BLOG SHARE: Troofers are allergic to logic

Yes, it’s That Day again.

Fourteen years ago, many of us sat riveted as we watched the two tallest buildings in the U.S.A. crumble into dust. It was almost impossible to comprehend the scale and horror of it. I remember picking my child up at school, and trying to explain what had happened.

“Oh, no!” The small face, wide-eyed with distress. “I hope no one got hurt!”

It wasn’t long before we began to hear the countervailing rumours: 9/11 had been faked, it was a government plot, it was all bollocks, designed to inflame us sheeple….to what end? Answers varied, but the gist was the same. We were being fooled, tricked by sinister forces who wanted us to accept the evidence before our eyes.

This was my first real experience of “trutherism” in action, and I learned a great deal from it. So when Sam B. shared this article by Anthony Sharwood from, it seemed appropriate to share it here.

911-WTCAs I read it, I kept finding analogies to the Hampstead hoax: the hoax hawkers clinging desperately and aggressively to their pet theories, angrily resisting any attempts to throw logic into the mix; the accusations that anyone who disagrees with them must be “in on it” in some mysterious way; the unshakeable belief that a bunch of cherry-picked data “proves” their theory…it’s all here.

If nothing else, Sharwood’s article illustrates how stubbornly the hard-core troofers will cling to their delusions…and how diligent the rest of us must be in publicly countering their warped version of reality.

11 thoughts on “BLOG SHARE: Troofers are allergic to logic

  1. Oh, how I remember that day with eerie precision as well. My young kids were in 2 different schools across the city from my workplace, BOTH of which were on ‘lock down’; everyone was forcibly separated when we needed each other the most. And that haunting, deafeningly silent, planeless sky above is something else I’ll never forget…

    Can’t wait to read the article.

    I’d love to place all the major troofer movements on a Venn Diagram. No matter what their cause(s), disturbing personality traits and worldviews are, almost without exception, identical among all subsets (and I must add that their often brutal online in-fighting is profoundly amusing as well )

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  2. Well….dare I say it?…’cause I’m gonna be in the minority on this blog……but I’ve never actually believed the official story on 9/11 :/

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    • Hey, totally your prerogative. My point is not what people believe, but how the hard-core troofers take any contradiction as a personal attack, and respond accordingly.


  3. A must watch documentary that resonates with Hampstead: “The Woman Who Wasn’t There” about a lady in New York who became the darling of the 9/11 victims with her claims of surviving the terrible events. except she wasn’t even in the country.
    I suppose a shrink could have a field day with her actions but it seems to me that the Nth London lot are similar having joined a sort of mutual admiration society, with little else happening in their lives and they have shone brightly for a certain time and received some limited “fame”.
    Big difference is that they are all ‘the woman who wasn’t there’ so are bound to end up fighting each other for territory & power.


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