Angela barks up the wrong tree…again

It looks like Angela is on the prowl once more, looking for someone to threaten, harass, and bully. This time, though, she picked the wrong victim: Steve Keys, who’s commented here in the past as Postnein, is reporting that Angela seems to believe that he runs this blog, and she has been threatening to dox him. He writes in part:

…I did have a account on here, but thought it best to come on here now as my real name. Why not? It will attracted nutters. But, yeah, why not? Angie is writing some hot off the press stuff about me, why not?

Anyways. I will admit that over the space of the last two days, i have indeed sent her some very corse messages, things along the lines of her being a disingenuous C*&^%. Asking why she thinks its acceptable to behave in the manner she has. Sending me a message telling me she knows where i live! Guess what! SO DO I!

Before Miss Disney decided to make a video in which she targeted my parents business i had never had any contact with this woman. Of course a video which suggested some unbelievable shite about me and other, and as per mentioned, my parents business. Now making a claim that she has my I,P and has traced my home Address from that (I know right!) maybe i lost my cool. I have sworn quite a few times to be honest, a good few messages too. Not that i got any response (well only for her to write a few good statuses about me and some new claims about something called Legion, not the TV program mind) So for the record i just wanted to say, i think i should feel bad for sending a good few messages calling her a disingenuous c***, for the record i don’t and feel it completely justified. I done this because, well, i think i’ve been pushed a little bit too much from Miss Power and she probably see me as easy prey. So yeah, just to say i haven’t done half of what she is writing on her pages, i will expect a full video soon from Miss Power! Thanks for listening.

Angela’s harassment of Steve seems to be a follow-on from a couple of very nasty and defamatory videos she made, in which she claimed that a number of people we’d never heard of were involved with this blog. Some of those people made complaints to YouTube, and next thing we knew, the videos were no more.

One of the videos in question, though, contained a great deal of ugly material about Steve Keys’ parents’ business. When he contacted her to protest, she kept the log of their Facebook texts, and published it in a video in which she alleged not only that he runs this blog, but that he abuses children.

Why she chose to attack Steve we really could not say. So far as we know he’s never done her any harm, so our best guess is that she thinks that by going after one of our commenters she might be able to somehow find out the identities of those of us who actually research and write here.

Angela to Steve K 2018-06-21 1Steve has sent us some of Angela’s bizarre threats, like this one.

A few things: it’s not possible to find a person’s exact address from their IP address. At best, you can find the general area in which they live (and all bets are off if they use a VPN). To locate a person, the police must obtain a warrant which enables them to talk to the ISP which hosts the IP. And even then, they won’t tell an ordinary citizen what they have found. So no dice there.

Perhaps more important, though, is that publishing a person’s address online without their permission—a practice known as ‘doxing’—is illegal. And if it’s done for the purposes of harassing that person, or worse, of inducing others to harass them, it can create some very serious legal difficulties for the doxer.

So when we saw Angela’s Facebook post yesterday, we shook our heads:

Angela to Steve K 2018-06-21 6

Important note to Angela: Steve had every right to complain to you about your treatment of him and his parents. You ought to consider yourself fortunate that that’s all he did, as he would be well within his rights to make a complaint to the police about your ongoing harassment.

Angela claims above that someone named “Legion” doxed her, though we were unable to find any evidence of this. We assume it was on one of her YouTube accounts, but so far we’ve found no comments from anyone by the name of “Legion”. If anyone knows what she’s referring to, could they fill us in please?

We do suspect that given Angela’s history of smearing and defaming people on an industrial scale, those who read and contribute to this blog are probably not the only ones in the world who might wish to speak sharply to her.

Just a thought.Angela Power-Disney 2018-06-22


88 thoughts on “Angela barks up the wrong tree…again

        • It’s like when she screams about people mentioning her family, after all the horrible things she’s said about them herself. She’s stated that she almost had her daughter aborted, repeatedly slagged off her father, said her sister “ought to be horsewhipped” out of Rainbow Farm, yelled abuse at her sons for running up a large hotel bill at her expense and spoken about her elder son’s “rough sex problem”, his late night porn shenanigans (which she says she beat the shit out of him for) and a supposed allegation of rape. But hey, don’t dare repeat anything she’s said or ask her about it, as that’s harassment and she goes ape-shit.

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          • I’ve noticed she also has a tendency to deny she ever said them if they come up but the screenshots, videos and sound clips are there for all to see/hear.

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          • Indeed that’s the very first time I’ve read anything about her family and you didn’t use any names so why is she claiming this website attacks her family?
            There are no threads on here devoted to her family- just her.
            And she cannot accept that no-one on here can be bothered sending her death threats which she never ever gives evidence of. I can imagine she’s built a number of enemies over the years and probably plenty in her own area. I swear I saw curtains being drawn & mothers ushering their children inside in one of her videos of walking that dog in the square. She tells the whole world about those she defames and harasses and urges others to , why wouldn’t her neighbours be wary of her?.
            If she has death threats she should take them to the police.

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    • Yes, she showed her own address on the vile videos she made with heather brown, whilst falsely accusing me of sending malicious letters, during her 3yr hate campaign aimed at me.
      It’s great though, that by tagging those people in, she confirms the conspiracy & collusion, between certain types, eh ?
      It’s overdue for Angie to recieve some real consequences for her actions.

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      • I gather that Heather (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones) has been harassing and threatening Steve too this week. Can someone explain to me how these two attacking, threatening and slandering Steve 24/7 isn’t bullying?

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  1. What an evil, deranged specimen this woman is. Sooner or late there has to be some serious legal action against her and those of her ilk. Sabine cannot be the only one surely?

    I found this site quite by accident a year or so ago and was both fascinated and appalled by what I saw. I am from “Down Under “and had not heard of the goings on regarding ridiculous allegations regarding the good folk of Hampstead and the absolute f$#kwits who promulgated the myth. I rarely comment but visit here every day. A big salute to you EC and all the others who make sensible comments on here.

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  2. I’m working my way through the eighties satanic panic shows, both real tv broadcasts and the independent productions. I’ve made some interesting observations. ‘believe the children’ as a mantra is in the rivera special and the ‘law enforcement guide’ advises ‘don’t rationalize’ when investigating satanic crime, call in the ‘experts’ and look for ‘the signs’. I’m giving them all a quick viewing. Then I’ll be taking notes and trying to chart the history and development of the Sra myth.

    As for Angela. . . .? She needs a visit from plod if she’s attempting to target people’s families and legitimate business interests are being threatened. They’ll log a harassment warning notice against her and inform her if further complaints are raised that she’d been made aware of her behaviour. The woman’s a menace if she actually is naming people as child abusers and publishing addresses in the hope people will act on her malicious lies.

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    • Wow, that’s quite a project you’ve set yourself, Grobnob! I’ll be very interested to see what you come up with.

      I agree with you that Angela needs a visit from the plod, on any number of counts. She’s been naming people as child abusers since early 2015, and before that she was naming an Irish police officer as a murderer and member of a gang. I think she latched onto the Hampstead SRA hoax because it got her more attention and hits on her FB page, and bolstered her pathetic ego.

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      • I have a fair few of the docus and I find them amusing. At some point in the early to mid 80s there was a shift from rock is evil / backmasking to talk of breeders, ceremonial abuse and enormous amounts of murders. Usually there’s an evangelist charging admission and some slow speaking witnesses who seem to lack any details and refuse to name the people involved. Best of all are the ‘experts’ like bill shoeppenunpronouncible the highest ranking freemason who ever lived and proven Walter mitty mike warnke. I think maybe a compilation of the cheesiest lies told by Sra nuts would make interesting viewing.

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  3. Now she reckons Steve is Biggi Boho? And Cat Snot thinks he fancies Angie? It’s making me dizzy trying to keep up with the headless chickenry!

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    • Please be advised that the allegations of Angela Power Disney are completely false as usual. Not that I have to convince anyone here of that fact because we all know that the moment Angela opens her gob shit flows out. I categoricaly hereby state that I am not the person who runs the Legion Youtube account that Angela claims has leaked her personal info. Most likely she has done so herself so that she can allocate blame to others. Also to Cat Scot who seems to indicate that I might secretly fancy APD. Please put a picture of my wife next to APD and explain to me why I would swap creme brulee for fresh dogshit (with APD being the fresh dogshit of course). Wishing everyone else a wonderfull day. I plan to enjoy my birthday without any of this bullshit get the better of me. Peace Love Unity Respect. Biggi

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      • Holy wall o text Batman!!!!
        (and again the dr rev posts up another email exposing everything, I really do wonder why they send him anything, as it makes finding out their little ‘schemes’ dead set easy, no need to ‘hack’ anyones computer, just read everything they send straight from his blog)

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        • I can’t help but wonder why the age/sex/location of contributor’s to his royal holiness’ Hampstead group is so important….is the alleged ‘group’ really a cover for a clandestine dating site?

          Next he’ll be demanding to know everyone’s vital statistics, likes/dislikes and favourite bands.

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      • I’m afraid he wouldn’t have required a great deal of persuading, poor kid. All he’d have to do is be in the next room when she was on one of her screeching crescendo rants. Or worse yet, be on the other end of one.

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    • “One of our more vocal and explicit female shipmates is none other than Debbie Mahmoudieh in Sheffield who has been banned from everything” 😂

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      • Verbal equations! Can a flat Earther really have a “fair assessment of reality”?

        I think Deb’s is channeling Jake Clarke who really is “quite simple”.

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    • Her son chose to live with his father, hmmm, after she found a golden light being, what the hell is that, indeed, what sense does she ever make. Angela is the same, she types out sentences with no structure whatsoever, it must be a ‘troofer language’. That is one dictionary I will not be looking for online.

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      • I’ve never known child custody to ever be as simple as the child deciding. When a child ends up with the father there’s generally a good reason. I’ll wager there’s an interesting story there. Debs is an unfortunate character and pretty pitiful. If she directed her energy into something positive she’d be really likable. I actually find myself wanting to like her, she does have a lot of charm, humour and passion. But she’s so horrifically wrong in the mad, illogical and downright evil garbage she spouts. She’s headed to ruination because of her loony views. There’s a real tragedy that an otherwise great human being got lost in the wrong path.

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      • Wasn’t unforseen by readers of this blog. Someone alerted the previous venue as I remember. And while we’re discussing mild cat when is she taking hoaxtead research down ? First she gave us a weeks notice, then speeded it up to two days. I’m still waiting.

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  4. Oh my goodness, they are all stark raving bonkers! Their insanity is becoming increasingly insanier (that guy Pete said insanier is a word because it rhymes perfectly well with zanier) as the days roll on by.

    APD might have the excuse of having gone stir-crazy due to being forced to endure her own company for far too long in that bedroom of hers because of that ankle issue she’s got…..her life, the lunacy of it, all derived from her febrile imaginings is like watching an extremely surreal version of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”.

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      • Yes and given how insane she was to begin with…..she surely has gone totally doolally being locked away with herself.

        Did you ever read Patrick McCabe’s “The Butcher Boy”? I started to read that in my early twenties but had to put it down because my delicate mind related all too well to the main character and I felt I was going mad too with every turn of the page. I try to avoid nutty folks as best I can because I’m terrified of losing the plot – the world they create for themselves is too seductive and I don’t know, somehow the prospect of spending my days being completely crazy is very attractive to me.

        Thank heavens my sensible side is so dominant.

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  5. I would like to nominate the Metro newspaper for the not at all coveted OMG whaddaloadashite fake arse news story award.

    I am just gobsmacked that this kind of journalistic excrement passes as news in 2018

    Paedophile cults, parenting and multiple personalities: A mother who’s experienced it all
    By Hattie Gladwell Friday 22 Jun 2018 8:06 am

    Karen*, a mother-of-three in her sixties, lives with dissociative identity disorder (DID), which used to be known as ‘multiple personality disorder’. It was triggered during her childhood by enduring extreme ritual abuse, inflicted on her by a group of paedophiles. Starting even before she could speak, she underwent emotional, physical and sexual abuse of the most horrific kinds imaginable. This ‘cult’ Karen describes as a paedophile ring caused Karen to start to disassociate to try and cope with the horrendous pain and trauma inflicted on her as a child. It started when she was a one-year-old and carried on until she was 16. She now says that she has ‘many parts’. When the abuse finally stopped after her childhood, the past was ‘barricaded safely away for over 20 years’ because of her ‘alters’ or ‘parts’, the terms used for alternate identities. DID’s symptoms mean you experience severe changes in your identity, with your psyche creating various personalities to help you cope with traumatic events. The identity states may come across as different ages and genders, and you may feel you have one ‘main’ part of your identity that feels most like ‘you’ – which some people call the host identity. A person living with DID may not have control over the different parts when an identity takes over and they may even suffer from amnesia which means you don’t remember what happens when another part of your identity is in control. And this is what happened to Karen. She was consciously unaware of the abuse until she was in her early 40s, when a bereavement began to break down the dissociative barriers and knowledge of her condition grew. While she wasn’t aware of them at the time, Karen says her alters were around a lot when she looks back – they just never took over her body completely. Karen was having flashbacks of the abuse she suffered, which would last for hours. They’d only show a little bit of the abusive situation.

    Read more:

    I have reproduced part of the piece under “fair use”. The rest is definitely worth reading, even if just to see how the quacks and scammers that promote the SRA / DID narrative are altering their narrative and terms used in response to criticism from the likes of this blog. It is even has a section on titled “what is a pseudo-cult?”

    This story goes back a bit, 2016, but is also in the Metro and worth a look

    What is a ‘holistic vagina massage’ and what does it feel like?
    Miss EnglandThursday 14 Jul 2016 7:29 am

    Yoni massage (yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina) is a spiritual treatment practiced for 1000s of years in both India and in China for healing and empowering women, they say. Mal, the middle-aged man giving the massage who I met at the entrance, said that the ultimate goal of tantric massage is to open a woman’s yoni and let the amrita liquid flow. Amrita is female ejaculation which, according to Mal, contains emotions of sadness, pain and pleasure. What on earth had I let myself in for? He explained a gushing, flowing and spraying vagina is a crying vagina.

    Read more:

    I copied the section above under “fair use”, again the whole thing is worth reading, if not only to realise that the vagina massager in question is none other than our old friend *irony* Mal Weeraratne, the “tantric” masseur with convictions for sexually assaulting 2 women and for brothel keeping, the very same slime ball who claims to be able to heal trauma relating to sexual assaults and child sexual abuse by fiddling with women’s vaginas.

    In fact in 2016 the Metro had a bit of a binge on vagina massaging articles including this one

    Women are now paying to have expert vagina massages
    Ellen ScottWednesday 25 May 2016 7:28 am

    Which includes the memorable warning

    If you’re open to the benefits, though, we’d strongly recommend booking an expert (DO NOT TRY TO FIND A CHEAP/FREE VAGINA MASSAGE. BAD, BAD IDEA) and going through a proper consultation beforehand to make sure everything’s legit.

    Read more:

    Well that’s reassuring to know. Nothing like paying a shit load of mine and having a consultation beforehand to make sure that the stranger massaging your vagina is not a crook / blackmailer / sexual predator / in a dangerous cult,

    In a world that has truly gone completely insane it restores ones faith in human stupidity to read such dangerous, inaccurate unadulterated tripe from a supposedly reputable newspaper.

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        • Part of me imagines it might be great craic to be her next victim…although I know well the reality has upset Stephen very much because she’s pure poison and knows no bounds and then we had Biggi come along to say he’s done nothing to warrant her accusations also.

          I’m not important but should it occur that I come under her radar and be subjected to her horribleness online I’d be straight up to Oldcastle with my crew and demanding she say it all to my face in front of witnesses and provide proof of her allegations etc.

          I think she ordinarily dismisses commenters on this blog as poor forsaken fools taken in by a GCHQ psyop thingitymabobbity job…we are unwitting imbecilic fools to be pitied and prayed for….Lord Jesus help us and save us!

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          • I’ll be live streaming the whole event paedo-hunter style mixed with Neelu-style twirling camera moves to induce disorientation amongst my viewers along with adapting barely discernible Tracey Morris lingo to inform the viewers of what is not going on…just my version, which will be based on non-reality and far more interested in describing the clouds above as suspicious chemtrails and confirmation that APD is indeed a dubious character of the very worst sort because the angels of heaven say otherwise in their cloud formation script

            Whatever might possibly occur will prove to be unbelievable because badly edited videos of nattily attired urgently rushing sneaker clad feet juxtaposed against lovely fluffy clouds, some sunburst and then images of naughty in all their eerie glory cumulonimbus or cumulus in their variations will serve purely as obfuscation particularly when our narrator is mimicking Tracey’s puerile speech patterns….and in the background noise there’ll be screams of protestation emanating from APD’s bum hole – sharts akimbo!


  6. These people live in a very sad world if that’s all they can do is attack survivors. There time is coming as more and more people are seeing them for what they are. No one hardly ever watches these perfetic videos they post out or even clicks likes to them. So I don’t no who there trying to fool with there crap they spout. I don’t hide who I am so there welcome to attack me again they have had a go but wasn’t very successful they gave up after a week of me taking the piss out of them Not Angela but her side kick Heather lol 😂

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    • It’s nice to see you here, Lee, and I agree, their lives must be pathetic indeed if this is how they choose to spend them. You’re so right that the best way to deal with them is to take the piss.

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  7. Well I did not think it would be that long before I was started on one day to be exact. You are obviously keeping you beady eyes 👀 pealed on this thread.
    First let me tell you heather brown I will not be bulled by people like you. And as for me and Sheva she has been a great support for me during and after my trial this is contrary to the stuff you post about Sheva saying she bullies survivors as she has been a great network of support for me .I will continue to support Sheva against bullies like you and your side kicks you can’t intimidate me by your silly threats and post of stuff that you post of unsubstantiated garbage about me. If you don’t like that it’s tuff luck. I will continue to support the hoaxed team to out people like you and your cronies who attack survivors. Have a nice day I know will.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Pingback: Angela continues attack after her enemy has left the field | HOAXTEAD RESEARCH

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