Hampstead Research: Only 5 months behind us

Well what do you know?

Charlotte and Jacco have taken their heads out of their nether regions long enough to notice James Corbett’s excellent interview with Keelan Balderson…which took place only 5 months ago! Hello, world!

I suppose they were too busy digging up imaginary dirt on the innocent families, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead to be paying full attention at the time, but now that the penny has finally dropped, they’ve issued not one, but two open letters to Mr Corbett, telling him to cease and desist in his radical truth-mongering.

Obviously, since it’s been roundly trashed by Charlotte and Jacco, the interview itself is well worth a listen: it’s a good discussion of the new role of the internet-based “citizen journalist”, and the importance of not going from being “mainstream sheep” to “alternative sheep”.

These are important issues, so you have to expect that Charlotte would skim right past them into shrieking about how the Hampstead “satanic” abuse hoax is not, in fact, a hoax, and how Abraham Christie is not a garden-variety child abuser and small-time criminal, and so on, yadda yadda yadda.

Complete with foot-stamping and hair-tossing. Kind of boring, you might want to skip it.







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  1. JF posts:

    Your interview about the Hampstead case discusses journalistic integrity in depth. Yet it appears that you did not even view the source material, the video testimony of the children. Had you viewed it you would not have published the inaccuracy that the children were “violently abused”

    While they were on holiday Mr Christie lost his temper and on a couple of occasions hit them on the head with spoons because they had smeared excrement on his toothbrush but we are told that this “did not hurt”.

    Somehow JF seems to have missed the source material that she really shouldn’t have access to, but she does, which states:

    Dr Hodes report of 15/09/2014

    (Children seen on the 12th, 24 hours after being taken in to emergency foster care)

    “Physical Abuse
    Both [P & Q] report that they have been hit with a metal spoon multiple times by Abraham Christie over the head and their legs. They also report that they have been pushed into walls. They also allege that Abraham Christie holds his hand over their mouths until they ‘can’t breathe’. On a recent visit to Morocco, [Q] explains that he was punched by Abraham in the left ear which caused his ear to bleed and his left eye to be swollen and bruised. [P & Q] said that [Q] was then not allowed to leave the holiday home until the bruises had disappeared.”

    Both children have said they are now frequently hungry but if they complain of being hungry they are hit over the head with a spoon”

    (Don’t forget how tiny for her age P actually is and the previous reports of the children being hungry and even eating food out of the bin at school.)

    I could go on and pick out all the physical injuries the children attributed to Abraham Christie, but what’s the point? How someone could read about a little child saying that a man hit them so hard that their ear bled and on examination a small perferation being found with blood still in the ear, and have a response of “but we are told that this ‘did not hurt'” I find impossible to fathom. Who says this “did not hurt”? The little boy Q even says his head still hurts from a healed injury inflicted by Abraham Christie.

    The children clearly state this happened more than a couple of times, and not just because they were accused of running Abraham Christie’s toothbrush round the toilet.

    There’s also Abraham’s recent police simple caution for assaulting his son, and convictions for violence. According to the CRIS report he has convictions for violence against his own children.

    What is wrong with people?

    Something else, I did listen to the Sword and Scale blog. One thing struck me, there have been accusations made that Ricky Dearman was pretending to cry or not crying in the BBC interview. Listening to him on audio it is clear that he is sniffing with a runny nose. This happens when people are actually tearful, and not so much when people are pretending. He has struck me as someone who has aspects of his persona that are contrived, but it’s not so rare to be concerned about your outward appearance in the way he appears to be. He’s been a model and wanted to act. None of the actors I know are like that, overly concerned with their physical attractiveness, but that doesn’t apply to everyone, actor or otherwise. Ella Draper did face yoga videos to beat wrinkles, so she’s hardly immune. I hope no one misunderstands, just because I have a certain opinion about Ricky Dearman, and he certainly isn’t a saint (he has his own police caution for assault), doesn’t mean I think he has done what he is accused of.

    I’ve also wondered why Ella hasn’t appeared on screen for a long time. Could it be that she would have bruises or cuts from a spoon? The thought occurred to me. Abraham seems to have taken over her YT account. He also appears to have created many other accounts. These accounts never answer a question, from a sympathiser or otherwise.

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    • Also very odd that the children waited until they were in Morocco to tell of the alleged abuse : wouldn’t you immediately jump on a plane and get back to London quick smart to report the matter to the police?. Not wait until the end of a holiday.
      Also notice now that the ghastly cretins who keep uploading the children’s police interviews have edited out the kids saying it was all not true.
      God I hate this Cristie bastard and his supporters. I was brought up to know that physical abuse was never warranted or needed. Parents were stern disciplinarians but never ever resorted to physical punishment. I cannot abide people who physically strike a child. Under any circumstances.

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    • Another consideration: “Mr Christie lost his temper and on a couple of occasions hit them on the head with spoons”.

      Does he carry spoons on his person at all times, just in case he should have a sudden fit of temper and feel like knocking a child (or woman) about the head and ears? It seems to me that hitting people with spoons requires a modicum of planning and forethought. It’s not like slapping someone in a fit of rage; you need to go find the spoon, find your victim, and administer the blow. I think Abe knows exactly what he’s doing.


  2. ” Mr Christie lost his temper and on a couple of occasions hit them on the head with spoons because they had smeared excrement on his toothbrush”. The sort of thing kids do to a “loving” daddy figure. Not.

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  3. About those pictures – and other good points:

    pookster78 29 minutes ago
    +Dicky Rearman
    There is no recording of the initial process of questioning the children. Which we now know happened early on during their trip through Gibraltar and Morocco….because he phoned Jean Clement.

    It was not until a month later that Abraham turned up at Jean Clements house with recordings. In one recording, when Abraham asks G about Richie coming to the school, G breaks his speech to ask “is that true?”. If this was G’s story then he should not need to ask Abraham and Ella if it is true. Clearly he is trying to remember details taught to him over the month. Sadly, young children can become to believe information given to them by authority figures, even if it is not congruent with what they feel they remember. That is, Ella and Abe could have truly convinced him that much of this took place. That is child abuse in itself.

    In terms of the drawing, we never see the children actually draw anything. In one video A runs off to get paper to draw the star, yet when she returns, it is Abraham who draws it. There is no footage of Abraham asking the children to draw the images and them drawing them from start to finish.

    It is perfectly possible that the children did draw some of the images, but it doesn’t prove anything. For all we know Abraham could have stood there instructing them on what to draw, then recorded the results. There are only a few drawings so it is perfectly possible for children to be taught a few aspects to remember in conjunction with each person (eg Mrs F has tattoo and birthmark). Children that age can learn huge amount of info regarding characters. Just listen to them reel off the attributes about fictional characters from Disney or Pokémon..etc.

    In contrast. The children say they were physically assaulted by Abraham as a method to get them to lie about secret rooms..etc. Upon investigation, the secret rooms don’t exist. The children had injuries from Abrahams abuse which could not be the father, and Abraham admits hitting them.Further , he has criminal convictions for past violence towards children. Now that is what I call fully supported and documented evidence.

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  4. The timeline gives the game away. A carefully plotted plan but now gone haywire. I’m sure canabis psychosis is at play here.
    When my I was young my best friend had an imaginary friend- she truly believed her ‘friend’ was real and so did I . But I never saw her ‘friend’ and she was always saying I had just missed her.
    Years later I asked her about it and she had no memory of her imaginary friend but over her mum laughed and told us so many funny stories about what her daughter told her that her ‘friend ‘ got up to.
    Children have fantastic imaginations that are not limited by adult reality. They can be putty in the hands of an evil person (like Cristie) and not one of these Tragic Truthers have even taken notice of how child abuse victims are easily led to believe what their adult abusers tell them to.

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  5. ‘Dear James Corbett

    I am writing to request that you remove from your website your interview about the Hampstead case. The piece is inaccurate, defamatory and offensive.’


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      • David Voas, btw, if you are reading this, fuck you since you are not responding to my emails. I mean, I ended the blog on your say so because you promised to turn this whole thing around with ‘research papers’. Yet another empty promise from you. This whole thing is dead in the water now. Thanks. All those sexual favours, and you treat me like this? I’ll have you know were hardly as entertaining as gobbling up my blind disabled patient, anyway, ha ha, that was a good investment for me! He serviced me like a queen after that, ever hopeful I would repeat my party-piece (you know what I mean, poor Jacco doesn’t know WHAT he is missing LOL, Oops, hope your wife is not reading this. Pour me another,Jacco.

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  6. I’d ask people to imagine something.

    Imagine you’re going to be hit with a spoon.

    I want you to increase the size of the spoon proportionally – to a child it will be bigger than it is to an adult. What you end up with is a substantial weapon if you increase the size.

    Now imagine someone twenty inches taller than you and seven stone (98lbs) heavier than you decides to hit you with this spoon on the head.

    Does it hurt? I’ll leave you to think about it.

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  7. Is Abraham a Sex Offender?

    Allegations have been made of attempted rape by Abraham Christie by a woman who would prefer to remain anonymous. See the screenshots, and a picture she has of Abraham in his youth, as they were in the same circles.

    Remember Chantelle? She IS real. But people fear the psychopath in case he returns and seeks revenge.

    64 Charges, 37 Convictions.

    ‘…Rapists are versatile criminals who engage in many different types of crime over time; sexual offending reflects only one manifestation of an underlying antisocial condition (Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990).’



    Maybe someone out there can shed more light on any intelligence on file re Abraham Christie’s sexual deviances.


    • Thanks very much for this. While you originally posted using your full name, I’ve deleted it to ensure that you won’t face any harassment due to your allegations; if you’d prefer that I use your name, just let me know.
      This is not the first time we’ve heard this kind of allegation about Abraham Christie. I hope others will step forward and notify the correct authorities, if they’re able to do so.


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