Video Share: Wakey wakey, Aby!

Just as we were scratching our heads over the latest Christine Ann Sands production, someone sent us this palate refresher, from our brilliant friend MK Ultra 666, aka the Master of the Macabre:

Like all his videos, it’s a delicious blend of dazzling imagery and haunting beats, with an overlay of suspense, and if you’re like us, you’ll want to watch it a few times in a row, just to absorb it all.


p.s. Are you awake yet? 😉



15 thoughts on “Video Share: Wakey wakey, Aby!

  1. In awe and like that Abe is the big feature! Nice that Araya has a bit of a part too. She got to wake up the sheeple you know cos they don’t know the earth is flat or something like that. (Note to self: Tell partner that if I wake up saying the earth is flat please get me sectioned.)

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