Sabine McNeill attended Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday to answer to the 10 charges laid against her on 10 November. Readers will recall that she was charged with four counts of stalking causing fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, as well as six counts of breaching her restraining order.

At yesterday’s hearing she was re-arrested and charged with a further nine counts of breaching her restraining order. She pleaded not guilty to all 19 charges.

The stalking charges fall under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

The restraining order in question is the lifetime order which was issued to Sabine and her co-defendant Neelu Berry on 19 July 2016. That order states that she is

  1. …prohibited from contacting directly or indirectly by herself or by any person acting as her agent, or by any means whatsoever:


3. Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order;

A) Anything relating to any persons set out in Paragraph 1 above;
B) Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.

At yesterday’s hearing, Sabine was remanded to custody. According to an email from Belinda, Sabine is currently being held at Holborne Police Station. It seems likely that she will be transferred shortly to a women’s prison to await trial.

Her bail is set at £20,000; unless she pays this, she will remain in prison until her trial date. Indications are that the trial will take place at Southwark Crown Court in spring 2018.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind readers that once charges have been laid against a suspect, it is against the law to speculate as to the outcome of the case. Thanks for your co-operation!


    • Exactly, OMG, WOWOWOW…

      Will Belinda be putting up the £20k Bail, Sabine or Angela?

      Angela was supposedly prepared to stand Bail for Ben Fellows (of all people) almost 3 years ago now. (January 2018 at Southwark Crown Court)

      I expect Sabine hasn’t been sent to prison yet as the authorities are expecting one of her friends with money to put up the Bail.

      This should now be a lesson for all her mates, especially Neelu, to refrain from their behaviour.

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      • Do you think Belinda’s pooping herself over what Sabine might say about her in court (like she did during the Rupert trial)?

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        • Good point Liza.

          Yes I would think so, now that you mention it and Sabine must have quite a lot on Belinda, much more than Rupert would ever have had on Belinda.

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      • ‘I expect Sabine hasn’t been sent to prison yet as the authorities are expecting one of her friends with money to put up the Bail.’

        That’s not how it works actually. It’s more a matter of finding a prison place and organising transport. Once someone is in the system they don’t care about things like someone putting up bail…the ball rolls and they find a place and off she goes.

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  1. That’s actually surprised me.

    I didn’t expect a remand to prison.

    I imagine Sabine is hoping her friends assist and put their money where their mouths are.

    19 charges is ALOT.

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      • Yup.

        I have said this before though, there are vulnerable people in prisons, who knows what trouble she could cause.

        The American lady, whose child was adopted, who Bellender insisted was dumped at an airport once deported, unable to walk, actually tried to persuade doctors to cut her healthy limbs off, though there was nothing physically wrong with her. I think they met her via Gloria Musa who they were visiting in prison.

        Anyway, hey ho. We’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out I suppose. It has got very real for Sabine all of a sudden I imagine.

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      • Wow as well! I didn’t expect that! Sure I’ll pull out the Black American Express card just for Sabine……after careful consideration……I won’t bother!

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  2. Laws against harassment should be enforced. Often it’s the only protection most people have from endless campaigns of targeted hate.
    But there are so many foot soldiers engaged in these campaigns it’s time police cracked down and arrested the perps and hopefully send a message to all those keyboard warriors who think they are safe behind their PCs.

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  3. I do hope the people who are still sharing those videos of the children read this & weep while waiting on the long arm of the law to fall upon them.

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  4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious news, EC 😀

    By the way – 20 grand? Blimey! Belinda will have to dip into her Iran Aid petty cash tin for that! 😮

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  5. Dear Angela

    If you’re stuck for things to do this weekend, here’s a fun little activity you might get a kick out of:

    1. Read the above post

    2. Shit yourself

    3. Er…that’s it.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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    • Puh!

      No it isn’t Mr./Ms. Fieldmouse, it’s to protect the INNOCENT people that Sabine and her mates have targeted and to send out a warning to all the others defaming INNOCENT people.

      Sabine is still being given a chance and I suspect that is because she is over 70.

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  6. Incredible news, EC. Thanks for sharing. I was watching this unfold on various troofer blogs last night and they weren’t happy 😀

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    • With any luck Debs in planning to escape this “godforsaken” country and is currently learning Greek.Surely the Greeks have been through enough,what with one thing or another.

      I hope she manages to SMUGGLE her random CAPSLOCK device through CUSTOMS because she would BE fookin lost without it.

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  7. Phenomenal news, EC. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when all this took place.

    I’m sure Angie’s mate Mary would love to have attended too but we needed her to carry out some essential earlobe analysis.

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    • Totally different earlobes so what’s her point?
      Crowley was basically a dilettante able to indulge his interests in magik and new age stuff due to an inheritance that was about enough to survive on without working.

      No comparison with the Rothschilds who are business folk but the very notion a family can all be consistent or can be bred to act in certain ways defies all logic and reality.
      Such bizarre nonsense.
      Don’t they ever look at their own families or are be expected to think they all act like peas in a pod?
      What about Mad Moo as an example: it seems her entire family have abandoned her.
      Do they even look for a minute at the legendary families of wealth? The Astors, Gettys, Rockerfellars etc etc..all have members who are so different with successes, great failures, junkies, misfits and so on. Yet we are meant to believe that not only do the Rothschilds all act as one, they are able to produce off-spring who will then set in train the Russian Revolution, WW1 & WW2 etc.

      And the Big Conspiracy is of course that Adolf Hitler was supposedly a secret Rothshchild bred by them to…what, appropriate the German wealth of the Rotshchilds as they did, confiscate their art collections etc and send millions to the gas chambers?
      Deep thought & logic isn’t a quality these nutters exhibit.

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      • And the quote from the Bible is fake! Nothing about this is genuine, it’s simply there as authentication of repellant attitudes which originate only in the author’s own psychopathology

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        • Yes, I was shaking my head over Ms Woody’s alleged Biblical quote.


          Nothing about this is genuine, it’s simply there as authentication of repellant attitudes which originate only in the author’s own psychopathology <– There you have it, ladies and gents. The Hampstead hoax in a nutshell.

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  8. Funny there’s nothing about the Sabine arrest on JournoAngie’s Facebook page or blog. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll post something once she’s read about it on here.

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  9. In order to prepare and acclimatize readers for the inevitable onslaught of crocodile tears and butthurt in the coming weeks/months,I strongly recommend listen to this.

    Note:Best in a darkened room with large bottle of JD and straightjacket slightly loosened.

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  10. Question: to actually be put on a monetary bail is quite serious in the UK and actually very rare ( it generally means the accused has demonstrated a disregard for the law..however everyone should be considered innocent unless proved to be guilty).
    Does it mean the accused must come up with the full amount? I’ve never encountered this aspect in the UK but have in the USA where a very large bail amount may be stipulated but only !0% of the bail amount is actually required to be paid into court or deposited with police which is why bail bondsmen are a big business in the USA.

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    • I worked in Courts for many years and have never seen this and had to google it to make sure it was right.
      I had a look at Government websites and there was no mention of partial payment.

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      • You can have a surety (someone promising to pay if bailee runs away) and, separately, a security which is rarer and requires actual cash money to be physically lodged with the court.

        Someone acting as a surety can withdraw at any time, usually in the hours before the trial (knowing all along the d is going to do one) to avoid liability so is of questionable use.

        Security is quite rare nowadays and usually suggests that the d is considered a considerable flight risk.

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          • With a security, the £££ has to be lodged in court before the deft is released. All of it. Grounds are same grounds as to impose any other bail condition: would offend on bail, abscond, interfere with witnesses. If she can’t come up with the £££ in 7 days she’ll have another hearing.
            At end of hearing money is returned with interest, unless deft absconds. Grounds to impose bail conditions are less stringent than grounds to remand in custody.

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          • Re question on whether seeking contributions is unlawful for a secuirty are unethical, unlawful etc, it isn’t illegal to help out with the £££ and of course families do it all the time and it’s not unethical for their solicitors to try to help them on the client’s instructions, as the defendant is clearly hampered in making the approaches themselves.
            But if all the £££ is going to come from strangers on a crowdfunding basis or similar, it risks defeating the purpose, which is to put pressure on the defendant to attend court. If the £££ which is forfeit is a perfect stranger’s, why wouldn’t you flit, it’s not like leaving your old mum, your favourite nephew, or your scary cousin in the lurch.

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  11. Does anyone know this person?

    A friend of mine came across her just yesterday outside the Royal Courts of Justice and recorded her words which were:

    “Please note- my name is Bellend Mckenzie and I have never met a German person in my entire life let alone a person from Dresden. I have never heard of the London suburb of Hampstead and have never heard of Satanism. I have never heard the name ‘Rupert’ before and do not believe anyone can be called that. Please donate to my Iran Charity so I can travel to The Bahamas and free Iranians from tyranny”

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      • It occured here too that the Weasel was being a tad harsh on those poor grafters tasked with shovelling mud in all weathers just because someone has gone and shuffled off this mortal coil.

        Is this the beginning of a campaign to stop the undertaking industry in its tracks? Weasley will be tippy toeing around in the dead of night superglueing the locks of random funeral parlours next. You heard it here first.

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        • Or he’ll need funds so he can train to be a grave digger, thereby ensuring that graves are dug properly and the jobs are taken away from those horrid Satanic cannibal grave diggers.

          Honestly, can you imagine Wesley doing such a hard days work? Nah. Me neither.

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  12. Meanwhile, Kristie Sue is determined to win that Researcher of the Year prize…

    Amazing analysis and insights, Kris. We are not worthy.

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  13. Well, well, well…………. chickens roosts, that sort of thing …hahahhhhaaaa! Not surprised at the custody remand though… didn’t she “flee” to avoid arrest on a previous occasion? Cops and judges take an extremely dim view of evasion. Setting the bail at 20k is a reflection of that too.
    Without speculating in any way on the possible outcome of the case itself…I would be very intrigued to see if the bail money is forthcoming, and from whom.

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    • Oh right, it seems Angie has eventually “woke” from her slime pit,heaved her way through the obligatory 6 fags and hauled her frame to her lappy to get her mid day briefing from trusty `ol HR.

      Odds are that she and other webeggers are right now devising their ever-so-cunning schemes to milk the shit out out on this c̶a̶s̶h̶ ̶c̶o̶w̶ campaign.

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    • Nice of her to remember the word “alleged” when it’s Sabine she’s talking about and not Ricky Dearman or any of the Hampstead parents/teachers.

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    • OK, within just one minute of me listening she’s claimed that:

      – a number of different types of human species were created and we picked out the ones we wanted to keep.

      – the whole World used to speak just one language.

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    • “This is why I come on and empower you people, because we’re living in a dark, dark, satanical, evil World and I truly feel – I truly feel – we live in Hell.”

      Nothing like a dose of Cassie optimism to start the day, is there? 😀

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    • @ 7:44 / -45:42

      “The masses are unaware and they’re so heavily indoctrinated. They’re so heavily fluoride. Why d’you think they put fluoride in the concentration camps?”


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      • She really lays into her again at around 28 minutes and at one point she chants, “She’s mental mental chicken oriental.” Good to see her taking such a mature approach.

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      • At least being “around” rather than “across” the world suggests she is not yet a flat Earther.Early days though for this self promoting,vainglorious losertic.

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    • “This is what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna create homosexuality, then they’re gonna take away your property rights.”

      Losing the will to live here. Not sure if I can listen to the whole thing.

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    • I see she still keeps referring to God as “our crater” 😀

      Oh and she also calls God “Yoshua” .

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    • 27:43 / -25:43

      “There’s another guy, they’ve taken my video of me singing – well, my video where I talk and I break out into sing-song – they’re trolling me. They’re trolling. They’ve put, like, some kind of Cassie audition tape. Whateverrr! Whateverrr!… So check that one out – “Cassie Crowhurst Audition Tapes [sic]”. It’s expected. Is it not?”

      😂 😂 😂

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    • “Look at all the Muslims that are being murdered in… where’s that country? is it Ragima or somewhere?”


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    • SHE may live “in Hell”, the CRAZY Imbecile. I hope she stays there. What kind of Bizarre Weirdo says this CRAP? Cassie IS KrustyPoo. They have the same earlobes. Twins or Not? hee hee

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    • I have a soul mission but it’s snowed and I can’t get to the cobblers. All the cobblers are in Cassie’s kitchen anyway.

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  14. Is there a “vaccine” for these “seecrit basterds”? I suspect it consists of a cell and a hole in the floor.

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  15. OMG! “it’s gonna be like Hunger Games” EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK
    Where do I sign up? Hopefully Yolande doesn’t Snap on LaLa. jk “Crater” will decide.


  16. Yolande’s been leaving some bizarre messages on my ‘Cassie’s Audition Tape’ video. The daft mare thinks I am Cassie. LOL

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    • I expect he’s outside Holborn nick protesting and has no internet connection.

      Maybe he is busy asking around for the £20k?

      Did Angela make a mad dash over from Oldcastle for the protest?

      Not on your Nelly has she.

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  17. In this F.O.I request Sabine wanted to know if people are sent to prison or not for breaching gagging orders waaay before Hampstead.

    She can’t have had a good night. The prison is going to have a shock and so is she.

    Sabine K McNeill 29 March 2012
    Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,

    Do you know how many parents who received ‘gagging orders’ were sentenced to prison for violating them during the past five years or so?

    Today’s article in the Daily Mail [… mentions 200 per year. Is that correct?

    Yours faithfully,

    Sabine K McNeill

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  18. Looks like Angie was spurred into posting about Sabine by someone posting about it on that light worker page, Jake and others have now posted too.

    Makes you wonder if they were a bit nervous about the subject for some reason.

    According to Cassie’s facebook, she wants people to vibrate higher, might keep them quiet for a while I suppose.

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