Angela’s back. This could get awkward.

Angela Power-Disney, who left in late March for a 12-week stint of alcohol rehab, has returned to Facebook. We mean this quite sincerely: we hope the time away was fruitful, and that it enabled Angela to gain control of her problems.

However, if she intends to pick up where she left off vis à vis the Hampstead SRA hoax, she has a few surprises in store.

Cat’s got some new friends

First, in Angie’s absence, her most recent bosom buddy, Catriona Selvester (aka Cat Scot, aka Trina MacDonald, aka Wilma Flintstone with a bow and arrow), has taken up with Naima Dawn Feagin (aka Hope Girl, aka Hope Moore).

Catriona Selvester, in the flesh

Readers might recall that Angie and Hopey had a wee bit of a falling out last year, when Angie refused to assist Hopey in one of her YouTube video take-down sprees.

As we reported nearly a year ago,

HoaxGirl has a nasty habit of enlisting her friends to help her take down any videos she doesn’t like, usually on the grounds of copyright infringement.

So if you dare to mention, for example, that the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) is a fraudulent product which wrongly claims to be able to violate the laws of physics, you can bet that HoaxGirl will be in there like a dirty shirt, reporting you and your channel with claims that you are “violating her copyright”.

Sometimes, we grant, she may be correct that her copyright has been infringed. However, the “fair dealings” exception to copyright law states,

Fair dealing for criticism, review or quotation is allowed for any type of copyright work. Fair dealing with a work for the purpose of reporting current events is allowed for any type of copyright work other than a photograph. In each of these cases, a sufficient acknowledgement will be required.

So if you choose to use a portion of text or a snippet of audio or video for the purpose of critique or reporting, so long as you credit the original author of the material, you should be fine.

HoaxGirl relies on YouTube complaints reviewers’ knee-jerk reactions to copyright complaints to do her dirty work, and if you are unfortunate enough to be her friend, at some point you will find yourself being asked to help her take down other people’s work which she doesn’t like, for whatever reason.

The problem arises when the friend loses interest in acting as HoaxGirl’s silent copyright strike partner.

This is what happened between Mel Ve and HoaxGirl: HoaxGirl wanted Mel to team up with her against her sworn enemies Dani Arnold McKenny and Lisa Harrison, and Mel had neither the time nor the stomach for fighting HoaxGirl’s battles for her.

Now, given that Hope Girl had previously enlisted her husband Tivon Rivers to create a fake Hoaxtead Research blog which was designed to discredit us (um, yeah…not so much)—a project which should have been close to Angie’s heart—perhaps Hope felt she was owed a bit of elbow grease from her hoax-promoting friend.

However, as we know, elbow grease is not in Angie’s vocabulary, and thus ended a beautiful friendship.

The Papa Hemp connection

Even more awkward than the kissing-and-making-up which will be required if Angela and Hopey are to have any hope of joining forces once more, is the fact that both Hope and Cat are now best pals with the repulsive child-abusing midget, Abraham Christie.

As we know, Angela and Abraham had a falling-out in June 2015, when Angela pulled her usual stunt of recording a Skype interview with Abraham and Ella, without their knowledge or consent. Worse, a few months later she claimed that Abraham was Ella’s “handler” and/or some sort of Trojan horse [Trojan weasel, shurely?—Ed.] sent in to demolish the hoax.

Angela’s later claims that Ella had been involved in making child sexual abuse videos, and her public statements that the Hampstead children had been “somewhat coached” before making the infamous airport videos, cannot have endeared her to Abraham.

When Angela left for rehab, it seemed that Cat Scot was one of her very few remaining friends. Twelve weeks later, the landscape has shifted dramatically, and Angie’s friend has joined forces with at least two people who cannot stand the sight of her.

Will she attempt to repair those long-burned bridges and resume her position as de facto queen of the Hampstead hoaxers? Will Abe or Hopey be willing to accept a rapprochement, or will they tell her to put an egg in her shoe and beat it?

And of course, the largest and hairiest question of all, which might have been Angela’s impetus for diving into rehab in the first place: what’s going on with the Director of Public Prosecutions? Will they lay charges, and if so, how many?

Things could be about to get very interesting.

234 thoughts on “Angela’s back. This could get awkward.

    • Karen Irvine Exposed! an animal lover. I spotted them 4 times in the background. I think a black cat and a small dog?. Parading back and forth as is their wont when they are not the center of attention and demand to be at least be in the picture.

      Another great video. Always fascinating to hear the nuts and bolts of how a court case unfolds when usually we only get brief reports of the main points.
      One important aspect mentioned: the notion that the general public and witnesses should feel they are able to freely come and go without fear of intimidation. I won’t mention names but recently the actions of noisy crowds turning up to support a high profile anti-Muslim activist touches on this.

      Neelu is really a lot craftier than she let’s on. She declares said restraining orders null & void or illegal etc but still very carefully steps around them.
      Despite that a case could be crafted out of that word : agents. It could be said Andy Devine and so many others act as her “agents” in re-cycling the false Hampstead accusations especially after they have spoken to her.
      This lot really can’t help but place all their transgressions on-line for all the world to see..and archive.
      # It sounds like Edward Ellis went meekly off to his mental health assessment ( without Neelu there to interfere) and hopefully his dialysis. This reminds me of our Aussie friend who twice reached out to police for help. People with mental health issues often do this. They seek help in odd ways just as Arfur argued very unconvincingly with police in his last episode but meekly accompanied them so he could be helped.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, I see you have spotted my familiars, traipsing around in the background. They are good company, but do have a tendency to photo-bomb. Or video-bomb, as the case may be.

        Neelu has violated the restraining order on at least one occasion that I recall (and I’m probably forgetting some), which is why she was so twitchy when the court police came into the courtroom during Sabine’s trial. As one observer noted, “I had no idea Neelu was part jackrabbit, she bolted so fast!”

        Liked by 1 person

      • “She declares said restraining orders null & void or illegal etc but still very carefully steps around them.”

        Admittedly she talks about Hampstead less these days but there’s still the occasional breach, as EC points out above. On one occasion, for instance, she linked a Jake Clarke post in which he named some of the accused and their children.

        And as well as the Hampstead breaches, she routinely blatantly breaches her restraining order issued by two hospitals in 2004:

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  1. Any word on the Revolution? It’s nearly 10 am on the 29th June here in Oz.
    Have there been any reports of the Royal Family fleeing the Palace?. Are they holed up in Frogmoore Cottage?
    Lord Wanoa has never mentioned Kensington Palace. Will that be occupied?.
    Is The Mall and Parliament Square littered with tanks and armed troops who have defected to the other side?
    How will we know?. What if there is a news blackout?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh ye of little faith, Sam! When you posted that, it was still 11pm on Revolution Eve here. Just you wait – this coup is going to be almost as successful as the last one back in the heady Spring of 2019 AD, which saw the ‘Barring of the King’ at Heath Row, the tragic Tesco Car Park Cheesecake Massacre and the infamous Battle of Hyde Park, in which a whopping 10 revolutionaries descended on the now famous battleground and stood around moaning whilst the enemy, resplendent in their black, white and blue uniforms and warrior caps politely asked them to be good and not cause any trouble. Let’s hope today is just as thrilling and significant…!

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      • It’s OK for you to mock. The council just upgraded some lampposts very near where I live, replacing old wooden ones with sturdy metal ones that look like they could carry a fair weight.


  2. And here was me, thinking that life was boring in the UK….Seriously, though – this is incredibly disturbing; this type of dangerous BS led to the destruction of lives, communities over here, in Canada and even more so, to the south of us.


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