Happy New Year!

Wishing all our readers, near and far, the very best for a healthy, happy, prosperous 2019.

For your watching and listening enjoyment on New Year’s Day, may we recommend the First Annual DAFTAs Truther Awards, courtesy of our friends at Flo Destroyer After Dark?

If this doesn’t cure what ails you, we don’t know what will.

44 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year EC, Scarlett and everyone on the Blog. 2018 was a very very good year, but 2019 looks like it’s going to be even better

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    • By the way, in case you don’t know (and don’t worry, I had to Google it too), ‘GFY’ is internet slang for ‘Go fuck yourself’ 🙂

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    • I’d prefer not to post the screenshot but I see that Cat ‘Trina MacDonald’ Scot has started the year as she means to go on too, by picking on someone for being “ugly” (someone who categorically isn’t, for what it’s worth). The woman who picks on ginger kids and calls Nicola Sturgeon ‘Fishface’ just can’t stop herself, it seems, not even for new year.

      By the way, for anyone not familiar with Cat Scot, here’s a pic of her, presumably from one of her modelling shoots:

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    • Great stuff! Please pass on my thanks to Agent M when you see him/her

      Let’s hope we can keep this trend going, btw – I’ve just reported the racist Cat Scot for this disgusting piece of antisemitism:

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      • Cat appears to have forgotten to explain what she has against multiculturalism. Or how the Jews are behind it. Must have slipped her mind.

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      • Jews are “the reason your daughter has low self-esteem and desperately dresses like a whore.”

        They are? I must have missed that. Do expand on that for us please, Cat, with a summary of your in-depth research into the matter. No, don’t laugh guys – it could happen 🤭

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        • To be honest, I doubt that Cat wrote that, as the spelling and grammar are mostly correct. I suspect it’s just another example of her sharing crap without thinking it through (and without vetting the source) and calling it “research”. Still , her friend and fellow “journalist” Angela will lap it up, I’m sure.

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          • And since you ask, HR’s hit count for 2018 was 601,565, its* best yet 🙂

            Let’s hear it for El Coyote and all the blog contributors, commenters and supporters!

            *That’s its not it’s, Cat. You’re welcome.

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          • Nice try Cat but oh dear oh dear, what have we here? These are the REAL stats for Cat’s blog, from her own hits counter:

            And that’s not just this year – that’s the all-time hits total since her blog’s inception in May 2015 (the same month as HR, as it happens).

            By the way, in case anyone’s wondering about her new blog, she took that down after about a month 😀

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      • Well it makes a change from blaming the Jesuits (or Catholics in general). Having lived and worked in London for a time I got to rub shoulders with people of all religions and none and I wouldn’t say I found people of the Jewish faith to be any better or worse than anybody else. A couple of married Jewish ladies I knew always wore head coverings because apparently nobody except their husbands were supposed to see their natural hair. I thought that was a tad OVER modest but I guess it was their custom. I didn’t voice my thoughts out loud though.

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  2. An antisemite who celebrates Hanukkah. Go figure…


    By the way, does anyone have the heart to tell her that Hanukkah ended on 10th December? 🤭

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    • Yes, Hanukkah has been over for weeks. But what ho, when you’re appropriating someone else’s religion and culture, what are a few extra weeks? It’s not as if the (lunar-based) Jewish calendar is completely fucking different from the (solar-based) Gregorian one, or anything.

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  3. Oh Gawd, Angie’s up 🙄

    If she turns up at the door with a lump of coal, can we pretend we’re not in?


  4. Happy new year El and to all the sane people, may this year be better than the last. To Sabine and Co, may next year be your worst if you continue with your insane campaigns.

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  5. To lose one palace, Ms Berry, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose more than one looks like carelessness. 🤔

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