UPDATE: Taylor gets 4 months suspended, blows it within minutes

We were going to bring you the stunning conclusion of the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio transcript today, but honestly, this was just too good not to share.

As we reported recently, Matt Taylor was found in contempt of court for violating  the conditions of a civil injunction against him, in respect of his harassment of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne. Taylor’s sentencing hearing took place yesterday afternoon at the County Court at the Royal Courts of Justice before HH Judge Monty.

By late afternoon, BBC South East tweeted that Taylor had received a four-month sentence, suspended for 24 months. Matt Taylor 2018-10-29 sentencedOf course, the first thought to cross our minds was, “How long before he breaches?”

As it turned out, not long, as you’ll see in this video by Taylor’s friend John Paterson:

Here we see John Paterson, dressed (perhaps for Hallowe’en?) as Inspector Clouseau, who thinks he has spotted “someone from Hoaxtead Research” outside the gates of the RCJ, news cameras at the ready. (We’re flattered and all, John, but our equipment runs more to a laptop and a coffeemaker.)

As it turns out, the “Hoaxtead people” were actually from the BBC, preparing a spot for the evening news. Matt strode over, looking quite natty and not at all stalker-ish. And then he started talking.

“Do you regret what you’ve done?” asks the reporter.

“Absolutely”, says Taylor. “It’s been a long process, I’m looking forward to putting this all behind me, and moving on with my life, and making sure this never happens again”.

One could be forgiven for thinking that this nice little speech might have come from a victim of stalking, not the perpetrator. But wait, there’s more.

The reporter said, “The judge described the harassment of the commissioner as extreme. Do you accept that?”

“No, I reject that, um, and…you know, I don’t want to say too much, because I’ve just been on the precipice of going to jail. So I’d like to answer no questions about that….Katy Bourne knows how I feel about it, so please, ask her”.

The reporter was clearly taken aback, and asked Taylor again whether he regretted what he’d done; he responded that he did, and then made a tinned apology to Bourne. In the classic TV interview brush-off, the camera operator asked Taylor whether he could get a shot of him as he walked off.

Taylor started to oblige, but then Paterson stuck his honker in and began regaling the reporter with his own grievances against Bourne, which mostly seemed to amount to the fact that he had been jailed for 21 days due to a malicious communications offence against her.

Not to be left out, Taylor chimed in, “Katy Bourne filed new allegations about me…that I filmed her outside her house, which I found quite stressful myself, because I never filmed her outside her house. And these were allegations that weren’t made originally on the 25th of April court hearing. She also made allegations that I was sexually obsessed and fixated with her. Again, these are new. and so I felt aggrieved because new allegations were being made about me, and I wasn’t able to give my side of the story”.

But that wasn’t all. Once he’d started, Taylor seemed unable to stop.

“I’ve moved on, I’m sure Katy Bourne will move on, actually, I’d love to be friends with Katy Bourne at some point…”

Paterson interjected, “Are you serious?”

“No, no, I say this, John, because ultimately I’m still interested in politics”, said Taylor.  Noting that he had been a parliamentary candidate in 2015, he said, “I’m sure our paths will cross in the future, and even though this will sour our relationship, I want this…so we can both put this behind us, and we can move on. Things were said on both sides, and like I said…I know they found the decision against me, but in my heart of hearts, I’ve never stalked anyone”.

Um, yeah.

Unfortunately, Paterson did not film the reporter’s response, but we hope it was along the lines of, “So…do you actually understand the meaning of ‘do you regret what you’ve done?'”Matt Taylor 2018-10-29 Interview

52 thoughts on “UPDATE: Taylor gets 4 months suspended, blows it within minutes

  1. Thanks for the update, EC

    I was with him right up until he said he wanted an apology from Katy and it kinda went downhill from there 😮

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    • FFS it’s on Youtube.
      Main witness somewhat discredited and chauffeur for the Australian High Commission who claimed he drove “VIPs” to Elm Guest House on a regular basis turned out to be a relief driver who was only employed there once for 3 days while the regular chauffeur was off sick.
      The Oz ’60 Minutes” was fairly good apparently but in the few years past presenters say it’s slipped into sensationalist rubbish like a downmarket tabloid.

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      • Thirty years ago it was winning awards, now its one very small step from showing ‘I had bigfoots baby’ gutter journalism
        How the mighty have fallen…

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  2. Oh Gawd, now I have to inform the Hairy Nosed Wombat Committee that they’ll have to scrub out ‘Abrella’ from the Dumb & Dumber 2018 Award and add “John Patterson & Mark Taylor”.
    Very disappointed “Sir” John didn’t weave ‘Gorden Bowden & 788-790 Finchley Road ” into the conversation with the BBC.

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  3. You’re not the only one who can upload recordings from the archives, Angela. The difference is ours don’t involve lies, slander or fake testimonies from our relatives…

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  4. Princess Neelu Update:
    “More than 500 000 poor people believed to be conned in ‘Indonesian scam’”
    Msindisi Fengu 2018-10-15 22:03

    This is where people were being registered to access the “UN Swissindo M1 voucher”.

    An elderly woman by the name of “Dolly” explained that they were registering the elderly, young people and children from the age of six to benefit from the UN Swissindo voucher for life.

    She said after two months of registration, applicants whose ages ranged between six to 17 years would receive about R17 000 while those who were older would receive close to R23 000 a month.


    # What vile people conning the poor (talking to you Neelu !)

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  5. Eew at Matt’s smarmy grin as he talked through clenched teeth, unable to apologise, sincerely…………. he and John act like typical abusive men, demanding that others apologise to them, refusing to take any responsiblity and not caring at all for distress caused. T’was funny tho, that John Pratterson thought people from Hoaxtead were there……. What a pair of losers. I hope they are dealt with less leniently in the future.
    Both have been encouraged by Angie too, I believe.

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    • Sadly Matt Taylor’s desire to resume his political career will now face some hurdles, thanks to the 4 months suspended sentence. You cannot stand for local council if you have been sentenced to prison for 3 months or more (and this includes suspended sentences) during the last five years. You cannot stand as a Police Commissioner if you have ever been found guilty of ANY imprisonable offence, whether or not that conviction resulted in imprisonment. However, it’s not all bad news… he can still stand as an MP 🤣

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    • I sympathize with Katy Bourne having seen a couple of friends go through this type of harassment and intimidation. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are or that you may be in a great job. It wears you down and there is always the chance some real nutcase (wot crazier than “Sir” John?) will get physical.
      ## Agree with Sheva above about their misogynist attitudes which they don’t even know they have.

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      • Yes, some people try to minimise the impact of online stalking, or say, “Just don’t look!” However, as Ms Bourne says, when one’s friends and colleagues start saying they saw this or that about you on the internet, it can become a real problem. And when people who are known to be violent get involved, there is a very real danger.

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      • There is a hell of a lot of Taylor’s crap still online, including an ebook at Lulu.com entitled “Katy Bourne’s A to Z”. I really think there is a strange sexual element to his obsession; as if he is running some sort of malignant fan club.

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    • They were kind to him but he was only worth a few seconds of screen time. I loved how the cameraman was so polite to him having seen TV cameraman in action- tough as nails.
      Bet the interviewer lives to regret she gave her details to Mr. Patterson.

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  6. ‘The reporter said, “The judge described the harassment of the commissioner as extreme. Do you accept that?”

    “No, I regret that, um, and…you know, I don’t want to say too much, because I’ve just been on the precipice of going to jail. So I’d like to answer no questions about that….Katy Bourne knows how I feel about it, so please, ask her”.’

    I may be wrong but I am pretty sure he says “I reject that….” and not “I regret that”


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      • It certainly changes the tone of the entire sentence though doesn’t it… with ‘regret that’ in there, it sorta sounds a bit like an apology, but with it reading ‘reject that’, he is obviously showing no signs of regretting what he did, and that should be taken into consideration when he ends up overstepping the boundary again (and I suspect he will)

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  7. It’s Devil’s night 👿 which means it’s time for my annual viewing of ‘The Crow’.

    And when it comes to exposing a cover-up, are his long locks overcompensating for a receding hairline?

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  8. Watching Taylor emerge from the court reminded me of a Dublin expression “throwing shapes”…you could call his countenance “swagger” as he attempted to stroll nonchalantly outside and yes he appeared ‘confident’ but jaysus, he had to go to enormous effort to pull those shapes.

    I used to think the Monty Python crew ought to come to Dublin to observe the various affected ways of walking the fellas put on here for their “Ministry of Walks” japes.

    Watching the video of Taylor….I couldn’t help but observe he’s totally pathetic, not pitiful, just pathetic as with Big Schnozz Prattle on and on…..They are a pair of brain dead idiots who have no idea what being a man or more importantly being a human being is.

    Who the heck do those attention whores think they are?

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