Return of the King: Foiled again

It looks as though would-be King John Wanoa has made another unsuccessful attempt to enter the country, this time via Belfast.

In a live-streamed video yesterday, Andy Devine hemmed and hawed and prevaricated and tried to put a good face on it, but eventually had to admit that Wanoa had been denied entry to the UK, and subsequently denied entry to the Netherlands:

“This is the second time I’ve come to meet John Wanoa, and he’s, er, not going to be there again”, Devine explains with something which could almost be described as a sheepish grin. “So John won’t be able to make it to Ireland….So I’ll do it remote, again, the same as last time, on the 16th, for St Patrick, for the eight-pointed star”.

Um, sure Andy, whatever you say.

(Also, it turns out that “Trip Beggins” was not, as we at first suspected, some weird Freeman on the Land patois for “attempting to raise money for a trip via a begging bowl”, but merely Devine’s peculiar spelling of “Trip Begins”. Bit disappointing, really.)

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  1. LOL, I wonder if any had tipped them off about his travel plans???
    (hint- it’s best to not post all over facebook that you are going to try and illegally enter the country….)

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      • Doesn’t Andy or Good King Wanoa know Immigration have these new computer thingies which all link up with each other?.Don’t they ever watch those airport TV shows where custom’s officers press a button and the traveler’s previous infractions light up?. Wanoa needs a new Equerry. So I had it wrong and though his majesty would fly to Dublin and just cross the border. So much for his handful of followers who were all smugly telling him going to Belfast would be a breeze.

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        • One wonders at the collective brain power of this lot! Even I know if I was refused entry at NY I can’t just pitch up at LAX with a clean sheet. I am fascinated thinking what the reasons for refusal of entry might be. No bellends allowed is not in the Immigration Rules, I am sorry to say.

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          • Possibly claiming he would have the British Head of State executed without trial but what would I know?


  2. The whole of GCHQ would like to thank Andy Devine for his covert surveillance of the King. At first we were a bit skeptical about his idea to post it unencrypted and in plain sight on the internet, but it’s saved us a fortune in setting up secret drops and covert operations. Don’t worry, we’ve used the budget under-run on Operation Flightless Bird to finance a Whit Bank Holiday trip to Weston-Super-Mare so that our operatives can recover from the rather painful effects of splitting their sides laughing.

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    • Welcome the the UK, What’s the purpose of your visit?
      Well, I’m the King, so, ya know, I’ve come to be crowned and live in the palace and all.
      And what’s your occupation then?
      I just said, I’m the King, you twat!
      Well, we have a Queen already, and along with her family, we don’t really need any more with Kings.
      But, she’s not the real Queen, I’m the King.
      Well, that’s something you’d need to take up with the Home Office, in Whitehall I’d expect.
      Yes, and I plan to sack the lot of them, just as soon as you quit wasting my time.
      But, you see, I can’t let you in, Mate, you’re on a list, you see.
      What list?
      Well, officially its called the “Undesired and Unwanted Alien List”,
      But I’m the King!
      Yes, and a good one you might be, but you’re on my list, you see.
      Okay and fine, but being on this list is quite like being a Mexican trying to get into Texas.
      So, what’s that mean, do I need to sneak across a river or something?
      Not sure, if you want to get into Texas you’d have to ask the Americans.
      I don’t want to get into Texas you low born cleric, I …I need to go to Westminster!
      Yes, I’d expect you should.
      So you’ll let me past?
      Well, No, can’t do that, you see, I have this list….
      ad infinitum


  3. A sad and not entirely unexpected event

    The actor and Qanon promoter Isaac Kappy has committed suicide by jumping from a bridge into oncoming traffic.

    The world of SRA hoaxes is populated by many extremely vulnerable people in urgent need of psychiatric help.

    Sadly many either get no help, get “help” from dubious quacks or, as I know sometimes happens, are offered proper help but are unable to make use of it because of the encouragement of their online and real life conspiraloon ‘friends”.

    I do not know what, if any, mental health support Kappy received during his mental health crisis but the manipulation of vulnerable adults by quacks, conspiracy theorists and criminals is a significant problem in the world today and more needs to be done to protect the vulnerable.

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  4. something of interest to readers

    Yesterday BBC Woman’s Hour broadcast an uncritical piece about DID

    “As part of a BBC season about mental health, tomorrow we hear from a 40 year old woman who lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We’re calling her Melanie and she was first diagnosed aged 22. She explains her diagnosis as being like a set of Russian dolls. She, Melanie, is the main doll and inside her are lots of other dolls, her alternative personalities. She feels her DID helped her as a child when she suffered repeated sexual abuse but living with it as an adult is challenging.”

    The DID piece starts at approx 12.47

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  5. Listening to Andy, he really is not on this planet.
    Wanoa was going to print his own money – The King’s Pound – in Ireland but alas Plan B, just like Plan A has crashed in failure. They don’t get the message yet they really seem to think they are taking over the country.
    Can they really be that delusional ?.

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    • @Sam, yes they really are that delusional. Andy Devine told 3 blokes who live in England to meet him in Dublin, instead of him going to meet them in Belfast because he wants to explore his ancestry in Limerick aka ‘Stab City’. Love & behold they jump on a plane to meet him! Jeez this lot just be loaded! Wanoa in the meantime, after the infamous ‘equity lawyer’ allegedly paid his air fair is trying to change his flight plans to go to Dublin, although last night he was a grand short! He also has Holland factored in somewhere, only following Greg Hallet mentioning something about that country, my eyes glazed over at that stage so I didn’t hear it lol.

      Devine’s wife sits in Greece while he swans around talking gibberish, same with Wanoa’s other half, what is wrong with them! Ladies kick them out & get a life FFS!….

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  6. My latest Private Eye has arrived. I will not be cancelling my subscription!

    Wedger’s pitch

    THERE have been curious developments at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) regarding applications for the privileged status of “core participant (CP). On 2 May, IICSA announced that one Jon Wedger had been granted CP status for its forthcoming investigation into Child Sexual Exploitation by Organised Networks.

    Wedger, a former detective constable, is a prolific tweeter and vlogger who presents himself as a whistleblower exposing the establishment cover-up ofa VIP paedophile network (Eye 1492). He claims to have applied many times to be a core participant in IICSA’s various investigations or strands — without success until now.

    Last October, IICSA chairwoman Alexis Jay rejected Wedger’s application for CP status in the Accountability and Reparations investigation because she was not satisfied he “played or may have played a direct or significant role”. On 8 March 2019, while IICSA was hearing evidence about an alleged Westminster paedophile ring, Wedger tweeted: “I was accepted as a core participant & my evidence was classed as credible corroborative and compelling yet IICSA sought a judicial review as a core participant stating I was too low ranked to give evidence which seemed to confuse the IICSA solicitor David Enright.”

    The Eye asked IICSA for clarification. “Mr Wedger did not apply for core participant status in the Westminster investigation,” a spokesperson replied. “He and others made an unsuccessful application for core participant designation in the Accountability and Reparations Investigation.” What about being too junior to testify? “The Inquiry does not make decisions based on the rank of officers, nor has it been subject to a judicial review in this matter. The Inquiry makes no determinations upon the credibility of evidence until it produces its reports, some months after the public hearings. Also please note that David Enright is not the inquiry solicitor.”

    Even now that IICSA has granted Wedger CP status, he is still complaining. “11CSA themselves actually got a judicial review to narrow the parameters,” he said in a YouTube video last week, “which my legal team believed was a deliberate attempt to prevent me from giving evidence.” The inquiry spokesperson again denies there was any such review.

    Could IICSA’s previous reluctance to accept Wedger have rather more to do with his belief in Satanist paedophile networks? As the Eye has reported, passim and ad nauseam, a government commissioned inquiry in 1994 reviewed evidence from 84 police investigations around the UK and concluded there was no evidence of any sort that Satanic abuse existed. None has been produced since. Yet believers such as Jon Wedger — and conspiracy theorists such as David Icke — perpetuate the myth.

    In one of Wedger’s videos he and “Christian activist” Wilfred Wong discuss Satanic orgies and the ritual sacrifice of babies, children and animals — including the crucifixion of a cat. They repeatedly name the late Sir Edward Heath as a Satanic abuser, saying he was identified in a list going back decades and also during Wiltshire Police’s Operation Conifer (Eyes passim). They omit to add that the £l.5m investigation concluded there was no evidence for the Satanic claims.

    Alas for Wedger, even as a core participant he may not get the chance to air his theories about “organised networks” of Satanists. “We will consider whether it will be necessary to ask Mr. Wedger to give evidence, and if so, about what, as the investigation progresses,” a spokesperson tells the Eye.

    The public hearing is due to take place early in 2020.

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