The decline and fall of Becki Percy, SRA claimant

We were rather late to the show in the case of the latest SRA claimant/wannabe cause célèbre Becki Percy, but it seems that the Twitter tide has now begun to turn against the plucky young woman from Hull.

We really only became aware of Poor Becki via a blog which has been hilariously caricaturing some of her more ludicrous claims. You can catch up with Becki’s latest adventures at BeckiPercyBlogs, if you’re so inclined.

Her claims in a nutshell are more or less the same as the claims of every other publicity-seeking SRA hoaxer: child sexual abuse on an industrial scale; chased through forests (while wearing a camera on her head)(yes, really) and raped by people whose descriptions have varied over time; watched babies murdered in the thousands; feared being killed if she told; felt unable to tell police/social workers/anyone because they were all in on it, etc. etc. etc.

You know the drill.

However, Becki’s case differs from the rest in that she managed to self-publicise on Twitter and YouTube (not to mention various crowd-funding sites), and found herself a family in the U.S. of A. who were willing to help her escape her allegedly evil parents and the rest of the cult back in Hull.

The twist: Becki’s first new family (henceforth known as Family #2, as distinct from her Bio Family) were card-carrying Pizzagators, who were ever so willing to spread her lies, which seemed to verify what they already believed with all their little hearts.

Becki travelled to the States, was questioned by border guards, thrown into detention for 14 months, and now sports a lovely ankle bracelet to keep track of her whereabouts until her appeal hearing.

Oh, and Family #2 didn’t quite work out as planned, so once she’d bilked them for all they were worth and left them facing bankruptcy proceedings, she moved on to Family #3, who live in Texas and have not only an over-abundance of gullibility, cash, and guns, but three strapping young sons of marriageable age, if you catch our drift, say no more, say no more.

Darling of the MAGA set

Becki has become something of a pet to people who support things like #Pizzagate (now aka #Pedogate apparently) and #QAnon—in other words, people gullible enough not to ask too many uncomfortable questions, and obedient enough to swarm and drive off anyone Becki tells them to.

No one has questioned her overmuch. That is, until a Twitter user who goes by the name of @AnOpenSecret began suggesting that young Becki’s story was less than plausible: Becky Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 1


Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 6Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 7Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 2Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 3Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 4Whew.

We admit, we were impressed. It seems that @AnOpenSecret has a bit of street cred amongst the #Pizza/Pedogate/QAnon set, by virtue of having made a film about an alleged child sex abuse ring in Hollywood. And perhaps it’s the success of adult SRA claimants such as Becki Percy in clouding the issue of child sexual abuse which makes us a bit gun-shy of such films.

They do point out the issue which we have been harping on about for three years now:

Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 8“Liars like @becki_p20 with fantastic stories take credibility from real victims”. 

We assume they mean “fantastical”, but we’ll let it slide. In any case, kudos to them for pointing out that Becki’s story lacks credibility. We hope their 22,000+ followers will sit up and take notice.

It looks as though some already have: Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 5While Becki has ridden rough-shod over the truth for several years now, it looks as though her grip on the imagination of her fans might be about to come to an end. Becki Percy v Open Secret 2018-06-18 9

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  1. Becki’s first new family were card-carrying Pizzagators. … she’d bilked them for all they were worth and left them facing bankruptcy proceedings

    When people go to such lengths to be ignorant deluded eedjits, it is just morally wrong to leave them in possession of money.

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    • I have a feeling (but happy to be proved wrong) that Becki’s supporters would be MAGA fanatics and fully support the morally indefensible and current ghastly ICE’s (Immigration) removal of children from US asylum seekers.
      Becki’s (extremely) white and very cute looking with big eyes enough to melt the hearts of any Trump supporter. Perhaps I’m wrong, But doubt I am.

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      • Ghastly little creep.
        Now I see she is an avid Trump supporter (her Twitter profile screams Trump) and actually says in her profile that the ridiculous Tommy Robinson should be freed.
        Fakes like Becki are extremely dangerous and risk “watering” down interest in child abuse. The vast general public only has a certain amount of empathy and sympathy they can extend. That’s a natural human aspect where emotions have to be curtailed at some stage for your own mental survival..
        When the Beckis of the world soak up people’s natural horror about child abuse people can switch off.
        A pox on these vile scamsters and that goes for APD, Barnett and Bellend and the lot of them.

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        • When Becki is eventually kicked out of the USA and deported back to the UK she is going to struggle to find a warm welcome here. She has most certainly burnt her bridges in Hull as I cannot see her friends and family being very happy to see her. She may even end up being a tenant at Belinda’s fruitloop hub.

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  2. In addition to her ludicrous libels, Becki is a plagiarist. Those flowery descriptions of the scented candles she flogs are cut and pasted directly from someone else’s site.

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      • From Becki Percy’s “Gentle Aroma” Twitter account:
        This herbaceous fresh bouquet begins with green cucumber + soothing sage. Blended with wild lavender, white lilies, chamomile, violet + Bois de rose. The base is a clean musk with accents of cedar and rose

        From Blackbird Soy Candles on Facebook (2014)
        This herbaceous fresh bouquet begins with a top note of green cucumber and soothing sage. The heart blends wild lavender, white lilies, chamomile, violet and Bois de rose. The base is a clean long lasting musk with accents of cedar and rose.

        And there are MANY other examples!

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  3. Is it wrong not to feel sorry for her new Mummies & Daddies? I did at first, thinking about how kind they were being, not any more though having read that! Thank you for the enlightenment EC! 😂

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      • Same here Guys. I called out that little fraud on day one! Some Mega Church lawyer from Texas was offering her help using her real name in the comment section!!!??? HAHAHAHA! I cross-examined her and mentioned Texas Bar and Attorney Ethics Code regarding FRAUD and was promptly blocked!! Hee Hee

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  4. I listen to the interview she gave with David Zublick:

    1. She makes no mention of the beating she took from her bio parents at the age of 3 when she came home from Open Heart Surgery.
    2. She added a very important detail that her mother watched and took pictures of the rape from bio dad at Age 4.
    3. She indicates that she was beat because she was afraid of going to school, but I found an old Facebook post where her friend recalls being afraid of going to school the first day-crying, etc, but then the teacher took her by the arm and she saw her good friend Becki playing and she was ok. Becki goes on to say “oh yeah I remember that now”. As if she is taking other people’s memories.

    She often talks about how much research she has done into child sexual abuse. ( as if that’s where she’s finding her storyline)

    In one of her testimony videos she claimed she was trafficked for 10 years starting at the age of 9 and ending when she was almost 19, but she was on a plane bound for the states in April of 2015 at the age of 18. So she turned 19 when she was already in the US. By the way her birthday is May 9th, either 1998 or 1997. ( she has pictures on her Facebook of her 18th birthday- complete with a lovely birthday cake and a night on the town with the girls dated 2014. That doesn’t match the 2015 timeline of being 18 when she came over.

    She claims she was abused by everyone in her family except for her grandmother, but her Facebook profile shows she had a large beautiful room, lots of family photos throughout the years including prom dress shopping, weddings, birthdays, etc. If she was simply conceived to be abused and trafficked… why go through the enormous expense of getting braces?

    She says she became aware of being pregnant in November 2011. Why would she list a year rather than her age? In other words most women say ” I was X years old when I got pregnant for the first time” verses the year. She also says she was pregnant the same time her bio mother was with Lilly.
    She was beat either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.
    Her memories seem to stay around specific dates or holidays, such as being beat after the first day of school or losing a child on New Years. Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to remember a lie when you associate it with a historical day.
    (Of course this is just my speculation)

    Instead of answering the easiest of questions, she turns around with questions of her own such as ” how much research have you done” or ” what does this prove”. In other words she wants to know what I’m thinking so she can figure out how to address the lies she is caught in. But she tweeted out she is going to block anyone who questions her, so, I’m sure I am blocked now.

    Her old Twitter she references and tweets to writers of Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks is a EK drama sitcom geared at a target audience her age. Coincidentally they touched on the topic of rape and child abuse and wrote it into their script. The writers used real victim testimony to make sure they were portraying it accurately. To do this they enlisted the help of the UK charity called “Survivors Manchester”. She has a picture on her Facebook and when someone asked her who she was with she said “Hollyoaks crew”, so I suppose she was on set to help give advice.

    Speaking of her Facebook page, in nearly every one of her photos she comments how she doesn’t like how she looks in the picture, etc. Most of the pictures are up close, makeup free, I see no scars.

    This is just the beginning of my questions. I have only recently learned of her. And I have never once questioned the validity of a survivor. I have the upmost respect for these warriors. But I just can’t allow myself to believe her allegations when there’s so many holes. I have been called a pedophile, I have been called a child predator, for speaking out. To say I’m disgusted over these claims is an understatement. I’m a mother, I’m a survivor. My siblings and I suffered at the hands of my biological father, though my suffering was short. I watched my grandfather put a shotgun blast to my father’s heart at the age of 4 as he was trying to kill us because my mother had fled with us to escape the horrors of his abuse. He even rented a tuxedo that night and got drunk in a bar before he came shooting holes in my grandmother’s house. When asked what the occasion was, he said he was celebrating killing his family. No one took him serious, apparently. I was cozy in the recliner and I’m thankful for Circa 1970s furniture, a bullet lodged in the recliner that I was in.
    There was a one paragraph article in the Mobile Press-Register regarding the shooting, that was it.
    So I am absolutely not insensitive but I am also not naive and it is disheartening that this woman is stealing real victims memories and using it in her own play.

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    • Thanks for all this detail, Liz. I think you are asking all the right questions, and it’s sad that people seem unable to cope with that. Your own circumstances in childhood sound terrifying; I’m glad you seem to have gone on and thrived.

      I believe that people like Becki are the ones who cause doubt to be cast on real survivors’ stories, which is why we talk about them here.

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      • I wonder if she would entertain the idea of going on dr. Phil? Surely he has the resources to send a crew to the UK to try and uncover the thousands of bodies she witnessed being murdered. And a lie detector test would certainly be beneficial to her claims. Although she may actually believe these memories are real and pass the test.

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        • Frankly, I think that a spot on Dr Phil would be according her too much of the attention she so obviously craves. I do think she needs psychological help, however.

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        • I think it would be great if she was on Dr Phil. Dr Phil has done a complete about turn from endorsing SRA narratives to having a rationalist, sceptical perspective.

          Bring it on I say, only I don’t believe that Becki would dare to do it.

          Somewhere deep down inside she knows that she’s lying and she wouldn’t want to take the risk of being exposed.

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          • Of relevance to the Dr Phil issue

            Here he is giving the disgusting abuser / exploiter and SRA promoter Judy Byington a hard time

            Which seems to me to be a U turn given his previously uncritical coverage of the SRA circus

            However he seems unclear about DID. Basically he says he doesn’t believe in MPD but gives some credence to DID

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    • I forgot to include that she is a blogger. That’s how she found her second Mother Catherine. It’s as if she infiltrates the victims for material to use.

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    • Liz

      Firstly I just want to thank you for your post and to say how horrified I am by the horrific abuse you suffered in childhood and the immense trauma you have survived.

      You come across as resilient and determined and I hope that your life goes from strength to strength and that you are getting the best revenge by living well and enjoying life.

      Your post contains some interesting information that might, just possibly, provide a clue as to the origins of Becki’s deluded claims and false accusations.

      Of course, in a case like this it is always a bit of a mystery as to the extent to which a person in deluded and believes their claims or that they are a scammer who is just out to gain attention and make a large pile of cash.

      I think that very often the claimants that are highly manipulative of others and seek to make money, as is the case with Becki, have a personality disorder with histrionic, narcissistic and anti-social elements. Certainly Angela Power Disney falls into this category very neatly IMO and I think that Becki does too.

      Sheva posted a very interesting video on this subject recently – any chance you could posy it again Sheva? I think people may have missed it last time and it is definitely worth a look.

      Anyway Liz, back to you post about Becki…

      You posted that:

      “Her old Twitter she references and tweets to writers of Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks is a EK drama sitcom geared at a target audience her age. Coincidentally they touched on the topic of rape and child abuse and wrote it into their script. The writers used real victim testimony to make sure they were portraying it accurately. To do this they enlisted the help of the UK charity called “Survivors Manchester”. She has a picture on her Facebook and when someone asked her who she was with she said “Hollyoaks crew”, so I suppose she was on set to help give advice.”

      At the mention of Survivors Manchester a penny dropped

      Survivors Manchester are an organisation about which I have very serious concerns.

      I would invite readers of this blog to check out the following pages from the Survivors Manchester website
      links cached for safety

      So I’m wondering whether, if Becky actually got involved with or contacted people from Hollyoaks and / or Survivors Manchester she is likely to have been referred to one of the batshit crazy SRA/DID promoting “survivor” organisations that Survivors Manchester lists as recommended resources, e.g. the ISSTD, PODS, First Person Plural

      Just sharing some thoughts

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      • Should also say that Survivors Manchester ostensibly provide services to male survivors. However if Becki did contact them after watching Hollyoaks or reading about the Hollyoaks / Survivors Manchester link she could have ended up being put in touch with various dodgy SRA promoting organisations.

        What would be very interesting would be to discover an archived episode of the relevant Hollyoaks program, complete with the usual helpline info that is usually provided after this kind of program.

        It may have included a number for NAPAC, which at the time was also giving credence to SRA narratives.

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        • Yes Sheva
          I would recommend that people watch it and reflect on it
          While it is not generally considered ethical to diagnose people outside of a professional MH relationship it seems to me that the personality disorder traits fit various new age and FotL grifters like a glove
          I believe that, if the world is still around, in the future there will be a clinical diagnosis of a personality disorder linked to new age grifting and fake SRA accusations.

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          • Sheva
            I like the whole video
            The idea of personality disorders has always interested me, as it is a diagnostic mental health category that also has some legal / forensic elements
            I have been banging on about APD and narcissistic / histrionic PDs for a while but the video is very good and well worth a listen
            I also think that you can apply the same model to Islamist terrorists, especially re the redemption narrative
            It is a fascinating subject

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          • I agree, I think the reason for Virgos descriptions & her use of the labels works in this instance…… I don’t really like labels usually, nor MH diagnosing online…. but I don’t think this is diagnosis but fair desctiptions of the types of behaviours displayed by Sov Cits and the various people who are still pushing the SRA narrative.

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      • Yes she did actually get involved with the hollyoaks crew during filming. She has a picture of her and a woman on her Facebook and someone asked who she was with and her reply was ” someone from the hollyoaks crew, she was really nice”.

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    • Thanks for the link, Liz. I see Becki has some very strange people supporting her on there (and on the video that OMG posted further down).

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  5. El Coyote, your intelligence is rather sexy. Wasted reporting on these mad people, but nonetheless what you speak of needs to be shared for others to be aware. Keep up the good work.

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    • So Ella has been given her kids just as I have known was going to be the result for some time , you see while you were all Slabbering on about how she will never see her kids again , I was aware that she was seeing them regularly and that the intention of the social services was to give them back to her . I was falling about laughing at you chatting shit ! You should hear what as have to say about you too ! So you’ve stuck your noses in where it doesn’t belong and nobody is listening anyway so why don’t you just fuck off and do something else less nosey instead ………FUCK YOU YOU CUNTS .

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      • Nice try, fruitcake, but I think you’ve missed the point of why everyone’s pissing themselves laughing at Britt there. And if you genuinely believe that Brit’s right and that Ella has regained – or ever will regain – custody of the children she abused, you’ll forgive me for pissing myself laughing at you too…

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        • She has got them . She was seeing them for some time after her radio appearance when she said as spoke to her by phone . Jake was aware of this so was Deborah and also your mate Angela who was less than happy but sworn to silence , go ask her ! Why do you care ? Those aren’t you’re kids . You don’t even know them . HOWEVER , their Mother has got them back , with the blessing of ss , who say that Hoaxtead are a bunch of dangerous , mentally I’ll , nuts . You don’t know Ella or those kids . We do , so we would be aware of what’s happening . You can only speculate . Go live in your own dull life and keep out of other peoples .


        • BTW , “CUSTODY ” doesn’t exist in legal terms anymore , and hasn’t for quite some time now . SS have reunited the family , whether you like it or not .


      • Del, Ella has categorically not had any access to the children. She fucked off abroad and abandoned them after her abuse of them had been exposed. She then didn’t even bother turning up for the custody hearing. These are basic, widely reported facts of the case. Keep up, dear. Oh and perhaps in future, checking your facts before posting childish ad hominem abuse to people might be a good idea 🙂

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        • No . You are wrong . For some time Ella was visiting her kids and as progressed the visits to unsupervised contact quite a while ago .The children have been returned . You only know what you see online . All things happening are not put online , and that was , in this case deliberate , in order that YOU would not be able to interfere .


          • Oh yes of course!! *slaps forehead*

            How remiss of me to have not realised that those two children would be returned to their mother at the earliest opportunity so that she could continue with her unconventional child-rearing practices of:

            – starving her children to the point where they were forced to rummage for scraps in school bins

            – administering enemas to her children

            – giving her children cannabis smoothies

            – engaging in parental alienation of the children’s father

            – being complicit in and allowing her violent, criminal thug of a boyfriend to torture her children.

            Let’s just look at the torture in a little more depth, specifically the boyfriend:

            – threatened to abandon the children alone in the desert at night.

            – woke the children in the middle of the night, made them strip to their underwear, forced them to kneel on the floor and threw cold water over them.

            – hit the little boy on the ear so hard that his eardrum ruptured.

            – heated up a spoon and pushed it into the chin of the little girl – it left a mark that was visible some time afterwards.

            – oh and let’s not forget the whole focus and rationale of the torturing which was to force the children to make false accusations against their father and any other innocent people the evil, sadistic little shit of a boyfriend held a grudge against

            so of course obviously social services just can’t wait to get the children back to their wonderful mother and her career criminal, violent thug of a boyfriend *sarcasm*

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      • “You should hear what as have to say about you too !”

        Huh? Can someone translate that for me? I don’t speak Knobheadian.

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          • LOL, it did read ‘as’. And it still makes no sense.

            Are you some kind of performance artiste, like Thea56? No offence but your act sucks.

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          • The real mystery is- why do you bother Del?.
            You are talking to experts on all aspects of Hoaxtead and some who are actually in touch with the authorities on a regular basis.
            Your claims are nonsense and could never actually happen as Ella is now a wanted fugitive and the subject of a EU arrest warrant along with her partner in crime, the convicted child abuser Abraham Christie.
            Even if, in the very unlikely case, Ella wanted to get custody of her children she would need to return to the UK and go through the courts.
            That hasn’t happened and while she still resides with Abraham Christie she wouldn’t even get visitation rights.
            Who are these mythical people you think may have given her custody?.

            Of course these are hypothetical questions as what you say is utter nonsense but it would be of interest for you to explain why you want to propagate your fantasies.
            # I don’t think you are the career criminal and convicted child abuser Abraham Christie as although that’s the sort of rubbish he would say, it doesn’t sound like him.
            ## I am NOT one of those in touch with the authorities. But I am still CEO of All Broom Closets at MI6 (not GCHQ as I originally thought. These spies keep me out of the loop so I have no idea whether I’m Arthur or Martha most days).

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        • Well , let me enlighten you . There is a certain person , not naming her , who has instructed her ” group” to sit reloading your site pages in order to play with your stats and get a laugh out of it . Remember when , quite suddenly , your Wesley Hall article seemed to be of vast interest ? She had 30- 40 people refreshing the page for a couple of hours , it really was funny to see your pompous self importance at the time . We were all laughing at you too !


      • Yeah, she got her kids back and to keep it ultra secret she maintains the pretence of regularly posting online stating she hasn’t seen them for years. The dozy being bint even produced a wacky documentary taking a polygraph test. I believe 5 people paid to view it on amazon movies. Citizen kane it wasn’t.

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    • Wow she’s one really nasty piece of goods. But look at her new profile pic. Does she know how ridiculous it looks?. Or is she implying her hubby & “Tommy Robinson” are an item?

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      • She’s an incredible racist and really has it in for anyone not as lily white as her. I get quite depressed looking at some of these profiles (always stupidly do it) and when I see they have small children I think “are they bringing up a family of racists and filling their heads with ugly ignorance”?.

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      • This # is depressingly funny because Tommy Robinon isn’t even Tommy Robinson, his name is Stephen Lennon


  6. I love outing Walter Mittys and here we have a classic abuse Walt. She should be prosecuted for fraud the nasty little liar

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    • Haha, sounds like she’s been talking to a certain Aberdonian gentleman 😂

      By the way, I’ve never posted as Tinrbs anywhere but here. Got psychic senses, has she?

      Apart from which, IPs tell you bugger-all apart from a vague region of the country. Let me save you the bovva, Angie – I’m in Hounslow. Your move…

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        • I would if I knew what “negotiated successfully with as” meant.

          Oh and as has already been explained to you, Ella has negotiated bugger-all. She couldn’t negotiate herself out of a paper bag. Nice try, fruitloop 🙂

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    • By the way, the person she sent that to – the person she thinks is Tinribs – isn’t 🙂

      #JournoAngie – worth every penny

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      • I’ve just been given permission to name said person – it’s Steve Keys, friend of this blog and an innocent man whom Angela and Heather (aka Suzy Jones, aka Mel) have been harassing and threatening for some time. (They’ve even threatened his family.)

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    • For anyone who missed it last night, this is Angie and Pikey being extremely nasty and disrespectful about the late Tim McKenzie:

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      • Thats why I wonder why anyone would send anything to the rev dr…. EVERYTHING he gets he posts up online (and APD knows this….she has used it to her advantage before LOL)

        Its like these clowns that post everything publicly on facebook, and complain about the fact that every knows all their ‘secrets’- like seriously people, everything you post publicly can be read by (gasp shock horror) the PUBLIC!!!!

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        • I see that Jon Wedger and the ITNJ get a mention in the above posts between Angie and Pike. Here is a video I came across earlier of Jon Wedger talking at the ITNJ event.

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          • I was looking through some of the forums on Digital Spy the other night and came across this post. It’s good to see the great work that Hoaxtead Research does being shared between folk online.

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          • I feel sorry for John Wedger

            Sitting there with all those disgusting scammers in their ridiculous fancy-dress costumes. They must be overjoyed to have a “whistleblower cop” taking part in their very obviously dodgy “judicial commission”.

            I am reminded of the definition of a “long con” as “interactive theatre in which the only member of the audience is the mark”. In this case, although Wedger is addressing an audience, I can’t help but see him as the audience / mark in a long con.

            Wedger seems to me to be earnest and well meaning, however he keeps very bad company. He gives credence to a lot of very discredited people.

            I believe it is fine to hold in ones mind the possibility of highly incredible sounding conspiracies, providing that one recognises this is a provisional hypothesis, something that may or not be true, but that is held in the mind as a possibility until such time as it is proved or disproved.

            I do not know exactly what is going on with Wedger. I feel that we should avoid making an assumption that all of his claims are untrue or deluded simply because his narratives are very similar to those spun by scammers and conspiraloons and he hangs out with grifters and hoaxers. Corruption occurs at high levels all over the world. It is not an unusual occurrence.

            The sad thing is that if Wedger really does have any information at all about corruption and / or paedophile rings he is following the worst possible path by teaming up with a load of new age scammers and paedophile protectors. No rational, sceptical people will believe him and the only people who will give him the time of day will be conspiraloons.

            I notice with interest that at @ 17.40 he says he’s working with convicted gangster / murderer and Kray twins associate Chris Lambrianou. Apparently Lambrianou is reformed and has found religion. It may be that Lambrianou is truly reformed, I sincerely hope so.

            However one thing that I can tell you about Lambrianou and his old school gangster friends, is that reformed or not, they absolutely hate paedophiles.

            I can’t help but wonder how Chris Lambrianou and his East End friends would feel if his attention was drawn to the wide range of predators, paedophile apologists and paedophile protectors with whom Wedger’s associates enjoy personal and business relationships.

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    • Look I’m an amateur at this but I do have a good friend who has been a techie and PC expert etc etc since it all began and he still cannot find out your address (unless he hacked the ISP Provider’s records) as Mr Tinribs (Recipient of the much coveted 2018 Gold Koala Stamp award- Nobel Laureates- eat your heart out !)..says.
      And when I’m not using a proxy to watch the BBC Iplayer my IP adress seems to be all over the place- one day NSW, the next Victoria.

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  7. Someone else who’s got the hump with us (go to 4:08) 😀
    He’s also saying he’s no longer living in Sussex.

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    • Yes well said Karnevilnine, it certainly does appear that it is a case of wishful thinking for the people that believe these wild stories.

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  8. This video of Becki Percy, while dire, is with a look

    Towards the end she says that she questioned whether her “memories” were real but then decided that they were. She also says that she believes that many people have suffered SRA but have either “pushed back the memories” or are just not educated about the issue

    She also mentions that her main role model and inspiration is someone called Victoria (AKA Vicky) Ash, an alleged beauty therapist, Christian minister and SRA survivor from Oldham, UK

    Some may recognise Vicky Ash’s name in relation to the Fresh Start Foundation

    According to a local news report Ms Ash aspires to open a special support group for vulnerable children on the autistic spectrum, a prospect I find alarming

    Vicky Ash is all over various conspiraloon websites and would probably benefit from some further research IMO

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    • her main role model and inspiration is someone called Victoria (AKA Vicky) Ash, an alleged beauty therapist, Christian minister and SRA survivor from Oldham, UK

      Oh joy! An apostolic succession of scamming!

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    • Honestly. It’s time the Hunting Union gave marching orders to these “satanist Freemason child hunters” in the various forests of England. Bloody useless the lot of them. Look who they let escape: Power-Disney, Becky and her MKUtltra clone Batshit Barnett etc. Everyone of them stark raving mad. Did they just kill the sane ones?

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      • Becki never seems to say which forest she was hunted in. There is Woodland in the area around Hull, but I can’t think of anywhere where the elaborate “games” she describes could take place without anyone noticing. Nothing is ever thought through is it?


  9. Re Vicky Ash

    from a Christian website, this interview with Wilfred Wong (excerpt published here under “fair use”)

    “Vicky Ash was subjected to Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) from a very early age.

    She later accepted Christ, which radically transformed and healed her. Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) is a brutal form of abuse of children, youth and vulnerable adults, consisting of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, and involving the use of Satanist rituals. SRA usually involves not only long-term sexual abuse but also the long-term physical and psychological torture of its victims. Wilfred Wong has 24 years experience of campaigning against SRA and interviewed Vicky.

    Wilfred: Describe the SRA that you suffered.

    Vicky: My earliest recollection of sexual abuse by Satanists was at the age of 3. I was forced by my abuser to engage in all sorts of sexual acts and branded with a hot poker.

    I was also forced by my Satanist abuser to watch pornography, which included Bestiality. In addition I was forced to ‘ play games ‘ during which I was sexually abused and told that I was the ‘ star of the show ‘. Photographs were taken of this abuse.

    I was drugged with a drink and taken out at night to tunnels and other locations with everyone wearing black hooded cloaks. I heard screaming and witnessed Satanist rituals with animals and children being murdered. There was lots of chanting. I was impregnated and my baby was aborted and offered as a sacrifice to Satan. Abortion is the modern form of Child Sacrifice. Bible-believing Christians ought to take careful note of this and become much more actively Pro-Life.”

    more here

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  10. I didn’t copy the entire text in the link in the above post for copyright reasons but Ash goes on to disclose contact with Geoffrey Dickins and with Childwatch, both have form for promoting SRA back in the day.

    Definitely worthy of further research.

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  11. FWIW I think there must be moderate, liberal minded Christians who find all these lurid false accusations about SRA to be counterproductive to their cause.

    I wonder whether it might be a very helpful thing to alert some of the more reputable end of Christian groups who are opposed to fake news and who might wish to run their own expose of Wilfred Wong, Vicky Ash, Vanessa Clark and all the other scammers and grifters who bring Christianity into disrepute by association?

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  12. Around the 22:55 mark she admits to doing her own research on SRA and then corrects herself, back paddles and says she hasn’t done much research.

    Another video that she is addressing her bio mom Ann, she goes to point to the invisible scar on her face and she reaches her hand to the wrong side of her face and quickly moves it from left to right.

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    • @ Liz

      you said

      “Around the 22:55 mark she admits to doing her own research on SRA and then corrects herself, back paddles and says she hasn’t done much research.”

      I noticed that in the earlier video – in fact though they have different titles, I think that they are identical. She’s just a complete lying scammer.

      It’s a lot easier for a young grifter with a very childlike face and mannerisms to pull the wool over people’s eyes than it is for an evidently older scammer.

      She might have fooled a lot of people but a lot of people are on to her and it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. The really scary things is her paranoid, conspiraloon, overly protective 3rd “daddy” and his armoury of heavy artillery. An innocent person could easily get hurt or killed in the crossfire if the Becki situation gets even more out of hand then it already is.

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    • I just had a look at the Facebook link and Becki certainly isn’t showing any signs of being a hunted and abused girl. She looks like any other kid her age and how i bet she will wish in times to come that she hadn’t set off on her path of lying and scamming people.

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    • And she looks awfully small to be able to successfully hide a full-term pregnancy. Poor woman, she and her husband have all my sympathy. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have their daughter make these foul accusations against them.

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    • The horrible reality is that while most normal, mentally functioning people would look at the photo in that article and see nothing other than a nice lady showing affection to a sweet pussy cat, deranged conspiraloons will look at exactly the same photograph and see “proof” and “evidence” of an evil satanist using a cat to pretend she is a good person while simultaneously thinking about the most efficient way to decapitate it and drink its blood.

      I feel so awful for Becki Percy’s family. They must be going through hell because of her histrionic, psychopathic grifting.

      If they ever get to read this I would like them to know that sometimes good people raise children who are psychopaths.

      @ Becki’s parents: It’s not your fault. This kind of situation can happen regardless of good parenting. Many people might have delusional beliefs about you but also many people understand what is going on and think of you and wish you well. Stay strong. The truth will out and, the way things are going, it will happen fairly soon.


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