Jacqui The Troll: Made Up Stories, Made Up Replies

♫ Jacqui Troll, she tells lies

Then makes up pretend replies

With a nick nack paddy whack, give the bitch a bone

Jacqui’s best left well alone ♫


As you all know, we at Hoaxtead Research have a stringent zero-tolerance policy against violent threats. And on the frequent occasions when Jacqui’s team have issued them to us (including countless death threats), we have screenshot them and displayed them as evidence. On not one single occasion have I or any member of our team issued a threat of violence towards anybody. Fact. Jacqui the Troll, however, is claiming that I posted one yesterday. Yet she’s mysteriously unable to offer any supporting evidence, as requested, or even quote what I am alleged to have said, despite having made the allegation in three separate posts. To be fair, providing evidence to support serious allegations never has been Hoaxteaders’ strong point, as has been repeatedly demonstrated. But she really is doing her (already diminished) credibility no favours here. Even among her own former supporters, we gather.

For the record, I am a staunch pacifist who doesn’t even believe in arguably fashionable ideas such as the death penalty or smacking children!

Oh and ironically, the above complaint about my fictitious threat, from one of Jacqui’s made-up supporters, contains…er…a death threat!

And this is Jacqui’s very telling response to this death threat: “Thanks to that person. Our sentiments entirely.”

You really couldn’t make these people up, could you?   rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-smiley-emoticon

Something tells me the fruitcakes are getting desperate now that they know they’re fighting a losing battle. And it’s very pleasing to watch 🙂


5 thoughts on “Jacqui The Troll: Made Up Stories, Made Up Replies

  1. Heh Scarlet, they’re saying you may be a member of the cult now!! I’m beginning to wonder just WHO isn’t a bleedin member now.

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    • Ah, The Cult 🙂
      Well, when Mike Dimkich left the band, I saw my opportunity and seized it. There’s been no blood-letting yet but I’m a demon on the bass!


  2. Attention HQH
    located the Shag Pile Carpet
    The cult think it is a magic one
    Sorry we lost sight of the unicorn
    Agent 67 is bringing the Dyson

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    • Thank you, Sir. According to our intelligence sources, the enemy agent codenamed Shagpile was last seen trying to arrest her own dad. Will keep you posted. Over and out. SS


  3. Update : just left Agents meeting
    Shagpile seen meeting outside court with Nutty Neelu
    We are hoping for arrests
    Aren’t we all??
    Over and Out

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