Justice for Becki Percy…whether she wants it or not

Some of our readers will already know that over the past 10 days or so, commenter James Hind, aka Satanic Views, has made it his mission to discover the truth behind the many allegations of Becki Percy, the young SRA claimant from Hull who is currently attempting to claim political asylum in the U.S.A.

In his usual fashion, James is taking a relentlessly logical and methodical approach to this task.

Plan A: A PTSD assistance dog?

On 20 June, noting that Becki’s allegations could have serious consequences for his co-religionists as well as the people of Hull, he wrote that as far as he knew, Becki had not reported her claims to police:

To my knowledge Becki has not been to the police in the UK about these allegations, but instead is wanting to claim political asylum in the USA and benefit from the generosity of US citizens for her apparent abuse and PTSD from her alleged experiences in Hull.

Because these allegations have not been tested by a proper police investigation in Hull, then many children who have allegedly suffered a crime against them have been denied justice, and other children are now vulnerable to crimes against them by alleged abusers. Even if SRA is unfounded, there might still be elements of truth amongst the allegations of Becki of child abuse. 

Although Becki quickly blocked him on Twitter, James’ first plan was support Becki to return to the UK and have her allegations properly investigated by police. Noting that she had said she requires an assistance dog to help her deal with her PTSD, James offered to start a crowdfunding campaign to get such a dog, in the event that she was telling the truth. If not, the funds would be donated to ChildLine.

Plan A falls through…on to Plan B

Three days later, though, James reported that in the UK, PTSD assistance dogs are only available to emergency and military personnel. Nothing deterred, he decided to focus on ensuring that Becki’s allegations are properly investigated by police in Hull.

As these allegations by Percy have not been tested by a police investigation, I am treating it as an active crime scene until the police have come to their conclusions.

It appears the personal sex abuse claims by Percy have been looked at by the police and the evidence was not strong enough to bring charges. In her own words Percy said the police and the four social workers who dealt with her case considered her an “allegation maker”.

However, James found that Becki’s allegations of SRA only began when she arrived in the USA in 2015. Prior to that, her allegations had been of an individual nature, which means that the SRA claims have never been brought to the Hull police.

These new allegations have not been tested by a police investigation, so I have in recent days been lobbying Percy and her supporters to contact the UK police to initiate an investigation.

On 23 June he wrote:

Percy has been frustrating: despite her many internet postings about her alleged SRA experiences, plus her concerns for the dead and abused children of her alleged abusers, she did not and seems unwilling to report these latest horrific alleged murders to the police.

Her response to me is block me on Twitter, and when her supporters thought my suggestion that she should contact the UK police was a good idea, her only response was “he is a Satanist.” It is beyond bizarre that Percy is posting away on her two Twitter accounts promoting her candle business, yet does not and is unwilling to put any effort or time into contacting the police to bring about justice for her alleged victims and to safeguard future children from harm.

Percy has been selfish in my opinion, complaining about her own misfortunes, promoting her candle business, promoting Trump and her Gofund projects … she has no motivation to help the alleged thousands of victims in Hull … it is moments like that when I want to bang my head on my keyboard.

Despite his frustration, though, James soldiered on.

Noting that “She has been passionate enough about her claims to get herself put into care for five years, and a further 14 months in jail in the USA as an illegal immigrant”, he expressed confusion that she has never shared her entire story with those who might be able to help her.

It is strange that Percy has not shared all her story with the authorities, rather, it has been in bits, thus she claimed her father sexually abused her, he was asked to leave the home; she then said her mother sexually abused her, she was sent to live with an uncle; she then said her uncle sexually abused her, she was sent to live with a faster carer; she then said the foster carer sexually abused her; she was sent to a care home. Why Percy has not shared the whole abuse story right at the start rather than bits and pieces that are growing ever wilder over the years is a mystery.

Twitter wars

James contacted Becki Percy on Twitter, where she currently does most of her social media posting.

He described his approach with Becki as “assertive to the point of harassment”, but emphasised that he has remained polite and encouraging, and that his actions fall under the defence of “prevention and investigation of crime” in the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. He also noted that he would not be contacting Becki’s real family, for legal reasons.

He also pointed out that it would be in Becki’s interest to notify the Hull police of her allegations, as her current political asylum appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court could be damaged if the U.S. Department of Homeland Security were to discover that she has never made efforts to have the alleged crimes investigated.

Introducing ‘Ajax’, and contacting police

Given the challenges of convincing Becki to report her allegations properly, James decided to enlist the help of his colleague “Ajax”, who contacted the police in Hull and made them aware of Becki’s claims.

Now that we have an official record on file “Record C732 22-06-18” we now have an anchor point to drive this matter to a police investigation and a conclusion.

While he described Ajax as “far from happy that he has had to go to so much trouble to contact the police in Hull”, James reported that this experience made them recognise the need for a more organised approach to this sort of case, involving police, media, and other interested parties. He announced:

We are starting a new group called the Arachnae Project. I will deal with the internet communications, Ajax deals with the police et al, others will deal with other aspects of the project. This also allows us to bring into play a technology to examine the complex eco-system or web of information that those who allege or promote SRA leave all over the internet, to output that information in a form that crime victims, lawyers and the police will find useful.

One way or another, there is going to be a police investigation, and if there is a crime, someone is going to end in court.

Protecting the children

James emphasised that a major impetus for his campaign to encourage Becki Percy to contact police was to ensure the safety of children who could potentially be harmed, either by the alleged Satanic cult or by other adults:

Where there is a large scale activity of harming many children, it would be natural in my opinion that victims would seize the chance to have those crimes investigated, the abusers arrested, that no more children suffer the abuse. Red flags rise of a fake narrative if there is resistance to an investigation, questions have to be asked of if the allegation maker is making things up.

Becki Percy is an example of someone who is raising resistance to investigating her allegations a cult is killing many children in Hull. Percy mainly uses Twitter to communicate with the world, and she has blocked me on Twitter, her 3rd “mum” blocked me yesterday, and I expect her business account will soon block me. Perhaps it is that she knows I am a Satanist. Sadly, others who have offered to help, or have done some initial work to link Percy up with Interpol and the police have also been ignored.

James also stated that Becki, like many of the “keyboard warriors” we’ve met in the course of investigating the Hampstead hoax, seems to believe that making allegations via social media constitutes genuine campaigning. It’s not.

Noting that in the event that Becki’s allegations are true, Ajax has endangered himself by reporting it, James questioned Becki’s commitment and willingness to face the consequences of her actions:

Percy is quite willing to point fingers on social media identifying various individuals, accusing them of being murderers and child abusers, inviting her followers to attack them on social media, yet has not been helping the police to drive forward a proper investigation into her claims.

It is unjust that Ajax puts himself out on a limb, that children are potentially in danger, that individuals have been accused of crimes but are being denied the right of an objective police investigation.

Time to be a responsible adult

Becki Percy currently lives a fairy story existence: a devoted family she always wanted; a centre of attention as a “victim” of a horrific narrative with an estimated 30,000 followers on Twitter; a personal business; easy money-making from a go-funding campaigns; a role as a child abuse campaigner against evil Satanists.

But Becki’s seemingly charmed existence is about to end: not only are the courts and ICE unlikely to reverse the decision to deport her to the UK, but claiming that her life is in danger won’t be enough to sway them.

What is her evidence? Did she tell the police in Britain her life was in danger, that there are thousands of children murdered by an alleged cult in Hull? Does the police in the UK have a record of these allegations? Are they investigating? Can Homeland Security verify this? Homeland Security is not going to give a naive British girl with an unproven story a free pass to US citizenship, especially after she tried to trick them with a tourist visa. The end state is that Becki Percy will be deported from the USA, she will never be able to visit the USA again.

Furthermore, James predicted that Becki’s candle business won’t fare well if she’s forced to run it from the UK, where she will lack her devoted “Trump-Christian” market.

If Percy continues with her allegations in the UK, and this has not been supported by a criminal investigation and convictions, she will be in all kinds of legal trouble starting with harrassment charges.

The future is bright for Percy if her allegations are true, dire, if they are false.

James pointed out that he and Ajax don’t require Becki’s cooperation to initiate a police investigation. And, he said, they have tracked down the teacher to whom Becki initially disclosed her allegations, and will be linking the teacher with the police.

We will do the same with social workers and Homeland Security. If Percy has broken any laws, or there are criminal complaints against her, the system at all the UK borders will flag her up when she comes back to the UK, she will be taken into custody.

Percy has made some serious allegations against named individuals, it was inevitable once Ajax followed the correct system for reporting crimes, that this would trigger into something that Becki now will have to become a part of if she likes it or not.

The wheels are beginning to turn. Becki can be a responsible adult and take the lead in these developments by working with the British police investigation, or she can lose credibility, her choice.

Contacts are being made

On 25 June, James reported that contacts were being made, and Becki’s allegations were closer than ever to being properly investigated by police.

While the McAvene’s, Becki’s second U.S. “adopted family”, were refusing to cooperate with getting a police investigation under way, James contacted a church in Pottsboro, Texas, and a church official agreed to contact local authorities on the matter.

In addition, James said, 

I contacted a friend of Becki Percy who knew her in school days in Hull, and referred them to the videos that Percy made making her SRA claims. I will get their reaction later after they have looked at the videos.

Meanwhile, Ajax had begun contacting ICE/Homeland Security in Dallas, and the Arachnae Project had started bringing together all of Becki’s various conflicting claims, in order to analyse them and make it clear what she has alleged.

While Becki remained uncooperative, refusing to support a police investigation or to save alleged abused children in Hull, James and Ajax had begun preparing a case to be sent to the FBI and Pottsboro police. They also contacted Hull social services, which only makes sense given the child welfare component of Becki’s allegations.

As James put it,

The credibility of the allegations by Becki Percy is looking weaker by each passing day, but there still must be a police investigation or these allegations will go on unchallenged for years after. …

…Blocked I am , but I can see Becki’s Twitter posts on an alternative Twitter account. What did I see but an angry Becki about a murderer in a US jail who she thinks is innocent, and she will be writing to him as a priority. I think justice for alleged murdered children and safeguarding alleged raped children in Hull UK is lower on the list of priorities by Becki, slightly lower than promoting her candle business and encouraging celebrities to follow her Twitter account.

Friends and teachers

As part of their attempt to link up interested parties in Becki’s case, James reported on 26 June that he and Ajax had not only contacted the teacher to whom Becki had made her initial allegations, but had also begun contacting Becki’s friends in Hull. He noted that these friends seemed shocked and confused by Becki’s allegations, though one friend contacted stated that Becki was a “big liar” who had made allegations about them too.

On 27 June, only a week after he and Ajax began attempting to get Becki to report her claims of SRA to the police in Hull, James wrote,

I became involved on the Becki Percy case last week. Becki is mainly active on Twitter, so this is where most of the action is. There has been research going on with Facebook friends of Becki. Emails and telephone calls being made to police, social services and other stakeholders in the case. There are a growing number of people working on the Percy case. I am connected to a group called the Arachnae Project who has a website here, recently created, in development.

Arachnae will carry most of the information on Becki Percy, which is focussed on linking up evidence and stakeholders. In the case of Percy any attempt to use satire or personalised attack would be counter-productive which will be used to support her claim that people are out to murder her, and will increase the support of her Christian evangelical base. Becki has to be challenged using serious methods such as pushing her into situations which shows her up as a fraud in the eyes of her supporters.

‘Trapped in a bubble that will eventually burst’

By 29 June, James was able to report that work had begun to process the content Becki Percy had posted online, in order to make it useful to police.

He said, “My personal opinion is that the SRA claims are false, I have yet to have a firm opinion if all the abuse claims by Becki Percy are false”.

Moreover, he said,

Becki Percy has been constantly asked by many people on Twitter to make a full statement to the UK police, but refuses.

It seems odd someone who makes these horrific claims of thousands of children murdered and raped by named individuals in Hull is more interested in promoting their candle business than making the effort to safeguard children by going to the police. Percy is living a huge fantasy, perhaps originally built on a real childhood experience, trapped in a bubble that will eventually burst on her.

Since James initially contacted Becki on Twitter, she has blocked him, but a rip-roaring conversation has been taking place, involving Becki’s supporters as well as her detractors. We commend James and Ajax for their tenacity and determination to ensure that justice is done in this case, with or without the cooperation of Becki.

By the way, one of her taglines on her Twitter account is #WhereAreTheChildren.

That’s a very good question, and we look forward to learning the answer. Becki Percy 2018-03-31

111 thoughts on “Justice for Becki Percy…whether she wants it or not

  1. Well done on giving this a post of it’s own EC, it will be much simpler to refer back to it in the future.

    I admire SV & his friend for all that they are doing.

    Anyone falsely accused of committing a crime, has a right to have their names cleared & the accuser to be brought to take.

    God knows the hell those people have been put through over the years.

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    • Thanks for a great write up on this situation EC, thank you. I have been very impressed with everything that SV and his friend Ajax have done so far. Hopefully, they have made believers of Becki’s story start to question why she would not want her accusations properly investigated.

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  2. Becki, your new theme tune awaits:

    From hereon in I shall be whistling that very time you I see you coming and will enjoy the spectacle of that nice Mr. Hind doing exactly what said song title asks of him 🙂

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  3. A friend also posted on Becki’s twitter feed and was blocked. Basically he said Becki has no chance of getting asylum in the US as the notion she could not return to the UK and be safe is quite ludicrous and has never happened before.
    Seems to me she and her adoptee family are deluding themselves if they think an Immigration court would just accept her claims without evidence. To do so would open the floodgates for 1000s of similar claims. But even then the UK is considered a safe haven as opposed to some South Anerican countries where refugees are currently fleeing from.
    Although some fleeing Africa would have a genuine claim of fear- Albino Africans who can be persecuted in their homelands.

    Becki and her evangelical hosts who are avid Trump fans seem to be relying on the fact she is lily white and elfin looking but I doubt hard-nosed ICE agents would be impressed by her skin colour. Mind you her pleas to Donald Trump may be successful seeing he is so unpredictable but I doubt he’ll set a prcedent for others to do similar.

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    • When anyone in an official U.S. office hears SRA mentioned then they usually refer to the 1992 monogram written by a senior investigator for the FBI. It pretty much is their guidebook for investigations and allegations. It established that SRA is a form of hysteria, not a single case was every proven and allegations are usually false. Good luck becki, the guys and girls at customs won’t fall for your lies, not least because you haven’t reported them to UK police and only started making the string of lies up when you left the UK.

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  4. This is a two-minute sound clip from that video Steved shared last night from Neelu’s page, featuring two creepy morons broadcasting from one of those ‘common law grand jury trial’ thingies. I was initially just going to quote them but then realised that people might not believe me, so I’ve taken a recording to prove that the conversation actually took place. Enjoy:


    PS: I very much doubt that Neelu bothered to watch this 55-minute video before sharing it and I’d love to see her face when she realises the two twats in question are rabid EDL-supporters.

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    • TOT, That video is a classic. I couldn’t stop it and ended up watching the whole thing right through.
      100% comedy gold.
      Sadly also 100% depressing.
      They and their listeners are so easy to convince of anything. Just throw in and keep repeating the usual buzzwords – Soros, paedos, sharia, Tommy Robinson, Trump, Muslims, Common law, etc, etc.and that’s it, it’s all true, don’t you know.
      Reminds me of the Hoaxtead allegations. Same pattern; so called ‘awake’ ‘freemen and women’ following like sheep, spreading bollocks.
      Unaware of the irony.
      One of many disturbing comments,
      “Derrick Nicad · 49:51 Why don’t we assassinate George soros and free the world”


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    • ‘What you’ve gorra do….register with Commonlawcourt.com……….then you can get documents like this……where you gonna get documents like that for seven pounds?’.

      I’ll make him some for a fiver if he asks me. You’d think a Yorkshireman would have seen ’em coming wouldn’t you. ‘Less he’s selling them himself of course. You couldn’t make this up.

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  5. Thank you EC, this is a good summary of the activity and thoughts of me and others as we struggled to make sense of the allegations and character of Becki Percy. I and Ajax have only been involved in this case less than 14 days, we gave it our full attention and response as Becki Percy made serious allegations of crimes against children. Most victims of crime, concerned about the wellbeing of thousands of children, would embrace any assistance given to their case, sadly not Becki Percy. Others must draw their own conclusions on why Becki has acted the way she has when offered assistance by us and others over the years, but we will carry on until these allegations are properly investigated by the British police. There are many others who have worked on this case for a year or more, people who offered their assistance, asked questions, were blocked and called trolls for their trouble by Becki Percy and her host “family”.

    Becki Percy reminds me of a cuckoo who as you know lays one egg in the nest of other birds, kills the real bird chicks, and parasites on the host parents to look after it into adulthood. Becki Percy says and does all the right things to be loved and cared for by her devoted evangelical Christian Trump supporting conspiracy community and host “family.” Becki Percy has expressed a side to her that is deceitful and manipulative, who is prepared to use, discard, and hurt people to achieve her ends, as her second “mum” Catherine Moncada has discovered.

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    • Thanks for all that you and Ajax have been doing, SV. I think it’s very important that these claims be properly investigated, no matter what the outcome. And the fact that Becki is resisting this so strongly is, to my mind, very disturbing.

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    • I like the cuckoo comparison James.

      I think that the rove beetle and its manipulation of ants is even more apt.



      There is limited information available online about the rove beetle. I have seen how much you enjoy the natural world from your posts here (the fox photo was great) and I would recommend this wonderful book to you


      It is beautifully written and contains lots of highly detailed information about ants and the various creatures that exploit the super organisms that are ant colonies.

      Regarding the rove beetle, the authors describe how the rove beetle offers its anus to the ants and secretes a hormone called the “pacifier hormone”, it is sugary sweet, the ants lick it and become passive. The rove beetle then offers a gland on its abdomen that secretes another sweet substance “adoption hormone”. The now compliant ants lick this substance and it compels them to adopt the beetle and take it to their nest.

      Once inside the ant nest the rove beetle lives a life of indolent luxury, waited on hand and foot by the ants who clean it and feed it the very best food that should, by rights, go to their own young. Sometimes it even eats the ant larvae and young ants.

      I would suggest that Becki Percy has adopted the strategy of the rove beetle and is living among a community of alt-right Christian conspiracy theorists in a symbiotic relationship. She provides them with sugary sweet victim narratives out of her ass and they respond by taking her deep into their nest and providing her with the nourishment and care that really should be lavished on genuine victims of crime.

      It is gross and very eeew but fascinating nonetheless.

      Congrats on your campaign, I am impressed with your strategy. I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.

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        • Yes the imagery is strong – I love it!

          I’ve just thought of a way for Becki to stay longer in the US…she should carry on living her life as a rove beetle with her minions running around after her but actually feeding her highly calorific foodstuffs, soon she’d be so obese she wouldn’t be able to fit on a plane home.

          Who is Sara Ruth Ashcraft?

          Do you know what her original point of entry onto the scene of SRA promotion is?

          I’m not sure if the timing matters, I’m just wondering if she is a deliberate invention to back up Becki’s claims on twitter.


        • Glad you like it EC

          I have a huge number of similar analogies, was going to blog about this one, but I thought I would share it here in appreciation of James’s project – and because I like your blog of course ! 🙂

          Here’s another

          A snail (lotus princessi) is controlled and turned into a zombie by a manipulative parasitic worm (disgistingus bellendier)

          The parasite brainwashes the snail and coerces it to embark on a self-destructive and dangerous quest where it makes itself vulnerable to attack, whilst all the time carrying out the parasite’s plan for world domination.

          Hoaxer scammers, pond life the lot of ’em

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      • Fascinating OMG. I shall look into the Rove Beetle. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

        I think the Rove Beetle is another apt description of the strategy of Becki Percy.

        Thanks for the links 🙂

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  6. What American evangelical Christian would not fall for the story of an “elfin looking” British girl with a horrific story to tell of nasty Satanists doing horrible things to her and other victims, dramatically fleeing Britain, fighting to stay with her devoted following for fear of being murdered by her own flesh and blood family.

    Becki Percy lives in an echo-chamber of make-believe. No judge who wants to hold on to their reputation will let an asylum seeker gain a free pass into the USA on no evidence. As Ghost of Sam says I think “hard-nosed ICE agents” have no time for asylum seekers unable to back up their stories with hard facts such as evidence of scars they claim to have had inflicted upon them, and evidence of a police investigation of thousands of alleged dead children. Trump might be a white rabbit who suspends reality, but even he has his limits, and he won’t be interested in an insignificant case such as Becki Percy. In my opinion, in twelve months Becki Percy will be back in the UK, then if she persists with her allegations, she will have to prove them or face serious legal consequences.

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    • I think it is a bit more complicated than ICE expecting people to have scars or hard evidence. Genuine refugees might be unable to provide both or either of those.

      They are well aware of the situation in countries that people might claim asylum from.

      Click to access 277477.pdf

      The above is the sort of background information that is used to make a decision. The document is about the U.K. In short, the U.K. has a (generally) functioning, effective independent judiciary and the police are also overseen independently.

      Becki Percy would have to show that she falls in a particular social group, and that the state will not protect her from non state actors. This is where ICE is being harsh at the moment. There was also a recent important court case that an asylum seeker lost. She was a victim of domestic violence and from a country that does discriminate against women, fails to protect them etc. There is no way on this earth Becki Percy is getting asylum or granted refugee status. If an abused woman from a country in southern America who cannot turn to police gets refused, Becki Percy has no chance.

      Also, if she hasn’t gone to the police, she has no evidence that the police wouldn’t investigate and wouldn’t protect her.

      Normally I would say that someone who has been a victim of a sexual offence should make their own mind up whether to report it to the police or not. However, Becki Percy is choosing not reporting murder, and apparently claiming that children are currently at risk of being murdered. Whole different situation.

      She is also in the U.S. so I don’t know why she doesn’t report it from there where she claims to be safe.

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      • Becki Percy is happy to make serious allegations against named people, happy to say children in Hull in their thousands are being murdered/raped, then leave it in limbo, doing nothing.

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        • What I would like to know is what happened to all the “dead children hanging from trees” in Becki’s alleged “forest hunts”. You know, the ones where for inexplicable reasons the evil rapists made her wear a camera on her head? You don’t see child corpses used as tree ornaments all that often. You’d think someone might have have noticed.

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          • Local knowledge, which is missing from her US supporters, should say that England is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. There are no real wildernesses in England. All national parks are still farmed. Wild(ish) areas are massively popular with locals and visitors from further away. Woods aren’t that big. I have never been anywhere in England where I haven’t been able to discern the sodium glow of a far off massive conurbation. Torches or lights in a wood at night would attract attention. Lots of forests are actually logging plantations where the trees are quick growing tall species of pines planted in straight lines with very little undergrowth. Mixed forests if they are not managed get scrabbly and scratchy because things grow on the ground. All she’d have to do is stay still and small to hide. England’s old growth forests are more patchwork affairs rather than contiguous. All the tallest ancient trees were chopped down to build ships for the navy hundreds of years ago and they haven’t yet recovered. Tree diseases have almost wiped out some species over the decades and thinned woods, meaning more brambles and undergrowth.

            You can see your hands in front of your face in moonlight, it could even be bright enough to read a paper. Perhaps not in a wood. Even in starlight it is possible, but tricky to go for a walk at midnight. But then, we are back to the remote woods with screams ringing out and lights flashing like aircraft searchlights, yet dense enough to cut out light, but remote, no one goes there, and easy to get to, good parking, yet impossible for a little girl to hide in. She’s from the north so it is light until very late and dawn very early in Summer.

            I’m not American so what do I know.

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          • Just to check my privilege. I had a look at the “forests” in the North York Moors. Mostly plantation. Visitors centre. Farms. Logging tracks. Mountain biking. Walking. There’s a goApe adventure centre. Tourist lodges. Villages nearby. Car parks. Far from stereotypical Hammer Horror scary witchy remote woods for murderous activities.

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          • I know the area and I just can’t think of any woods where a naked child could be chased around all night without anyone noticing. In most instances you could run in one side and be out the other in ten minutes. It doesn’t make any sense.

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          • I know Fairly Sane. So, luckily, a good chance that an investigation would be able to find evidence or witnesses.

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          • Who would put a camera on the head of someone you’re gang raping in a twilight corpse filled forest ? There’s always the chance the runner could get away and have all that evidence against you isn’t there ? And who watches these videos ? And why ? Did she actually consider the absolute stupidity of her statements ?

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            • No, I think she just does free-form lying: she’ll add a dab here, a bit there, another over in that corner…and then complains when sensible people can see that it’s all a load of codswollop.

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          • Pitch black remember. Pitch black. How could she see the dead children in the trees ? Assuming you did go in a deep forest on a night with no moonlight you’d not be able to run anywhere without smashing into trees, tripping on various crap and getting scratched and bruised up. I’ve had occasion to be in woods at night. You ain’t running through them in daylight without injury let alone a dark night. She’s talking utter shite. I bet half of you wouldn’t run down your own stairs in the dark let alone a wild forest. Absolutely fabricated.

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    • Here are the Humberside Police Force crime figures for the area that they cover. About 1.2 million people live there. In the year ending Dec 2017 murders were in single figures. 9.

      Hull is a smaller part of the police district.

      Click to access Humberside-Crime-to-December-2017.pdf

      The murder rate is teeny tiny compared the safest US areas. I think some US citizens have a weird cognitive dissonance where they cannot imagine a place that isn’t the US being better or safer in any way,

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  7. My reply to your comment Ghost of Sam failed to be linked to it, is below …

    I agree with you, in the real world Becki Percy will fail in her final court appeal, then she will be coming back to the UK, banned I think from ever stepping foot in the USA again. The Donald Trump factor has been raised several times as a magical pass for Becki Percy towards US citizenship, everything is possible in the Twilight Zone.

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    • Posting tweets to Donald trump ? Write to Santa instead. Silly girl is deluded if she thinks the leader of the free world is gonna change policy for her dumb case.

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      • If Donald Trump makes an allowance for Becki Percy, he would politically burn by associating himself with an asylum seeker who intended to enter the USA illegally to stay permanently on a three month tourist VISA, as well as a full public exposure of her fictional allegations.

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  8. I was pretty disturbed that my Google searches for Becki Percy didn’t turn up any content critical of her story. Excellent work by SV and the crew trying to address this.

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  9. What I don’t get about a lot of these people is that they are SO SCARED of the Satanists that they don’t hide but appear on the internet and announce where they live. Apparently Becki feels safe because daddy has guns. If you substitute the word ‘Mafia’ instead of Satanists how would daddy feel then? Would he be confident he could defend wickle Becks against the Mafia because that’s the how these evil organised wealthy Satanists operate don’t they? Surely having a pump action shotgun in your wardrobe and a few handguns isn’t going to stop the Corleone’s when they descend on your town is it? Why haven’t they woken up with a horse’s head in the bed? Why would you think you can defend yourselves against a whole organised network of practiced killers?

    We’ve seen the same before with people like Ann Greig who is easy traceable online. She’s so afraid of the ‘Scottish establishment’ that she doesn’t make her address private does she. She must be really scared.

    I call BULLSHIT on the lot of them. If I’d been through what Becki alleges she went through I would be in feckin’ hiding and nobody would be able to trace me. I’d be under police protection too and fighting to get my attackers put away. I certainly wouldn’t be selling candles on the internet and making eyes at the camera.

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    • Excellent reasoning Shillelagh
      However reasoning and logic seem to be in shirt supply amongst the various conspiraloons who endorse the narratives of Becki Percy and her ilk
      Restores ones faith in human stupidity it really does

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      • I think those evangelists imagine themselves to be god’s own mafia, hence their fearlessness haha.

        I saw a tweet from daddy McAvene saying something about how his love for god comes first, then his country, next guns! The tweet is lost amongst the many I read and I’m thinking now he must have mentioned his family too – surely?

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  10. Huh? This is a new one on me:

    I’m convinced these shameless lying pricks have some kind of Wheel-of-Fortune-type spinner that they use to decide what random dead celebrity they’re going to accuse of paedophilia on any given day.

    By the way, have Cat and Malcolm provided a single scrap of evidence to support their extremely serious allegations against Alvin Stardust yet?

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    • “By the way, have Cat and Malcolm provided a single scrap of evidence to support their extremely serious allegations against Alvin Stardust yet?”

      No, sorry – Cat’s been too busy teaching her kids to smoke and Malcolm’s been too distracted by the prospect of Mars going into retrograde.

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    • The Rees Mogg family interest me because of their inks to the Rudolph Steiner cult and the associated Waldorf Schools.


      I am always interested when a satan hunter turns up with a batshit crazy conspiracy theory. It is not uncommon for their to be a real conspiracy or cult related issue under the surface, obscured by the batshit crazy layer of insanity.

      Given Rees Mogg appears to be a credible candidate for the next leader of the tory party and possibly as future prime minister of the UK I believe that this is an issue that should be at the forefront of people’s minds and is a subject worthy of further research.


    • Funny he forgot to mention they also got chucked out of the pub. That completed the hat-trick and was one of the highlights of the FSF’s “hugely successful” day 😀

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    • I was just thinking about the logo of the Fresh Start Foundation and *gasp*
      The blue bits look just like the ears, horns and beard of a goat!!
      Join the dots sheeple!!!

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    • I hope the hotel has been alerted to this………… I rang them, last week to enquire and they had closed some rooms due to flood damage, but were quite able to take bookings for conferences, depending on availability…….. Aberdeen had flooding earlier this year, it can take ages to dry out and repair……….. False Start Fresh Farts probably either didn’t book or cancelled the room due to lack of interest and to now smear the hotels is disgusting but typical of their behaviour………..

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    • Also, Kristie Sue is dead wrong, as usual. The case has not “kicked into high gear again”; far from it. A few of the usual suspects have expressed their anger and disappointment that the children are alive and well, and a couple of people have mentioned it on Twitter.

      Aside from that….

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  11. I see Cat ‘Scot’ Selvester of the Fresh Start Foundation is still illegally posting that list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of mostly innocent people. That’s the FSF in a nutshell for me.

    PS: expect Malcolm to repost this on his blog within the hour. He’s another one who doesn’t give a toss about endangering innocent people and their children by posting their addresses online. Hey ho

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  12. The fact a father and his kids have now been seen to be happy and healthy must be a devastating blow for a certain woman currently in jail awaiting trial on harrasment charges. I wonder what Belinda McKenzie thinks of this current development?.

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  13. Becky Percy was once also very active on YouTube. Her channel is still up. The last video she posted was “My parents Killed My Baby Sister”. She had already posted a similar story in an earlier video. The comments on that last video showed scepticism among a few of the blind faithful for the first time. She did not address the sceptics and stopped posting videos on YouTube from then on.
    She seems to have abandoned that channel. She also promoted her channel in earlier days on Voat/PizzaGate, which sprang up when the original PizzaGate sub-reddit was banned by Reddit administration for being a witch hunt. Her SRA allegations originated in the PizzaGate heyday and among the PizzaGate believers. This is how she built her large Youtube and Twitter base.

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  14. This was posted on Voat by Catherine, the woman who paid Becki’s fare and other expenses and took her to the USA.

    “Beck’s story is insidious and hard. She doesn’t care if you believe her nor do I. All we care about is children who are in danger. Move on. Investigate. Put as much as you can together. Children are DYING!!!”

    Interesting that in recent days she seems to have done an about face on pursuing such investigation.
    Why can’t she bring her self to admit she was

    1) done like a dinner? and
    2) Pushing and promoting the harassment of Becki’s real family avidly on SM? In Jesus name of course.

    She is now complaining about her family being harrassed on SM. Ironic.

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  15. Didn’t she also claim to have been pregnant and after the child’s murder forced to bury it’s hacked up limbs in separate graves, that she herself was forced to dig ? I don’t know much about pregnancy but am sure a quick examination can confirm if a woman’s still a maiden or not.

    On another note . . . . How about picking a theme tune for celebrating Becki’s return to the UK ? Possibly a video. I’m thinking of skinner and badiel’s ‘its coming home’, maybe john denvers jet plane ?

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  16. The child she saw murdered and chopped up was allegedly her sister.
    She claims in videos to have been pregnant 3 times. Each time she was beaten until she miscarried. This would mean she was pregnant and beaten at least once while in the Care Home. Hard to hide that from her cares, methinks?

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