Is Tracey Morris a shill?

Thanks to Dani for sending us this.

We don’t normally go in for such paranoid clichés as ‘shill’ here at HR (we usually leave those to the Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade). But in this instance, unless my eyes deceive me, Tracey ‘Blabbergob’ Morris appears to be hinting that she is one:

tm1 - Copy

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So who is Tracey Morris, then? MI5? Special Branch? IRA? Mossad? Lizard Command? To be honest, I think she’s just an undercover moron. Which is a bit of a problem, as she appears to have blown that cover long ago.

As for Tracey’s question – “What injunction?” – we’re happy to answer that for her: this injunction…

Court doc_ HCU - Copy

By the way, Dani informs us that she was rather amused by Tracey calling her a “shit-bricker” then immediately blocking her. We do appreciate irony here at HR. Incidentally, do you think that perhaps Tracey meant ‘brick-shitter? XD

More Tracey Morris shenanigans:


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  1. I reckon Tracey’s just upset because Belinda’s fucked off and sold the house. Watch out, folks – Tracey Morris – coming to a basement near you soon! XD


  2. Tracey Morris reminds me of the super-evil criminal masterminds who are telling 007 their evil plan to take over the world. In truth the postings indicate an insecure immature mind wanting attention and validation.

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  3. Do you mind if I post in a bit about Tracey Morris? I may have got to the bottom of things. It could be a long one?


      • Tracey Morris mentions uncovering the biggest Paedophile ring in 40 years 15 years ago. I think she is talking about the now deceased Ivan Geffen.

        Who was actually prosecuted for sex offences against children but was acquitted.

        Now it could be the case that he was actually child abuser but was acquitted unjustly. I can believe that can happen. He’s dead, he can’t be libelled anyway.

        But what about Tracey?

        I am really pleased that there appears to have been no abuse of Tracey’s children. Although note that she was such an important whistleblower that she didn’t even follow the court case. It seems unlikely she was even a witness.

        Is it even the same Tracey? What form does this whistleblowing take?

        Well here’s the Tracey we all know and love claiming she brought down Ivan Geffen.

        The acquitted Ivan Geffen that is. He was also involved in the case of the Birmingham Six and getting them released. He represented a couple of the six. This was a miscarriage of justice caused by the police. The same police force basically who arrested him and took stuff from his solicitor’s office. It is perfectly possible though that he was a solicitor fearlessly representing clients convicted due to police brutality and corruption AND that he abused children.

        Well, fast forward a few years. Tracey Morris comments on this case:

        And here:

        Where she makes this extraordinary claim:

        “Tracey Morris If id of knew this was happening to Maria Cahill back wen she was gettin interrigated by the bastards id of been all over the IRAs asses as I did with Gerry Adams back in 2001 when I told him I knew why he was covering the asses of the Peados for the biggest majority of them where his Army, im working on cases far more distressing than Maria Cahills experiences with the scumbags, so trust me wen I say this, the worst has yet to come.”

        And forgive me for saying, but people should be careful when working on “cases”, because it can lead to contamination of evidence. It is very easy to put doubt in a jury’s mind by saying that a complainant is saying something because they heard someone else say it, or they’ve misremembered through having in depth conversations about their experiences and their memory is faulty.

        But later, Tracey turns, she’s sick of hearing about her, she lied. I think that’s not very good support for someone she believes to be a victim. Particularly if she has other “cases” she’s working on.

        However, I’m still not clear what her involvement was in bringing down this ring. Particularly as she didn’t even follow the trial of the (claimed) main man.

        Well now people are trying to link Ivan Geffen to Janner, and there’s a second hand account of what happened. And what was Tracey’s involvement?

        “We’ve a friend from Northern Ireland & she originally exposed Geffen & she knows they’re linked but has nothing solid” “& she’s recently found out none of her evidence was used, she was lied to by a female police officer (Can’t remember name)” “Who went on to become either an inspector or chief in coventry & she’s trying to put together as much evidence as she can” “Geffen had about four properties in midlands & was big on garden parties taking children of vulnerable clients to parties” “She was seeing a divorce lawyer in his practice & he turned up at her door saying him & his wife like 2 help children” “She rang the police & they said they’d been watching him but then proceed to tell Geffen she’d blown him up”

        And Tracey gives details of the police officers here:

        Now, to be fair, I think Tracey did her civic duty here when she called the police if she was concerned. But is that really any sort of evidence because thankfully it appears there are no allegations from her daughters? Also, note the police told her they were already watching him. I really don’t know what sort of evidence Tracey thinks she has, but proper evidence comes from eye witnesses and victims, not hearsay and gossip.

        In relation to the Hampstead case, I am sure people will have heard mention of the “grand jury”. Indeed, Tracey Morris mentions it when Sabine is arrested.

        This appears to be the receipt from the AG’s office on Araya Soma’s FB page.

        This appears to be a SECRET grand jury of course. I read Kevin Wearechange is involved, but being a FB refusenik I haven’t got much further in getting to the bottom of it.

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  4. Maybe she is Abrahams ex, and just as fucked up in the head as he is.Ha

    Seriously though, it’s her children I feel sorry for. It sounds like she has been obsessed with sexual abuse for some time now. What chance do they have in life living with a mother who continually talks of child sex and paedophilia. It can’t be healthy for them living in such an environment.

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  5. Wow…that information is going to keep us busy for a while thanks ydychyncachuTracey – it really is amazing how these screaming nutters shout and bawl about how corrupt the system is, how they have been treated so unfairly…..and then you look deeper.

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