Clarification: what really happened in the Ricky / Code 2222 confrontation?

It’s truth v lies time again, folks!

The Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade, as if they hadn’t already sufficiently demonstrated time and time again just how desperate and dishonest they are, have reacted to Ricky Dearman’s epic victory in court yesterday by spreading Code 2222‘s blatant lie that he was threatened by Mr. Dearman. They have, bizarrely, even declared Mr. Dearman “a psychopath”!


The truth, however, is that it was the other way round; Code 2222 issued a death threat to Mr. Dearman! Cody’s death threat, as observed by several witnesses, consisted of miming gestures implying that he was going to shoot Mr. Dearman in the head. Even in the recording that Cody himself has uploaded, it can be clearly heard that Mr. Dearman does not issue a threat of any kind:

In fact, he shows remarkable restraint in the face of severe provocation, which also includes Cody shouting “child abuser” at Mr. Dearman.

Code 2222 (aka Guidance 2222), you’ll recall, is a “man” who thought nothing of shouting accusations of baby murder at a completely random woman in front of her terrified toddler, then uploading the footage to YouTube for his sick mates to slobber over:

But don’t worry, folks – we have photo and video footage of Cody from both the Dearman incident and the Sabine arrest scene, providing us not just only proof of Cody’s death threat but also with a positive ID. These have been passed on to the Police, who have been seeking to question Cody over a range of alleged offences for some time, including the uploading of illegal images of children as well as the publishing of people’s names and addresses (he was a close ally of Charlotte Ward and Hampstead research until he threw a massive hissy fit and declared that Charlotte was an MI5 shill and Hampstead Research a government psy op, LOL).

So it’s only a matter of time before Cody is arrested and brought to justice. Well, that’s as long as Brian Gerrish doesn’t get to him first, haha XD


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16 thoughts on “Clarification: what really happened in the Ricky / Code 2222 confrontation?

  1. Don’t they just hate it, they can dish it out all the time, say the most disgusting things, publish lies, continually, but as soon as someone stands up to the them they run away crying !!!

    PATHETIC CODE2222 grow up….!!!

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  2. Run away crying????

    NNNNnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo, no, no!

    When he was told move away, and he says he can do what he wants etc, he is actually scampering away like a little girl!


  3. I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of “2222” heard on this video. Slandering Ricky Dearman to his face! I am also happy with the way things are turning out for the children. “2222” has gone too far this time.

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  4. Nah, I think this is one of those sites that can tolerate differences of opinion. Unlike some others I could name…

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  6. Would love to see two tarts like Gerrish and Code2222 beating each other up with their handbags followed by Code2222 being the bitch of B Wing HMP Wandsworth

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  9. Hey Scarlet can you post a little more about what has been happening for those who are out of the loop?. Has Sabine returned to the UK and was this a hearing this week (not last August) ?. Have Sabine / Belinda fallen out with Ella Draper- that’s what it looks like, and is that the real Ella posting on Youtube?
    Where is poor old Neeul Berry in all this? Why wasn’t she there to arrest the judge or even just a uniform copper ?(maybe she’s sending hin a Billion pound lien in the post)


  10. Sammy, there are posts on here that have addressed all of those points. Check out the Sabine, Neelu, Belinda, Ella and Infighting tabs at the top of the page. Thank you 🙂


  11. Actually, there’s something weird going on here. I’ve just checked your full name in your email address, so I happen to know you’re an expert on this case already.

    You also blocked me on YouTube and G+ out of the blue back in March and never explained why. I was very supportive of and complimentary to you, as I found your posts on this matter very insightful, but you still inexplicably blocked me. Yet you’ve come here now to ask me these very basic questions? What is this? Some kind of test?

    Sorry if I’ve got that wrong and I’m all ears 🙂


  12. I could well have blocked you in a moment of madness but it would be by mistake and not intentional. I get sick of some of the Youtube responses turning up in my email and then having to check them out and wasting time to find it’s another Satanic /masonic / Rothschild / Jewish rant.
    New spectacles are also now helping me prevent hitting the wrong keys.
    No it’s not a test but if it was you passed !


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