Neelu just doesn’t know when to quit

Neelu’s been a busy lady lately. Aside from making another spate of harassing phone calls to various charities and government agencies to demand whether they work for God or Satan, she’s been promoting her petition with all her might.

Sadly, all her might has only netted her 249 signatures where she’d hoped for 100,000. And is it our imagination, or has the petition’s title and text morphed since we last saw it? BEFORE.pngIn fairness, we should note that the petition actually belongs to Neelu’s dear friend Lee Cant, a smart decision given that Neelu should really not be seen to be attempting to lead a petition to have charges against herself and Sabine dropped.

We’re fairly certain that such a move would be frowned upon by the court. So isn’t it fortunate that Lee Cant is such a good friend, and willing to host it for her?

We won’t even get into the text of the petition, which seems to us quite prejudicial…but then, we’re not lawyers.

And that’s not all, folks…

In addition to the petition, Neelu is pushing this gem: a speech made by her co-defendant…er, friend Sabine McNeill on Wednesday, 22 July at (of all places) the European Parliament.

Neelu-Sabine-EU 2016-06-24This gave us pause. We were under the impression that Neelu was not allowed to be in contact with Sabine, whether in person, by telephone or email, or via the internet.

Just to be on the safe side, we called the CPS to let them know. Can’t be too careful, really.

Sabine’s set piece starts at 1:11:00 or thereabouts, and is really the same bilge she spouts regularly at these events: “Child snatching…blah blah…forced adoptions…blah blah…mind the gap, evil social workers, secret family courts, my pain and suffering, blah blah blah”. We’re sure you know the drill.

Whatever one thinks of the final results of Thursday’s referendum, an undeniably positive result is that Sabine may finally be denied this particular platform in future. Thank goodness for small mercies. Sabine & Neelu


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  1. 249/100,000 – well done, Neelu – that’s a score of 0.00249%. Awesome. Successville here we come!

    But…oh bugger – we’re back in Loserland again, with this sad, pathetic revelation. Turns out her official target may well have been a paltry hundred thousand but she was kinda hankering for a million:

    < 200/1,000,000 – I'm afraid that's less than 0.0002%. Now, I'm no statistician or data analyst but…oh dear 😮

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  2. How does a woman involved in harassing innocent people get to speak at the EU? dont they vet these people? do they just recruit speakers off the street? What maybe admirable aims of the conference (i couldnt be bothered to watch more than two minutes) are made into a joke by the inclusion of sabine, next time they’ll invite expert Tory Smith lol

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    • The EU is too large, complex and out of touch to be able to filter out the vermin such as Sabine McNeill; as has been mentioned in the post, the EU avenue has now been closed to Sabine McNeill thanks to the LEAVE outcome in the referendum.

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      • At least there’s one silver lining to the terrible result. Anything that thwarts Sabine is good news. She’s one EU migrant I’d be happy to see the back of.

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  3. I’m beginning to tire of Neelu. Who does she think she is? Oh I forgot. Some Princess from never never land. Both a pair of fruitcakes.


    • Expansion of bullshit has reached critical mass and rapidly imploding to condense into a dark void where not even the sun dare shine.The hunter becomes the hunted.
      Black hole/disapearing up rectal passage? Ya pays ya money ya takes ya choice.

      Neelus grifting would achieve far higher subscriptions if see simply promised to uni-cycle around parliament square naked whilst juggling bananas and singing the national anthem of Botswana backwards.

      Veritable idiot fest cubed.

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  4. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity and good intentions of most people working in EU and UN agencies concerned with Justice, Rights of Women and/or Child Protection issues, (you might have info to the contrary, that I haven’t seen?), although there have some that seem unprofessionally gullible and sympathetic to Ritual Abuse & Mind Control conspiranoid misinformation. Fraudulent adult SRA claimants in North America, the UK and various EU nations have been lobbying various UN agencies and officials for decades, with some notable success in the early years, and since no one has been making counter-submissions I assume that they have had some degree of influence.

    In researching these topic, you may have come across references to “the Zandvoort network”, “the Zandvoort CD” and self-professed pedo-hunter Marcel Vervloesem. I won’t go into great detail, but here’s a synopsis: Marcel Vervloesem obtained a CD containing tens of thousands of child sexual abuse images, both photo images and stills taken from film/video, from a man in Zandvoort who was involved in large scale collecting & trading of such images, in 1997. At least 95% of the images on this CD were of a historic nature, i.e., produced 10-30 years earlier. They range from explicit naturist nudes to child bondage and S-M. Vervloesem’s own conspiranoid theories about the origin and implications of these images sparked 15 years of counter-productive, extensive internet pedo-hunter conspiranoid theorizing.
    Verloesem’s true motivations were eventually exposed 1) to obtain and (he hoped) legally possess huge amounts of the internet CSA images that he’d been drooling about, over news coverage about pedo rings busted for trading them. He was convicted of possessing copies of the Zandvoort CD for personal gratification. 2) to promote for himself a reputation as a selfless & heroic pedo-hunter and whistleblower, which he hoped would shield him if any of the persons that he had abused in his past ever filed charges against him. He was wrong about that, and was convicted of abusing child relatives. Naturally, his conspiranoid fans believe he was railroaded to shut him up.

    Cropped images from the Zandvoort CD, leaked to European media, were published in French newspapers circa 1999-2000 out of a misinformed belief that they were recent, and a misguided intent to solicit identification of and rescue child victims. Some persons did come forward claiming to know the identity of various victims, most of whom were mothers claiming some victim was their own child currently of the same or near same age. Many of these mothers were also involved in custody disputes with the fathers, whom they now claimed were involved in the abuse of this child. Ultimately it would turn out that a network of adult SRA advocates and True Believers had “tipped” some of these women, claiming their child had been recognized in these images by other SRA cult child victims, and offered the services of a freelance image identification “expert” who could certify that a Zandvoort image was their child – for a price, of course. That certification could be used against the father in custody hearings.

    Some of the mothers, who were determined not to allow the fathers access as ordered by a court, effectively “abducted” their child by absconding to Switzerland where they applied for asylum based on the false CSA image identification certification and alleged death threats from an elite satanic child abuse and pornography network. But adult “survivors” of historic pornography had also reviewed the published images and realized some were from their own, documented, abuse experiences. An advocate for these historic victims notified various European police agencies that there might be a social hysteria of parents mistakenly believing and falsely claiming historic CSA images were of their own child, and requested public statements that the images were known to police and historic, not recent.
    Court orders for return of the children and arrest warrants for the mothers, from their own nations, were passed to Interpol. Perhaps having been alerted by the false CSA identification warning, Interpol examined the certification and found it to be false. Asylum was denied and the mothers were arrested.

    Much of this was discussed in the 2003 Report by Juan Miguel Petit, UN Special Rapporteur on the
    sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, from his “Mission to France, 25-29 November 2002”.

    in particular, points #4, #5, #35, #36, #40-47, #49-51, #58-66 and #81-89.
    OF PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE, note points #45-47, on “Case 3 – child L” :This appeal concerned the situation of child L, born in 1993. According to information received, the boy had been sexually abused by his father since he was 3 years old. Sexual abuse had reportedly been confirmed by specialist doctors and psychiatrists in 1996, who found that the boy was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. The boy allegedly reported that his father and other individuals had made pornographic films and taken photographs of him…In 1998, the Court of Appeal ruled that the boy should reside with his father and gave
    the mother a right of access. In its reply the Government stated that the psychiatrists and
    psychologists who had examined the child believed that he had wrongly interpreted the tender or
    awkward gestures of his father and that the mother, who was also examined by a psychiatrist,
    had convinced herself that her son was being abused. In 2000, the mother again made a
    complaint against the father for sexual abuse, having been shown a photograph from a CD-ROM
    containing many pornographic images of children, in which she reportedly recognized her son”.

    Ever seen the RITUAL ABUSE IN FRANCE video, several copies of which are on youtube?
    Very professionally produced documentary, packed full of SRA cult conspiracy mythology, false narratives, fraudulent claims and outrageous slander. Also very powerful, moving and dangerously popular.
    The boy, Robert, and his mother – featured in the first segment of the video – ARE “child L” and his mom. Comparing their story with the full account of points #45-47, will leave you with no doubts. Also, the CSA images of a boy in this segment, around 8:40 -9:10, are indeed likely to have been on the Zandvoort CD – but they are NOT of “Robert”. Those images are of the legendary and heroic CSA abuse & pornography victim, dutch Bjorn.
    One of the copies of this video on youtube has this comment posted under it, which I hope you will find particularly interesting: [I’m confused. The narrator says: “Robert is now 9”, and also: “we found images of Robert on the Zandvoort CD”, which Vervloesem obtained in 1997. The abuse images of a boy which appear during the Robert segment are clearly of a child aged 7-9 years, (and this was also the unanimous opinion of police forensic analysts who examined the video from which they were taken in the late 1990’s – the boy was 7-9 years old). This documentary was first aired, by N24 Germany, in 2003. Even allowing for as much as 1 year of production prior to broadcast, that would make Robert 4 years old in 1997. How could the Zandvoort CD contain images of Robert being abused at age 7-9, in 1997? I belong to a small private network of men who were all victimized by pornographers at some point in our childhoods, circa 1970-1995. It is rare, but there have been occaisions when some other person is publicly claimed to have been the child victim, in images taken from our own abuse experiences. What to do about that? The people making the claim may be sincere, and anyone can be sincerely mistaken and forgiven for that. But what if the claimants have been told by police forensic image specialists, that there is considerable documentation of the identity of the victim – which may include police investigation records, trial testimony or court documents – and that the person isn’t them, (or their child). Yet the claimants reject this information and persist with their public theft of your identity as the victimized child in those images. What then?]

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    • That’s truly astounding, Justin. Thanks for sharing it with us. I think it really goes to show how easily these ‘social hysterias’ can arise, and how people can be led to believe things that are patently untrue. A fascinating and very unsettling account.


      • Yes, people can be led…but I don’t believe that was the real story with most of these French mothers in custody disputes. I’m particularly skeptical of the ones who committed parental child abduction and tried to claim asylum in Switzerland, and “Robert’s” mother in the RAIF documentary. The whole episode is too reminiscent of Faye Yager’s parental child abduction and disappearance “service”. Most of Yager’s clients were mothers in custody disputes, and the rationalization for their criminal “solution” to those custody battles was also imaginary or disputed evidence of abuse by the other parent, and “fearing for their lives” based on claiming to believe the other parent secretly belonged to a vast satanic abuse and child sacrifice network.

        I postulated the possibility of “social hysteria” and “mistaken beliefs” in letters to police agencies, so that our concerns were expressed as non-judgemental observation that false identifications were probable.

        What I really believe, is that false claims about the identity of CSA image victims are almost never an innocent error.

        I’m sure that “Robert’s” mother and the Ritual Abuse In France video’s producers could count as well as I can. 9 years old in 2002-2003, makes Robert 3 or 4 years old in 1997. They all must know the boy from the Zandvoort images is much bigger than a 4 year old. The producers found images on the CD of an abused boy of the same ethnic-genetic heritage, with similar features, and the mother pretended to recognise the boy as Robert and manipulated her son to claim he recognised himself too – and the abuser also, no doubt. But none of them realized that those images were really of a person who might be the most discussed, and publicized by named stills and clips, CSA victim of all time.
        And why would they steal another CSA victim’s identity and falsely claim the images are of Robert? Because there are no CSA images of Robert – and there never were any, because Robert’s father didn’t really abuse him in secret satanic abuse cult ceremonies or sex parties. It’s all a fantasy, intended to gain the Mother sole custody and drive the father out of their lives – just like the Hampstead Hoax. And just like the Hampstead Hoax, things didn’t work out the way Molher planned…

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    • Fascinating read and following links to the characters mention really does show those at the front line can be hiding their own secrets.
      Also shows how completely devoid of empathy that sociopath are. They can be an offender themselves and recognize money or recognition can be made from appearing to oppose what they themselves do. It’s more than being a hypocrite but a sign of a seriously mentally ill person and we know Hoaxtead is riddled with them.

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  5. Not sure what Araya is trying to say about Hitler etc. But I might not be a great fan of football think it’s a bit ridiculous unless you play it yourself however not sure it can be described as disgusting.

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    • She thinks Adolf was misunderstood and the dreadful British & Yanks on behalf of the Rothschild’s destroyed his brilliant experiment in re crafting the world.

      Furthermore she reckons Hitler was an ace guy because he invaded Russia to rid the world of Communism. Apparently she hasn’t read Mein Kampf where he describes the Russians and all Slavs as subhumans who should be wiped from the earth so the Super race could live there- he managed to kill 20 million only.

      I repeat and may send her message : my invitation is open for a First Class one -way ticket (won’t need a return) via Aeroflot so the old slapper can travel to Moscow and visit any number of bars and restaurants etc and explain to the locals her theories of the terribly misunderstood A.Hitler. If my Russian granny were still alive she alone would have torn the ghastly harridan from limb to limb but I’m sure Moscovites would queue to do likewise.

      Araya reminds in looks and by her rantings of one those ghastly women who worked (and loved their work) in the Concentration Camps. Isn’t she from South America? With Brexit underway can”t she be the first to get booted out?,I know the word traitor is bandied about but why is this revolting creature in a country where 10,,000s died fighting her hero?

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      • I agree, Sam: I’d love to see her try to explain her theories outside the echo chamber of her Facebook friends. Her casual anti-Semitism is sickening, and her love of Nazism very telling of what’s under the faux-hippie exterior.


  6. I haven’t a clue what nationally Araya is, she just doesn’t have an English accent is all I know. She does seem quite hateful. I’m wondering what mental health diagnosis Neelu has been given and whether Sabine has one as well. Is it possible that Belinda was introduced to all the fruit cakes via her Consultant Psychiatrist husband.


  7. It’s probably been said many times here and elsewhere, that it is not unusual for those ultimately exposed as paedophiles as having pretended to have been researching or outing others. The Verloesem case is truly unsettling as well as informative. I suspect that there has not been much counter-narrative (until now!) as most normal decent people would run a mile from such a subject. But to quote SWMNBM it is just too much – and don’t even get me started on how such a person is allowed to trade fraudulent information at the European Court – just sickening that she has been allowed this level of legitimacy. That MP has a lot to answer for too.

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