UPDATE: Sabine McNeill granted bail, on stringent conditions

Following yesterday’s hearing at Southwark Crown Court, Sabine McNeill has been granted bail, and the £20,000 security which was crowdfunded by Belinda, Angela, and Sabine’s own solicitor among others was accepted by the court.

HH Judge Beddoe acknowledged that crowd-funding a bail security does devalue the intent behind the security, as it creates a situation in which those providing the security are in fact dividing the risk amongst themselves, thus potentially reducing the onus on the defendant to comply with bail conditions. However, he said that since this method of obtaining money for a bail security is still novel, no case law currently exists which would prohibit the court from accepting it.

The judge retired to consider the matter. When court resumed, he said that Sabine would be granted bail, but that it would come with increased and more closely defined restrictions.

Prior to her release from prison, Sabine must:

  • Surrender all internet-enabled devices;
  • Secure £20k; and
  • Surrender her passport and any other items which might enable her to apply to abscond.

Post-release, Sabine is prohibited from using the internet in any way. In addition, she is required to obey the following conditions:

  • She must supply details of her phone to the police, and she is not permitted to use any other phone;
  • She is to have no communications with any media, and she is not permitted  to publish any content, directly or indirectly;
  • She is not permitted to apply for any documents which might enable her to leave the country;
  • She must reside at at her stated address; and
  • She is not permitted to act as a McKenzie friend.

It is not clear to us whether Belinda attended court yesterday. Nor is it clear whether the pre-release conditions were met, enabling Sabine to leave Bronzefield prison.

Sabine’s next court date will be 8 January 2018, at which time we expect her trial date may be set. She currently faces 19 charges in total: four of stalking causing alarm or distress, and 15 counts of violating the lifetime restraining order placed upon both Sabine and Neelu Berry in July 2016. Sabine has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Updated to add:

Belinda has now offered an explanation for her absence at yesterday’s bail security hearing: she feared arrest once the court was informed of the true provenance of the £20,000 bail security.

She states that “certain parties in the shadows were bent on trying to scupper Sabine’s bail and entangle me in criminal proceedings as well!”

This seems a very odd conclusion to draw, unless one assumes that Belinda’s conscience, or perhaps just her instinct for self-preservation, was pricked in some way.

As it is, Belinda’s claim that the money had come from “close friends of Sabine or my own Facebook friends” does seem to stretch the truth. Rather, many donors seemed to be connected to Belinda or Sabine by the thinnest, most gossamer of threads. Some had no idea what they were donating to, as evidenced by the comments on various Facebook discussions. We suspect that had the court been correctly informed of this, rather than being assured that only “eight donors” were involved, the judge’s decision yesterday might have been different.


177 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sabine McNeill granted bail, on stringent conditions

    • WOW
      Is there a time limit on the post release conditions or are they permanent too?

      (being banned from the net forever would be a little excessive at first thought, then I had a second think about her behaviour and thought- nah, I’m happy with that)

      Wonder if mad moo, neelu and apd are having rethinks about blatently ignoring the original court orders and their general online behaviour….

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    • Wow, what terrible things those men did. I am glad they are paying for it. I do hope that more of this happens. Thank you for the report Justin Sanity.

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    • I think this is very telling and could apply to so many of these fanatical false accusers:
      “In a police interview, Hawkins said: “I was so bitter about my own life I thought I would try to upset somebody else’s.””

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      • It is good to see that courts are starting to realise the seriousness of online harassment and the how it can affect peoples lives.

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  1. “She must supply details of her phone to the police, and she is not permitted to use any other phone;
    She is to have no communications with any media, and she is not permitted to publish any content, directly or indirectly;
    She is not permitted to apply for any documents which might enable her to leave the country;
    She must reside at at her stated address; and
    She is not permitted to act as a McKenzie friend.”

    The first two I would think really will be hard to police, whether she will comply with them remains to be seen. I simply cannot see her complying with the 2nd one as she does not seem to be taking responsibility for her actions & never did.

    Thank you for the update EC.

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    • Yeah, she could get herself a pay-as-you-go mobile and the police would be none the wiser. Which I think reinforces my point below predicting that she will balls this up and land herself in even deeper hot water. Last time she was bailed and told not to discuss the Hampstead case, she went on the radio and talked about it practically on the way home from the police station:

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    • I think the police should have escorted Belinda to collect the tech…… but I assume, maybe naively that they have been monitoring or can ? I watch too much tv…. I love Blacklist 🙂 & persons of interest 🙂 But hunters where they tracked and found people I thought was showing us, that they can and will look at facebook for clues in crimes…….. wishfully thinking of a roundup

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    • Hoaxmobbers to varying degrees appear to have acquired a condition that surpresses the ability to shut the fuck up and leave well alone.In fact their entite raison d’être appears to be predicated upon disrespect for legal processes and spouting attention seeking bollocks regardless of inor inconveniences such as rationale or consequences.

      I for one will be gobsmacked if Sabine adheres to the bail conditions yet alone remain in the uk.

      With Christies business acumen,I am surprised he hasnt spotted a burgeoning gap the market and in partnership with Kirk transport arranged to air drop fellow runaway Hoaxmobbers into self contained desert hidey holes,all of course royally funded by braindead facebook virtue signallers.

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  2. Thanks for updating us, EC, and for your clear, succinct report.

    I know people will be disappointed that she wasn’t kept in but may I throw my hat of optimism into the ring and say that going by our past knowledge of Sabine, she will almost certainly break these bail conditions dig herself into an even deeper hole?

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    • I agree that it’s going to be very difficult for her to avoid breaking her bail conditions. We’ve seen in the past how seriously she takes such things, and how her combination of arrogance and exceptionalism have led her further and further into hot water.

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      • And how many will clap like trained seals and maybe even risk themselves in an attempt of a show of strength, forcing their demands, because of the nature of this as it is becoming more clear to more people as dots are being joined.
        Thanks to Fresh Fart associates alot of information has reached people that really had no idea. Thanks to Outlaw Jimmy Jones, who they like to call a troll, but who was maliciously trolled by a liar who confessed to it. Jumping in for Danny,
        There was a flat earthturd geordie in Chanters chat the other night, 2 trolls. And he has recently been targeted by them, I reckon as a backlash, because the info I picked up from him on UK troofers, really helped, but one good thing that came out of having just the TV is that I could watch alot, cos his titles don’t always include names, but he dropped some brilliant info on Camelot and Bill Ryan, Simon Parkes, Miles Johnston, the sick use of Max Spiers death and of course Zen Gardner which gave me an important piece of info, on David Icke and Mel Ve, and I found just a subtle comment, was making them twitch, fallout, scatter, but find some new sicker way to stop me and this blog, all the video makers and anyone in their way……….
        Are they forcing a precedent to be made ? It had better be a good one then……..
        Not many seem to have noticed, but the fact that the case was in open court was maybe a precedent ?
        or if they keep up their behaviour the open ness that was beginning, will be withdrawn……..
        The golden rule broken is the childrens’ privacy broken.
        You can publish about your case as long as you don’t give any clue about their identity, if people can’t work out that that is to protect children from real abusive parents, people encouraging parents to be as stroppy as possible just like the beat the bailiff and freeman types, are gonna get you in bigger trouble than you had already. Trouble is though, system full of people, people don’t always do their job as well as they could, some people shouldn’t be in some jobs, training needs to shift gears, allsorts both and every which ways need sorting, There can be graded types of contact but if people are encouraged to abuse social workers, more protection will be in play for everyone. With willingness and acceptance, contacts can be in lots of different situations made as pleasant as possible, but also spiteful social workers do exist, bad policies and influences not condusive to good practise mean that some parents are treated appallingly and the state behaves like the worst kind of alienating parent…….. are, no one has successfully done that. So why listen to those encouraging you, who’ve not one a case, there are many, that have retrieved their child from care. metoo. .From a hatefull and I mean full ex, no.
        That was for any people believing their bs.

        Is it my imagination or lack of sleep, or have the figures tripled on here lately ?

        Thanks everyone again…… I’m just starting to get used to having a few platforms open….. But shifting files around…. I’m struggling to even file my photos ……..SYHs 🙂

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  3. Belinda: “There was to be a hearing on the bail issue, as there were concerns (I think we can guess from who!)…”

    Ooh, you’ve got me there, Belinda. Do tell! 😀

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  4. What’s all this fuss Belinda keeps making about getting to the prison? She lives 20 foot from a bloody tube station!

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    • Yes, I’m now hearing that she told the paralegal to say she’d got lost en route! Funny, she had no trouble at all getting to that court for Rupert’s trial.

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        • Yes Belinda is very scared at the thought of going to prison herself and when one of her friends is jailed she doesn’t make much of an effort to visit them at all. As long as it’s not her behind bars then she is happy.

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      • A bit expensive.

        She could drive there in less than an hour (depending on traffic/jams of course) and it’d be cheaper too (no taxi fare) unless she breaks down because she needs new mud flaps.

        I wonder where Belinda is sleeping at night seeing as she is in fear of being arrested and imprisoned?

        She’s giving out a good impression that she is even if she’s not. What is she afraid of?

        Is Belinda sleeping in one of her underground bunker rooms, at one of her sons, in Sabine’s flat or staying with another of her friends?

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  5. “She states that ‘certain parties in the shadows were bent on trying to scupper Sabine’s bail and entangle me in criminal proceedings as well’!”

    Hmm. Sounds like she’s once again preparing to pass the buck and throw one of her fawning minions under the bus, like she did to Robert Green. I wonder who it is this time. I’ll die laughing if it’s Angela and Weaselly.

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  6. Mel really shouldn’t have scoffed and sneered about me caring alot for the place I was born and lived in till I was 13. But her precious Saf Africaans,,,,, the Boers, yeh they were really nice to the natives fcough…… anyway, I growled at that and am not gonna let her forget that she boasted about working at the BBC with David Icke and Max Clifford on a documentary, tried to give Zen Gardner a pass, but why on earth she thought Angie was capable of even trhying that, I was crying with laughter, So when Chanter did his, it was like wow, perfect. !

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  7. Ogilvy’s had a night off from blogging/trolling (or George has fired him?). Still, at least he found time to visit his Koreas adviser…

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    • Correct me if I’m wrong…but as far as I can remember, the children never said “strange religion” or “cult” either. Adults who were talking to them or around them, may have used the word “religion” or “cult”, but the kids don’t. It would be very surprising if they did, because children that age wouldn’t be expected to comprehend those concepts well enough to understand why they might be applied to “a bunch of adults having sex with kids and killing babies”. And a careful examination of the discussion recorded by Jean Claude (?) reveals that the kids DO NOT possess the knowledge and understanding that hoaxers keep falsely claiming that they did have.

      What I remember, is that during one of the police interviews the boy is asked something like: “and what is this religion called?” (which I thought was strange, because the boy hadn’t used that word and interviewer was clearly inferring that the activity in question was “a religion”) – and the boy replies: “it’s not called NOTHING!”.

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  8. Posting compliments on YouTube is a criminal offence now, apparently. And Debs should know – she’s an EU law expert, you know…

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    • Why does she keep saying we know her address and phone number? We don’t. If she’s got some evidence to the contrary I’d very much like to see it.

      And yes, it’s perfectly possible to respond to someone’s Facebook post soon after it’s posted. The fact that she thinks this “means something” is only further evidence of the fact that she’s lost her marbles.

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      • And if it did mean something, she’d presumably be taking it up with her handler Kristie Sue, who does the same to us.

        And yes, I’d love to see Debs produce just one link to or screenshot of just one post or comment on here where anyone mentions her address or phone number or shows a picture of her house (which she said was recently repossessed anyway).

        By the way, she’s an avid supporter of psychostalker John Paterson. Not that she lets that stop her preaching about harassment, though.

        Oh and seeing as she’s apparently such an avid fan of the law, I assume she’s aware that antisemitic race hate speech is illegal too. Eh, Debs?

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        • She’s ghastly and we have never said we would sue her. How could we? But we have advised the father to sue the vile piece of goods but he’s obviously got an awful lot to deal with with these cowardly attacks coming from every angle,
          Costa’s mocking and obvious delight in her efforts shows a quite twisted mind.

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      • I have never seen Debs address, phone number or pictures of her house posted online anywhere. I wonder if she has proof that this happened? I bet she doesn’t, much like Angie and her supposed page of death threats from us, non existent.

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    • Hey, how’s this for a novel idea, Debs? If you don’t like innocent people defending themselves, don’t spend 3 years running a libellous fucking hate campaign against them. Simples.

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    • I must confess this is my fault. I was hired by Black Cube to stalk Moo and photograph her & her house- see below. No I’m not posting her phone number, that would be just mean. Won’t be exposing my willy to the local plod either.

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    • Now Moosnight is reading my mind and quickly posting my thoughts before I can. He’s got one of them #DirectEnergyMachines hasn’t he.
      Note: Moo is advocating LSD.
      Have we found the source of her troubled mind?

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  9. Slater’s still posting videos of the children, including one of the little boy sitting on a bed in his underpants 😦

    I’ve reported the sick perverted bastard.

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  10. Bellend is really being a drama queen claiming she was frightened of being arrested at court. The cops know where she lives and when in history has anyone ever been arrested for posting bail on behalf of someone else?.
    The judge summed up the bail situation quite adequately.
    I have no objection to the person being bailed but it seems to me the prosecution are very very serious and may have all their duck in a row this time.

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    • that’s “ducks in a row” of course but who knows, they may only have one duck. Shouldn’t have had that second beer at lunch but it’s very hot Down Under today.

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    • She loves the attention from her fruity loopy donators, she makes it all up as she goes along, then back tracks and changes the subject if challenged.

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    • Could we organise a whip around to get the fare for Moo to travel to the Sahara and await the rain?.
      We could get her a tent and one of Naima Dawn Feagin’s perpetual motion machines to run the air-conditioning and her laptop to send regular Youtube reports.

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    • How was the manner of bail being raised “misrepresented” and by whom?

      Hoaxtead has only reported facts and the judge seems to have reached a similar conclusion given that he expressed the fact “crowd sourcing” was a new thing and could somewhat mute the entire reasoning behind bail.
      This is what judges do- they point to matters of law and the complexities and anomalies. Nonetheless he gave the accused the benefit of doubt and granted her release.

      Power-Disney yet again demonstrates a woeful ignorance in her “journalism” career. Journalists usually love to find any matter that can be queried but not APD.
      But then she now claims she is an Evangelist (stop laughing) although who she preaches to is a mystery. Maybe the cat listens.


      • And a cat would patiently listen to a long dissertation from Jack the Ripper if it thought food may be produced at the end of it.


        • No, they’re the only two for some time. But yeah, definitely a suspension.

          I’m particularly pleased about the nudity one. He posted a video of Child G talking on a bed in his underpants. Now all his fawning supporters (Arfur, Kristie Sue, Mad Moo, Jake, Manuela etc.) will get to see in black and white what a pervert he is.

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          • A photo like that would be classed as child pornography or a child abuse image under law, given the manner in which it is used.
            Should be reported to the proper police department.


    • Getting a tad tired of this Jake Clarke prat disguising his nasty inner self with his flowery hippy style claptrap.
      Needs to be prosecuted for continuing to breach court orders and publishing images of child abuse victims which is a crime.
      I don’t care what these creeps think about who they claim is a child abusing cannibal but their endless posting of those kid’s images is a despicable act.


  11. Define “fake accounts” please, Jake. Do you mean people who use pseudonyms (perfectly acceptable under YT rules)? Tell you what – why don’t you run along and check with your close friends OpDeathEaters, Cannabis Cures Cancer, Drifloud, Butlincat or Peter Green. I’m sure they can clarify the rules on noms de plume for you 🙂

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  12. In my opinion, Angela, Mad Moo and others repeatedly putting up posts demanding to see someone’s “willy” is sexual harassment. Can any legal experts clarify whether this is the case?

    Ditto comments frequently made re. the head teacher.


    • “Kris Dacosta has followed a narrative set by two disgusting people and wont default from it even when presented with evidence that its a well known hoax engineered against an innocent man and a innocent community”

      Read this blog and find out.


  13. I wonder if Sabine McNeil is suffering from the following condition, if she is, prison is certainly not the place for her, I do hope she has seen or will see someone from a mental health team.

    Persecutory delusionsEdit

    Main article: Persecutory delusion

    Persecutory delusions are the most common type of delusions and involve the theme of being followed, harassed, cheated, poisoned or drugged, conspired against, spied on, attacked, or otherwise obstructed in the pursuit of goals. Persecutory delusions are a condition in which the affected person wrongly believes that they are being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing three central elements:[23][page needed] The individual thinks that:

    harm is occurring, or is going to occur.the persecutor(s) has(have) the intention to cause harm.they are constantly being prejudged or profiled.

    According to the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the most common form of delusions in schizophrenia, where the person believes they are “being tormented, followed, sabotaged, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed.”[24] In the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the main feature of the persecutory type of delusional disorder. When the focus is to remedy some injustice by legal action, they are sometimes called “querulous paranoia”.[25]


    • A real possibility.
      Her many mentions of escaping Dresden when in reality if she was a baby it couldn’t have made any impression upon her. She rarely, if ever, discusses how her mother must have felt rather it’s always about her.

      Her adoption of others who appear very similar in their paranoid belief that the world or the police are dedicated to destroying their lives- Scarf & Kirk. Kirk with his totally irrational belief that the Welsh police are out to get him and the illogical notion that individual coppers pick up this crusade & run with it over decades.

      Women or parents who are obvious child abusers & liars as opposed to possibly 100s who have been perhaps treated unfairly by social services.

      Sabine’s crusade seems to be all about her and child abuse is a hook to hang on her belief the world has deliberately set out to attack her because she is a “whistle blower” despite never having blown one whistle on anything really.
      The fact she is incapable of accepting court decisions (even one she basically won) and her determination to continue her crusades via the internet.

      Of course this is all amateur psychology and a condition like a Persecution Delusion probably cannot be treated in any meaningful way.
      In a sense Sabine seems to have gone out of her way to make her life quite miserable because she’s tilting at windmills. Others like Bellend feed this condition and take advantage of it while Neelu for instance, being from another Galaxy exhibits no understanding of how life on Earth operates.


  14. My views may be unpopular, but I don’t think prison is the place for her, if she does suffer from a mental health problem, she should, in my opinion, be sent to a mental health facility. If she is sent to prison, her delusions will continue & will get worse.


    • If you are making lengthy quotes from wikipedia you should really attribute it to them, for (a) the license of wikipedia requires attribution, and (b) wikipedia isn’t always that reliable

      I don’t see why your views would be unpopular, I doubt anyone wants to see someone with a mental health issue not treated correctly. The court is quite capable of seeking a proper assessment of mental health and sending to a proper facility if required.


    • Unfortunately Daisy there is a huge shortage of places to deal with people with mental health issues and so they are usually sent to prison if they’ve broken the law. Sabine wouldn’t be the first person with mental health issues to go to prison and she won’t be the last. That’s presuming of course that she’s ‘mad not bad’ which i don’t believe she is. I think she is more bad than mad.

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    • There are prison psychologists surely. I think the sad truth for S is that she would be as miserable in prison as outside the nick. She’s also quite cunning and pretty smart which just complicates life, mainly for her.

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      • Sexual harassment is an everyday concept, not a legal one. The offence of harassment, ie an offence against the Protection Against Harassment Act consists of something pursuing a course of conduct—

        (a) (1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct—

        (a) which amounts to harassment of another, and

        (b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

        (1A) A person must not pursue a course of conduct—
        (a) which involves harassment of two or more persons, and
        (b) which he knows or ought to know involves harassment of those persons, and
        (c) by which he intends to persuade any person (whether or not one of those mentioned above)—
        (i) not to do something that he is entitled or required to do, or
        (ii) to do something that he is not under any obligation to do.
        which amounts to harassment of another, and
        (b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.
        pursuing a course of conduct—
        (a) which involves harassment of two or more persons, and
        (b) which he knows or ought to know involves harassment of those persons, and
        (c) by which he intends to persuade any person (whether or not one of those mentioned above)—
        (i) not to do something that he is entitled or required to do, or
        (ii) to do something that he is not under any obligation to do.
        There’s no definition of ‘harassment’ in the act so it bears its normal English meaning.
        If the demands were made directly to the victims there would be a strong case for harassment, or if in a very accessible arena (local newspaper perhaps) but I’m not so sure about rantings on Facebook pages that most people don’t visit more than once if at all.


        • Sorry that didn’t come out as planned, difficult on a phone bouncing around in a train. Short summary, probably not harassment if on obscure FB page but maybe if direct or in a very open forum.


    • Michelle Woodley seems a real charmer.

      Advocates the extra-judicial killing of alleged terrorist suspects, tells people to get out of unions, insults parents with transgender kids, demands teachers have no personal opinions and teach children what it means to be British (ie: what she thinks it means) and among extreme right-wing ratbaggery uses FB to spruik some pretty dodgy “beauty” products telling young girls they can make big $$$$ (“I made $5000 last month & I only worked for 4 hours”) a claim somewhat dented by the fact she’s been making it for a few years.

      In other words she’s the perfect pal for Kris Costa: nasty, opinionated, dodgy (“I made $5000..etc etc”) and is bound to aggressively scream she’s being “trolled” whilst ignoring the fact she’s joining in & given succor to those who harass and falsely accuse innocent people of vile crimes.

      Oh yes- and promotes Space Cadet Cassie Crowhurst lol.


      • “Demands teachers have no personal opinions”

        Hmm. I’m not sure what to think about that.


  15. And another “Star” of Sabine’s ends in Jail – again for breaching and ignoring a restraining order

    From Butlincats blog:

    Saturday, 16 December 2017

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  16. I’m starting to think Angie won’t be happy until someone starves themself to death 😦


    • No,rather than hunger striking as a form of protest,Angies prefers to stand out from the crowd by electing to stuff her face full of shit and smoke herself into an early grave,all at the tax payers expense.

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    • Whatever happened to Rupert’s pals in Rome who were on a hunger strike? Did they just fade away into little mounds of body fat on the pavement or throw in the towel and repair to the closest McDonalds?


    • Angela just likes the drama and is hoping to get involved, probably fancies doing some “interviews” with people Archit Ssan knows.

      I am however concerned that none of his so called fb friends are getting the Mental Health Authorities involved in this. I know he is over 18 but he’s definitely “not all there” by a long way.

      It is ridiculous that this attention seeker is doing this so called Hunger Strike.

      I’ve heard on the grapevine that he is drinking Vodka so it’s not exactly a true hunger strike, plus it is not being monitored as far as I’m aware.

      Does the fake Journalist A P Disney know this “man” is a convicted woman beater and/or does she approve?

      Personally Archit Ssan is not the kind of person I’d support once I knew his history. Foul being he is.


  17. How long does Mad Moo think she can keep rampaging across the internet harassing, slandering and abusing this poor man before she’s arrested?

    Flagged and reported.

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    • “Maybe you’re not very bright. Maybe you haven’t got very good advisers around you.”

      No self-projection there, then.

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    • I can scarcely believe my ears – a woman who calls herself an anti-child abuse campaigner saying it was perfectly acceptable for Abe to (allegedly) threaten the children that if they lied to him, they’d go to prison for 25 years 😮

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    • What a disgusting piece of shit she really is. Do the police not care enough to arrest her?
      All she does is lie. I thought it was Ella who attended the Tavistock institute for therapy, being a neglectful mother and all. What does doing a narration for a Haiti charity, have to do with anything. What a complete and utter dot joining fruitloop.

      She’s sick in the head, still lying about the medical report. Has she learnt to read and use common sense, are is she too thick in the head.

      Psychiatric ward. She still thinks RD runs this site, lmao. Throw her in jail.
      Creepy bitch obsessed with other peoples children.

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      • Well said!

        She also says towards the end that she’s never slandered, threatened or abused RD or any of the parents, teachers etc. or published people’s details. This is a blatant lie – she’s done nothing but for nigh on three years.


        She tells massive porkies about the contents of this blog too, which is why she’s still unable to back up any of her allegations with a single link or screenshot.

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        • Listening to a few minutes of her rants, reminds me why i don’t listen to her often. Any sane person knows it’s a hoax, any person with any knowledge of victims of abuse can tell it’s a hoax.
          I ended up turning her off and listening to Alex Jones Live instead, that’s how bored I am lol.

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    • Deborah so wants to be “important”.

      Why doesn’t she campaign for the masses of children that have suffered CSA?

      Nah she doesn’t do this as she’s yet another that wants to be the centre of attention, sigh!

      Deborah talks a load of old crap to put it mildly.

      Where’s her evidence that RD runs this blog or has all these sock puppets?

      There just is none, so she is just wasting her time and everyone elses as once she spouts nonsense untruths everything else is just not credible.

      The woman is seriously deluded and dangerous …

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