‘No suspected foul play’ in Cullinane death: Tracey Morris

According to no less an authority than Tracey Morris, “Common Law lawyer” and accomplished anti-Semite Patrick Cullinane died of natural causes. In a statement posted in the “Patrick Cullinane: Restoring Common Law and Trial by Jury” Facebook group, Tracey says:

cullinane-death-tracey-morrisI woke up this morning to a message from Patrick Cullinane lovely Sister. I called her straight back and couldn’t thank her enough for calling me to let me know exactly what happened.

Patrick was found lying on the floor beside his bed where his left hand was in front of his face and his other arm was down by his side. His hair was still wet so that tells us he was preparing to head out somewhere, probably to meet his friends.

There was no suspected Foul play whatsoever and he was already dead when the police got in to his home. There was an ambulance called and he will be going for a Autopsy to day. His family are not trying to come to terms with his sudden death and are awaiting on the Autopsyresults before arrangements can be put into place to have him brought home to Ireland to his place of rest. I have had the privilege of being invited to his Funeral to pay my respects, and I will keep you all updated with the arrangements with the blessing from his family.

I am still trying to get my head around what has happened… But I can confirm that he was not found dead under suspicious circumstances, and I was informed Andy Peacher couldn’t wait to do a live show on the death of Patrick whose body wasn’t even cold yet… I have never known anyone to be so disrespectful and I am disgusted by this.. as so would Patrick of been.

Patrick hated others who ceased opportunities for their own game of fame… I can see him right now giving off with his fist up shouting… Il SORT THEIR BLOODY WAGON OUT… And son he will… The Warrior of all Warriors legacy will live on through us all… I for one will continue to uphold his legacy and will die fighting them xx RIP Patrick our hearts are broken ♥♥♥

Despite this message of relative sanity from Tracey, Andy Peacher has latched firmly onto the “Cullinane was murdered” theory and doesn’t seem willing to let go:

cullinane-death-andy-peacher-1-2016-11-13He tries to claim that a cryptic message—”Q8″—was received from Cullinane’s mobile phone yesterday at 4:00 p.m. We cannot imagine why the current holder of Cullinane’s phone would message someone about a fuel company…but then Andy doesn’t seem 100% sure that the message came from Cullinane’s phone.

However, he does hint darkly that Cullinane had “something serious coming up in 2 weeks that could change everything but he would not divulge the information prior!!!”

Of course he did, Andy. Cullinane always had “something serious coming up” that “could change everything”. It’s just how he rolled.

But that’s not all: Andy bellows, “THE PUBLIC NEEDS A STATEMENT FROM THE NEPHEW OR NIECE OR ANY FAMILY MEMBER TO UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING”…because apparently Cullinane’s sister isn’t a good enough authority?

cullinane-death-andy-peacher-2-2016-11-13Ah, and here it comes: the inevitable allegations that Cullinane was bumped off by Mossad. Why? Because they are “The World’s Most Efficient Killing Machine”, that’s why. And Andy has “been told” that they are involved, so clearly it must be true.

And far be it from Andy and his fellow conspirinutters to just back off and allow Cullinane’s family to grieve their loss in private, without fielding a barrage of demands for explanations about the circumstances of their relative’s death.

We suppose that a modicum of common decency would be just too much to ask.


102 thoughts on “‘No suspected foul play’ in Cullinane death: Tracey Morris

  1. Thanks for this write-up, EC. And who would argue with Tracey, lest she kick us around her garden?

    Meanwhile, over in her BFF’s Facebook garden, the phrase ‘the lady doth protest too much’ springs to mind…

    Sorry, Angie – wriggle as much as you like but you’ve been busted:

    Now ‘do a Tracey’, Ange, and admit when you’ve been proved wrong 🙂

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  2. U-turn of the year?


    Tracey Morris, 2 hours ago:

    “I was informed Andy Peacher couldn’t wait to do a live show on the death of Patrick whose body wasn’t even cold yet… I have never known anyone to be so disrespectful and I am disgusted by this.. as so would Patrick of been.

    Patrick hated others who ceased opportunities for their own game of fame… I can see him right now giving off with his fist up shouting… Il SORT THEIR BLOODY WAGON OUT…”


    Tracey Morris, yesterday:


    In fact, Tracey was one of the people who started the Cullinane conspiracy gossip in the first place:

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  3. Oh dear- the plot thickens with the Angie / Savile expose. No matter the truth ratbag Ange should know mud sticks when thrown seeing she’s flung so much about.

    I think probably Patrick Cullinane’s family are trying to nip in the bud a new building ‘conspiracy’ over their relative’s death. I wish them well but this mob were creating their alternative reality from the first instance without a scintilla of truth, just wild speculation.

    With their scatter gun approach they simply begin firing in all directions not giving a stuff who may be hurt.

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    • Angie makes her own karma, what she gives out she gets back in spades and can only blame herself. She is pictured with her whole family with Saville, writing him a glowing obituary in 2011, married a paedophile and made her own daughter write a letter of apology to the father who raped her! accuses everyone from her own father to the guy at the credit union of being sex offenders! On top of that she blames Ricky Dearman every time someone trolls her and makes up stories how he and Ella are snuff film barons in the Russian Mafia! what a nasty old hag!

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      • Oh lordy.The loony tunes will be in peak cresendo tonight with full Supermoon at its closest to Earth since 1948.Angies gliches at 5pm may best be viewed with a blindfold and some industrial ear plugs to preserve a modicum of sanity.

        The mangie one is certainly starting to whiff the pungent odour of her own poison projectiles and rancid emissions of bile.Ruperts wee encounter with reality splashback was a lesson she clearly overlooked.Hey ho and wibble.

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    • I do feel very badly for his family. I don’t know whether they know of his “fame” amongst the loonies, but I expect they’ll be finding out very soon. I’d think they would want to be left alone to deal with Cullinane’s death in whatever way they wish, but that isn’t likely to happen.

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  4. Andy Peacher thinks Mossad is involved because he “googled” the name Gabriella Barney and got an article from the Daily Mail about a woman of that name.

    Tracey Morris is correct imo, Andy Peacher was trying to use Patrick Cullinane’s death for his own “fame”.

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  5. New, clearer version (turns out you can call up posts from specific dates on a Farcebook timeline):




    Angie says she has spoken about her meeting with Savile before. She is right about that but as I recall, she said that she’d found Savile disgusting at the time and that he’d behaved inappropriately. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it.

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      • She did indeed. Had she been a fraction of the Journalist/Investigator/Campaigner she claims to be, in 2011 she would have been aware of the early stirrings that were “bubbling under”. What we might call the free press was split but largely in favour of unearthing him. It was no surprise to anyone that the (abandoned) Newsnight piece began to roll once he was dead and could not sue. There are very good reasons why when that was thwarted others were prepared to pick up the baton.

        Clearly, APD knew nothing of anything and was simply seeking a free ride off the back of meeting someone famous once. If the experience had been as horrible as she now tries to tell us it was, why did she not speak up at the time instead of bathing in the drip of glory?

        Rhetorical questions, I cannot imagine she is fooling many of the people here.

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    • I understand that when Jimmy and Angela were left alone together there was a lot of inappropriate touching and aggressive kissing going on. She was lucky he didn’t press charges.

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      • Savile held a lot of sway in and around Broadmoor psychiatric hospital,indeed had his own set of keys and access all areas.It shocks me to think that he did not use his manipulative talent in a more constructive manner and for the betterment of this world.

        Why he could not have at least fixed it for Little Miss Pseudo to have free long stay padded accommodation and a straight jacket whilst he was at it is beyond me.That man has a lot to answer for I can tell you.


        • Of all the claims about Savile the Broadmoor ones have been shot down by former staff and managers who blew out of the water the tabloid claims about his so-called ability to freely move around the place.
          This was a hospital full of very dangerous people including deranged murderers and as staff have repeatedly said the notion they could let a civilian, let alone a famous person wander freely and without wardens is preposterous.

          And who made the Broadmoor claims? None other than Angela Power-Disney’s great pal Steven George who for some reason neglected to mention any abuse at Broadmoor in her autobiography written before Savile died and who said she was treated well by staff while she was in psychiatric hospitals for over 20 years.

          George discovered her/his abuse after Savile died and then claimed he had been incarcerated in Broadmoor in a dastardly plot by her father – neglecting to mention that she was a dangerous arsonist who set fire to a house while the occupants slept among other fires.

          George’s flatmate is on Child Porn charges, a remarkable co-incidence with this lot as convicted child abusers seem be a common theme with them and move in and around their circles. He posts numerous paragraphs on APD’s Facebook page claiming it’s a plot by The Cult (whoever they are) trying to silence them because they are “whistleblowers”.

          Not trying to down-play anything about Savile but let’s not fall for the claims made by obvious fraudsters.

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          • All very true. There is little serious doubt that Savile was a beast of hell. Equally well though, there was much bandwagon-hopping in search of fame and fortune. I suspect (hope) the post above (Daley Male) was made with a sense of irony. The Duncroft claims seem to be equally spurious.

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      • That would be somewhat at odds that he liked very young girls as Angie still has the look of an ‘old boiler; even at the age but perhaps he fancied anything and if he did get a feel-up of Angie she’s never complained about it.

        Or has she?. Is she one of the claimants against Savile’s estate and also was the picture taken at the BBC and did she get one of those £16K payouts from the Beeb?

        I bet she did.

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        • Home banker she would have put in for any foldy stuff if it was up for grabs.Abundantly clear she has ducked,dived and cadged most of her life in one form or another.Tis in the nature of the beast.

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          • I don’t doubt it for a second. She has quite the reputation as a scrounger, cadger and general rogue. But surely there is a need for accuracy? I wouldn’t want to sink to the same depths as the hoaxers.

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    • Slight correction: every penny Savile raised for charity went to charity and it’s estimated to have been around 40 million over the years. He was very rich by the time he was 40 from his days running nightclubs up north and didn’t drink or do drugs and could have retired at that age, And really apart from a house in Scotland and various flats bought over the years up north, his mum’s flat and a London studio all bought when they were very cheap his biggest indulgence was a new Roller a few times but he stopped updating that by the early 80’s. Also his entire estate was left to charity but has now basically ended up in lawyers hands.

      Not sure of the validity of all the Savile claims but Angie’s dropped herself right in it.

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    • Why doesn’t the silly fool speak to Tracey Morris who has supposedly spoken to Patrick’s sister?

      Neelu is such a trouble maker.

      She needs to find herself a physical hobby so she is too exhausted to get up to all this wasting of the public purse.

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      • Like many of the hoaxers she makes a nice living from being so obnoxious and obstructive that most of her goods and services are effectively free. The hysterics whenever someone tries to repossess the things she hasn’t paid for must be exhausting.

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    • Yeah Neelu, you go alert his MP! I’m sure there will be an emergency parliamentary inquiry! I’m sure Theresa May is in a COBRA meeting as we speak! LMFAO! these loons are quality entertainment, I haven’t laughed so much in years!

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    • WTF!!! The sick,meddling disgraceful shyster.Hopefully this total crap will be added to the interminable list of mentally disturbed activities and disruptions this appalling individual is terminally bent on.No time for the ex Cullinane but this has zero to do with anyone else except immediate kin and/or coroner if there are any matters requiring investigation.I fail to believe the police would engage with her in any regard in this matter as it would step on the rights and wellbeing of the family in a difficult time for them. There are proceedures and this is NOT one of them.

      Having said that I did release a particularly sizeable guffaw on reading that completely bizarre gibberish.

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      • You gotta laugh! things had got a bit boring in hoaxland recently, this lot never fail to amaze me with their ability to go from 0 to bat-shit crazy faster than the speed of light! poor J… C…… aint gonna know what hit him when he comes out, If I was him id section myself! what with Angie knocking people off left right and centre as she tries to hide her Saville connections and Ellas Russian mafia snuff film/narcotic empire, who knows whats coming next? I feel sorry for that DC Steve whatsisname? he has to deal with these nuts in person, I bet he’d love a transfer.

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      • No, the police, ambulance service and hospital will all be well aware of her. She won’t get the time of day from them. Cullinane himself was well known, and all agencies involved will be on alert to the possibility of cranks trying to inveigle themselves into the circle of legitimate concern.

        What she doesn’t know she just fabricates. Some call her Barmy Berry!

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  6. I forsee MKDevils having a field day with this one and Paddy Cullinane making an obligatory comeback guest appearance from the underworld or somewhere.

    Angie is an expert in everything and has done every course under the sun. Tracey is just a violent mouth on legs, Wellyhead is pointlessness personified.

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  7. Meanwhile, over on Woodward & Bernstein’s – sorry, Neelu’s – page, the conspiracy-hunting continues apace. They’re gonna blow this shit wide open, people (LOL)…


  8. Oh wait. She’s done a U-turn and admitted Patrick’s dead but she’s gonna go straight to the horse’s mouth to find out who killed him by contacting “the other side” and asking Patrick directly. Yup.


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