FA.Angies own border control facilties are so slack it may have given Rupert a false sense of how things operate on this side of the pond.
            Possibly his thinking is not entirely flawed regarding that.Time will tell.

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        • Presumably as the would-be child abuser Quaintance went through Irish immigration he will have no problem entering the UK yes?


      • “I’m temporarily not a comedian.”

        Hmm, just take out the word ‘temporarily’ and you’ll have an excellent description of yourself there, Rupert.

        “I’m trying to find this one article. Something about 500,000 people raped. You know, they did some kind of a survey, or they…er…something.”

        First-rate research, fact-checking and preparation as always there, Roops.

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        • Rupert the lying twat is claiming that we’ve been sending him death threats.

          And EC, can I nominate Angela’s comment that “the lady doth protest too much – they’re putting way too much time and effort into this to suppress the truth” for the Hoaxtead Hypocrisy Award? (Though Rupert’s rant about how we’re rude and insulting must surely come a close second.)

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          • Mel Ve has to be in the running with her ” I have an open mind” assertion.
            Whilst understanding they are both mentally challenged surely we can find a place in in our hearts to honour Jake and Kev for going beyond the call of duty in their outstanding contributtions to verbal wankery.

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          • Or her classic: “I’m not a racist or white supremacist but under Apartheid black people had their own post office queues and parks – they didn’t need to use ours.”

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          • Angela must eat, sleep n crap Hampstead.

            She can’t have time for much else, even to chat to her boys, one of whom she is supposedly a full-time carer of for benefit purposes. Meaning she spends approx 36 hours a week caring for him. Puh! Not even 36 mins a week.

            Angela’s got plenty of time to chat to Rupert and the rest though. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

            I wonder what her daughter thinks of her Mother’s behaviour?

            I did notice Gabriella put on her sunglasses as soon as Angela said “Rupert says hi” in one of those Angela’s Caches comedies. Obviously not keen on him. Most probably seen it all before.

            I wonder what the local neighbours in Oldcastle think of Rupert? Or does Angela only go out with him at the dark of night so he’s not to be seen.

            At least in Lanzagrotty people will think he’s her son or even grandson, as they wine and dine on a Pasta meal at one of the local eateries, paid for of course by the saps back in England.

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        • “Does anybody want a fist fight? Do any of you paedophile faggot assholes want a fist fight? Coz I would drop you like a fly. I can’t stand it.”

          Yeah, Rupert – any time, any place, you lying child-abusing GILF-shagging twat.

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        • Rupert is right to be upset about the number of rapes and sexual abuse cases. It’s all new to him and seems to have hit him hard – in that respect he’s a normal human being. He seems to think though that if someone is accused of being a paedophile then they’re fair game and has no understanding that his aggression is, in part, being misdirected towards a lot of innocent people.

          As we don’t live in the wild west I suggest he calms it down because the authorities here are aware of him and won’t take kindly to any illegal activity on his part. He’s already on thin ice because he’s on the radio inciting violence like some kind of lunatic. He seems to have no understanding that he’s been manipulated by those around him and that he’s being set-up big time. The cause needs a martyr. Rupert?

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          • I would agree if he knew what rape statistics he’s upset about. He doesn’t. Everyone has a right to their views but not to base them on blind speculation, erroneous information and idle gossip.

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          • To be fair, CP, Angie’s chain smoking must be putting a dent in her pocket and she will require assets to remain out of harms way whilst she sends her super soldier mega arsehole into battle to ears his corn and the shit hits the fan.

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          • He’s scared. What are the chances that he’s ranting so he makes sure he gets turned back at border control? He doesn’t want to come does he but he’s got no choice cos he’s taken money from people.

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      • Has Rupert forgotten that we all heard him stating how he would like to have sex with a child to see what it is like?

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  8. “Investigative journalism website Exaro closes

    Despite its small size, Exaro has broken a number of high-profile stories, including a string of allegations about alleged child abuse by senior figures in government and politics that have prompted follow-ups by other media outlets and police investigations.

    However, its role in publishing allegations of a paedophile ring centred around Dolphin Square in London has proved controversial. In March, the Metropolitan police’s Operation Midland investigation, which relied heavily on evidence provided by one of Exaro’s main sources, known as Nick, collapsed.”

    [PS: there’s nothing in that article about the owner being arrested, as Angela’s claiming. I think that’s typical Angie bullshit.]

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    • The real story behind Exaro closing is the owner and backer who is a rich financier pulled the plug because he was threatened with a massive law-suit by the Brittan family who were not going to take their false assertions lying down.

      That would have opened the floodgates as it would have meant dragging into court the nutcases like “Nick” & ” Darren” & police who did not do due diligence and the Exaro hacks who outrageously accompanied “Nick” at police interviews.

      Even “Nick” etc would possibly have had a case to sue Exaro as did genuine victims.

      One genuine victim I personally know has now engaged a solicitor after contacting Exaro nearly 2 years ago who pumped him for endless information as they tried to infer a place where he had been raped as a teen by 3 men may have been Elm Guest House which he had never heard of before.
      Then Exaro just dropped contact with him which he says sent him into a depression and although recovered he is now quite distraught that the Exaro records of his email interviews could be floating around.

      The former owner Jerome Booth suddenly pulled the plug on the website right after assuring those working there he would be investing new funds, presumably on the fact that winding up the company would prevent any lawsuits & there is a fairly credible story that the Brittan family demanded no less: remember Leon Brittan’s widow suffered terribly because of the false claims.

      The vile creatures like Power-Disney can make of what they will that Booth was finding himself persona non grata among circles of power after the appalling Lord Bramall claims and while the website originally did some very good work uncovering financial misdeeds which was why he funded it in the first place but apparently Booth was furious it had diverted into an outlet for lurid accusations with no evidence.


  9. We are now entering the very dangerous waters of racism and terrorism. I would advice anyone to cool down because many of us travel in the Cities of Paris and London and we are in danger of being killed by these fanatics.

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    • I agree. This isn’t something anyone should try to take on themselves. As we’ve said all along, if Rupert does anything illegal, the police should be notified immediately. They are well aware of his antics, and will shut him down promptly.


  10. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV is the last major card that the Satan Hunters behind the Hampstead SRA hoax have to play. Unfortunately Quaintance is a dangerous card, as he is the type to unite and motivate people to take actions they would not otherwise take. Quaintance will come under the banner of investigating paedophiles in order to make a name for himself and attempt to cut out a role for himself in what is an empty and mediocre life. His activity will cause considerable distress to innocent people, bring violence to the streets of London and open a new chapter of harrassment and intimidation for the victims of Hampstead, because he will be on their doorsteps filming them and gathering more material to pile onto the internet to harrass them further.

    The legal authorities ignore this threat at their peril as it will cause them to expend a vast amount of critical resources putting right what this man is going to cause. The solution is to stop this man from entering the UK, and it is probably down to all of us to make sure the authorities know about Quaintance and act to deny him entry when he appears at our harbours or airports.

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    • I agree.
      Quaintance exhibits the sort of mentality I found so often over the years in middle USA (among so many wonderful people)- a sort of arrogance that sadly the US can breed- a total ignorance of the world outside their own sphere and upon discovering some lurid new ‘thing’ a fanatical adoption of mad claims that have nil evidence to back them up.

      The internet has bred a new generation of them. Quaintance is a good example as a do-nothing lay-about who really does believe he has a career in the media.

      There are so many players like him who delude themselves- Mel Ve and her ridiculous CNN which we know has a viewership less than the occupant in ladies lounge in the local pub. Genuine journalists would be embarrassed to think they have an audience of under 10 people but this mob delude themselves that because the internet reaches billions of people that somehow they do as well. I know real journalists on local newspapers who have 10,000s of weekly readers but they do delude themselves that they have real influence.

      The dangers of Rupert Quaintance – quite apart from his expressed desire to rape a child – is that he may inspire those who are clearly not 100%- the Jakes of the world who may think they need to physically attack someone to put the world at rights.

      Quaintance may not have quite breached the rules to enter the UK although I think he has by announcing he will “kick down doors” and so on as listed here so often. The very least that should happen is Quaintance is taken aside by Immigration and lectured that he is only permitted to enter the UK on the basis he obeys it’s laws.

      But if he does harass or attack even one person the police could be held accountable as they have been repeatedly warned many times.

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  11. Well Rupert will get Sabine arrested yet again if he enters the 200m perimeter of Hampstead or whatever the Restraining Order says.

    Sabine has donated to his travels, so he will be acting as her “Agent” if he does so imo.

    Here’s your chance Rupert not to go anywhere near Hampstead.

    Get out whist you can and go back to Virginia to Mom.

    Perhaps she’ll cook you some nice Pasta with carrots n peas.

    Rupert hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing or what he could get himself caught up in.

    Angie is grooming him like a “good un”, except she’s not good.

    I’m not sure who these 10 people a day he thinks he is going to interview are.

    If he gets anywhere near Hampstead Rupert is going to get himself arrested, the fool.

    All for a free meal and a bit of f….

    I’ve now realised Rupert and Angie are both going to attend the Rally at Westminster on 17th September.

    Joining the dots as you do.

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  12. I disagree with satanicviews latest comment 100% In fact the opposite will happen. . Once anyone including this Sick MF rupert comes to UK to steer Trouble the antiterorrist police will intervene and new laws.


    • Rupert has leapfrogged any thresholds regarding the response from the authorities.Any softly softly “right to free speech” crap has long past with his unequivocal statements of intent both to incite and use arms against citizens of these islands.Many other charges can be thrown at him if he so much as attempts to set foot in this country
      Maybe he is hoping for Brits to fund his flight home to mother when he is repatriated and for his parents to bail him out of shit he will face on his return stateside.He probably dreams of getting onto Oprah to sell his story and his 5 mins of fame.
      The loser is not a comedian but he will raise a chortle or three when seen in his orange jump suit. Wanker.


  13. Yep Rupert’s stated he’s got guns.

    I take that, as his intent to bring them in to England.

    I can’t see how he’s going to achieve that.

    Possibly by boat?

    It’s all bs of course.

    Anyone that was actually going to do anything, wouldn’t be telling all and sundry of their plans.

    He’s mentally ill at the very least. Lives in a dream world. Fancy someone of 37 never having had a proper job. A spoilt brat, over indulged by his Mom at least.

    I think you have a point, that he’s hoping he gets sent back by the UK Border Agency to the good ole US of A.

    Rupert will achieve sweet fanny adams in England.


    • Agree FA anyone with a semblance of sanity planning to commit such crimes would be very quiet and not broadcast such intent.This may well point towards bravado,seeking accolades in an otherwise pathetic,futile existence. (Sad Roopy)

      Rupert evidently has several screws missing to put it mildly not aided by paranoia fueled by excessive self medication.This has been tapped into by the likes of Angie who far from acting as friend and urging caution is egging her manchild puppet on at each turn. Some weird maternal deprivation shit going on there.(Mad Roopy)

      The authorities cannot blithly hope Ruperts stated intentions are just hot air as a clear potential remains that he will follow through with the threats or even worse.That would take some explaining in a post serious incident inquiry and the authorities will be cognizant of that as one imagines they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. (Bad Roopy)

      EC advises that the police are well aware of Ruperts antics and on that basis I for one would be gobsmacked if he were afforded admission to the Uk. But hey stranger things have happened. 😦

      Rupert has spent a fair bit of time in Amsterdam of late and I am sure he mentioned having connections in the hells angels somewhere in his ramblings. .. again possibly utter bollox.
      However,There are a number of Pubs/coffee shops in Amsterdam frequented/run by chapters of the angels.
      From what I understand most of these guys would have nothing to do with this twat but others are very much into organized crime and potentially could assist with “this and that”if the terms were right.
      Probably right off beam but should not be entirely dismissed maybe.


      • My solicitor has encountered the Hells Angels in Oz in various lawsuits.
        Those on bikes are just like front men but behind them are well organized crime gangs who are loosely affiliated as various Mafia mobs were.
        They have their own lawyers and accountants. Senior ranks may ride bikes in leather jackets at times but mainly they get about in suits and BMWs. The arrival of the internet and online financing has been a huge boost to these gangs and they are stronger and more powerful than ever.

        Quaintance is the ideal mug candidate to be chatted up by these gangsters who are always on the look our for some dimwitted dill who can be used without them even knowing.


    • I know Fanny Adams and she wouldn’t touch a goon like Rupert with a barge pole. Not after Angie’s had her mitts on him.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. These two nutters are tragic and hilarious in equal measure. I finally understand what ambivalence is.


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