PERPS UPDATE: Meet Cindy Kay Currier


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Oh Cindy Kay, what can we say?!

We’ve been watching this rather annoying miscreant for some time and it’s fair to say that her eventual inclusion on our perps list was inevitable. She’s the full Hoaxtead fruitcake package and has uploaded a number of really really awful videos (across a number of channels) in which she has…

  • …by her own admission, frequently presented speculation and rumour as hard fast facts.
  • …slandered the good folk of Hampstead with the usual logistically impossible crap about mass ritual sacrifice and primary school orgy sessions.
  • …called for people to turn up at the Whitehouse in their millions during the Pope’s visit to drag the Pope and his entourage out onto the street (because hey, he’s the anti-Christ and the head of the Illuminati, right).
  • …stated that 90% of restaurants in the US serve human foetus meat.
  • …”done a Neelu” by frequently issuing lien demands against the government and whomever else she hates that week.
  • …blamed all the World’s evils on the Jews, whom she claims regularly indulge in ritual baby sacrifice and blood-drinking.
  • …spouted the tired old bollocks about the World being run by blood-drinking flesh-eating lizard people.

And here is the evidence that Cindy Kay has presented to support all of her claims and allegations:


But don’t worry, folks – Cindy Kay does have a research ethos. Scroll to 1:13 in this particular video to hear her explain it:

“I wish that we could believe this.”

Hmm. Yeah, luv. Of course you do. But hey, don’t worry if you don’t. Just keep shouting it as fact anyway. Why let the truth get in the way of a juicy hate campaign, eh?

So to summarise, Cindy Kay Currier stands accused of numerous counts of slander, race hate speech and malicious communications and HR would like to welcome her to the Hoaxtead perps parade:



18 thoughts on “PERPS UPDATE: Meet Cindy Kay Currier

  1. Welcome Cindy, I am sure you will be very happy on the Perp’s list. There are so many on there just like you COMPLETELY BLOODY NUTS!!! so slip your shoes off, and get comfortable.

    Do you think Scarlet there is a rougue gene somewhere on the loose, perhaps floating around waiting to latch onto targets, hand picked for their stupidty and lack of common sense?

    Is there a special place all of these fruitloops come from?

    Wonder what their children think of them, or, does the brainwashing start at a very early age?


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  2. I’ve been watching this one on and off lately, I’m pretty sure she needs psychiatric help. Her and Neelu would get on like a house on fire, I’m sure..

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  3. I agree. Have you caught the title of her online ‘video series’? “OUT OF MIND” ! Couldn’t be more appropriate. Although I live in NYC, I’m in North Carolina right now for family reasons. So that crazy bitch is just one state away, in Virginia – shudder! My curiosity is definitely piqued about this deranged chick…

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  4. Want to hear something ultra-scary? This cretin is a *licensed mental health therapist* working in the Richmond, VA area ! She *diagnoses and treats patients*! Granted, she went to really shitty universities and gets very mediocre ratings from her patients, but still…it’s a horrifying thought. Before I go to any new doctor, I check him or her out thoroughly on the internet…can’t believe she actually has a patient base. Anyway, our newest perp is 56, appears to be divorced without kids, and has a prolific online presence as a deeply unhinged troofer. She really does seem to share a lot of Neelu Berry’s delusional legal ‘philosophies’. The doctor is OUT…of her effing mind !

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  5. Yeah? And what exactly are you planning to do to us from Washington, dickhead?

    Whatever it is…BRING IT THE FUCK ON!!!


  6. Hey, guess what I found out after doing a bit of digging? She left her practice a few years ago when the BIG EPIPHANY ( read: psychotic break) about us all being slaves to our sinister reptilian overlords fell out of the sky onto her head like a thousand mega-bottles
    of Seroquel ! Not sure if she was fired or quit, but what matters is that she is no longer seeing patients. Sitting in front if a tacky map of the U.S. like a grammar school social studies teacher and making videos about All Things Troofer is her schtick nowadays. Oh, have you heard? John Mccain is really Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler, and (brace yourself for this one !) Queen Elizabeth is currently portrayed by Betty White, who succeeded Lucille Ball after her death. Your monarchy are all really elderly American TV comedians – whodathunkit? ! This chick actually makes a FEW troofers almost appear legally sane, I hesitate to note !

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  7. Aaaaargh – my mobile is acting up. Comments keep vanishing before I can post them. Here comes another try (I assure you the issue is on my end ! ) :
    I haven’t checked out that FB page yet, but will do. I did see she still has a LinkedIn entry listing her as a therapist in VA. Well, have you noticed that she opens up her ‘Mrs. Garrison’ videos with the sunny ‘It’s a beautiful day in the Lake Norman neighborhood!’ à la Mr. Rogers? Well, Lake Norman is near Charlotte, NC. If she’s only listed as a VA therapist, I think we can safely assume she’s no longer in actual practice. Hope to god that is indeed the case !

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  8. Fascinating stuff, MME. Thanks for that. So basically, Ms. Currier, in common with seemingly the majority of Hoaxteaders, has a mental illness. I do sympathise but I don’t get why some people are so willing to believe everything they say!


  9. If Cindy Kay Currier says it, you can wind your watch by it. She lets no preconception stand in the way of looking into anything and everything. She gives benefit of doubt to any topic, and she finds herself not wanting to believe in most of these atrocities she’s discovered and reported on, but if she’s wrong she’s the first one to back up and regroup. She CAN say, “I was wrong.” How many of you caustic believers in the deep level conditioning you’ve been subjected to by your masters all your lives have the courage to do the same. I’ve looked into the same stuff and found her completely credible, and she, unlike the REST OF US, had the guts to try to do something about it and alert others although she knows there is little chance that you’ll ever doubt the banksters who own you and your grandchildren having stolen and counterfeited all the money there is (and much MORE that there isn’t)
    sell ALL the drugs prescription AND illicit and profit from your meaningless lives and deaths, in big Pharma, the cancer industry, and “health (death) care” around the world who proudly and openly announce their intention to exterminate most of the mindless masses they control and subjugate! Wake up people (for you are people though you sleepwalk through your lives unknowing reality as the bloodbath in the stock market yesterday begins our demise) please try to wake up before you walk off that cliff ahead of us all.

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  10. According to CIndy ‘MK Ultra’ McKenzie, Nurse Practitioner at STURDY MEMORIAL, NLP enthusiast, And Monarch slave handler, and all around conspiracy moon bat, its an Illuminati designed Prion.


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