Blog Share: DDD Suggested Reading ~ ‘Hampstead Satanic Panic’ Edition

This one was brought to our attention by several commenters, and we think it’s well worth a read! The Daily Dirt Diaspora looks at Hoaxtead through a slightly different, but fascinating lens: philosophical epistemology, or the study of knowledge and how it’s acquired.

It won’t surprise you to learn that it takes a slightly critical look at the way the Hoaxtead hawkers have framed their various arguments.

Bonus points: we hear Charlotte ‘I am not a genius’ Ward hated it because it used big words she couldn’t understand. That alone should be reason enough to give it a read!

Take it away, DDD…

If you have any level of engagement with the rapidly metastasizing “Truther” segment of the parapolitical infosphere – heretofore to be referred to as “conspiritards” – then you’ve no doubt come across the disturbing video of two young children making sensational claims about a massive Satanic cult engaged in the most wicked practices imaginable operating behind the scenes of their school in Hampstead, UK. According to these so-called Whistleblower Kids, among the goings-on at Christ Church Primary were pedophile rape and torture on an industrial scale, animal and human sacrifice complete with rituals performed while wearing freshly flayed flesh, and shocking revelations about the local McDonald’s, where a cult-member manager had set up a “special room” to host after-hours cannibalistic BBQ parties.

Of course, the cult’s Grand Poobah was these kids’ biological father, who happens to be a professional actor, which in and of itself appears to be sufficient proof of guilt for some; and the video was shot by their wonky vegan mum and her weirdo boyfriend… but still! It had to be true… it just HADDA! Because… well…

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Therefore aliens...or in Charlotte's case, 'cult members'.

Therefore aliens…or in Charlotte’s case, ‘cult members’.



8 thoughts on “Blog Share: DDD Suggested Reading ~ ‘Hampstead Satanic Panic’ Edition

  1. My new attempt at leaving a reply:

    Would you please post my second attempted reply to you – the one in which I explain to you why I believe your request that the “accused” (by nutters only at this point, seeing as the children recanted as soon as they knew that they wouldn’t be returned to Abraham Christie, who had threatened to BURY THEM ALIVE if they tattled on him) should be ready, willing and able to strip naked for your pleasure is, in fact, disingenuous, as even if they DID submit to such an indignity, you’d just say that whatever doctor or police officer performed it was, him or herself, “in the cult”?

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  2. And this:

    I actually know quite a lot about the Dutroux case, having researched it and written about it for The Daily Dirt newsletter back in the day when it was happening. In my writing about the Hampstead Cult Hoax, I am NOT making any broad-based, full-spectrum claims about any other cases. I am not making any claims about the idea of elite sadism and occultism in GENERAL. I refer only to the case in Hampstead, which is groundless, and a fine example of a historic “moral panic”, aka, Satanic Panic, without evidence, with baying crowds of fantasy-inflamed pseudo-activists harassing innocent people in the street, gathering at churches and schools to call unjustly accused people pedophiles, cannibals and baby-murderers. People like you, in other words.

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  3. My apologies, Mark–I cannot find another attempted reply in our comments log. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have published. 😦


  4. I’ve grown quite used to being called a paedophile/cannibal/baby-murderer/illuminati shill/what-have-you. I realise that what the Hoaxteaders are attempting to convey is ‘one who disagrees with us’.


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