Hoaxtead promoters crash Church of England CSA survivors’ protest

On Saturday, 10 February, the Church of England’s 2018 General Synod in central London was attended by a group of survivors of sexual abuse within the Anglican Church. The protesters were joined by bishops, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of York, and the Bishop-Elect of London, who all paused outside Church House for two minutes to reflect on the issue of survivors within the Church.

Since Saturday, we’ve been contacted by several of the protestors, all of whom are angry that their peaceful demonstration was marred and co-opted by two people who were handing out leaflets regarding “baby-eating and Satanists and paedophiles” in Hampstead.

The interlopers were identified as Sabine McNeill—who was pressing her business card on all and sundry—and a young man with dark hair, who stood in the public gallery at one point during Synod and shouted at the bishops about “Satanic abuse”.

Both Sabine and the young man, who matches the description of Jake Clarke, were passing out leaflets to Synod attendees. Sabine and Jake were described as “loudly and aggressively” pushing the Hampstead hoax, which many of the protestors had never heard of. Those who contacted us were offended that their legitimate, peaceful event, which had been months in the planning, had been hijacked by the pair.

“Before we do a demonstration,” one protester said, “we always ring the place to make sure that we’re going to be welcomed….We’ve done this so often, and in such a way, that they bring us out tea and coffee. We’re probably the most civilised and polite protesters they’ve ever seen”.

By contrast, the Hoaxtead promoters’ confrontational approach, and the fact that they appeared to blend in with the legitimate group of protesters, showed the group in a bad light, our informants all said.

“Clearly, they came to disrupt us and put their own crazy message across”, said one. “We’ve been trying to meet Archbishop Welby for years, and he finally meets us…and he sees them instead”.

Of course we know that this is in keeping with the Hoaxtead mobsters’ tactics of disrupting and co-opting the work of genuine survivors in favour of their own conspiranoid beliefs, but for Saturday’s protesters it came as a most unwelcome surprise.

It also raises questions, of course, as to whether Sabine might have been violating either her bail terms or her lifetime restraining order, and if so, what consequences may occur as a result. Only time will tell on that front, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry their efforts were marred in that way. How terrible.

    I had read about the protestors and their aims.

    I feel quite sad.

    I wish the protestors, I think this includes some clergy too, have success getting justice and redress. I think there are people making concerted efforts to improve measures to safeguard people in the future by putting good processes in place.

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    • Yes, what should have been a moment of healing as they all stood together to remember shot down in flames. It’s both sad and frustrating.

      What an extraordinary devious opportunist Sabine is. If an ego could manifest physically, hers would reach from here to beyond the beyond….further still. I hope she gets a lengthy jail sentence eventually.

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  2. If they contacted you, could you point them to the image galleries and see if they can spot the face of him in there, be good to have confirmation

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  3. How disgusting is that! I do hope Sabine & Jake are positively identified & get their just desserts.

    For the survivors of this abuse, it had to be traumatic already, without those two still trying to push a hoax.

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  4. Well.
    It’s obvious that their primary motivation is to gain attention for themselves – “pay attention to MEEEE!!”
    And it seems that here, their secondary motivation really was to discredit genuine abuse survivors.
    They really are looking more and more like a front for fake “whistleblower” pedos – aren’t they?

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  5. How dare they infiltrate a peaceful protest to push a hoax and ram cards and leaflets into people’s hands.
    They make me sick.

    I feel so sorry for those who witnessed their intrusion on Saturday.

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      • You would think that being out on bail (and a very high one at that!) would make her pull her head in and stay quiet…
        Instead she goes out and doubles down (even to the extent of handing out business cards- any chance of of the people kept one and could get a copy to E.C???)

        Not the sharpest knife on the rack is she??? (she has to know that anything she does is going to be scrutinized very carefully)

        Id be fascinated to see one of those cards- what exactly could she put down?

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  7. Absolutely disgusting. These hoaxers cause so much harm to real survivors of child abuse it is sickening.

    On the subject of the Church of England; there has been an ongoing problem regarding their promotion of the disgraceful book “The Courage to Heal”. This was widely reported int he press in 2010 I wondered whether the Code is still recommending the book?

    There are also some other strange connections and I am struggling to make sense of, perhaps some of the researchers here can help?

    There is an a campaigning group called Stop Church Child Abuse, I have only just discovered them and I don’t know much about them, however I feel very disturbed to discover, on their website a page of their supporters that includeThe Lantern Project and The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.


    The Stop Child Church Abuse group may be a genuine, well meaning organisation whose staff do not know about the controversies generated by some of the organisations that they list as supporters. I feel concerned that, if they are a genuine group campaigning for survivors, that their credibility may be damaged by links to some of their supporters.

    Is not the Lantern Project a very controversial organisation that uses discredited pseudo-therapeutic “therapy” called “unstructured therapeutic disclosure” that has a very high risk of generating false memories? In fact was not Esther Baker a client of this project?

    links re the controversy here

    The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers is also a controversial organisation possibly due its relationship with Lee Moore – according to the ACAL website:
    “Our former Chair, Lee Moore experienced Satanic ritual abuse throughout childhood.”

    also this freedom of information request is interesting, re Sinason and Hale

    “There are currently at least five cases involving ritual abuse in the hands of lawyers. Lee Moore, a barrister who founded the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, and was himself [sic] a victim of ritual abuse, said it was hard to persuade people to give evidence, particularly after the 1994 report claiming satanic abuse was a myth perpetuated by social workers.

    The latest report was welcomed by Dr Joan Coleman, a Surrey psychiatrist who has spent 14 years treating victims. “A lot of children are born into satanic families who indulge in this ritual abuse,” she said. “It’s only now that child sexual abuse is being exposed that people are beginning to believe ritual abuse exists.””


    Also the Church of England official website recommends the Lantern Project as a resource to survivors.



    Just sharing some thoughts and concerns

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  8. I was one of those involved in the peaceful demonstration and was filmed by the BBC and read out a statement to the media. Don’t know where you have got this from. Not true to my knowledge. And Justin Welby and John Sentamu hardly spoke to anyone. Think this is a bit of fake news…


  9. This is terrifying:


    “Tara grew up in rural Idaho, in a family of survivalists who saw schools as part of a government brainwashing exercise to be avoided at all costs.
    Her obsessively independent father stockpiled guns and supplies, ready for the end of civilisation and to guard against any attempt by the state to intervene in their lives.
    Even when they were hurt in serious car accidents, the family avoided hospitals, seeing doctors as agents of a malign state…
    It was a tough, violent, self-reliant life, like a paranoid Little House on the Prairie.
    Tara remembers her father, fearful of raids by federal agents, buying weapons powerful enough to bring down a helicopter.
    It meant that she had a childhood of riding horses in the mountain and working in a scrapyard, but not any school. She says that claims for home schooling were really a cover for “no schooling”.”

    Networks of families like this were involved in hiding children kidnapped by non-custodial parents – claiming the custodial parents were SRA satanic cultists. You can see how easily such families would have bought into that mythology of BS. Some of the kidnapped kids may actually have grown up in such settings – note that this is the fullfillment of Sinason’s paranoid fantasy about documentless children raised by satanic cults for sacrifice. But the opposite is the reality – documentless kids raised by SRA BELIEVERS.

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      • I’ve watched more too, now….. She mentions amaach alot, Miles & Joanne also held meetings at Belinda McKenzies’ house. Miles & Belinda also did the interview about the child abuse inquiry……. in her house. I don’t buy into ufology, but she sounds authentic and her description of how Miles Operates is how I see alot of the connected pushers of SRA myths, etc………. It’s called Miles Johnston The Dirty Truth.
        And the Amaach link is also Penny Pullen who appears at the early meetings and is now director of Fresh Start Foundation alongside Catriona Selvester aka WildCat @calamaTcat who seems to be very wild, leaping about and snarling
        So not to disappoint you Cat Sidh and all your other fake accounts, cathyfoxblog & Sabine McNeills; support of Fiona Barnett and another, linked to Angela Power Disney, was noted by many really good investigators downunder….. Thanks for sharing that Laurence Coghlan video, because that was a guy who says he works with Opdeatheaters & Pedohunters admitting to blackmailing, death threats and repeating the lies told on Ed Oppermans & other troofer channels……
        Your lot tried to break down good advocates and discredit investigators and real whistleblowers in coordinated attacks, whilst also attempting to defraud Ballarat survivors.


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