Has Sabine won leave to appeal her sentence?

On Saturday night in a live-streamed video with Ramola D. Reports, Neelu Berry announced that her friend Sabine McNeill had received leave to appeal her nine-year prison sentence on four charges of stalking and six charges of breach of restraining order.

According to Neelu,

Sabine has appealed her nine-year sentence and she’s been successful, she’s been granted permission to appeal.

A judge has said that is too long for a 74-year-old human rights/child rights advocate who is severely disabled, she’s crippled, she could barely stand up to greet me, in a wheelchair and her knees were totally fused together. 

As usual, Neelu larded her (possibly) factual statement with a lot of nonsense and hyperbole. We’re not certain, for example, how any person’s knees could be “totally fused together”, but perhaps we simply lack imagination.

We confess we are somewhat surprised at the news of Sabine’s appeal, as we were under the impression that applications to appeal must be made within 28 days of the sentence.

In any case, Neelu’s assertion that “a judge has said that is too long for a 74-year-old” woman to be imprisoned is highly unlikely, as even if Neelu is correct that Sabine has won leave to appeal, no judge will have made any comment as to the appropriateness of her sentence.

Our understanding is that the appeal application comes before a tribunal of three judges, who must decide whether the application has any merit under law. If they believe it does, an appeal hearing is granted.

The appeal hearing takes place, and a decision is made: the person’s appeal is either accepted or rejected at this point.

If the appeal judges agree that the sentence is disproportionate to the crimes in question, then the person’s sentence will be adjusted. Readers will recall that HHJ Sally Cahill QC stated in her sentencing remarks that the actual sentence was for 12 years, but she had chosen to reduce this to nine in consideration of Sabine’s age. Sabine is 74 years old.

Long-time readers will recall that Rupert Quaintance appealed both his 2017 conviction and his sentence; his appeal was unsuccessful, and he served out the remainder of his sentence, after which he was deported to the United States.

We will make further enquiries and attempt to determine whether Neelu’s assertion is correct.

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  1. Timing would be about OK if her lawyers filed for appeal within the 28 days and length of sentence is one reason to appeal. We would not necessarily know about it. The very stiff sentence must have been almost a first for this offence. Appeal judges may even just be testing the waters.
    Note not even Neelu claims it’s an appeal to overturn the conviction and of course a judge may have noted the length of sentence but wouldn’t be making such a prejudicial statement.

    But then perhaps he’s read of Neelu’s plan to put on her Albert Pierrepoint hat and execute all Britain’s judges and with the possible imminent arrival of Hiz Honour King Wanoa the First who promises bodies will swing from lampposts, the beak could be playing it safe.

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  2. The process is, initially, a single Crown court judge considers the merits of any appeal, whether it be against sentence, conviction or both.

    They act as a kind of filter, weeding out hopeless or vexatious efforts. If the single judge sends it forward, only then is it considered by the full court.

    Even if the single judge says there’s no merit or grounds you can still “appeal” to the full court.

    It remains to be seen what grounds are being advanced and exactly what is being appealed but I would have thought, given this defendant’s age and the length of her sentence an appeal would be almost automatic.

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    • It seems very much easier to appeal a conviction in Australia. In fact I think an appeal can’t be stopped but doesn’t necessarily mean success.

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    • Yes, a single judge (either high court or lord justice of appeal) vets the application and gives written reasons for either approving it or rejecting it. So it is not implausible that the single judge has given leave and said that something a bit like Mrs Berry’s account (though probably not those precise words). It was a long sentence and she is elderly.

      If the single judge refuses the appellant can ask for an oral hearing before more than one judge. Sometimes the judges go on to decide the case in that hearing.

      The worst case scenario for an appellant is that the appeal will be refused and the sentence started again from scratch, (a loss of time order), thus lengthening the term by discounting the time already served. But that doesn’t happen if the single judge has granted leave.

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      • I’m not as clued up on this as others but it’s my understanding that case law isn’t set until it is heard by an appellant court. Wouldn’t an appeal also set legal precedence? Her supporters may yet get a nasty surprise!

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        • My pleasure. And yes, fat feathery one, if the case is heard in the CA it’s binding, though perhaps less so with sentencing cases on the merits, as all cases are fact specific. But if it’s reported, it goes into the bank of reported cases and is available to courts and advocates in trying to get a feel for what the correct sentence should be in similar circumstances.

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  3. It must be against the length of the sentence, NOT the conviction as such.
    The length is insanely long, considering that the judge gave her even more – 12 or 13 years or so !
    We received a letter several months ago from the German government in regards to our letter to them, informing them of the length of the sentence which is unheard of, telling them that she holds the German citizenship (not that she deserves the German passport !) and if the Consulate is aware of the situation!

    They wrote that they were aware of her imprisonment and that the German Consulate “keeps an eye on the situation, but at the moment they cannot do anything”.
    It seems, they worked behind “the curtain”, if it is true what is posted here !

    In Germany no prisoner ever dies in prison unless he or she commits suicide. Older people get sentenced to house arrest instead of prison.
    They (the German Consulate) may have put pressure on the Appeal Court or whomever.

    We think that Sabine does NOT deserve our efforts. She is NOT a nice person and does NOT care for children and wronged families at all, but the sentence is just so outrageously long and she is going towards 80, that we had to bring it to the attention of the respective German authorities.

    Let’s see if it gets reduced, if not, we are not going to have sleepless nights over it. She will be out sometime in 2023 or so if she lives that long.


    • Sabine was probably originally looking at time served on remand and tag, a small extra incarceration period (my prediction was another 6 months) and release on licence with monitoring, adding up to a tariff of about 5 years, and a criminal behaviour order.

      It was the fact that she breached her conditions whilst on bail which removed them as appropriate (breaching bail conditions is one of the factors which also weighs heavily against early release on licence) that might have had some bearing on the options available to the trial judge. Also stating in court that effectively she was unrepentant would been a further aggravating factor in sentencing. What is even clearer is that her supporters are not doing her any favours by proving that the finding of factual causation of Sabine’s actions was sound and that they continue to cause damage to innocent people with their ongoing behaviour.

      I’m not too convinced by her claims of disablement. She looked sprightly enough to me in court. But I’m not a doctor so will defer to any official medical diagnosis.

      And for avoidance of doubt, I am one of those softy liberals who think that there is something wrong with the criminal justice system, we incarcerate too many people in the UK and that rehabilitation is always the better option. I’m just not convinced in this case that it got it wrong. The victim statements were damning.

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      • Having her knees ‘totally fused together’ sounds like some horrendous ancient torture or a sure-fire chastity belt organised by very suspicious husband.

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    • Ren, if people visit or live in the borders of another nation, they do well to learn and respect the laws of that nation, or suffer the penalties. If Germany/Austria feels so much love for their degenerate citizen, then they should have kept her away from Britain. We don’t want other foreign monsters coming to Britain waging a relentless war of terror upon our children and families, scum who have no resepct for our laws, liberties and common humanity. Sabine McNeill deserves every day rotting in prison, and if our justice system decides to now go soft and let this hag off the hook, then it will be little wonder our citizens will have no further faith in the UK justice system, then will take the law into their own hands.


  4. This woman, or any person who has done what this monster has done deserves to spend every day in prison regardless of their age.

    She had many, many chances to drop this but she didn’t.

    Also this monster has lived most of her life where innocent children are just starting theirs…..and these innocent children have got life and not just F*cking 9 years!

    I would even go further and say when she has done her time (9years), the father should take her to court.

    Then when/if she comes out if still alive, then the children should take her to court.

    Anyone, anyone who feels that the sentence was harsh has simply not gone through what these innocent families have gone through…..Period!

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    • I can only imagine she thought there would be a big “Free Sabine” campaign launched by Belinda and her other friends. Looks like it’s just nutty Neelu.

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  5. I would say 9yrs is harsh but the families who’s lives she turned upside down and probably damn near destroyed would say it’s not a minute too long.

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  6. Precisely, if iI had to take precautionary measures and plan escape routes from my household to protect my children on a daily basis then I would feel that 9 years in prison would be a fair enough result for the fear my family had to endure.

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  7. Neelu also stated in the same video that Sabine has been busy “networking with other imprisoned whistleblowers”. 🙄

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    • I wouldn’t put much store in what Nutty Neelu says. But really, with pals like Neelu who needs enemies?.
      The problem with This Mob (c) is that they truly believe that the world is one day going to realise “whistle blowers” like Sabine have been telling the truth and the prison gates will be flung open. Like the bloke on Andy’s FB page demanding Theresa May let Sabine out of jail when she has no power to do so.

      I find no joy in the length of Sabine’s sentence and was shocked to hear of it. Bearing in mind that if she behaved herself in prison she could get out in half that time and having been on remand she could possibly be out on release by late 2021.

      Her friends really should be campaigning on the strength that Sabine is a “reformed” character and now realises what she put a lot of innocent people and their families through. She would have to show remorse whilst in jail.

      Even though she is elderly I suspect Sabine would actually survive reasonably well inside. Her crime is not one that other prisoners would find odious. She’s intelligent and would easily hold court. I’d be surprised if other younger woman didn’t treat her well. And she is provided with all her needs including medical. Hopefully one day doctors will be able to pry apart her fused legs.

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    • At very least we will be regaled with complaints about the shock, trauma, and suffering she endured during her various arrests. No doubt there will be side forays into her alleged disability. Can’t wait.


  8. Apparently Wanoa’s Powerhouse scam has gone tits-up and Matt Taylor’s resigned from the board and turned on him:

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      • Yes I saw that yet on his other (rediculous) websites he’s full of praise for The Wanoa Royal Person. Perhaps there has been a falling out. His Mr X stuff is illuminating as it gives an insight into his thinking (muddled and nutty) as it makes comment on postings on here (me). Put it this way..a shrink could have a field day with Taylor’s thought patterns and probably even write a paper on how he in s a text book example of the little known psychiatric malady Fruitcake Fantasy.

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      • And I demand that the UK stop receiving the trash of other nations who seek to harrass and steal money through fraud from our own citizens. How much taxpayer money and suffering must we endure to amuse the crap that is getting in through UK borders such as Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV.


      • “Fly Wanoa to the UK (to face trial)”? Sounds like Taylor has a Cunning Plan to avoid paying for any more Wanoa air-fares.

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      • Register of persons with significant control

        Hoani Wanoa

        The person holds, directly or indirectly, more than 25% but not more than 50% of the shares in the company.

        So which mug owns the other 50%? 🤣

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    • You have to listen really hard to John Wanoa’s rants (there should be a medal for doing so) but the man is not nearly as mad as we think or I reckon he would like us to think.
      When you send him money for shares you are NOT buying shares, a fact he slips into his endless rants.
      You are donating money to him so he can pursue his “wave power” mumbo jumbo and as a reward for that “donation” you will receive a share.
      So legally he is just asking for donations which anyone is entitled to do.
      But he weaves spells with his shtick and the highly unsophisticated audience (one who regularly apologizes as she’s affected by medication and Andy..I mean really..Andy ?) who miss this carefully worded con.

      John Wanoa IS a classic small time con-artist. I’ve met too many and he reeks of it. Now we know he once lost his real estate agent license ( I mean really..a real estate agent? did he sell second hand cars as well?) but he’s developed this internet scam and seemingly has done quite well out of it.
      God only knows what else he has done in his life. All very small beer as this one is, but it’s been pretty successful to date. I mean he’s had a free trip to the UK on the strength of it and a week in Hong Kong Airport which I think for Wanoa is like living in the lap of luxury..McDonald’s on tap and a handy Disabled Toilet with running water.

      Perhaps Matt Taylor has finally realised he’s been had.

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        • Fascinating. Can’t quite work out what his comment is about Japanese imports seeing NZ has no local car building industry but I do know masses of second hand Japanese imports were landing there. There was a bit of a scandal at one time when some really shonky cars were being imported but on the whole you could pick up a sensational deal in Japan (still can) and import it.
          My aunt who lived in NZ did just that with the top of the range Toyota at minimal cost which was like brand new.
          Possibly that’s where the rent-a-wrecks came from and I wonder what Wanoa’s scheme was?
          Probably oversold the notion he had 1000s of international pals and when called upon to deliver all he could summon up were his 1980s versions of Andy & Matt Taylor.

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    • I looked at brief episodes of some of JW’s videos today (not the whole thing – more to see the comments really) – as has been rightly pointed out some people have posted warnings that he is a scam artist but there are as many “Ignore the trolls” type posts. I can’t find which one it was now but there was a comment (and sorry if someone picked up on this before) telling him to do an “uneducated” lifestream with Andy. I suppose the poster meant “unedited” – it could be autocorrect making a wrong correction I guess, that happens to me sometimes but I did have a chuckle.

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      • Gee it’s not that difficult to avoid these Facebook suspensions: just stop saying you will have people murdered or fed into a wood chipper.
        I can’t think of any country where saying you are organizing a hit-team is acceptable.


      • GCHQ have tracked him down in Greece and are implementing some serious Chem Trail poisoning . Why isn’t he running away?. A rather nasty looking outbreak on his face. Looks like their using Agent Orange or even Fluoride. Poor Andy doesn’t realise all those residents in other houses have already dropped dead.

        I’m dying to know who Dan Taragon is. He’s in Wanoa’s bad books as well and is destined for the nearest lamppost when the Wanoa Kingdom is established.
        Does he work at GCHQ?. Anyone know if Dan is in their division?.


  9. Well done Di! He said he was being careful with what he posts the other day when his 30 day ban was up, but there he goes again, posting hate & homophobia from the twat he hero worships.

    Is there any way to check the truth about an appeal for Sabine, the fact it is coming from Neelu is suspicious. She told Devine in a live when he went back to Greece that Edward Ellis would be too busy to speak with him until Thursday, if he is involved or is trying to get an appeal sorted, I wouldn’t believe it.

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