The Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio, Part 2

Yesterday we shared a full transcription of the first 20 minutes of one of the key pieces of evidence in the Hampstead SRA hoax. The audio recording made by Abraham Christie’s brother-in-law, Jean-Clement Yaohirou, was made starting at 10 p.m. on the night of 4 September 2014, immediately after Ella, Abraham, and Ella’s children arrived in London from Morocco.

Jean-Clement made the audio with Abraham’s approval, and was concerned enough about what had been discussed that he passed it over to police early the next morning. This resulted in the police calling on Abe and Ella on the evening of 5 September, which started the police investigation into the hoax.

Yesterday, we left off with Jean-Clement answering a phone call from Ella, who assured him she was on her way and would be at his house soon. As commenter Dave noted yesterday, this is odd in itself: with her children allegedly in mortal danger from a child-raping, baby-eating cult, Ella chose to let them go off with Abraham, while she stayed back to have a shower and refresh herself after their journey.

We resume after Jean-Clement has hung up the phone.

Abraham: Where is she?
J-C: She’s five, ten minutes away from here she says.
Abraham: Okay, you’re gonna get to know her now. Her five-ten minutes is half an hour. You’re gonna get to know her. (To a child): Eh, don’t go to sleep! We’re gonna have a sandwich. Come on, come sit at the table.
J-C: Can I get you some plates, or are you okay?
Abraham: Eh, we’re okay. Wash your hands, don’t make a mess. Come and sit over there together, yeah, please. You’d like a mint tea?
Child P & Child Q: Yes, please.
Child P: Wash your hands, Child Q. …
Abraham: Is there anything you’d like, Jean-Clement?
J-C: No, I’m all right, thank you.
Abraham: You sure?
J-C: Yes.
Abraham: Is everything enough?
Both children: Yes, it’s enough.
Abraham: Sit round at the table properly, son, don’t let me tell you again. Don’t let me tell you again. You sit round properly, thank-you. Thank-you. Don’t let me tell you again, sit round the table properly.

Abe admonishes one of the children not to fall asleep, although it’s about 10:30 at night and they’ve just had a long journey. He chastises Child Q, saying “don’t let me tell you again”—or what?

Abraham: What are the sandwiches like?
Both children: Yum.
Abraham: You sure?
Child P: Perfect.
Child Q: I was going to use a napkin.
J-C: Put it on, put it on please.
(inaudible conversation between J-C and Abraham)
Abraham: No, it’s not in videos, it’s in the camera.
J-C: No, see I cannot use that iPhone.
Abraham: No.
[loud moaning noise]
Abraham: Shut up, June! (to the children): That’s my sister.
Child Q: Why didn’t she get any [inaud.]
Abraham: What? Make sure this is on…make sure. (To child): Take your shoes off! Let’s go and say hello to June, she’s awake now.
J-C: She was fast asleep, Aby!
Abraham: We’ll come say hello quickly.
J-C: She’s resting…
Child P: She’s asleep…
Abraham (talking with mouth full): Come on! She’s not, she’s awake.
J-C: Ah, thank you for the video, I’ll see that now.

Jean-Clement seems used to being overruled by Abraham, even in his own house. He placates him, tries to gently remonstrate with him (“She was fast asleep, Aby!), but ultimately lets him do as he pleases.

Abraham: What’s that, Jean-Clement?
J-C: I said thank you for putting it up. I’m going to charge it.
Abraham: Oh, that’s just one, Jean-Clement. There’s about 10 videos, they’re all about two minutes. So you got some visual, yeah?
J-C: I’m going to turn the light off Aby.
Abraham: Why?
J-C: Well I thought we were going up?
(shuffling sounds drown out background conversation here—Abe talking to children)
Abraham: And guess what?
J-C: Mmm.
Abraham: Their social worker. His name is Richie [redacted]. Guess what?
J-C: Which borough?
Abraham: Camden.
J-C: Hampstead. Or Camden.
Abraham: He does sex to you, doesn’t he?
Children (in unison): Mmm-hmm.

“Guess what?” Abe sounds like a child himself here, challenging Jean-Clement to guess what else he has to tell. When he asks the children, “He does sex to you, doesn’t he?” the children barely register the question, but just keep eating.

[more hard-to-hear discussion about how best to plug the phone in]
[shuffling noises, door opening and shutting, footsteps]

Abraham: So your mother’s five minutes? Long five minutes, innit?
Child Q: Yeah. It’s already 15 minutes, then.
Abraham: Listen. I don’t [inaud.] in my home. [clapping sound] You want a bit more?
Child Q: Yes please.
Abraham: You need a bit more ’cause you’re going to have a little chocolate brownie with it and strawberries, is that all right?
Child Q: Mmm.
Abraham: Yeah.
Child Q: [says something very quietly]
Abraham: At the table, you be quiet and you speak when you’re spoken to. Understand? 
Child Q: Yes, Papa.
Abraham: Come on. Have some respect. Be respectful children, eh.
Child Q: And let’s help the children, let’s help each other.
Abraham: Yeah, let’s help each other and let’s make sure that no more children get killed, eh.
Child Q: And we might uh –
Child P: And make sure Papa goes to jail.
Abraham: Make sure if Jean-Clement doesn’t help us we write a book and we tell them that he didn’t help us, all right? We write the book and we tell that he didn’t help us. We came to him, we relied upon him, and he didn’t help. We write the book and we make him to be a very uncomfortable character in the book, yeah? (laughs loudly)

This last piece can only be read as a threat to Abe’s brother-in-law: if he does not do as Abe says, and help him, Abe will write a book and “make him to be a very uncomfortable character”.

Surprisingly, none of the hoaxers who cite this video as evidence that the cult was real have ever mentioned this rather extraordinary bit.

Abe had been in touch with Jean-Clement by phone about the allegations of ritual abuse since July 2014. In the judgment issued 19m March 2015, Mrs Justice Pauffley stated:

In August 2014, at a time when he was holiday in France, Jean-Clement Yaohirou received ‘phone calls and messages from Mr Christie in which he said he had information regarding the abuse of children. In evidence, Mr Yaohirou said that Abraham “had not been coming forward with specific information” but was “trying to give (him) justification.” Abraham Christie had said that a church, a school in Hampstead and a police station in Haringey were involved. Mr Yaohirou had asked whether Mr Christie “had evidence”. He said, “Yes;” and “that was it for July.”

Two things are evident here: as we stated in yesterday’s post, Abe admitted that they had taken the children to Morocco specifically to “get away from the cult”, whereas he and Ella would later tell their followers repeatedly that they had gone to Morocco on holiday, and had then inadvertently discovered that the children were involved in a mysterious cult.

And it’s clear that Abraham had been discussing this “cult” with his brother-in-law since before they left for Morocco, and that Jean-Clement had intimated that he would need evidence of such a charge.

To have Abraham now turn around and issue a not-very-subtle threat—”if you don’t help us we will ‘write a book’ and make your life very uncomfortable”—looks an awful lot as though he is laying down the gauntlet: “Believe what I bring you…or else”.

Abraham: It’s okay.
J-C: There’s another video.
Abraham: If you bring the phone to me I can play all of them.
J-C: No, it’s like, erm, it’s out of charge, Aby.
Abraham: Eh?
J-C: Out of charge.
Abraham: I took them to my friend’s hotel in Morocco. Quiet.
J-C: Okay.
Abraham: We had a nice time, didn’t we?
Abraham: What did we do?
Both children: Mmm-hmm…yes…
Child P: I had chips…
Child Q: I had…um, I liked it.
Child P: Really peaceful, really peaceful.

Note the lack of enthusiasm when Abraham asks the children whether they enjoyed their trip to Morocco. At first they say nothing. Then, when it becomes clear that Abe is pressing the issue, they try to placate him.

In this next piece, it sounds as though they are looking at the family pictures in Jean-Clement’s house:

Child P: Let me see how your sister looks like.
Abraham: Here she is with my Mum. That’s my sister on the left, and that’s my Mum.
Child P: Your Mum looks really pretty.
Abraham: Aww …
Child Q: Your mum looks just like our mum. What do you think of your mum? Really pretty and really nice. Does she do like hugging and presents, like giving you presents, and er…she’s a kind person?
Child P: Is she a kind person, like, a kind mum?
Abe: She was a nice mum.

In the version of this conversation published by Kristie Sue Costa, she has the children saying that their own mother is kind, rather than asking Abraham whether his mother was kind to him. Not that we are surprised.

We now hear the sound of the videos with RD’s children playing for several minutes. At various points, the videos are paused and conversation can be heard:

Abraham: Perfect. Perfect. So it’s real.
Child Q: But you actually did…that’s good what you did, that ‘they can’t look after the babies’.

Here, Child Q is referring to his sister’s statement in one of the videos, where she said that babies were taken from families which could not afford to care for them. By odd coincidence, this is a theme which is frequently brought up by the Association of McKenzie Friends.

[more video playback; video pauses on children saying they had read the book Dune]

J-C: What the book called?
Abraham: It’s a book that I chose.
J-C: Oh, all right.
Abraham: And in the book—it’s a cult classic, you should read it, it’s brilliant—in the book it teaches you that ‘fear is the mind-killer’. Any fear kills your mind, you can’t think properly. So she said she read the book and it taught her….
J-C: I thought I saw it.
Abraham: In my house in Marrakech.
J-C: That’s right.

Ironically, Abe refers to Dune, one of the best-selling science fiction novels of all time, as a “cult classic”. Sorry, we just had to point this out. Yes, we might have sniggered.

Abraham: You want to ask me something else? What do you want to ask me?
J-C: About the cult. Em, when do they practise, apart from those three days?
Abraham: When do they practise? Tell Jean-Clement when they practise.
J-C: What’s your name again?
Child P: [gives name].
J-C: Child P. How do you spell that?
Child P: [spells name]
J-C: Oh, well.
Child P: It’s just like…sometimes they practise in the morning sometimes. First thing in the morning they practise.
J-C: Early morning.
Child P: So when we come to school, when the parents…when my mum leaves me, she left the school, goes off, because they check, if it’s clear. If Mum’s there, if she’s around the area of the school. And after if it’s all clear, because they know what kind of car Mum has, because I told them…
Abraham: Who looks out to see if the coast is clear?
Child P: Mr ____…
Abraham: Who is Mr _____? He’s the big guy, the caretaker?
Child P: Yes.
Abraham: Does he do sex to you?
Child P: Yes. First time…
Abraham: (interrupts) What about his brothers? Has he got two brothers that come to…
Child P: Yes, he’s got two brothers, one younger one and one…two younger brothers.
Abraham: Do they work at the school?
Child P: Yeah…no, no! They don’t work at the school…
Abraham: Why do they come to the school?
Child P: Because they are his brothers.  They need them…
Abraham: But why do they come there?
Child P: Sex.
Abraham: Sex with who?
Child P: The children.
Abraham: Which children?
Child P: Me, Child Q, the 20 special children…the children at school.
J-C: Who’s [Child Q]?
Child P: Um, that’s him.
J-C: Oh! (long pause) You’re excellent!
Child P: (murmurs something)
J-C: This guy you’re talking about, the caretaker, almost all of those are in their 40s, 50s, isn’t it, caretakers.
Abraham: 40 years, mate.
J-C: And the younger brothers, how old are they? Are they in their 30s?
Child P: Mmm, no, they’re…30s, 30ish. They’re young, they’re young. They look a bit like teenagers.
J-C: Sorry…
Child P: That’s okay.
J-C: So when everyone is gone, then they, they close the whole school?
Child P: No … I don’t understand.
Abraham: When your Mum leaves in the morning…
Child P: Yes.
Abraham: Are there other parents who know, and teachers who know…
Child P: Yes. Yes.
Abraham: And children who know. What happens?
Child P: They make sure the coast is clear. Mum is not there. Mum’s car is not there.
Abraham: Why don’t they want your Mum to be there, why?
Child P: Because they, they won’t touch no one.
Abraham: Why?
Child P: Because if they, if she doesn’t, they want her to know, they want her to be in it, but they know that if she is in it, she’s not like the kind of per – they know that she’s not the kind of person who’ll be in it, but they’re trying to get her in it.
J-C: Okay. And why don’t you tell your Mum?
Child P: Because is they keep – one is because they force us to, they tell us: If you tell them, if you tell Mum, you die, we’ll kill you, and your whole family.
Abraham: One minute, right now.
Child P: And we’ve got to sex…
Abraham: I understand what they do. All children, they don’t tell, that’s why.
J-C: Because fear is the mind killer.
Abraham: All riiiiiiight. You’ve got it, Jean-Clement. So I helped the children face their fear.

In this segment, we can hear Abe’s rapid-fire questioning, with Child P answering quickly. Some of her answers contradict what Abe and Ella will state later: for example, she says that the members of the cult are constantly trying to recruit Ella into their “club”, and that they “want her to know” about it. Ella, as we know, denies ever knowing anything about the cult, which seems odd given that if her daughter’s version is to be believed here, they were practically trying to hand her an engraved invitation to join.

It’s also notable in this section that for the first time that evening, Jean-Clement seems to be actively participating in the questioning, rather than simply humouring Abraham. One wonders whether the idea of being written into a book as an “uncomfortable” character was a prospect which did not appeal to him, and whether this jogged him into a more active role.

Child P: Mum’s taking for an hour now. Not five minutes.
Abraham: Not…yeah, five minutes she’s gonna be here. Huh?
Child P: So one hour, five minutes.
J-C: (murmurs) ‘If we tell they will kill us’…
Abraham: Yeah. They’ll kill the whole family.
Child P: Our whole family. Our grandparents, everyone we know. Everyone. Everyone who we love, everyone. Our mum. Oh, not Papa. Papa won’t kill himself.
Abraham: Do you think they will kill Uncle Hemp?
Child P: That time when they said it to me, that time they didn’t do it, we don’t know you that time. But when we told…er, when they first saw you in school, they got alerted then. They got, so they got scared. And then they…
Abraham: When they first saw me in the school they got scared? Why would they get scared of a little man like me?
J-C: Because you mean them harm?
Abraham: What? What do you mean? I didn’t know anything.
Child P: No, that time you didn’t know nothing. Did not know anything. That time we were keeping a secret.
J-C: So you and your brother, you knew.
Child P: Yes! We were doing it since we were babies!
Abraham: Everybody in the school knew. Everybody in the school knew except me…
J-C: …and Mum.
Abraham: All riiiiiight! But when I went to the school…you know us black people, we have big noses.
J-C: Is that…the whole school close for the cult?
Child P: Yes, the whole school does it….
Abraham: Not close! Open for the cult.
J-C: No, close like…
Abraham: No, open.
J-C: They look at the whole gates, they check…
Child P: Yes, yes, yes…Mr _____, Mr _____ and Papa, they walk around the school, in Hampstead, in Hampstead areas around school, they check if this, because they know what my mum’s car is, because they saw it once, because Papa was spying coming out in the car, with me and [Child Q]. He was once spying, I saw him just hiding, just like…because you know when we come out of car?
Abraham: Enough. Enough! Just answer the question.
Child P: Because he just, um, spies on Mum. He spies…
Abraham: Enough, enough! (to J-C): Ask her another question, she can chat rubbish for an hour.
J-C: But let…
Abraham: (coughs loudly) No, I let them talk. But when she starts to waffle, I know what to do. I’m not!
J-C: Yeah, okay, okay.
Abraham: She can’t help it. Don’t stare at me while you’ve got the cup in your mouth. Don’t stare at me from behind your cup.

Here we can see Abraham exercising extreme control over the narrative. When Child P begins to extemporise about her father “spying on” her mother, Abe angrily cuts her short, despite Jean-Clement’s protests. The story about her father spying is not part of the official story, and Abe clearly wants to direct exactly what the children should and should not say.

Listening carefully to this video, it’s very clear that not only is Abraham in charge of what the children say, but he believes himself to be in charge of every aspect of their lives. Whether they eat, whether they sleep, how they sit at the table, whether they speak or are silent—it’s all up to him.

He also appears to think that his authority extends to his sister—yelling at her to shut up—and his brother-in-law. Despite his claim to be just “a little man”, he seems to think his power ought to extend to all who meet him.

…To be continued.

43 thoughts on “The Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio, Part 2

      • Understatement of the year award goes to Grobknob……

        Warning possible trigger???

        What scares me is that the children at that age obviously would be unaware of the more , um, ‘extreme’ outliers of what some people would do, so they would have to get their ‘stories’ from someone…

        And the kinds of fetishes that they talk about obviously give us a clue as to what the person who ‘coached’ them finds attractive…

        So groups of children, anal and their dog makes an appearance too…


        (E.C, don’t know if this is too triggering, please delete if you feel that it might be too much)

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  1. Jesus H.Christ Abe is not just bad he’s frigging mad with a particular nasty style of insanity. He’s also extremely dumb.
    I cannot believe a mother would allow such a creepy man to dominate her children but of course that isn’t unusual.
    Now I see how many were being falsely accused apart from parents but from teachers to police and social workers. Everyone of these hoaxers had put innocent people’s physical safety at risk quite apart from the mental torture this has been.

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    • Yes, he’s definitely got some screws loose, to say the least. One thing it’s difficult to convey in a transcript is the excitement in his voice. His speech is pressured and urgent, and his mood seems to be all over the map—one minute gloating, the next angry, the next offering a chocolate brownie to a child, the next screaming at his sister to shut up. Those around him seem mostly concerned with placating and calming him, and ensuring that he doesn’t turn his temper on them.

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    • It’s scary that Ella seems so supportive of him, both during the tape and to date
      I been spotting through it, one thing I find disturbing is at 1.53.30
      Here Jean-Clement actually suggests destroying evidence “Abe, you need to get rid of the videos on your phone” he does suggest burning them to a disk or memory stick, but the idea that he would suggest Abe remove evidence from his phone so he doesn’t have to surrender it to investigators is disturbing.
      For starters it would allow Abe to select which portions of the files he actually should give to the police, and maybe refrain from giving them other files that contain more damning evidence- against him

      For anyone in a position of authority to suggest this is quite frankly, staggering

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  2. Oh man, that is very disturbing that he would suggest to twisted disgusting abe, (I can’t honour him with a capital ‘A’) that he get rid of the tapes!

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    • Very much so.
      He did do the right thing by taking it to the police, but for a ‘special’ to suggest such a thing certainly should be looked into, at the very least it should result in training into what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, if not at the minimum a warning…

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        • Yes, J-C must have been aware of Abe’s record—Abe casually threw out (in Part 1) the bit about only knowing solicitors who deal in criminal matters, and J-C did not seem surprised by this.

          How Abe could consider that a school full of murdering, child-raping, baby-eating people was not a criminal matter though, truly escapes me.


  3. Another game-changer – especially the ‘book’ threat! Nice find, EC 🙂

    I’d love to see the hoaxer fruitloops try to wriggle out of that one. I think their reaction may look something like this:

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  4. APD has posted a video of “Tommy Robinson” at the Old Bailey yesterday. As others have pointed out, he spoke to the crowd about his “denial” of Free Speech from a specially erected platform with loud speakers and a microphone, a privilege I’ve never heard afforded to anyone else before.

    His fans waved Union Jacks yet seem completely ignorant to how their own courts and justice system has worked for decades. I don’t know how they claim to be patriotic when they seem to have nil understanding of the most basic matters or the Separation of Powers as they call upon the PM to “free” someone she has no control over.
    ( I know see how Fascism can creep up on a society in incremental steps)

    But here is the thing: Robinson, or his supporters, have never said a single word about the victims involved in the trial over which he will appear in court for eventually.
    Not a word, nada, zilch. It’s all about him. He is the victim.

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    • I don’t know the specifics of the Australian situation, but I think the apology is very moving, and the survivors present seem very affected by it. Will the apology be backed by government action? I think that will be the true test of the pudding. Perhaps some of our commenters will know more than I do about this?

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    • It’s about the only thing he has done right in his short time as PM.

      His latest lunacy was to announce, in the vane hope of propping up the vote in his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull’s seat which was spectacularly lost last weekend to an Independent.. that Oz may move it’s Israel Embassy to Jerusalem surely hoping to influence Australia’s biggest Jewish community in that seat.

      Except of course anyone with half a brain knows that the vast majority of Jews pre-poll vote by post as all Oz elections are held on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath.

      I do think he is genuine in his apology given he is a vocal Christian albeit a Pentecostal (talking in tongues, snake handling etc).

      He has had however a habit of opposing inquiries such as the current Royal Commission into Banking which has uncovered shocking criminal bank behavior but he also bitterly opposed, as did his party, the Royal Commission into Institutional Child which has led to this apology which was set-up by Julia Gillard when PM to howls of condemnation from Morrison and Co.

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      • “Child Abuse”.
        # The apology comes after the shocking results from the Royal Commission that the phony Fiona Barnett claims she gave evidence to and in front of 6 Royal Commissioners in a especially hired hotel board room. All lies. All she did was give a written submission which anyone could have done and which was ignored as presumably the Commissioners didn’t have time to search for the hidden tunnel from Sydney to the Pine Gap US military base (over 1800 miles).

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      • He also continues the previous several lib prime-ministers track of continuing the ‘Pacific Solution’ lunacy, despite public calls, several inquiries and even doctors calling for the camps to be closed. I am seriously glad that Dutton (the minister responsible for running the detention camps, and for refusing to allow medical aid to the refugees interred there) failed in his attempt to get the job as PM

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      • It doesn’t matter so much what Prime Minister Crazy-pants said, since (as GoS noted) he has his own personal Jesus forgiving him for lying, and he believes that Satan’s little minions walk amongst us. He didn’t want this apology, he didn’t want the Commission of Inquiry that necessitated it, and he is quite capable of adding clauses so as to turn it into an attack on evil and / or established religion (i.e. Ritual Abuse).

        All that matters is the conclusions from the Royal Commish.

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  5. So another thing the transcript shows is that the children had a social worker prior to their going to Morocco….
    I don’t suppose the other side will want to look at why they had a social worker? From what I’ve read you only get one if you’re on the ‘at risk’ register.

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    • Thinking it through.

      You’ve got two kids already on the Child Protection register.

      Dad applies for increased access.

      Abraham has recently come on the scene and has a criminal background, including a recent assault against his own son.

      This is all going to be presented in Court when dad asks for his increased access.

      Mum is therefore not in a good position because of the relationship with Abe.

      Am I on the right track?

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        • Excellent points, Fnord. I’m not sure I’ve heard it put that way before, but of course Abe and Ella would have been well aware of this. The hoax really was a kind of omnibus, meant to deal with all their problems in one go. No wonder Abraham sounds so excited in the audio. He must have thought it was utterly brilliant!

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  6. It’s something to consider isn’t it. I mean, you meet some guy and only know him for four months and he’s allowed to physically chastise your children. He admits on video to hitting the kids and the children say he did this in front of their mother. To even allow this guy to speak to your children the way Abe does in the video above brings up red flags.
    What was she thinking?

    The medical reports says both kids have fresh physical injuries.The kids say these were inflicted by Abe. It couldn’t have been their real dad because he hadn’t been on the scene for months. Both kids test positive for THC. From my point of view the medical report is hard evidence that these children were being abused by someone other than their dad.
    What was their mother thinking?

    When mother is asked to go into the Police station to discuss the situation she runs away and abandons her kids to the ‘Satanists’. She then makes videos where she’s relaxed and giggling. She doesn’t seem too bothered that her kids are allegedly in the care of Satanic paedophiles and is more interested in promoting batshit crazy conspiracy theories. The only possibly reason for her lack of concern must be that she knows the allegations are bollocks.
    What was she thinking?

    Anyone who listens to the above video and can’t see Abe for the controlling git that he is has stopped thinking for themselves and in my view needs a de-programmer so they can extricate themselves from the Troofer Cult. You don’t talk to kids like that….you don’t run away when your kids need you….you don’t let some arsehole you’ve only known for five minutes raise his hand (or spoon) to your kids. Never!
    What was mother thinking of? Probably…..herself.

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    • I’ve said it before and I guarantee it applies to the posters on here: my mother was like a tigress when it came to protecting her children even when they were all (4) grown adults. There is no way in the world she would have ever abandoned any of her children or left their side. Let alone leave them behind in another country even if it meant going to jail.
      Ella is just bizarre.

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  7. Re. tonight’s news about bombs being sent to Obama and Hillary Clinton (among others), I see the self-professed “Christian” Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy is really pissed off that they failed to go off. Yup.


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  8. I was discussing APD’s latest video with a few people this evening, they were totally shocked that anyone would believe such stupidity. I then went on to tell them of her claims “#Khasoogi scanal”sic] “Please sbare, stay in touch”[sic] of Angie’s claims she worked for the family between being tortured deliberately, turned into a spy, GCHQ, assignments, she doesn’t monetise, blah blah. Mohammed Al Fayed, father of Dodi, Princess Diana alleged to be the same bloodline as hers.

    There were three people in the room listening to me, two were nearly on the floor laughing, one was sputtering in shock & mentioned ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ as being the right place for her. Honestly, the shock on their faces at first was hysterical, then dissolved into laughter.

    That would be a normal reaction to Abe’s claims, (I told them about those as well) & for Angela, Belinda, Neelu, believe them, (if in fact they do), I would agree that they should have roles in that film!

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