Belinda just can’t leave Facebook

Those of our readers who are old enough to remember the Godfather films might recall Michael Corleone, at the beginning of Godfather III, bemoaning his inability to leave the mob: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

That’s the situation in which Belinda McKenzie currently finds herself. As we said yesterday, she had decided that the only way to continue manipulating her 1,000+ Facebook friends in private, and avoid having her enemies the Shadow People (*cough*) discuss her every move, would be to leave Facebook altogether.

Now, though, she’s finding it more difficult than she thought to ditch her account.

Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 1

Belinda, let’s be honest: are you really having trouble leaving Facebook because you can’t manage to find the “delete my account” button…or is there some part of you which really wants to stay? After all, where else will you find the instant gratification of dozens of friends (well, several friends) piling on to sympathise and beg you not to leave?

Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 2Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 3

But Belinda’s problem, it seems, is less about blocking her enemies, and more about identifying them:

Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 4Yes, it might be “just 1 troll amongst the 1000+”…or it might be a few. It might even be (gasp!) someone you know and trust! Hard to say, really.

And here we come to the crux of the matter: it’s not the trolling to which Belinda objects; it’s the fact that some of what she says might wind up incriminating her in court. Heaven forfend!
Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 5

The funny thing is, just as most normal people are not personally acquainted with any paedophiles, most normal people don’t engage in activities which, if scrutinised by the police or courts, might land them in serious legal difficulties.

Not that we’re telling Belinda how she ought to live her life, of course, but perhaps she might wish to consider not breaking the law, nor encouraging other people to do so. This would solve many of her problems, both on and off Facebook.Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 6

We confess we actually guffawed when we read that Belinda is “afraid of offending others”. No reason, it just struck us as funny, that’s all. Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 7

In any case, it seems that in preparation for shutting down her Facebook profile, Belinda is doing what all normal people do: saving everything on her account onto a disc (seriously? people still use those?) “in case anything is needed for possible trial purposes”. See previous remarks about normal people’s Facebook pages.
Belinda Facebook 2018-06-05 8So there you have it. She’s doing her best to leave, but just…can’t…quite…do it.

All together now: “AWWWWWWWW…”

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74 thoughts on “Belinda just can’t leave Facebook

    • is it like this ‘I’m leaving’..crap?.. which was an escape while you pulled back a bit, but making sure you signalled to your followers to carry on…..keeping yourself just behind the legal line, or so you thought Belinda…… you cannot possibly viralise vile, and thanks btw for that great list which will go nicely on The Real Fresh start Foundation Blog, there;s been a great deal of interest in the list 84, so I’ll add it there too.
      This was around the time of Sabines flit which followed Abes, quickly, because arrests were iminent, ever since somehow relentlessly carrying on with more help from bigmouthed liars like seaman clearly mocking survivors along with others who delight in discussing solacious details and often descibing us as so damaged or deranged or whatever, if we won’t do as they want, follow their lead, promote their events or videos and groups….the venomous attacks and backlash have occured internationally, emanating from the clusters of clickalotties employed by fraudsters, charlatans and clearly by some child abusers, who are doing all they can to sabotage progress that would limit their ability to carry on grooming and molesting children.

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        • Maybe she could get her friend Sabine with all the computer skillz over to help her- oh wait thats right, she’s already in jail…

          I get the feeling that the teflon hoaxer isn’t feeling that slippery anymore, and knows she might be next

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      • It was around the time that Ham & High published the report that her charity ‘Knights Foundation’ was being investigated, suspected of funding Sabine, as she avoided arrest. There are videos of them all strategising and signalling, the twisted plot and lies for their promoters to repeat, mantras over and over, in the threads under videos still up, promoting the hoaxes………..or hoaxers…..
        There are clearly some groomed people with mental or emotional difficulties that seem to have stockholm syndrome, Some that have lived with her, have signs of great dependence and undeserved loyalty, but they seem blind to her manipulative speak.
        There are too, though downright liars like Ben Emlyn Jones, who promised during our chat, that the truth movement would never fall for a hoax like hollie again…..
        His connection to Miles Johnston is strong, plus he made no secret that he loathed Belinda, or so he said, but at the time, just like Mel Ve, he pushed Annett, and it still took me a while to wake up to Annett and I have the mighty MKDs to thank, when I started to watch their videos, it became so clear and I began to post more so on my blog, the hate came pretty swift 🙂 That had been more covert before, and tho I knew much of it, years ago, I just ignored it, believing they showed themselves up, I have realised that these types can not be ignored, and that rather than giving them oxygen, people have collectively shone enough of a spotlight with solid evidence, now, available.

        No wonder Belinda and her connected groups with lots of flying monkees to use to do their dirty work love us all so much no matter whether we use a real name or false, no matter which particular flavour of bad, evil or enemy they wish to paint any of us with, or misinformation, and wrong guesses about people using psuedonyms with damn good reason to do so, as has been displayed …….

        Withdrawing again, Belinda, still hopes to manipulate and instigate email and info mining petitions and fundraisers, for the names on the lips in the script followed by the circus ringleaders.

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    • I left the web mostly this week. My broadband has ended and I wont activate it till winter. I’m just using a mobile so I can screenshot facebook posts from the hampsteaders, post a reply or two here and buy video nasties online.

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  1. Great Moments in Irony # 99
    “just don’t want/need this nuisance in my life”

    Spare a tiny thought for those who you helped name publicly and whose lives were made a complete misery by your vicious and false campaign to accuse them of murdering and eating babies.
    Spare a thought for the 2 children whose videos and photos are shared by creepy pedophiles and fanatics over and over again-who have no “privacy” button to press so they can retain their privacy.

    Priests, church workers, social workers, psychiatric nurses, ordinary North London families (one who were forced to move after death threats) their children, McDonald’s shop assistants, police officers ..the list radiates outwards to ever widening circles as all are swept up in campaigns by lunatics and fanatics around the world with at least one dangerous incident where an American was inspired to travel to London to confront ordinary citizens going about their life & who decided to turn up to a school armed with a knife.

    What a selfish, ignorant despicable woman you are. Not a single hint of accepting any responsibility for your actions.

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  2. Great Moments in Irony # 99
    “just don’t want/need this nuisance in my life”

    Spare a tiny thought for those who you helped name publicly and whose lives were made a complete misery by your vicious and false campaign to accuse them of murdering and eating babies.
    Spare a thought for the 2 children whose videos and photos are shared by creepy pedophiles and fanatics over and over again-who have no “privacy” button to press so they can retain their privacy.

    Priests, church workers, social workers, psychiatric nurses, ordinary North London families (one who were forced to move after death threats) their children, McDonald’s shop assistants, police officers ..the list radiates outwards to ever widening circles as all are swept up in campaigns by lunatics and fanatics around the world with at least one dangerous incident where an American was inspired to travel to London to confront ordinary citizens going about their life & who decided to turn up to a school armed with a knife.

    What a selfish, ignorant despicable woman you are. Not a single hint of accepting any responsibility for your actions.

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  3. Re: Abe Outs Belinda!
    From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (
    To: hampsteadgroup (
    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 16:56:30 +0530
    Attachments: belindamckenzie.jpg (35.1 KB), peterhofschroer.jpg (30.8 KB), andypeacher.jpg (20.5 KB)

    Institute of Satanic Studies

    St Anthony – battling vampires, werewolves, demo(n)crats, capitalists and every goddam alphabet agency under the sun

    Thanks, Deborah, people can only speak from their own personal experience, so in your case you received a favourable impression of Belinda and she does still have a good number of supporters, but she also has a good number of detractors – so shall we say its 50/50? Anyway, my understanding is that above all Belinda is a WOMAN and an elderly one at that ie. all women are highly emotionally strung because when the baby screams they immediately go running while hubby carries on watching the football. However, nowadays all women want to be men and act like men because we’re all EQUAL right? WRONG, a 1000 times WRONG!! Meanwhile, all men act like poofters and wimps because women have made them like that ie. men sit at home washing the nappies while the wife goes off to work and has it off with the boss. Ha ha ha, what a wacky world we live in!! Anyway, getting back to Belinda, yes, she does behave well with those she accepts as her friends, but with me she was always critical and things came to a head when she went ballistic after I agreed with the jury that Peter Hofschroer was guilty of possessing mountains of child porn on his computers which he blamed on the police, but the jury and I didn’t believe him. Thus, Belinda went totally deranged and I had to remove her as I also had to do with Andy Peacher who was a close friend up until the Hofschroer debacle, after which he went berserk. You see, I fully understand Peter’s problems and all he has to do is come clean. Yes, he may lose some friends, but the best friend he has is G-O-D and he can’t fool him, period. Anyway, Peter’s paid for his crime of possessing child porn, but there’s no evidence that he ever molested anyone, so the fact that a girl was molested in a park near Belinda’s home in Highgate shortly after Peter went missing from there doesn’t automatically mean that Peter was responsible as he does not have a history of child abuse, but people immediately accused Peter of having molested the child based purely on speculation. Anyway, he’s now incarcerated in a mental institution in Austria with no chance of ever seeing his beloved mother ever again, although rumour has it that his mother, Barbara, 89, in York may have already died, but nobody knows exactly how she is or where she is. Anyway, personally I don’t think Abe’s stupid enough to simply believe rumours regarding Belinda, so I accept there maybe truth in what he says, but it would be nice of him to supply some back up information to prove his claims, huh Abe?
    Yours in the battle for planet earth,
    Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
    Cosmic Research Foundation
    Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
    Tel 91-8596-224312/9959-684635
    Date 4th June 2018

    Subject: Re: Abe Outs Belinda!
    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 05:30:30 +0100

    I’d heard this before, but you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. John

    From: deborah mahmoudieh
    Subject: Re: Abe Outs Belinda!
    Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018 18:34:30 +0100

    I have met Belinda and stayed at her home. She is not an MI5 agent, but she did provide refuge to a supposed ex-MI5 agent who lived in her home and was very possibly spying on her activities and/or gaining access to certain info and documents. Belinda is a very caring, conscientious person who has helped many people over the years and in every way possible, including rescuing homeless people and helping them get back on their feet. She has suffered arrest over the Hampstead case and is on a gagging order too. Abe has been fed a load of disinfo from shills who operate to divide the opposition and it appears they’ve been successful. In fact, the same idiots tried to claim I’m an MI5 agent too! Yer, wonderful job considering I live in poverty on a carers allowance while struggling with PTSD. Kind regards, Debbie

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    • From: angela disney
      Subject: Re: Abe Outs Belinda!
      Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 12:58:30 +0100

      I’m loathe to enter the battlefield of speculation, Anthony. However, I did wonder if Abe lifted his assertions from possibilities I’d fielded about Belinda belonging to the local female Freemason Lodge and also from dabblings she has indulged in with the occult in various rituals in her home all allegedly with good intentions, but against God’s law. I have seen a video of a drone entering the guest studio at the top of the garden in which I stayed for 5 days in 2015 and then retreating when it realised it was being filmed. My computer has since had its processor mysteriously fried, but my ex-RAF supercomputer technician thinks he can rescue data and my Lanzarote technician backed everything up to Sept 2017 on an external hard drive too. I also witnessed crazy symbolic chemtrails literally in discernible patterns over Belinda’s home and there was a distinct odour particularly in the entrance of her home which could be an indication of demonic activity or could just be her love of cats and being too busy to have the carpets cleaned! I have exchanged extensive experience emails with 2 people who lived at Belinda’s Int’l refuge home, one of whom had been homeless despite being a veteran pilot in the RAF. They reported strange goings on in the house, including David Shayler exiting as a transgender and the sense of being a stray dog secreted in the garage and definitely not welcome in chi chi Highgate soirees in the main house. I have been told 3 others took out 2nd mortgages on their homes to help finance Belinda’s Int’l refuge which consists of building U/G bunkers and putting beds in every garden shed to extend a valuable Highgate property to house up to 27 overnight guests for visitors such as Kevin Annett and Miles Johnston. I heard from Belinda how she scuppered Yolande’s campaign to get justice for the grandson of some African globalist and Belinda went straight to contacts, including the Prime Minister Theresa May, to get him and his mother out of the country despite a furore of legal craziness and back to the country of his original persecution and abuse. Therefore, one has to wonder if Belinda’s connection to May was through the local Masonic Eastern Star Lodge? Yolande never forgave her for undermining her possibly righteous campaign to get justice the right way rather than the old girls network way! I agree with you on Peter Hofschroer and though I believe he is being persecuted over his mother and her assets, I personally did not join the fray as an anti-child abuse campaigner in supporting someone with a child porn habit. Of course, if he has repented and desisted I’m sure God has forgiven him. Equally you may have jumped the gun too soon on the Miles Johnston issue of porn and wrongly demonised Marie Kayali in your human tendency to misogyny, Tony! There is a pretty convincing video of Miles playing with his privates as he Skype calls Marie. His previous co-host, Joanne Summerscales, released intel and concerns about likely porn editing back in 2012. A French blogger reported on Int’l porn distribution connections implicating Miles along with Kerry Cassidy, Mike Ringley etc, read in translation by the host Tere Joyce of American Freedom Radio as she did a trilogy of interviews with me a few weeks ago. Shortly after these interviews her YouTube channel was banned for 3 mths and both her and my computers were fried! So, it is not as simple as asking Miles if Wiltshire Police have interviewed him about child porn or confiscated his computers for inspection. You, above all people, should know the UK police and judiciary are corrupt and if the allegations are true could very well be on the child porn mailing list! God bless as always, Angie

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  4. I always knew Cat Scot was a nasty piece of work but I never had her down as an antisemite until now:

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    • Scratch a conspiracist and you find an anti-semite. An anti-semite who is now complaining about the World International Jewish-Mason Conspiracy to scratch him.

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    • It is an ongoing issue with her. She has plenty of past form.

      I would suggest that any antisemitic posts, comments and videos be reported to the Community Security Trust
      website here

      contact details:

      Incidents and emergencies
      To report a non-urgent incident
      National Emergency Number (24-hr)
      0800 032 3263

      They keep a record of antisemitic incidents in the UK and the antisemitic activities of Cat Scot and the various hoaxers should be reported and recorded

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      • Thanks for that. OMGN…. I’ve got quite a few screenshots, which I’m not sure are in the folder, vile stuff.
        Alot are now supporting rotten islamphobe & Tommy, some are not liking the facts being pointed out, to them, that he could have ruined that case…. so I’ve been calling him zero, we’ve seen edl members jumping into events in the past, to push their agendas…….twisting facts as they go, to suit them.

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        • Any hoaxers, or anyone else posting Islamophobic hate material should be reported to Tell Mama

          online contact form here

          They keep a record of Anti-Islamic hate crimes and also research trends in hate speak

          These clowns do so many outrageous things with their vile bigotry and hatred, it is sometimes easy to forget that their posts can spur people to commit serious crimes.

          Whether it’s hatred against Jews, Muslims, or any other minority, let’s get serious about reporting them.

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  5. OK Blundina I admit it, I created an account to spy on your Facebook page, have a look in your friends list for “Sabine McNeill” and block me. It really is me and not Sabine. Clever eh?

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  7. Looking at the screenshots in EC’s post, it seems that not one of Belinda’s followers has noticed that her page is already set to private (and has been for as far back as I can remember). Still, it’s fun to watch a bunch of headless chickens screaming at someone to do something she’s already done 🙂

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  8. I’m gonna take a punt that Sharon Raindancer Mitchell (even though she has the coolest name ever) is not a legal expert. Posting screenshots of someone’s own comments cannot in any way, shape or form be classed as libel. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count as a GDPR or Data Protection Act breach either, though I’m sure one of our resident legal eagles can put me right on that.

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    • In the face of people who do not show any evidence except monkeyed up, like Angies envelopes and other made up shit…..we show screenshots with just open discussion and summary….. ‘right to reply’ is also a tradition, upheld in a fair and free as possible press……

      What is it that happens to people who’ve been around Belinda…. they lose their way, it seems, everytime, but remain unreasonable loyal….. is it her stipends, that used to be an open thing ?

      The promise of ultimate gains of whatever it is, they are after, from fame to fortune and often both, as well as the dirty and darker things afoot by Belinda’s kind of quality types, they ain’t sweet at all, except when grooming a new mark….or victim….. yucky belinda muckenzie

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    • Yes, let’s not forget that one of their primary agendas has to do with the hoary old myth of social services “snatching” people’s children because they happen to like the look of them, and selling them for profit to child sex traffickers.

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  9. Tracey Morris also stayed at Belinda’s home/ refuge after fleeing Belfast with her sons, this happened after she went on one her crowdfunded rescue missions leaving a homeless woman with a serious drug problem who she’d picked off the street in charge of her children and was reported to social services by worried neighbours. She boasted about living in the ‘posh’ area and that she’d never be back to Northern Ireland, moved her children to different schools only to return two months later. Maybe the chemtrails freaked her out, who knows.

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    • As for helping homeless people, there were a couple that rocked up at the 2010 rally and a storm of criticism, disbelief, debunking and denial from Belindas camp…….. I’m not sure, but they might be the couple who wrote up a blog, afterwards……anyway, their homeless for so many years, just didn’t ring true, they looked to well and healthy, The video is still on Truth & Hopes’ channel. Probs worth capturing them, as they may disappear, as the site did, once a query about their charity status and accounts was raised and unavoidable….. I hope if they are reading this or alerted, that Ced will do the right thing for us survivors and re install the video of our 94 and 2nd rally, please…….. It is a valid part of our his/herstory…. and would mean alot to many, inspire and show that many of us were not silent and have been working with stealth in many cases for long years, with success……in many ways.

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  10. I have been reading up about the issue of “county lines” and the exploitation of vulnerable adults by criminal networks of drug dealers.

    These criminals use children and vulnerable adults to transport and sell their drugs for them. The real serious criminals don’t get their hands dirty and the ones who end up in serious trouble are people with serious mental health problems, learning disabilities and other vulnerabilities.

    The gangs use a strategy called “cuckooing” in which they take over the homes of mentaly ill people or, as in a case I know about, of very elderly, lonely and isolated people. Then they use the home as a base for their criminal enterprise, with the vulnerable person taking the fall and even being made homeless when things go tits up.

    It seems to me that Belinda’s strategy is very similar and has striking parallels with the country lines MO. Belinda uses vulnerable adults to do her dirty work for her and effectively uses “cuckooing” in relation to the facebook and social networking sites of her vulnerable associates. She may not actually move her operations into their physical home, but uses there virtual residences, FB pages etc.

    Also the Fresh Start Foundation, by inviting vulnerable survivors of CSA to contact them, has the potential to be operating multiple virtual online scams, all via using some of the most vulnerable people in society as marks and useful idiots.

    Another resonating issue is the way that criminal gangs isolate children and vulnerable adults from their families and convince them that their families are against them and don’t want them to succeed. This is very similar to the way that Belinda, Sabine et al convince vulnerable people that they alone can help them in their hour of need.

    Time and time again people who listen to Belinda and Sabine’s advice come a cropper, just like the vulnerable adults who end up in jail or homeless after the gangs have finished with them.

    Neelu seems to me to be a prime example. The woman is clearly extremely mentally vulnerable and suffering from delusions. Rather than encourage her to seek help Belinda spurs her on into increasingly self-destructive trajectories.

    One day, hopefully, the Home Office will see fit to write advice for professionals dealing with vulnerable adults who are the victims of online conspiraloon scams in the same way that they do now re county lines.

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    • Rupert, you have a serious problem in your way of using humour………… are so off key, way off with this subject…… you could learn a thing or two from Omni, his lateat PVPs are really good, Doc Savage gives sage narrative and having looked back through older videos, whenever it has been about people known to us here, some not named for various reasons, but totally exposed by him in the most hard hitting, comedic style, that works so well, I have witnessed him being attacked and also accused of being RD……… Shame you didn’t listen to wiser people with integrity…….what a story and opportunities, you would have had….. you nearly did fall back, but your ego couldn’t ignore the teasing, trolling and money talked, Angela groomed you, which will be hard to admit, but it is obvious watching the building bridges video.
      You acted like a spoilt brat, who can dish it out but squalls like a baby when poked back……. but, I could see sometimes how much you were fed up with Angie and mocking her…too.

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    • Hello Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV old fruit. How are you old man? Can I offer you British tea and biscuits? Ah, I just noticed health and safety said skip the biscuits, El Coyote ate the last hobnob.

      Some would say you were mean scamming thousands of pounds out of desperate old ladies such as Angela Power Disney, leading her on to think you were going to marry her. In all truth it would be honorable of you to do the decent thing and marry her.

      The local Satanic Womens Institute successfully conjured up an Old One when they mixed their peas with their carrots. Mrs Lees is still missing, but I am sure she will turn up at some point.

      So you are living in a dog house? Is this a new relationship with a four-legged friend?

      Thanks for being a great fan of Hoaxtead.

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  11. Janine removed her comment and ran away literally within seconds of me posting this and Cat instantly blocked me. Anyone surprised?

    This is the tweet I was linking:

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      • I think she’s demonstrated poor judgement in many circumstances. As someone else here said, she’s not competent to run a bath, let alone a social service/mental health organisation for people with complex difficulties.

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  12. You can all take the piss out of conspiracy theorists if you like but I just found out that if you spray vinegar onto your laptop or any other device it speeds up your wifi. Please pass this information on.


  13. I am not surprised at all to see ‘Baby’ Ben Emlyn-Jones on McKenzies Facebook friends list as he has always been a dumbass, and Kellie Cottram I also expected, but Tony Gosling too?

    That’s interesting, very interesting indeed.

    Thanks for this EC, it confirms the nagging doubt I had about certain people was justified.

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  14. I know this is off scale, but ms Morris has tried to show off again. She went on the local radio station 105 frank. She was so bad he had to cut her off in mid air. They’ll be lucky they don’t get done because of her ranting about social workers stealing babies and getting paid. Have a look, think it Wednesday 6/6/18


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