Death Threats On YouTube

Here are some old videos from a member of our YouTube collective, in response to the troll Jacqui Farmer’s hypocritical rants about death threats. The endless threats, slander and abuse that my colleagues and I have received from these trolls, simply for daring to disagree with them in a free country, has been jaw-dropping. And the examples shown in these videos are just the tip of a colossal iceberg. But hey, despite such desperate attempts to shut us up by trolls like Jacqui Farmer and the handful of creepy trolls gullible and lonely enough to follow her, we’re still standing, still fighting, still sticking two fingers up at the creepy Hoaxtead cult and the angry trolls who support it. And our numbers are growing rapidly! And now that we have the troll Jacqui Farmer’s name, photo and address (thanks, HP), all that’s left to say is…TICK TOCK!

Enjoy the vids 🙂