Wanoa interviews fake ‘Harald Link’

Just in case anybody had any lingering doubts that John Wanoa’s attempt to sell 999,999,999,999 MAXIMUM registered shares or 1 of 1 trillion shares in his “Maoi Power House Group” Tidal Energy Platform Bridge is not just a sham but an intentional criminal scam, give this a watch:

In this video, Wanoa conducts a Skype interview with a person he identifies as Harald Link, the Bangkok-based head of B. Grimm Group, which has holdings in power, real estate, transport, and infrastructure.

The video compares the person speaking with Wanoa to clips of the real Harald Link. From a comparison of the voices, it’s very clear that they are two different people, and that Wanoa is intentionally trying to convince his dwindling group of victims that his “project” is totally legitimate.

In the interview with Wanoa, Fake Link expresses approval in principle for the project, but says it’s too early for him to get fully involved at this stage:

We tried out to buy project…. I am a businessman, and I always try to ensure that I am always in the both sides, you understand. …

I understand and I love what you are doing, but for my business’ sake I will just have to wait behind until you combat successfully the problem you have with the Queen. …

Despite this seemingly inauspicious start, Wanoa and Fake Link move on to discuss cryptocurrency, about which Fake Link seems surprisingly enthusiastic:

Fake Link: You said you had a friend who is quite conversant with cryptocurrency?

Wanoa: Yeah…

Fake Link: You can talk to her about what you are doing so she’ll help you confirm the process, you know?

Wanoa: She’s gonna run the metrics.

Fake Link: Yes, let her help you confirm the process because I told you that … the money is already there for you…

Wanoa: Yeah.

Fake Link: Therefore you have to explain to her … she will help you process it, and then you will receive the money. You know Bitcoin is real, it is real money that is there but you don’t really understand it very well.

Wanoa’s accomplice-in-fraud is clearly trying to reassure any potentially nervous “investors” that they needn’t worry themselves about the money they toss into this scam—Wanoa might not always understand the details, but he’s got an internationally known billionaire businessman standing right behind him, advising and encouraging him all the way.

Except…he’s not real. Much like the fairytales Wanoa is peddling.

Our question to Wanoa’s other co-conspirators, Matt Taylor and Andy Devine: would you please explain to your followers exactly why Wanoa is claiming to be chatting with Harald Link, when the person he’s speaking to is quite obviously an imposter?

Before any more of your deluded followers toss money they can ill afford into Wanoa’s capacious pockets, we think you owe them at least that much explanation.

63 thoughts on “Wanoa interviews fake ‘Harald Link’

  1. This is probably the same conman operating out of an internet cafe in Bangkok who’s been stringing Wanoa along for months with promises of bitcoins, and urging him to open the flow of finance by paying $$$ into a bank account… since he himself (as Thailand’s richest tycoon) is prevented from doing so by regulatory restrictions.

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    • I am open to the possibility that there is more than one conman in the Bangkok cafe, a syndicate, taking turns listening to Wanoa’s interminable drivel. This one has more of an Oirish accent.

      Whatever they get out of him, they will have earned it many times over.

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  2. As a regular visitor to Thailand for 40 years : the man Wanoa is speaking to is clearly a Thai national and not German.
    Worth sending an email to Harald Link’s office as this really is now a blatant fraud. I’m sure he would be horrified if his name was being used to con people as he is reputedly very ethical in his dealings.

    Mind you I wouldn’t be surprised if Wanoa is being conned here or the Thai con-artist has been promised money. It could be a new take on “Momma needs an operation” or “the family buffalo has died” that Farangs seem to fall for.
    May even be coming out of one of Bangkok’s infamous Boiler Rooms as it’s now the centre of fake share selling scams where penniless backpackers are hired to sell fake shares to unsuspecting pensioners around the world.
    To drop a name: it’s said the on-the-run forger Andrea Davison is running one there having convinced many people she’s in South America.

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    • Sam, I will be in Bangkok on Thursday next week for a meeting ( I work for another major Thai company ) My Chairman is a very keen supporter of Polo in Thailand and I will point this out to him as I know he is friendly with Harald Link. What an opportunity!

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      • What a wonderful coincidence, Fireman Sam, yes, please do make full use of your business links in this matter. Me thinking out loud – I wonder if John W has an escape plan in mind because this is getting very close to real fraud now. I was never a secretary for a lawyer in that branch of law (mainly conveyancing and probate for me; the bread and butter stuff of your average high street solicitors’ office) so I’m not quite sure if it’s actual fraud until the (scammed from an innocent person) money has been transferred into the scammer’s account. I know some real, true, actual legal eagles do read this blog periodically though.

        I don’t consider myself to be Einstein though I’m not totally silly either (though I did think you could buy something called ‘elbow grease’ when I was a kid) and if this scheme (the tidal energy one) looks dodgy to me I don’t know why other folk can’t see through it.

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      • Going the the Polo I see.
        Look if you see a largish woman in a hideous pink hat with giant cabbage roses on it, totally inappropriately dressed for the Polo (think ’70s Go Go glitter girl look and she was 58 even then ) it’s my ex-secretary Consuela Fotheringale-Birtwhistle who is convinced she’s going to score with a handsome Argentinian Polo player.
        She’s on one her sex tours again ( nothing ever happens) and no-one is safe. Avoid her like the plague or call the bouncers and don’t fooled if she’s in the Champagne Marquee or sitting on an official’s lap. She’s an expert gatecrasher, or “ligger’ as we called it in the 60s.

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      • And what a wonderful co-incidence. You lucky thing. Getting paid to go to Thailand?.
        Bloody hell- awright for some innit it..

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Wanoa is being conned here or the Thai con-artist has been promised money.

      “You can’t cheat an honest man”, and Wanoa gets defrauded time after time.

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  3. Andy Devine should, in my opinion, face the full wrath of the law for promoting this dreadful full scam & flag. I know I laugh at it, but behind it there are people blindly following him, believing every word he says about getting their children returned to them from social care, be it adoption of fostering & sending money which a lot of them cannot afford in the hope of being rich. He is an utter disgrace.

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    • Agreed Lucca. I bet that the majority of people that pulled into these scams are the very people that can least afford to lose the little money they have, that makes the scam even crueller.

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      • Whilst I do know people who deserve protection, to be honest, if the Devine’s of this world are putting all their retirement funds into such obvious cons, I won’t be asking for a Serious Fraud Office investigation!

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      • That’s right Arthur. One lady asked if she could pay £5 per week, that to me shows how hard up someone is, but he went off his head about it, he has no understanding of anyone’s financial circumstances & he really does not care, just drag them in, get their 25 quid & make excuses week after week, month after month. I really hope these people are getting suspicious St this stage & looking him up & seeing his history.

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  4. As for the other bucko who has been scamming people for years, he should not be allowed out of wherever he lives. He is coming to the U.K. to ‘hang’ the Queen one minute, she has upped & run off with all the money owed to his followers the next minute, he tells people he doesn’t want a crowd, then changes that to, there will be crowds there. I don’t know how people continue to support him. I know people are disillusioned with government, but his & Devine’s rhetoric is just so unbelievable, surely they must be questioning it at this stage.

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  5. Nice digging, EC and MKD!

    Meanwhile, mucho hilarito on Wanoa’s FB page. Post after post of excuses about what’s happened to people’s share payments. Can’t access my account you will get your shares I’ve had to move money around I’ve tried different payment systems I’m locked out of this account that account blah blah yadda yadda… And naturally he still has the full support of Desperate Devine.

    Oh and they’re getting really excited about the upcoming revolution and how they’re going to “take Cook Street and then it’s game over”. Citizen Smith anyone?

    Oh and just one more thing, Ma’am – Wanoa’s still not too keen on Muslims…

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    • “Send me money and I will create the Moai Bank Protocol that will make it possible for you to send me money.”

      The man’s understanding of interweb encryption security protocols is roughly as profound as his comprehension of flying-saucer hardware, i.e. entirely driven by his desires. He sees technology (software or hardware); he sees diagrams explaining the technology; so, he concludes, the diagrams are the technology, and if he makes his own diagrams (or steals them from someone else) then he will have the technology.

      He’s even stealing the modus operandi of Melanasian cargo cults.

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    • they’re going to “take Cook Street and then it’s game over”.

      Is this something to do with 61 Cook Street, in Auckland NZ? Because Wanoa has already taken that in 2014, for a few minutes anyway, before the constabulary arrived.
      Basically he was scouting around for an office for his Moai Tidal Power fantasy, and liked the look of 61 Cook street, but neither the owners nor the occupants seemed inclined to turn over possession to him. So he invented an Ancestral Claim to the property (based on his Moriori / Moai / Rapanui / Hawai’ian / Tahitian royal bloodline), rounded up a few like-minded thugs, and stormed the office one day, very briefly.

      The two mates spent time enjoying Her Majesty’s hospitality for Contempt of Court, but hey, they are unemployable lowlife anyway so an additional prison record is not a problem for them. The police dropped the charges against Wanoa (deciding that it was a waste of money since he would be found unfit to plead right at the start) so he counts the whole episode as a victory.

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  6. “[Harald] is the real deal is not a scam like my last time the Loydes banker Martin Sicluna and Lawyer Julian N Falcomer from London ripped me off all my money and left me stranded in Malaysia The CIB Detectives here said it was a fraud in a letter to me and saying I had to go to England to get my 16 Million Inheritance Claim back Well its swelled out now since then in 2009”

    My hovercraft is full of LOLs.

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    He trips himself up so much! I would say Harald rues the day that he ever met John Wanoa, if he ever did.

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    • What an absolute dickhead. Why would a genuine investor bother with bitcoin??.
      I guarantee it’s a con-man trying to get Wanoa to send him some money on the claim he will arrange finance.


      • The argument, I gather from other Youtubed discussions, is that “Harald Link” cannot set up the financial entity needed to channel the billion-dollar investment to John because of regulatory issues in Thailand, so it all depends on Wanoa finding a few $100 to open the portal.

        Remember, potential investors, that all your dealings with John will be recorded and placed on Youtuba. Along with his journeys in a bus and his free Christmas lunch.

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  8. I’m not sure if the person concerned is still involved but I watched “An Open Secret” (film about GENUINE exploitation of children by people with connections to the film industry) on YouTube and in the blurb at the end it said one of the perpetrators (can’t remember the name sorry) had something to do with Bitcoin so I wouldn’t go near Bitcoin for that reason alone. Maybe I’m being unfair to Bitcoin because that person may no longer be involved with the company.


    • Bitcoin is a monetary system, just like your dollars or pounds (depending where you live lol), except is not a government backed system
      Not using bitcoin for that reason would be like not using pounds because they are used by criminals…


  9. Where is gets fun is that conspiracy to defraud is a common law offence indictable only with up to a 10 year sentence.

    Which would mean, hypothetically of course, that a person caught up as a co-conspirator would be extraditable to the UK under, giving as random examples purely for illustrative purposes, Greek and New Zealand law.

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  10. Such a pity. This guy does not understand the power of cryptocurrencies, neither does use the opportunities for upselling that are.inherent to his venture. Anyone interested in buying a department store dirt cheap ? The locals call it Harrods, i believe.

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  11. A bit of butt hurt on Andrew Devin’s be page.

    “Facebook are now targeting Hoani John Wanoa”. Nope Devine, they have quite rightly removed a post that was full of racism about Muslims. Put that in your pipe & smoke it.

    Wanoa is now throwing his toys out of the pram & looking for pity.

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    • Nice work, Lucca!

      Wanoa really does have a pathological hatred of Muslims, doesn’t he. This one’s from earlier today:

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      • He certainly does or perhaps he thinks he can get the yellow vests behind him, the ones who post racist claptrap that is, he or Devine have already tried the Dragons with no luck as we know.

        To clarify, not all protestors are racist & I am not saying any of the above are racist.

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    • If you Google Wanoa’s previous efforts, trespassing in an office and forcibly ejecting the tenants (why in the Hell they weren’t done for assault is a mystery) it seems the Con Artist is affiliated with a group of hard-cord, right-wing Indigenous Maoris who are described as “red necks”.
      I find this quite surprising having visited NZ a few times to see relatives. It’s overall a fairly left leaning nation with generous welfare benefits of which the Maoris, having never really been as repressed as the Australian Indigenous inhabitants were, have greatly benefited from.
      Which makes me think Wanoa is far worse than we think he is and has had a history of mischief making. I reckon he could get quite nasty when crossed.

      Oh and they believe some complicated tosh about King William (can’t be arsed to follow that claptrap) and that Easter Island is their spiritual homeland and those giant statues there can levitate all over the place. They must do it at night when no-one’s looking because they are back in their original locations by sunrise seeing every single one of them has been documented over the decades.

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      • Maoris, having never really been as repressed as the Australian Indigenous inhabitants were

        “Not treated as badly as the colonists treated Aborigines” is not really a glowing recommendation.

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        • Indeed but the Maoris are a far more “assertive” people and the immigrant NZers far smaller in number than Oz who treated the Aboriginals shockingly. I’m always fighting (as a thankful immigrant) about the plight of Oz’s Indigenous citizens who were only given “human” status in the 1960s.
          People forget that we generally profit or prosper from our anscetors and so many people selfishly claim that Aboriginals who still have relatives, grandparents who were not considered human should suddenly be as arrogant and selfish as we white people are despite us having suppressed (and murdered so many) for a 100 years.


          • Mind you some people have closed minds or lead sheltered lives when it comes to the Indigenous communities. Many years ago I accompanied my late mother on a holiday to Australia and we collected her New Zealand based sister on the way.
            Being driven around Sydney and then to Bondi Beach on a sight-seeing tour by a local he commented that Bondi was a favourite place for young New Zealanders backpacking and had quite a largish Maori population.
            My Aunt said “oh we seem to have a lot Maoris now coming to New Zealand”.
            She was serious.

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  12. I’ve not seen this under a Youtube video before. I imagine this is part of Youtubes new strategy of trying to stop certain videos being recommended to users.

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  13. I’m not going to dox myself by admitting my political connections, but I would thoroughly recommend any UK residents email their MP (of whatever party, it’s irrelevant unless it’s Chris Williamson) and demand that they put pressure on the police and CPS to use EXISTING legislation to crackdown on online hate, abuse and threats.

    I concede that there will be cynics here but trust me, we have reached a zeitgeist moment 😉

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  14. New troll folder – Catherine O’Connell:


    Samples/low points:

    This one’s from just two days ago and as you can see, she’s not above blatantly lying. Apparently, saying “They accused me of being the leader of a cult” is a confession to, er, being the leader of a cult. Go figure…

    And here’s another blatant lie from August, in which a vicar being pursued up the street by an angry mob (and categorically not retaliating in any way, shape or form whatsoever) has somehow mutated into an aggressive man starting on poor, innocent protesters…

    The weird part is that both those events are easily verifiable. Are these people not even trying to make their lies believable any more?

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    • After checking extensively at HQ, I have found the dreaded Pedo files, and have decided to out them publicly
      Here they are

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