Abe’s taste for young girls

Speaking of Abraham Christie’s commercial child sex abuse habit reminded us: hadn’t we seen evidence that one of his sock accounts, ‘Dicky Rearman’, had been doing a bit of inappropriate trawling on Google+ a while ago?

Now, where was that post?

Ah, yes, now it’s all coming back to us: it’s over on that ridiculous blog, ‘Dearman Does Hampstead‘, where some bright spark decided to ‘prove’ that everyone on the internet was, in fact, Ricky Dearman. You, me, my cat—if it’s a carbon-based life form, chances are it’s Ricky himself.

The blog is full of Charlotte-Ward-esque leaps of logic (and by ‘logic’ we mean ‘fantasy’), and at one point its owner decided that ‘Dicky Rearman’ was actually Ricky Dearman…because of course if someone is accused of being a powerful cult leader and baby-eater, they are bound to choose a nom de guerre that’s as similar as possible to their own real name.


Anyhoo…we already know who ‘Dicky Rearman’ is, thanks to Abe’s inability to shut his yap about the Talmudic sodomite hemp-eating geckos or whatever.

But the pictures on the ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’ blog were interesting:

Dicky Rearman-little girls 1Dicky Rearman-little girls 2Dicky Rearman-little girl3Whether Abe intended these comments as a stitch-up, or he really does think collecting videos of scantily clothed little girls is an excellent and appropriate hobby for a 57-year-old man, we cannot know.

But we do thank the moron kind owner of that other blog for pointing us toward even more interesting evidence of Abraham’s peculiar tastes.

15 thoughts on “Abe’s taste for young girls

  1. My own opinion on this was that he wanted people to think the channel was RD, so that’s why he commented on the videos of children dancing.

    There is absolutely no way RD would change his name around like that. What benefit would it be to RD?

    Papa Hemp/Nemesis/DickyRearman thinks he’s funny. He’s far from it.

    I have to wonder at those videos though… what are the parents thinking letting their children dance and twerk, half-dressed on YT videos for paedophiles to lust over??

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    • I suspect you’re right that the Dicky Rearman thing was intended to ‘get’ the real RD; however, as in most things, Abe’s deviousness is trumped by his lack of intelligence, and he winds up outsmarting himself.


      • LOL Well we know someone who fell for it!
        Charlotte and Jacco… who were convinced enough to make a video stating Dicky was RD with a mental illness.

        The people who are still trying to ruin RD’s life are disgusting little conspiritards who should learn their lesson from Spivey’s Court Case.

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    • Sadly innocent kid’s videos are posted and the real perverts seek them out- in this Abraham Cristie – and try to turn youthful activity into a perversion as that’s obviously what is in his mind. But this is a bloke who tortured kids under his care to tell endless tales of bizarre sex. God only knows where his head is at.

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  2. So why do I stay with the sod? Let me tell you children do matter to me, only I am actually enjoying break with big dick and hemp (not really, hash to top up, ha ha, ‘and ‘make it whole’), lol.

    Abraham is pain in the ass, though, sometimes, all that constant talking. He gets sooo carried away when he talks about sodomy! All that detail! Day after day after day! I keep telling him to stop repeating himself, but I just can’t get through to him. And he IS controlling. And he lost his temper with me, just like with children. And he hurts me. For no reason at all. I am getting sick of it, really.

    If only I was not so in love with him! Where will I go now, I am truly fucked, as you say. I hurt with him, I hurt without him.

    And he needs me. Because of me, Abraham has ended up in this situation. It’s all my fault. He keeps telling me: He only tried to help! But he seems to have well and truly fucked up everything for everyone. My plan to get rid of Ricky forever, well, it was not a success, in any sense.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. He won and I lost. How humiliating.

    Still, the whole thing has it’s upside. All the attention!!! I really love it! Radio shows, and loads of people emailing me all the time, wanting to talk to me. They fight over me! I suspect most want to stitch me up though. I don’t trust anyone. Abe is very good and he decides who is yes who is no, all the communications. He points out all the stuff people are really up to when i miss it. He is so clever, sometimes.I am lucky really, i realise that. I am in the sunshine, I don’t have to pick up the kids and listen to them. I can do yoga all day and get high. I get money come through my bank account like clockwork. What’s not to like?

    Although, I do think about the future. And then it hits me! What if Will cuts me off? People are already talking on youtube and hoaxtead about me accepting money from the cult, lol on that one, what can I say? I am keeping stumm! I just hope they don’t get to Will. I am getting older. I don’t want to work. I don’t know how to work. Oh no! Work!!!! Never!!!

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