The Jean-Clement audio recording revisited

Every now and then we like to go back over early evidence from the Hampstead SRA hoax, as casting fresh eyes on older material can often reveal new angles.

This is how we wound up listening to the audio recording which Abraham Christie’s brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou made on the night that Ella, Abraham, and the children arrived back in the UK following a month in Morocco.

As we know, during that trip Abe and Ella subjected the children to beatings, kicked and burnt them, hauled them out of bed for night-time interrogations, and half-starved them while they “brainstormed” the details of the hoax. By the end of the month, both children were able to recite the story which had been drilled into them.

The hoaxers claimed—and still claim—that the Jean-Clement audio was “suppressed”, even though it was discussed in detail in Mrs Justice Pauffley’s fact-finding judgment in March 2015. It was also a bone of contention amongst the hoaxers, as Charlotte Ward released a version of it without Abe and Ella’s approval; this signalled the beginning of the end of that alliance.

Although the voices of the children can be heard on the audio, it has proven less popular as a propaganda tool than the series of short videos plus the illegally released videos of the children’s police interviews.

It’s easy to see why: the recording quality is not fabulous, and Abe drones on and on, revealing himself, some would say, to be quite mad. The recording goes on for nearly three hours, so we won’t try to post the entire thing here. Today, we’ll take a look at the first 20 minutes, which we think you’ll find quite revealing.

Arrival at Jean-Clement’s house

Abraham: Jean-Clement?
J-C: Mm-hmm?
Abraham: We can’t stay long, yeah?
J-C: Okay…
Abraham: You got to work, and I need some rest.
J-C: ‘Kay…
Abraham: It’s my birthday, and I haven’t had any rest. Now I mean, Jean-Clement…
J-C: (inaudible)
Abraham: (to Child P) Don’t tell Jean-Clement any lies.
Child P: Yes.
Abraham: Do you hear me?
Child P: Yes, Papa.
Abraham: Otherwise we’ll have to lock you up in the jail. Have you got room in the jail to lock her up tonight?
J-C: (laughs)
Abraham: Have you got room, yes or no?
J-C: She is too pretty for that.
Abraham: Heh heh! So, uh, tell him what you said. You deserve to be locked up for killing the babies. Listen, did you kill any babies?
Child P: No.
Abraham: Who killed the babies?
Child P: Papa. Papa hold our hand.
J-C: Hold your hands?
Abraham: Yeah.
Child P: We put on our hand, but—
J-C: Yeah.
Abraham: He makes you put your…no, he puts your hand on.
Child P: And then he puts his hand on ours, cuts off the baby’s head off. He’s strong. He pushes down and he teaches us how to cut the baby…
Abraham: He teaches you –
Child P: He says he wants us to do it when we’re older.

Jean-Clement shows no sign that he thinks it’s odd for his brother-in-law to show up at his house at 10 p.m., with two children and a dog in tow, and start grilling one of the children on how her father allegedly teaches her to cut the heads off infants.

Abraham: What you think? What, you don’t understand what I’m telling you? They are killing babies, wholesale … wholesale. They are killing them, they are drinking the blood, and they are eating the meat. And the skulls of the babies, they are tying them, four skulls here, hello! Four skulls here, one here, two here, one here, two here, elbows here. And they are making—what about the shoes? This baby-skin—
Child P: Yeah, skin, baby-skin shoes.
Abraham: Who makes the baby-skin shoes?
Child P: Felix. There’s one man they call F_____, and D____.
Abraham: What is his normal job? Is he a shoemaker?
Child P: Yes. He’s a shoemaker. He works in—
Abraham: What about the doctor? What about the doctor, is he, is he one as well?
Child P: Yes.
Abraham: What about your headmistress, is she one as well?
Child P: Yes.

The child isn’t so much telling a story as responding to a rapid-fire quizzing. She does not describe anything independently, but lets Abraham guide her through the story.

Abraham: How many skulls does she wear when she dances?
Child P: Twenty.
Abraham: So, uh—
J-C: Twenty baby — ?
Abraham: So then how many, how many adults are involved?
Child P: Oh, there’s maybe like oh, four hundred, four hundred plus thir – four hundred fifty, four hundred thirty, something like that.
Abraham: Over four hundred adults are involved. And how many skulls do they wear each?
Child P: …(silence)
Abraham: (loudly) How many skulls do they wear?
Child P: Uh…twenty.
Abraham: So there’s over four hundred adults and they’re all wearing twenty skulls each. Can you do the math? Over eight hundred.

Wrong. Four hundred adults times 20 skulls apiece would be 8,000 skulls. As we have noted elsewhere, the storage facility needed for such an operation would be mammoth. Anybody who has ever seen images of the skulls collected from the killing fields of Cambodia will recognise that they take up a lot of space.

Abraham: Dog, lie down. Lie down. Lie down and go to sleep (snapping noise). Lie down.
J-C: Look, let me let her…
Abraham: No, because she will jump around everywhere, Jean-Clement.
J-C: Ah.
Abraham: Leave her, let her sit there.
J-C: Also for the cats, for the cats so they can come in.
Abraham: Yeah, no, leave her, leave her…
(shuffling sounds)
Child Q: Crystal loves chasing cats.
(background noise)
J-C: (close to mic) Church…(inaud.) church…
Abraham: Jean-Clement?
J-C: Mmm?
Abraham: Are you plugging in?
J-C: Yeah, getting the phone ready for tomorrow.  
(background noise)
J-C: What’s your dog’s name?
Child Q: Crystal!
J-C: Crystal!
Child P: She’s a puppy right now, but she’s nearly, nearly like a…she’s still a puppy right now, but she’s half Staffy and half whippet.
J-C: I don’t know much about dogs. … Do you want to use them now?
Child P: Sorry?
J-C: Do you want to use them?
Abraham: (from a distance) Could we have some cups, please?
Child: Ah yes…
Abraham: Jean-Clement, could we have some cups please, to make some tea, please?
J-C: I put it on already…
Abraham: I need three or four cups, yeah? … I’ve got a teapot full of tea…
J-C: (inaud.)
Abraham: Jean-Clement?
J-C: Yeah?
Abraham: The mother is a good person, yeah? … (to Child P) Did you touch him?
Child P: No, he was in the other room, I was just turning it on.
Abraham: That’s all, just say ‘no’. … do you want a sandwich? Do you want a sandwich, [Child P]? [to J-C]: Have you got an avocado? Never mind, never mind. How was F_____? Enjoyed his holiday?

Abe’s first question to the girl on returning to the room with tea is, “Did you touch him?” When she tries to explain what she was doing, he reprimands her: “That’s all, just say ‘no'”. This seems to be a discussion they’ve had often, as Abe quickly moves on to ask Jean-Clement how Abe’s son enjoyed his holiday.

J-C: Yeah, we’ve nothing of his age in the village.
Abraham: I know, I know. I know what it’s like when you’ve got all your [dinner?] It’s good for him to experience that. You know what I mean, Jean-Clement?
J-C: He had time to sit down…
Abraham: Absolutely, that was the most important, Jean-Clement, absolutely.
J-C: He got the kids, the two kind of, erm, two children for his age.
Child Q: Me, and my sister, and my mother don’t have tattoos.
J-C: You don’t have tattoos?
Child Q: Yeah. If my mum was doing it, if she was touching me, I would have had a tattoo right now.
Abraham: What about your brother, [redacted]? Same thing about your brother.
Child Q: Yeah, he doesn’t have it yet, no.
Abraham. But tell him what he does.
Child Q: He does…he, he touches us? And he does, um, sex to us.

This snippet is interesting in that it reveals both Child Q and Abraham stating as fact something which Ella would later reveal she had stated “in error”—that her eldest child was a member of the alleged cult.

Abraham: Tell him about…listen to this.
Child Q: Yes?
Abraham: Her first husband, they picked her. They picked her. They selected her. The mother. They selected her. The first husband, he’s one…
Child Q: (starts to speak)
Abraham: Shush. He’s one, he’s an investment banker. He done it…he had a baby with her, and the boy, he done sex to the boy. He’s seventeen…
J-C: That’s the seventeen-year-old.
Abraham: The first husband. She left him. The first husband told the second guy, ‘go and get her, she’s easy’. He went and got her, he had two babies with her. He does it to the two babies. All three children are involved in this cult. From two different men. Who are cult members. She came to me. Cause she knew I didn’t—I wasn’t a weird guy. She knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew in her heart that I could help her, she didn’t know how. I didn’t know.
J-C: Mmmhmm.
Abraham: Her first husband, he sent the second man to her. Some of her friends that come to the house?
J-C: Mmmhmm?

Again, Ella later recanted this part of the story, but at this point Abe seems convinced that it was all true. Is it possible that Ella was feeding Abe stories, and telling him what to force the children to say?

Abraham: They come to her house. Then they go to school and sex her children behind her back.
J-C: It’s all—this is happening in the school?
Abraham: In the school, in the church, in the local swimming pool…
Child Q: In the house…
Abraham: …and in people’s houses.
J-C: You mean club, like?
Abraham: Yeah. And in their houses, in their houses. Happens in school during school hours. You go there on a Wednesday and you arrest them all. And you will take the children in the school because they do it to every child in the school and I guarantee you, of the children, 100 of them will talk.
J-C: How come the parents don’t know?
Abraham: Because the parents are all involved.
Child Q: All of them.
Abraham: That’s why it’s kept a secret.

Abe seems almost child-like here in his insistence that Jean-Clement, a “Special Constable” whose connection with the police is as a trained volunteer, will be able to use his Magic Police Superpowers to go to the school and “arrest them all”.

Interestingly, several of the children were interviewed by social services in the aftermath of the police investigation, and none revealed any concerns at all about their school.

J-C: This a private school?
Children: No, no.
Abraham: Hampstead school. Posh school.
Child Q: It’s boys mixed with boys…boys mixed with girls.
Abraham: It’s all social, they’re all social climbers.
J-C: Ah, so they select the people who come to the school.
Abraham: That’s right.

Here, Abe lets slip one of the reasons he is so keen to smear the children’s school: he considers it a “posh” school, full of “social climbers”…and he definitely felt excluded and judged by them.

We know he had an altercation with one of the teachers at the school, accusing them of “poisoning” RD’s children. As well, the school had reported Ella to Social Services when the children were found rummaging through the bins for food.

Child P: And they sell us for £50 each.
Abraham: At the party.
Child P: So Papa sells me and Child Q.
Abraham: And a hundred people do sex to them, a hundred people do sex to them…
Child P: Me and…
Abraham: NO! Hundred people do sex to them, each, for two hundred sex, two hundred times sex, two hundred times fifty is how much?
Child P: (hesitant) Two hundred plus thirty…
Abraham: Ten grand. I’ve done the maths already, ten thousand pounds. That’s just…he also sells the willies, what else does he sell?
J-C: [loudly] Oh! Shut up!
Abraham: He makes movies. He makes snuff movies of the babies. And he sells them in the Ukraine, in Russia, in Brazil, in Portugal, in Brussels, in England, he sells them all…over…the world. Tell Papa about the movies.
Child P: Mmm?
Child Q: The movies, there’s a mum, I got a friend, called Xxxxx in my class, his mum is called Xxxxx….she translates the movies and she translates it and she, umm…
Child P: And it’s movies of them doing sex me and…to the children in school. So it’s like them doing sex to me and Child Q, and…
Child Q: Don’t you say that word…
Child P: So it’s like them doing sex to each other, and then they sometimes, they make movies, of like them dancing.

Abe prompts the children: “Tell Papa about the movies”, and they oblige as best they are able—one talks about how the movies are allegedly translated, while the other says “they do sex”. As she says this, the boy responds, “Don’t you say that word”—one of the few times when he seems to refuse to go along with the narrative they’ve been taught.

J-C: How old are you two?
Child Q: I’m eight and she’s nine. But I’m taller than her. But she’s in year 4, but she’s turning to year 5. But I was in year 3, but…
Child P: I’m already supposed to be in year 5 right now.
J-C: Yeah.
Child Q: I’m supposed to be in year 4.
J-C: I see you going to homestead school? No, not any more?
[sounds of chopping from other room]
Abraham: Well, listen…
J-C: So you going to homestead school?
Abraham: Everybody listen to me, please, I’m coming in there.
J-C: All right.

In this brief moment of normalcy, we hear the children talking about non-sexualised, non-murder and cannibalism-related topics. Just for a moment, they sound relaxed, like normal children. Then Abe returns to the room.

Abraham: Now. Help me if I get anything wrong. Your father’s got a court order, he must see the children every two weeks. We took the children on holiday. The solicitor that he’s got is a member of the paedophile ring. The solicitor that the mother has got is a member of the paedophile ring. The solicitor that is representing the mother…Mum’s solicitor is one of them isn’t he? So he’s always advising the father. Her own solicitor…
J-C: Is part of the…
Abraham: Yeah. Listen to this. The father gets to see them every two weeks. We haven’t let the father see them for five weeks because we took them away on holiday. We should not have taken them out of Europe because she has…
J-C: The order.
Abraham: We shouldn’t have taken them out because we’ve broken the order. But we had to take them out of Europe to make sure they were safe from the clutches of the ring. Now we have brought them back today to see you.
J-C: Oh, right.

This is an interesting point: Abe and Ella claim that they only discovered that the children were in the clutches of an alleged cult during their holiday in Morocco. And yet here is Abe, claiming that they took the children to Morocco specifically to get them away from the cult.

Abraham: I phoned up a solicitor—I don’t trust any solicitor, not in Hackney or anywhere, except my solicitors, but they’re criminal, they don’t deal with this kind of thing. They’d defend me, but they can’t…they’re not prosecutors. He is supposed to see them every two weeks. He hasn’t seen them for five weeks. The school is involved, you know, the school is asking her [smacks hands together loudly] where are the children, where are the children, listen. No, cos they’ve only been out of school for one day, two days.  
J-C: Yeah, like, em…

Are we the only ones who are slightly amused that the only solicitors Abe knows are the sort who deal with criminal matters?

Abraham: Yeah! Yeah! Yesterday.
J-C: Oh, they went back yesterday.
Abraham: Yes…Jean-Clement, something is bugging me out there, it’s making noise, what is it?
J-C: That’s the fire alarm.
Abraham: Well. Anyway. He’s supposed to see them. He organized a party for the 30th of August. We didn’t let him get the children because we know what he wants to do to them. When he finds out that they have told me, he will kill them.
J-C: So he doesn’t know yet?
Abraham: Course he doesn’t know.
J-C: So he doesn’t know they’re here?
Abraham: He doesn’t know they’re here yet, but he will find out, he will find out because we have to give their passports back to the solicitor. Who is a member of the paedophile group.
J-C: Why can’t they change school?
Abraham: (angrily) They can’t change school!
J-C: They can’t…
Abraham: We’re gonna do that, but…NO!
J-C: Oh, you have to go all through the whole process…
Abraham: He’s going to get them, he’s going to get them! If we don’t protect them, he’s going to get them!
J-C: But he’s got a court order to see them every two weeks anyway…
Abraham: But we’re not going to let him see them! We can’t let him see them, he will kill them!

Child P: They’ll sacrifice us, the same like the baby. So they’ll eat us themselves…
Abraham: Now you understand my dilemma.

The little girl sounds quite calm when she announces that she and her brother will be sacrificed and eaten. Almost as though she doesn’t really believe it. Abe, meanwhile, is flipping shit.

J-C: Why couldn’t you keep them in Morocco then, and have someone come over to see them instead?
Abraham: Because we wanted you to see them. We’re going to send them back to Morocco tomorrow.

J-C: I could have come there and speak to them.
Abraham: Well we brought them here, we’ll send them tomorrow.
J-C: Okay, all right.
Abraham: Now you understand.
J-C: Yeah.
Abraham: We brought them here specifically to see…I kept ringing you, but the mother had put my number on no caller i.d.
J-C: No, not that, Aby…when I ring you, it’s because of being engaged.
Abraham: Because people are talking to me.
J-C: I spoke to Donna, and she said something happen to your phone!
Abraham: Nothing happened to my phone. The father, they took my phone and gave it to the father.
J-C: Okay.
Abraham: This is a new phone. I’ve been talking to people all day because it’s my birthday.
J-C: That’s why. No, I call you today, I called you this afternoon.
Abraham: You only…once today, and once yesterday! Come on, Jean-Clement, you…
J-C: No, no, I call you, remember, you called…
Abraham: I have no missed calls from you.
J-C: You called several times…
Abraham: No, no…
J-C: You did! You called several times when we’re driving, and I called back, the phone is engaged, and I say why is the phone engaged, he just called!
Abraham: Because I’ve been talking to somebody else while I’m trying to call you.
J-C: Ah…
Abraham: I’m talking to someone else while I’m trying to call you, I’m talking to a solicitor, I’m talking to somebody else, I’m getting advice on telling my brother John what the situation [slaps hands loudly] I had to let somebody know what my situation was, just in case.
J-C: Yeah, yeah.
Abraham: I was sending emails, I was…Jean-Clement, I’m 57, I’m not born yesterday.

Here we see how poorly Abe and Ella had thought this through: as Jean-Clement points out, he could easily have come to Morocco to see the children, rather than having them dragged all the way to the UK and then flown straight back.

J-C: I know…I know you’re nervous.
Abraham: Right. That’s why I came to you. For the father, he’s waiting, and he has a court…
J-C: For them to go back to school…
Abraham: No! Not only that. He has a visiting, he’s taking the mother to court now again.
J-C: Okay.
Abraham: Cos he wants to see his children. Now why does he want to see his children? To do sex to them, to make parties, to sell them to other people and make movies. We can’t allow it to happen any more, Jean-Clement. Now you understand?

J-C: Oh, okay.
Abraham: (loudly) We cannot allow it to happen any more, he must be arrested! Tell him about Papa’s secret room and what he keeps there!
J-C: No, uh…
Abraham: (excitedly) Secret rooms!

Here, Abe comes close to admitting the real reason for this entire charade: he states that the father has a court order and is about to take Ella to court again for increased access. However, he quickly flips over into “he’s going to sell them to other people for sex”.

J-C: Can they stay here, then?
Abraham: Where?
J-C: Here.
Abraham: What for?…They can, but they will touch each other. And you can’t feed them. You can’t feed them the diet they need. They are vegan, raw vegan. The mother won’t let them eat anything because…
J-C: Unless they’re with their mother, then.
Abraham: Where?
J-C: Here.
Abraham: They’re with their mother here? Yeah…(loudly)They could stay with us! They could stay with us where they are! They’re fine!
J-C: Okay, no problem.

Once again, Jean-Clement offers a sensible solution, and Abe rejects it for bizarre reasons.

Abraham: No, there’s a problem! (to Child P) Has father got keys to the house?
Child P: Yes.
Abraham: Has father got keys to the house?
Child P: Yes.
Abraham: Is it a lie? (loudly) Is it a lie? We do not have time for lying. Does father have keys to the house?
Child P: No.
Abraham: What did you give him?
Child P: I showed him his keys, and he copied it, in his key shop. And he got a spare copy of the keys, and I put it back to the key…to our door.
Abraham: So he’s got a copy of the key. We can change the lock, that’s not a problem. (long pause) Right, we can change the lock to the house. But he won’t come while I’m there.
J-C: Okay.
Abraham: He’s too scared. He’s not a man. He can kill babies, but he can’t fight a man. Be quiet, or you go outside. There you go then. Come here. Outside. (slams door) That’s it. That’s your lack, discipline. … I’m concerned about the mother, she should have been here by now, she’s not answering her phone. … You got me, Jean-Clement?

Here we can see how Child P tries to answer as she thinks Abe would like her to; but he pounces on her: “Is it a lie? Is it a lie? We do not have time for lying”. Without missing a best, she changes her answer and creates a new story. She is clearly used to doing this.

J-C: Yes, it’s a really difficult situation.
Abraham: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! But you’re going to come and look for them, Jean-Clement!
J-C: Yeah.
Abraham: And you’re going to take them to court. You see? The sinister is involved. That’s why they can’t explain you the story, I have to explain it all to you first. Yeah?
J-C: Mmmhmm.
Abraham: And then you can ask the questions, you see? It’s pointless you asking the questions until you have the whole story. You’ll be wasting your time asking the wrong question. Yeah?
J-C: Mmmhmm.

Again, Abe expresses the assumption that Jean-Clement will come and “take them to court”. He wants his brother-in-law to have his side of the story before anybody else can give him another version.

Abraham: Where’s my phone?
Child P: Your pocket…
J-C: You left it in the kitchen…
Abraham: I’ll go get it. There’s some, there’s some footage on it. You might want the footage. There’s some news, it’s to do with the children. And these are, these are, these are photos of the secret rooms. These are plans for the houses with the secret rooms. Of the church, with the secret room. This is a video of him talking, there’s another video of him talking, another video of him, another video of him.
J-C: That’s him?
Abraham: Yeah. Too many videos talking about it. These are more plans of secret rooms and secret places. There’s him praying for his sister on the plane.
J-C: (moans) What’s he say?
(sound of children talking on videos)
Abraham: Well we’re not allowed to take them out of Europe.
J-C: Mmmhmm.
(phone rings)
J-C: Okay, um…how far are you? Okay, all right, no problem at all. All right, bye bye.

Abe shows Jean-Clement the video footage he’s made of Child Q, but says nothing about Child P. Abe talks about “photos of the secret rooms”, but we don’t know what he is showing Jean-Clement; could they be drawings made either by the children or by Abe and Ella?

This segment ends with Ella calling to let them know that she’s on her way to Jean-Clement’s house. To be continued….

40 thoughts on “The Jean-Clement audio recording revisited

      • This certainly proves that Angie who keeps enlisting new people like Tom Dunno, to promote the lies, knows that most of the recent rhetoric is as false as the previous, failed hoaxers lies……… Like that the mother had gone to police and social services for help……….. Clearly, the plan had been to whisk the children back to Morocco, straight away……………. It’s dreadful that this needs highlighting again, but necessary thanks to the relentless nature of those recently attempting their merchandise campaign, off the backs of the children, who surely suffered enough, already.

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        • They’re too dumb for anything more complicated than Biblical passages out of context to justify their insane behaviour.

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        • In some ways that may have been better and would have been a real drama and lead to both Abe & Ella being arrested for kidnapping and serious jail time.
          Any parent now that takes a child who they do not have full custody off, abroad for the reason of avoiding access and court orders ends up being on the the Interpol (FBI etc) wanted list.
          Nor would them hiding out in Morocco save them (unlike say a much stricter Muslim country) as their authorities would co-operate with British police and would view the father as having the more rights than the mother.

          I can’t believe how dumb Abe seems to be. How can he be so ignorant of UK law?. It’s why I didn’t think he was actually British.

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          • GOS, I mooted that a long while back, but recognising that then, it would have meant the children being possibly subjected to even more abuse by abe………. difficult to wish that had happened, but yes, I think that it is only that the children are safe and not with them, that abe and ella have avoided justice, so far.

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  1. Re:
    Abraham: We shouldn’t have taken them out because we’ve broken the order. But we had to take them out of Europe to make sure they were safe from the clutches of the ring. Now we have brought them back today to see you.
    J-C: Oh, right.

    This is an interesting point: Abe and Ella claim that they only discovered that the children were in the clutches of an alleged cult during their holiday in Morocco. And yet here is Abe, claiming that they took the children to Morocco specifically to get them away from the cult…

    SLAM DUNK!!!

    Great work! For the court case against Ella and Abe, one day….

    Ella was questioned by…I forget who… about exactly when the children started telling her about ‘the cult’ in Morocco – she said they started talking about 2 weeks into the holiday.

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    • Yes, her story changes and shifts over time, for the simple reason that it was never true to begin with.

      I think you’re right that Abe’s slip-up here will prove part of their undoing, when they eventually come to trial. I have no doubt that this will happen, it’s just a matter of time.

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  2. For all their claims of “investigating” and self assured pronouncements that they believe this nasty Hoax, the APDs, Thomas Dunns and Bellenders of the world, not one single one bothered to possibly gather some physical proof.
    You know even the most simplest things like following “the cult” for a fortnight and filming proof of gatherings of alleged cult members on a Wednesday for these bizarre lunches (where not a single “cult child” ever spoke out to other children as is their wont) or Neelu’s “dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into a Church one Wednesday (never bothered going back even once), gatherings at the Swimming Pool (you might think Abe might like the chance to place his camera underneath a changing stall to capture something happening) and so on. If there had been even the slightest truth to any of the claims, it would have been so easy to gather damning filmed proof within one month.

    Excellent work EC translating Abraham’s mendacity.
    I actually have exciting news. I and the Koala Wards Committee have now been appointed (after a 5 hour session in the Saloon Bar Committee Room) to also tender Nominees for the prestige new Hairy Nosed Wombat Awards for Excellence. This will entitle winners to add the initials HNW after their CBE, OBE etc and they will get a nice Wombat badge to wear next to their George Cross etc (if they have one).
    I won’t mention names from here that were brought up last night ( no I really won’t but let’s just say “Ogilvy” wasn’t one of them).

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    • Yes, it should have been easy to gather evidence, and yet…

      I remain flummoxed at the fact that Abraham failed to do the basic maths involved in calculating the number of skulls, and the amount of storage space which would be required for 8,000 of them (not 800, no wonder his businesses all failed).

      I look forward to seeing who is nominated for this grand new award…I do love wombats, though I cannot say I’m familiar with the hairy-nosed variety. (Okay, and I don’t know that much about wombats really, I just like the name.)


  3. Great analysis EC

    It is always good to revisit old material in my experience

    Sometimes the most obvious things are obscured by the sheer quantity of data

    Having watched a certain video yesterday and gone down several deep rabbit holes I imagined that todays post was going to be about something else, but I think it’s good to have a strategy and pace yourself.

    Also sometimes you make connections and realise that some things are much more serious than you had imagined.

    As I have said here before, be very, very careful of plastic shamans, especially those who peddle “elixirs” and are fond of the word “essence”.

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  4. Again, congratulations on your work of transcribing. The more actual detail of these recordings I read the more patently absurd the whole hoax seems. How could anyone take Abraham’s claims about the children being sold for sex to hundreds of people seriously?

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    • Thanks, FS. I was actually inspired by (get ready for this, it will surprise you) Kane Slater’s version of the transcript, as published on one of Kris Costa’s vile blogs. I could see that even though he’d allegedly “transcribed” the J-C audio, he had left huge holes in the narrative and (as usual) only cherry-picked material which might be seen to back up their loopy beliefs.

      I wondered what they might have missed…and that turned out to be “lots”. I think it’s important to have as full a transcript of that material as possible, as I think it tells us much more about Abe and Ella than they would like us to know.

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  5. Excellent work to the person that listened to all that again & transcribed it. It cannot have been easy as it is so disturbing. Well done. 👏

    On another note, thank God for Jean-Clement! If it hadn’t been for his quick thinking & discernment, where would those children be now & what more suffering would they be going through, it’s unbearable to think about.

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  6. One of the stand out points of the Jean Clement situation comes before anyone has even spoken. This is supposed to be two children that have disclosed terrible sexual abuse,infanticide and cannibalism making first contact with someone outside Abe and Ella. A policeman (of sorts) of all people. Yet where is their caring, loving Mother?
    Instead of joining Abe and the children going straight from the airport to Jean Clement to protect and support her children, she has pissed off home for a shower, and probably some face yoga, hoping to look her best for Abe’s brother in law. A clear sign the story is bullshit and that Ella cares little for these children, because even though the story is nonsense, you would still expect a caring mother to support them while telling the nonsense story.

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    • Yes, that’s exactly right, Dave. I should have pointed this out. This segment of the audio ends with Ella finally deigning to get in touch and let them know she’s on her way over, but the question ought to be, why was she not there in the first place?

      Court order or no court order, if they were my children and I thought devil-worshippers (or whatever) were out to get them, I would not let them out of my sight for a moment until I was sure they were safe. In fact, as mentioned above, I might have insisted that they remain with me in Morocco for their own safety, rather than bring them back for a “showing” at my new boyfriend’s brother-in-law’s house. Ella and Abe only brought the kids back (and during the next week hoiked them all over the countryside to be viewed by people like Gerrish et al in preparation for their debut as poster children for SRA) because they did NOT believe there was any danger.

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  7. Cue the vultures getting involved, instead of saying, “that’s the biggest load of bull I ever heard”, they rubbed their hands in Glee & spread it all over the internet.

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    • She’s no idea how deeply in shit she is and yet she just wants to go deeper. She’s as stupid as she is morally repugnant. I hope she’s sued into cardboard box resident status.

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  8. I agree & such vile words from her, then she suddenly switched to puppies & cooking!

    She doesn’t differ in her tone from talking about child rape to talking about puppies, etc.!

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    • Glory Be To God in this blessed Year of The “Grab Them By The Pussy” Trump.

      The one positive thing I get from that batshit crazy loon’s website is that maybe the majority of Americans remain normal if they are shopping at Walmart for Halloween stuff- not that I am slightly interested in that marketing exercise.
      # But does the poor thing realise that the WalMart family have made mega $Billions from selling exclusively Chinese made goods (manufactured at slave wages) and avoid selling any US manufactured items thus putting more US industries out of business even while The Great Trump God rails against China?. Thought not.

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